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Section 201. "Vessels of the United States' and officers defined, officers

to be citizens..

Section 202. Licenses to and ownership of certain vessels by certain Indians

not citizens..

Section 203. "Home port” of vessel of United States: Place of documen-


Section 204. "Port of documentation" defined.

Section 205. Vessels entitled to registry -

Section 206. Suspension of provisions for inspection and measurement of

foreign-built vessels admitted to registry--

Section 207. Provisional certificates of registry to vessels abroad.

Section 208. Oath of owner as requisite to registry -

Section 209. Forfeiture for false swearing by owner or agent..

Section 210. Master's oath of citizenship--

Section 211. Surrender of certificate of registry on vessel's loss or purchase

by alien.

Section 212. Builder's certificate as requisite to registry -

Section 213. Form of certificate of registry --

Section 214. Same: Variations.--.

Section 215. Registry on purchase of vessel.

Section 216. Registry by agent.-

Section 217. Surrender of certificate of registry granted to purchaser or


Section 218. Documentation of vessels sold or transferred outside the

United States

Section 219. Oath on loss of certificate of registry: Grant of new certificate.

Section 220. Surrender of certificate of registry obtained on loss of original..

Section 221. Failure to report sale alien of registered vessel..

Section 222. New registry on sale or alteration of vessel.

Section 223. Penalty for failure to obtain new registry, if required, or to

deliver former register..

Section 224. Cancellation of invalid certificate of registry--

Section 225. Endorsement of change of master on certificate of registry

Section 226. Oath as requisite to obtain record of vessel owned by alien..

Section 227. Form of certificate of record.--

Section 228. Endorsement of change of master or name of vessel on certifi-

cate of record.--

Section 229. Vessels entitled to enrollment..

Section 230. Form of enrollment.

Section 231. Form of license.

Section 232. Consolidation of forms: Enrollment and license.

Section 233. Enrollment and license for vessels on northern, northeastern,

and northwestern frontiers...

Section 234. Restriction on use of licensed vessel; oath not to defraud

revenue; oath as to citizenship-

Section 235. Exchange of documents -

Section 236. Same: When vessel is in a district other than that compre-

hending her home port...





Section 237. Expiration of license---

Section 238. Same: Renewal by endorsement; surrender..

Section 239. Same: Exemption from penalty; loss of license..

Section 240. Return and cancellation of license; issuance of new license..

Section 241. Renewal when vessel in district other than that comprehend-

ing her home port---

Section 242. Change of master of enrolled and licensed or licensed vessel

to be reported; endorsement of change on document; alternate masters..

Section 243. Enrolled and licensed or licensed vessel unlawfully proceeding

on foreign voyage; penalty-

Section 244. Certificate for vessel proceeding on foreign voyage from port

in district other than district in which documented.

Section 245. Registered vessels in domestic trade.

Section 246. Penalty for violation of license.---

Section 247. Penalty for trading or carrying on the fishery without

required license.

Section 248. Merchandise exempt for forfeiture in certain circumstances.-

Section 249. Notice of seizure of vessel or merchandise: Name and address

of owners or consignees to be given.--

Section 250. Prosecution and recovery of penalties and forfeitures and

discretionary destruction of forfeited vessels.

Section 251. Wrecked vessels may be registered or enrolled in certain


Section 252. Vessels purchased, chartered, or leased from the Secretary of


Section 253. Documentation to be denied vessels not complying with

inspection laws.--

Section 254. Vessels exempt from documentation..

Section 255. Documentation of vessels owned by corporations; documenta-

tion anew on death of president or secretary

Section 256. Oath by corporate officer or agent of owner as requisite to


Section 257. Documentation anew on sale under legal process

Section 258. Blank documents to be furnished by Secretary; how issued..

Section 259. Documents to be numbered and recorded by issuing officer or

employee; copy to be furnished Secretary

Section 260. Inspection of documents..

Section 261. Documented vessels to be numbered; penalty for not having

number marked..

Section 262. Name and port of vessel of the United States to be marked;


Section 263. Registration of private signals, house flags, and funnel marks.

Section 264. Vessel documented anew to be documented by former name.

Section 265. Change of name of documented vessel prohibited; penalty.--

Section 266. Change of name of vessels; evidence; publication of order

payment of costs.---

Section 267. Penalty for fraudulent documentation.-

Section 268. Documents certifying title: To what vessels issued

Section 269. Penalty for misconduct by officers or employees.-

Section 270. Penalty for neglect by officers or employees.

Section 271. Penalty for making or using forged or false papers..

Section 272. Penalty for obstructing officers or employees.-

Section 273. Removal of master by owner..

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approval of Secretary of Commerce.

Section 306. Preferred mortgages.

Section 307. Certified copies of mortgage; exhibition.-




Section 501. Vessels employed in the coasting trade: Entitlements to


Section 502. Loss of coastwise privileges by sale foreign or foreign registry--

Section 503. Loss of coastwise privileges by rebuilding abroad; reports

of rebuilding abroad required; penalty for failure to report -

Section 504. Transportation of passengers coastwise by foreign vessels

prohibited; penalty -

Section 505. Transportation of passengers in Canadian vessels between

Rochester and Alexandria Bay allowed conditionally under permit..

Section 506. Transportation of merchandise between U.S. points in other

than domestic-built, citizen-owned, documented vessels prohibited;


Section 507. Same: Transportation over certain through routes excepted..

Section 508. Same: Transportation on Yukon River excepted..

Section 509. Same: Transportation on certain Great Lakes car ferries


Section 510. Same: Transportation of certain empty cargo vans, lift vans,

and shipping tanks excepted.

Section 511. Transportation of merchandise between U.S. points via

foreign ports in foreign vessels with intent to evade coastwise laws

prohibited; penalties ...

Section 512. Transportation of passengers and merchandise in Canadian

vessels between southeastern Alaska and other U.S. points permitted


Section 513. Corporation as citizen; transportation of merchandise or pas-

sengers between U.S. points; parent and subsidiary corporations; docu-

mentation; certificate; surrender of document on chInge of status.

Section 514. Foreign-built vessels excluded from coast vise trade-

Section 515. Same: Exception for vessels registered or owned in United

States in 1920.-,

Section 516. Same: Exception for vessels purchased chartered, or leased

from Secretary of Commerce.-

Section 517. Coastwise laws extended to island territories and possessions;

exceptions -

Section 518. Coastwise laws extended to artificial islands and fixed struc-

tures on Outer Continental Shelf

Section 519. Application of coastwise laws to foreign trade zones_

Section 520. Coastwise towing by foreign vessels prohibited in certain

circumstances; fines and penalties.--

Section 521. Same: Exception for foreign railroad companies using ferries,

tugboats, or towboats.

Section 522. Use of foreign-built dredges in United States prohibited;


Section 523. Salvage operations by foreign vessels in U.S. waters pro-

hibited; penalty, exceptions.

Section 524. Canadian vessels aiding vessels wrecked, disabled, or in dis-

tress in certain U.S. waters.-

Section 525. Property wrecked on Florida coast.-

Section 526. Licenses for wrecking on Florida coast.--


Section 601. Vessels employed in the fisheries: Entitlement to privileges..

Section 602. Coasting and fisheries vessels; vessels operating on the Great


Section 603. Landing of fish by foreign-flag vessels prohibited in certain

circumstances; exceptions...

Section 604. Fishing in territorial waters and taking of Continental Shelf

fishery resources by foreign vessels prohibited; exceptions.

Section 605. Same: Penalties for violation.--

Section 606. Same: Enforcement..

Section 607. Same: Regulations.

Section 608. Same: Definitions..

Section 609. Papers for vessels in the whale fishery ---

Section 610. Permit to touch and trade at foreign port.-

Section 611. Penalty for touching and trading at foreign port without per-


Section 612. Fishing vessels: Transfer and transportation of catch of other


Section 613. Retaliation on denial of rights to U.S. vessels in British North



Section 701. Vessels carrying steerage passengers from foreign ports:

Accommodations for steerage passengers--

Section 702. Same: Berths for passengers--

Section 703. Same: Light, air, and accommodations for passengers.

Section 704. Same: Food.--

Section 705. Same: Hospitals, surgeon, and medicine.

Section 706. Same: Discipline and cleanliness; exercise space for pas-


Section 707. Same: Transportation of animals.-

Section 708. Same: Visiting parts of vessels occupied by passengers.

Section 709. Same: Boarding vessel on arrival; passenger lists.

Section 710. Same: Death of passengers---

Section 711. Same: Inspection and examination of vessels; reports. --

Section 712. Vessels carrying steerage passengers from U.S. ports; denial

of clearance.

Section 713. Fines and penalties as liens on vessel; recovery.


Section 801. Yachts: Documentation; exemption from entry and clear-

ance; restrictions; penalties ---

Section 802. Reciprocal exemption of foreign yachts from charges and ton-

nage taxes; cruising licenses.-

Section 803. Yacht commissions..

Section 804. Yacht signals..




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