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DECEMBER 7, 1908-MARCH 4, 1909




VOL. 1






1793. Appropriations for legislative, executive, and judicial expenses, 1910.

1794. To amend act authorizing St. Louis, Mo., to bridge Mississippi River.

1797. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near St. Paul, Minn.

1805. Conference report on bill amending passenger act of 1882.

1806. Final rp. of Joint Comn. on Business Method of Post-Off. Dept. and Postal Serv. pt. 1.

1807. To provide for expenses of House Office Building.

ISOs. Permits to committee on inaugural ceremonies.

1809. Lease of San Clemente Island, Cal., to San Clemente Wool Company.

1810. Bridge across Santee River, S.C.

1811. Bridge across Current River near Van Buren, Mo.

1812. Bridge across Mississippi River between Fort Snelling and St. Paul, Minn.

1813. Bridge across Delaware River near Columbia, N.J., to Slateford, Pa.

1815. Compensation for injured employees on Isthmian Canal.

1821. Appropriations for District of Columbia, 1910.

1823. To accept gift of Constitution Island, N, Y.

1825. Water main through military reservation, Willoughby Spit, Va.

187. Use of court-house corridors, D. C., to 5th Regiment, Maryland Nat. Guard.

1828. Regulation of laundry business in District of Columbia.

1829. To amend R. S. rel. to commitment of U. S. prisoners to State reformatories.

1831. To promote administration of justice in Navy.

1833. To amend R. S. relative to resignation of judges of courts of U. S.

1834. Amendment of bankruptcy law. 2 pts.

1835. Chicago and Northwestern Ry, to change right of way across Niobrara res.

1836. Exchange of land on Fort Douglas reservation for lands adjacent thereto.

1841. Authorizing examination of certain claims of Missouri.

1842. For special Lincoln postage stamp.

1845. Condemned cannon for Orange County, N. Y.

1851. Appropriations for pensions, 1910.

1862. Tax on bay rum, etc., from Porto Rico.

1853. Condemned cannon for county court of Marshall County, W. Va.

1855. To amend R. S. relating to issue of duplicates of lost checks.

1856. Relief of applicants for mineral surveys.

1858. To require life-preservers on motor vessels.

1859. Consolidation of and evidence in actions for libel.

1860. Circuit and district courts for eastern and middle districts of Tennessee.

1861. Appropriations for Post-Office Department, 1910.

1862. Appropriations for naval service, 1910.

1863. Extending provisions of Carey act to New Mexico and Arizona.

1864. Appropriations to supply urgent deficiencies, 1909.

1865. Boundary line between Mississippi and Louisiana, etc.

1866. Boundary line between Mississippi and Arkansas, etc.

18€7. To endow schools of mines, etc., from proceeds of sales of public lands.

1869. Legal disputes concerning tide lands adjacent to harbor of Tacoma, Wash.

1875. Authorization to accept decoration and diploma from France.

1877. Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses.

1878. To prohibit importation of opium for other than medicinal purposes.

1880. Conference report on bill to provide for 13th decennial census.

1881. To establish consulate at Catania, Italy.

1883. Amendment of law relative to bonding Government officers.

1884. Additional judge for southern district of New York.

1885. Forfeiture of all unused rights of way through public lands.

1886. Authorizing necessary resurvey of public lands.

1889. Duplicate gold certificates in lieu of ones lost or destroyed.

1990. Loan of tents to North American Gymnastic Union.

1892. To amend act rel. to participation in international exposition, Tokyo, Japan.

1893. Outward alien manifests on certain vessels. 2 pts.

1894. Deduction of hatchway space, etc., from gross tonnage of vessels.


1895. Appropriations for Army, 1910.

1896. Permits to committee on inaugural ceremonies.

1897. Appropriations for Indian Department, 1910.

1898. To amend R. S. to provide deputy for asst. treasurer in case of varancy.

1899. To amend R. S. to provide for bonds for deputies for customs officers.

1900. Condemned cannon for Grand Army of the Republic.

1901. Lewis Bridge Company to bridge Missouri River.

.1902. Permitting change of entry of public lands in case of mistake, etc.

1903. Veteran Volunteer Firemen's Association to share use of certain property.

1907. Providing for terms of circuit and district courts of U. S. at Gadsden, Ala.

1908. Incorporation of Imperial Palace, Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan.

1909. Relief of pensioners of police fund of District of Columbia.

1911. Extending time for Liberty Bridge Co. to bridge Monongahela River.

1915. Grant of certain desert lands to Colorado.

1916. Creating Civil War officers' annuity honor roll.

1919. Appropriations for Department of Agriculture, 1910.

1920. Conference report on bill relating to affairs in Territories.

1922. To permit flooding of certain lands near Redlands, Cal.

1923. Appropriations for fortifications and ordnance, 1910.

1924. Providing for payment of cost of drainage of Omaha Indian allotted lands.

1925. Making 100th anniversary of birth of Abraham Lincoln legal holiday in D. C., etc.

1935. Bridge across Indian River North, Fla.

1936. To extend time for Burlington, Iowa, to bridge Mississippi River,

1938. Condemned cannon for Bedford, Ind.

1939. Condemned cannon for Robinson, Ill.

1940. Condemned cannon for G. A. R post at Lewistown, Pa.

1941. To amend law relative to date of meetings of Philippine Legislature.

1942. Extension of time for canal connecting Puget Sound and Lake Washington.

1943. Condemned cannon for Iowa.

1945. To increase efficiency of Signal Corps, Army.

1946. Right of way to Montana, Wyoming and Southern Ry. across Ft. Keogh res.

1947. Relief of certain officers of Signal Corps, Army.

1961. Conf. rp. on bill restoring citizenship rights to deserters from Navy.

1963. To amend R. S. relative to bonds of customs officers.

1964. Census of blind and deaf.

1965. To create Bellefourche land district in South Dakota.

1966. Boundary line between Tennessee and Arkansas, etc.

1967, Circuit and district courts of northern dist. of Ohio at Youngstown.

1968. Payment of friar claims in Philippine Islands.

1970. Monument to Pocahontas at Jamestown, Va.

1972. Government of Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama, etc.

1976. To extend time for disposal of certain lands on ceded Crow Reservation,

1979. Corry, Pa., to be port of immediate transportation.

1981. Repair of road from Harrisonville, N. J., to Fort Mott, etc.

1982. Disposition of useless papers in Office of Auditor for Post-Office Dept.

1984. New division in middle judicial district of Tennessee, etc.

1985. Conf. rp. on bill authorizing sale of land at head of Cordova Bay, Alaska.

1986. Providing for additional term of V. S. courts at Superior, Wis.

1987. Bridge across Kansas River at Kansas City, Kans.

1991. Life-preservers on motor vessels.

1992. Deduction of hatchway space, etc., from gross tonnage of vessels.

1993. Contest of Warmoth v. Estopinal.

1996. Amending act to widen Bladensburg road, D. C.

1998. Amending act relating to grade crossings in District of Columbia.

1999. Extending time for payments on certain homestead entries in Okla.

2000. To promote efficiency of Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service. 2 pts.

2003. Prohibiting importation and use of opium for other than medicinal purposes.

2013. Appropriations for diplomatic and consular service, 1910).

2014. Condemned cannon for Henderson, Ky.

2015. Bridges across Rock River, Ili.

2016. Extending time for bridge across Monongahela River at Brownsville, Pa.

2017. Harbor lines in Kansas River at Kansas City, Kans.

2018. Sale of timber on allotted Indian lands.

2019. Protection of surface rights of entrymen.

2020. Extending time for Valdez, Marshall Pass and Northern Railroad.

2021. Relief of Alaska Pacific Railway and Terminal Company.

2022. Extending time for Lake Erie and Ohio River Ship Canal.


2025. Increasing travel allowance of deputy marshals.

2026. Immediate transportation of dutiable merchandise.

2027. Acquiring land for protection of watersheds of navigable streams.

2022. Parole of juvenile offenders committed to Nat. Training School for Boys.

2030. Jurisdiction of crimes committed on Lake Michigan.

231. Widening and extension of Minnesota avenue to Sheriff road, D. C.

262. Widening and extension of Massachusetts avenue to Bewen road, 1). C

2003. Relief of William Boldenweck, assistant treasurer at Chicago, III.

2034. Juries in United States courts.

2036. Conference report on bill amending naturalization law.

2037. Conference report on bill for new immigration station at Boston, Mass.

2041. Extending time for final entry of mineral claims in Wind River Res.

2013. To increase efficiency of Pay Department, Army.

2014. Additional judge for western district of Pennsylvania.

2015. Providing for payment of cost of drainage of Winnebago Indian lands.

2046. Equipment of motor-boats with mufflers.

2047. Participation of U. S. in universal and internat. exhibition at Brussels.

2049. Relief of Madison County, Ky.

2053. Reports of Washington Hospital for Foundlings to be made to comrs. of D. C.

2054. Change of name of Washington Hospital for Foundlings.

2056. Change of highway plan east of Mills avenue, D. C.:

2059. To authorize certain changes in permanent system of highways, D. C.

2061. Veteran Volunteer Firemen's Association to share use of certain property.

2002. Additional judge for western district of Washington State.

2065. Amendment of D. C. code relative to building associations.

2006. To permit flooding of certain lands near Redlands, Cal.

2067. Amending act of Aug. 18, 1894, relating to rivers and harbors.

2068. Conf. rp. on bill making appropriations to supply urgent deficiencies, 1909.

2069, To facilitate use for manufacturing purposes of square 328, D. C.

2070. To extend time for bridge across Tennessee River in Marion County, Tenn.

2071. Authorizing acceptance of donations for branch library in District of Columbia.

2072. Public school teachers' retirement fund.

2073. Extensions of City and Suburban Railway in District of Columbia.

2074. Carrying concealed weapons in District of Columbia,

2075. Road along south bank of Anacostia River, D. C.

2076. Extension of Franklin street to Bladensburg road, D. C.

2077. Extension of Rittenhouse street, D. C.

2078. Conf. rp. on bill to change name, etc., of inferior justice court of D. C.

2079. Statehood for New Mexico and Arizona.

2080. Bridge across Condado Bay, P. R.

281. To amend act relative to bottling of distilled spirits in bond.

2052. Court of Claims to admit affidavits as evidence in certain cases.

2083. Extending time for completion of Alaska Central Railway, etc.

2085. Granting use of Hetch Hetchy Valley to San Francisco, Cal., etc.

2086. Radio-telegraphic installations and radio telegraphers on ocean steamers.

2087. Laboratory for study of criminal, pauper, and defective classes.

2088. Condemned cannon for Cheyenne, Wyo.

2091. Defining manner in which to acquire public lands containing phosphate.

2092. Extending time for Standard Telephone Company in Hawaii.

2095. Extending time for Alaska Short Line Railroad.

2099. To create Le Beau land district in South Dakota.

2100. Establishing Glacier national park.

2101. Amending homestead laws, etc.

2102. Amending laws relating to navigation.

2103. Extending time for bridge across Missouri River at Yankton, S. Dak.

2104. Extending time for bridge across Missouri River at Yankton, S. Dak,

2105. Relating to celebration of 100th anniversary of birth of Abraham Lincoln.

2106. Commission to recommend design and site for memorial to Abraham Lincoln.

2107. Conference report on bill to promote administration of justice in Navy.

2108. Conf. rp. on bill making appropriations for legislative, etc., expenses, 1910.

2113. Purchase of Oldroyd collection of Lincoln relics, etc.

2122. Granting to Fulton Co., Ga., land along boundary of Fort McPherson res.

2130. Extending time of payments on certain homestead entries in Okla.

2131. Appropriations for Military Academy, 1910.

2135. Conf. report on bill providing for enlarged homesteads on arid lands.

2138. Inspection of nursery stock at ports of entry of United States.

2139. Bridge across Mississippi River at Keithsburg, Ill.

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