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December 1984. Hon. FERNAND J. ST GERMAIN, Chairman, Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs,

House of Representatives, Washington, DC. DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: I hereby transmit for your consideration, the revised and up-dated Basic Laws on Housing and Community Development. This revision of the Basic Laws of October 1981 embodies changes made by some 58 public laws that affect our housing and community development programs over which this Subcommittee has jurisdiction. The major legislative effort since October of 1981 was the Housing and Urban Rural Recovery Act that was enacted as part of the Domestic Housing and International Recovery and Financial Stability Act of 1983, P.L. 98-181, as well as numerous extensions, appropriations Acts, and legislative changes embodied in other committees' actions. Because of these numerous changes, it is necessary to revise our Committee Print which the Subcommittee has been publishing since 1967, in order that the Committee have an up-dated version of the public laws over which the House has charged us with responsibility. Since the Committee will have to deal with major legislation in the First Session of the Ninety-Ninth Congress, it is most important that this revision be published for the use of the Committee, the rest of the Congress, and the public.

Mr. Chairman, I would like to commend the staff of the Subcommittee on Housing and Community Development for supervising this revision of the Basic Laws. I would also commend Mr. Ira Forstater, Assistant Counsel in the Office of the Legislative Counsel for the House of Representatives, for his superb work in making the revisions contained in this print. I believe that this revised Basic Laws will serve the Committee well and will be most helpful to the other Members of Congress and the public in understanding our housing and community development programs. Sincerely,





Contents. This committee print replaces the edition of the Basic

Laws on Housing and Community Development dated October 1,

1981. As such, it contains the texts of the primary housing and

community development laws within the jurisdiction of the com-

mittee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs of the House of

Representatives, as well as additional laws and materials of par-
ticular interest to members of the committee in considering legisla-
tion relating to housing and community development. The compila-
tion has been updated through the end of the 98th Congress.

Organization. This committee print retains the useful organiza-

tion of the 1981 edition. Thus, the laws are arranged under the

broad subject areas dealt with by the Committee. Part I contains

the basic laws on community development, including the communi-

ty development block grant program and the urban development

action grant program. Part II contains the basic laws on assisted

housing, including public housing, section 8 housing, housing for

elderly and handicapped persons, and the new rental rehabilitation

and development grant programs. Part III contains the basic laws

on FHA mortgage insurance, mortgage relief, and multifamily

mortgage foreclosure. Part IV contains the basic laws on the sec-

ondary market for mortgage loans, including FNMA, FHLMC, and

GNMA. Part V contains the basic laws on rural housing, including

the FmHA housing assistance programs under title V of the Hous-

ing Act of 1949. Part VI contains the basic laws on the property,

crime, and flood insurance programs administered by the Federal

Emergency Management Agency. Part VII contains the basic laws

establishing various regulatory programs, such as those relating to

interstate land sales and real estate settlement procedures. Part

VIII contains the basic laws guiding the organization and operation

of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Part IX

contains additional laws relating to housing programs, including

the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974

and the Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank Act. Part X

contains the current appropriations provisions for housing and

community development. Finally, part XI contains miscellaneous

tables and glossaries designed to assist in the use of the compila-


United States Code. -As its title indicates, this committee print

contains only the basic laws relating to housing and community de-
velopment that govern programs currently in effect. Additional
laws relating to housing and community development, including
laws governing formerly major programs that have since been su-
perseded, may be found in the United States Code. In this regard,

the tables in part XI of the committee print should be particularly


It is important to recognize that the United States Code, and the

several commercial publications of the Code, contain additional in-
formation that may be extremely useful in understanding the laws
contained in this committee print. For example, the relevant sec-
tion in the Code will provide the reader with information on spe-
cific amendments made to the section since its enactment, effective
dates and transitional provisions, delegations and transfers of func-
tions, and cross references to other sections dealing with similar
subject matters. Commercial publications of the Code also indicate
relevant judicial decisions issued under each section.

Comments and Suggestions.-Comments and suggestions for im-

provements in future editions of this compilation are encouraged,

and may be addressed to the attention of the Editor, Compilation of

Basic Laws on Housing and Community Development, Office of the

Legislative Counsel, United States House of Representatives, 136

Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515.


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National housing goals


Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (title I...

Community development block grants...

Urban development action grants.

Transitional provisions

Section 312 reha litation loans...

Urban homesteading ..

Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation Act

Livable cities .....

National urban policy

New communities program-liquidation.

Neighborhood development...


Housing assistance plans and allocation of assisted housing funds (section 213

of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974)..

United States Housing Act of 1937 (including section 8 and public housing

programs, operating subsidies, comprehensive improvement assistance pro-

gram, and rental rehabilitation and development grant programs)

Repeal of section 8 new construction program, and section 8 prior to such


Section 23, United States Housing Act of 1937 (original version)

Right of renewal of section 23 lease.

Special projects for the elderly and handicapped.

Public housing security.....

Access to public housing agencies books

Public housing child care demonstration program

Housing assistance in impacted areas

Section 202 housing for the elderly or handicapped

Section 8 payments for 202 projects ..

Pet ownership in assisted rental housing for the elderly or handicapped..

Section 101 rent supplements..

Section 235 low-income homeownership program

Section 236 rental housing.

Restriction on use of assisted housing

Implementation of amendments affecting tenant rents.

Operating assistance for troubled projects.....

Tenant participation in multifamily projects.

Counseling .....

State housing agencies.

Congregate services program.

Emergency shelter...

Housing demonstration project.

Management and preservation of HUD-owned property (section 203 of the

Housing and Community Development Amendments of 1978).

Multifamily projects purchased from HUD-reasonable rentals.

Housing assistance and social security income.

Solar energy systems in assisted housing

Energy conserving improvements in assisted housing

Withdrawal from section 8 program..







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