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Chapter IV.-Officers of Merchant Vessels

Licensing of officers..

Licenses to officers of vessels of the United States; exemption from draft;

pay and pension.---

Renewal of licenses.

Exhibition of licenses.-

Revocation or suspension of officer's license for refusal to serve.

Licenses of captains.-

Licenses of mates..

Licenses of engineers.--.

Licenses of pilots of steam vessels---

Licenses of captains or mates as pilots.

Vessels of the United States and officers defined; officers to be citizens.

Replacement of licensed officer on foreign voyage.

Suspension of provisions as to watch officers.

Suspension of section during emergency -

Licenses to, and ownership of boats by, Indians.

Certificates of eligibility for licenses to Indians..

Oath of licensed officers; perjury; alteration of certificate or license..

Enforcement; effective date; repeal of other laws.-

Documentation of vessels; waiver of compliance; coastwise trade; inspec-

tion; reconditioning of vessels; effective period; definition..

Licenses to officers of vessels of the United States; exemption from draft;

pay and pension.

Membership of officer in United States Naval Reserve.

Complement of officers and crew of vessels; penalties.

Minimum number of officers.

Removal of captain by owners.

State regulations as to licenses of pilots of steam vessels and pilot charges---

Regulation of Great Lakes pilots and pilotage--


Pilot requirement---

Registration of United States pilots--

Rates, charges, conditions and terms for services.

Arrangements between the United States and Canada subject to con-

currence of Secretary of State -

Violations; civil penalties; enforcement.-


















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Seagoing barges.

Complement of officers and crew of vessels; penalties..

Shipping seamen to replace those lost by desertion or casualty-

Manning and wage scales; subsidy contracts. Investigation of wages

and working conditions; establishment of wage and manying scales;

incorporation in subsidy contracts---

Certificate of service as able seaman.

Record of certificates of service-

Muster of crew on motion or information; rules and regulations; exami-

nation of applicant for certificate of service as able seaman; surrender

of certificates; new certificates.-

Members of engine department--

Rules as to certificates of service or efficiency -

Certificates of service for other ratings.---

Suspension or revocation of certificates of service or efficiency

Penalty for service without certificate of service.

Freedom of seaman unimpaired.---

Exceptions to section 672; unrigged vessels, tugs, and towboats


Misuse of Federal certificates, license or document -














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Requirements as to watches; duties of seamen; hours of work; penalty;

right of seamen to discharge; effective date.-

Application of sections 643, 660a, 672, 672a, 673, 689, and 710a of title 46

to fishing or whaling vessels or yachts.

Nationality of crews.

Citizenship of officers and crew (on subsidized vessels)---

Space and accommodations for crew; hospital compartments -

Inspection of crew quarters.---

Inspection of crew quarters; exception as to unrigged vessels

Complaint that vessel is unseaworthy-

Proceedings on examination of a vessel.

Refusal to proceed when vessel found seaworthy-

Appointment of inspectors by consul in foreign port-

Report of inspectors ...

Discharge of crew on account of unseaworthiness; penalty for sending un-

seaworthy vessel to sea..

Payment of charges for inspection.

Refusal to pay wages and charges.

Neglect to provide sufficient stores...

Complaint as to provisions or water; examination.--

Forfeiture for false complaint as to provisions or water-

Permission from master to enter complaint as to provisions or water

Allowance for reduction of provisions.

Weights and measures.


Penalty for failure to keep medicines.

Slop chest

Clothing and heat-

Log book; entries.

Mode of making entries -

Penalty for omitting entries.

Various offenses; penalties -

Entry of offense in log book.

Visiting parts of vessel occupied by passengers.

Drunkenness or neglect of duty by seamen.

Carrying sheath knives---

Surrendering officer inflicting corporal punishment; liability of master-

Cruelty to seamen.-

Narcotics violations; definitions-

Narcotics violations; denial or revocation of seaman's document.

Vessels in coastwise trade.--.

Minimum age (sea) convention (revised), 1936-

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Coercion or bribery of witness; penalty; prosecution..

Rules and regulations---

Influencing or injuring witness before agencies and committees -






Table A-Revised Statutes of the United States.

Table B_Sections of the United States Code.


Coast Guard District Commanders and Merchant Marine Activities.




1 Effective July 16, 1946, under the provisions of section 6 of the act; published pursuant to section 11 of the act (Pub. Law 263, 79th Cong.).





Prepared by the President and transmitted to the Senate and the House of Representatives in Congress assembled, May 16, 1946, pursuant to the provisions of the Reorganization Act of 1945, approved December 20, 1945.1 Part I. Department of the Treasury

SECTION 101. Functions transferred to the United States Coast Guard. (a) There are hereby transferred to the Commandant of the Coast Guard those functions of the bureau, offices, and boards specified in the first sentence of section 104 of this plan, and of the Secretary of Commerce, which pertain to approval of plans for the construction, repair, and alteration of vessels; approval of materials, equipment, and appliances; classification of vessels; inspection of vessels, and their equipment and appliances; issuance of certificates of inspection and of permits indicating the approval of vessels for operations which may be hazardous to life or property; administration of load line requirements; enforcement of other provisions for the safety of life and property on vessels; licensing and certificating of officers, pilots, and seamen; suspension and revocation of licenses and certificates; investigation of marine casualties; enforcement of manning requirements, citizenship requirements, and requirements for the mustering and drilling of crews, control of logbooks, shipment, discharge, protection, and welfare of merchant seamen; enforcement of duties of shipowners and officers after accidents; promulgation and enforcement of rules for lights, signals, speed, steering, sailing, passing, anchorage, movement, and towlines of vessels and lights and signals on bridges; numbering of undocumented vessels; prescription and enforcement of regulations for outfitting and operation of motorboats; licensing of motorboat operators; regulation of regattas and marine parades; all other functions of such bureau, offices, and boards which are not specified in section 102 of this plan; and all other functions of the Secretary of Commerce pertaining to those functions of the agencies abolished under section 104 of this plan which are not specified in section 102 of this plan, including the remission and mitigation of fines, penalties, and forfeitures incurred under the laws governing these functions and those incurred under the act of December 17, 1941 (55 Stat. 808), as amended (47 U.S.C. 353 note).

(b) The functions relating to the award of numbers to undocumented vessels vested by law in the Collectors of Customs are hereby transferred to the Commandant of the Coast Guard.

SECTION 102. Functions transferred to Bureau of Customs. There are hereby transferred to the Commissioner of Customs those functions of the bureau, offices, and boards specified in the first sentence of section 104 of this plan, and of the Secretary of Commerce, which pertain to registry, enrollment, and licensing of vessels, including the issuance of commissions to yachts, the assignment of signal letters, and the preparation of all reports and publications in connection therewith; measurement of vessels, administration of tonnage duties, and collection of tolls; entry and clearance of vessels and aircraft, regulation of vessels in the coasting and fishing trades, and limitation of the use of foreign vessels in waters under the jurisdiction of the United States; recording of sales, conveyances, and mortgages of vessels; protection of steerage passengers; all other functions of such bureau, offices, and boards which were performed by the Bureau of Customs on behalf thereof immediately prior to the effective date of Executive Order No. 9083 of February 28, 1942 (7F.R. 1609); and the power to remit and mitigate fines, penalties and forfeitures incurred under the laws governing these functions.

SECTION 103. Powers of the Secretary of the Treasury. The functions transferred by sections 101 and 102 of this plan may be performed through such officers and employees of the United States Coast Guard and the Bureau of Customs, respectively, as may be designated by the Commandant of the Coast Guard and the Commissioner of Customs, respectively, and shall be performed subject to the direction and control of the Secretary of the Treasury except as otherwise required by law with respect to the United States Coast Guard whenever it operates as a part of the Navy.

SECTION 104. Abolition of agencies. The Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, the office of the director thereos, the offices of supervising inspectors, principal traveling inspectors, local inspectors, assistant inspectors, shipping commissioners, deputy shipping commissioners, and the Board of Supervising Inspectors, the Boards of Local Inspectors, the Marine Casualty Investigation Board, and the Marine Boards are hereby abolished. The Secretary of the Treasury shall provide for winding up those affairs of the said abolished agencies which are not otherwise disposed of herein.

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