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" The trustee of the estate of a bankrupt, upon his appointment and qualification, and his successor or successors, if he shall have one or more, upon his or their appointment and qualification, shall in turn be vested by operation of law with the title... "
The Federal Reporter - 304. lappuse
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A Handbook of Bankruptcy Law: Embodying the Full Text of the Act of Congress ...

Henry Campbell Black - 2005 - 334 lapas
...not liable to the transferee. Stevenson v. McLaren, 3 Cent. Law J. 478. TITLE TO PROPERTY, § 70. a The trustee of the estate of a bankrupt, upon his...bankrupt, as of the date he was adjudged a bankrupt, except in so far as it is to property -which is exempt, to all (1) documents relating to his property;...
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