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Harvard Depository

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fe fan july 1919



7098 APA




ABETTI, G., Intellectual Intercourse between Na-

tions, 369

ADAMS, C. C., Roosevelt Wild-Life Forest Ex. Sta.,


AGASSIZ, L., Smithsonian Institution, 300

Agricultural Production in the United States, 16

Airplane, Fuel, 302; in Surveying, E. L. JONES, 575

ALLEE, W. C., Amer. Assoc. for Adv. of Sci., Sec-

tion F, 100

ALLEN, E. W., Amer. Assoc. Adv. Sci., Section M-

Agriculture, 219

ALLEN, F. H., and F. A. LOVEJOY, Ice Formation,


Alphabet, A Standard, J. C. RUPPENTHAL, 191; A.

Fanti, 356

American, Association for the Advancement of Sci-

ence, Address of the President, 1; Baltimore

Meeting, 11; Addresses of the Vice-presidents,

Section D, 27; Section H, 53; Section E, 77;

Section F, 101; Section A, 127; Section B, 155;

Section C, 175; Section G, 199'; Zoology, w. C.

ALLEE, 100; Scientific Organization, 112; Report

of the Treasurer, 122; Geology and Geography,

R. T. CHAMBERLIN, 124; Anthropology and Psy-

chology, E. K. STRONG, JR., 125; Committee on

Grants, J. STEBBINS, 211; Policy, L. O. HOWARD,

474; Agriculture, E. W. ALLEN, 219; Symposium,

Section G, G. T. MOORE, 269; G. R. LYMAN, 339;

J. M. COULTER, 363; Pacific Division, 483, 599;

Museum of Natural History, H. F. OSBORN, 477
Amphibioidei, C. L. HUBBS, 569
Anatomy, German Terms in, F. T. LEWIS, 307;

Renaissance, R. L. MOODIE, 472
Antarctic Expedition, 536
Anthropological, Assoc., Amer., 76; Research, F.

Boas, A. HRDLIČKA, A. M. TOZZER, 426; Explora-

tions of Alaska, 491

Arizona, Field Work in, F. M. PERRY, 357

ARTHUR, J. C., Research as a University Function,


Astronomical Union, J. STEBBINS, 508

Atkinson, George Francis, 230; H. M. FITZPATRICK,


ATWELL, W. J., Pigmentation in Frog Larva, 48
Auroral Display, E. KARRER, E. P. T. TYNDALL,

495; G. I. GAVETT, 496; C. F. BROOKS, 542
Aviation, Psychological Research in, K. DUNLAP,

94, 215; E. L. THORNDIKE, 215

Aviator, Physiology of, Y. HENDERSON, 431

BARRUS, M. F., Potato Diseases, 542

BARUS, C., Spectrum Phenomena and Moving Motes,

72; Herschell's Fringes, 385

Base Hospital No. 21, 511
BASSLER, R. S., Paleontological Soc., 50
BAUER, L. A., Solar Eclipse of May 29, 1919
Bee, Queen, Mating, L. V. FRANCE, 72
Belgium, An Appeal from, P. P. CALVERT, 264
BERRY, E. W., Eucalyptus, 91
Biological, Literature, F. A. SPRAGG, 23; Surveys,

38; Summer Stations, 466

Biologists, Experimental, E. D. BROWN, 517

Biology, High-school, 443

Bird Reserves, Gaspé, J. M. Clarke, 350

Birth Rate, British, 402

Bison for Museums, H. I. SMITH, 517

Blackboard Illumination, P. F. GAEHR, 265

Blanchard, Raphael, F. H. GARRISON, 391

Blaringhem, Professor, Lectures by, 374

Boas, F., A. HRDLIČKA, A. M. Tozzer, Anthropo-

logical Research, 426

Botanical, Abstracts, J. R. SCHRAMM, 195; Sci-

ence, B. E. LIVINGSTON, 199; Participation in

War Work, G. T. MOORE, 269; Soc. of Amer.,

Generic Types, A. S. HITCHCOCK, 333; Oppor-

tunity, J. M. COULTER, 363; Dictionary, Prit-

zel's, 395

Botany, Kinds, the World Needs, G. J. PEIRCE,

81; American, Unification of, G. R. LYMAN, 339

Brain Power in the Army, 221, 251

BRAUN, H., Presoaking and Seed Injury, 544

BRIGHAM, G. R., Trilobites, C. D. Walcott, 543

British, Guiana Research Station, 231; Antarctic

Expedition, W. H. DALL, 265; Natural History

Museum, 323

BRITTON, W. E., Injurious Insects, F. L. Washburn,

BROOKS, C., Protein Antigens, 196
BROOKS, C. F., Auroral Display, 542
Brown, E. D., Experimental Biologists, 517
BUDINGTON, R. A., William Erskine Kellicott, 322
BURGE, W. E., Oxidation in the Body, 594

Eigenmann, C. H., Pygidiidæ, A. S. PEARSE, 403

Electro-Thermo-Regulator for Water Baths, C. I.

HALL, 214

Ernst, A., Bastardierung, H. DE VRIES, 381
ESTABROOKE, W. L., Freas System, 506; and T. B.

FREAS, Duty Free Supplies, 417

Eucalyptus, E. W. BERRY, 91

Evolution and Origin of Man, W. K. GREGORY, 267

Eastman, Charles Rochester, B. DEAN, 139
EATON, H. N., Limestones in Pennsylvania, 474
Eclipse, Total, of the Sun, 558; 607
EDMONDSON, C. H., Cardium Corbis, 402
Edward K. Warren Foundation, A. G. RUTHVEN, 17
Egg-Weight and Production, P. HADLEY, 427;

-Yolk Media, G. F. WHITE, 362

HACKH, I. W. D., Age of Chemical Elements, 328
HADLEY, P., Egg-Weight and Production, 427
HALL, C. I., Electro-Thermo-Regulator for Water

Baths, 214

HALL, E. H., Wallace Clement Ware Sabine, 347
HAMPSON, G. F., Systematic Papers in German, 193
Harvard, Appointments at, 444
Hawk, P. B., Desiccated Vegetables, 329
HAY, Ó. P., Proboscideans of New York, 377
Health, Public, and the University, G. E. VINCENT,

245; British Ministry of, 278; Degrees in, 325
HENDERSON, Y., Physiology of the Aviator, 431
Herds, Depleted, of England, France and Italy, 66
Herschell's Fringes, C. BARUS, 385
HILDEBRANDT, F. M., Physical Improvements in

Army Men, 404

Historical Science, G. A. MILLER, 447

History of Science, G. SARTON, 497

HITCHCOCK, A. S., Botanical Soc. of Amer., 333

HOAGLAND, D. R., Culture Experiments, 360

Honorary Degrees at Yale, 610

Hooker, Sir Joseph, T. D. A. COCKERELL, 525

Horticulture as a Profession, C. S. GAGER, 293

HOUSTON, D. F., Sulphonic Acids, 265

HOVEY, E. O., Geological Soc. of Amer., 173

HOWARD, L. Ó., Polyembryony and Encyrtidæ, 43;

Laboratory and Government Zoologists, 453;

Amer. Assoc. for Adv. of Sci., Committee on Pol-

icy, 474

HOYLE, W. E., Desmognathus Fuscus, 283

HUBBS, C. L., The Amphibioidei, 569

HUDSON, R. G., Celluloid Lantern Slides, 120

HUMPHREYS, W. T., Physics of the Air, 155, 182

HUNTER, A. F., Industrial Research in Ontario and

Prussia, 208

Ice Formation, E. A. LOVEJOY, and E. H. ALLEN,

Ill. State Acad. of Sci., J. L. PRICER, 451
Indianaite, W. N. LOGÁN, 197
Influenza, and Pneumonia, Deaths from, 142; His-

tory of, 216; Epidemic, E. W. KOPF, 228; In-
fection, G. T. PALMER, 288; How to Avoid, 311;

Germs, 372
Intellectual Intercourse between Nations, G. ABETTI,

Inventions, British War, 394
Inyo Range and Mount Whitney Region, 324
Isis, Publication of, G. SARTON, 170
IVES, H. E., Nonsilverable Containers, 330

Lands, Classification of, 210
LANGFELD, H. S., Amer. Psychol. Assoc., 51
Lantern Slides of Northern France, W. M. DAVIS,

23; Celluloid, R. G. HUDSON, 120
Lantz, David Ernest, N. DEARBORN, 84
Lead, Radioactive, T. W. RICHARDS, 1
Le Conte Memorial Lecture, 537
LEE, H. A., and E. D. MERRILL, Citrus Canker, 499
LEFFMANN, H., Use of Poison Gas, 472
LEWIS, F. T., German Terms in Anatomy, 307; Con-

tributions to Embryology, F. P. Mall and others,

Lille Society of Science, C. D. WALCOTT, 70

Mustard Gas, 382

Limestones in Pennsylvania, H. N. EATON, 474

LIND, S. C., and C. W. Davis, Uranium Ore, 441

LITTLE, H. P., Flowing Artesian Well, 24

LIVINGSTON, B. E., Botanical Science, 199

Loeb, J., Tropisms, W. J. CROZIER, 171

LOGAN, W. N., Indianaite, 197

London Imperial College, 209

LONG, J. M., Dissection of Large Specimens, 120

Long, John Harper, J. STIEGLITZ, 31

LOVEJOY, F. A., and F. H. ALLEN, Ice Formation,


Lowy, A., Aliphatic Series of Organic Chemistry,


LYMAN, G. R., Unification of American Botany,

Lymnæidæ, North American, F. C. BAKER, 519

M., A., Wind and Barometric Pressure, Sir Napier

Shaw, 285

McAtee, W. L., Natural History of the District of

Columbia, H. C. OBERHOLSER, 568
MACCAUGHEY, V., Tropical Enervation, 44; Sugar

Technology in Hawaii, 582
MCCLUNG, C. E., Elementary Zoology, 345
MacDougal, D. T., Growth in Organisms, 599
Mall, F. P., and others, Contributions to Embryol.

ogy, F. T. LEWIS, 359
Mammalogists, 189; Amer. Soc. of, 374
Map, of Brazil, 259; of U. S., 536
Mapping from the Air, 559
Mathematical, Assoc. of Amer., W. D. CAIRNS, 97;

Soc., Amer., F. N. COLE, 523
Mechanics, Foundations of, P. J. Fox, 44
Medical, Research in Australia, 230; Association,

British, 260; Assoc., Amer., Publications, 585;
Foreign Delegates, 609
Medicine, Inter-allied Fellowships of, 115; and

Growth, H. H. DONALDSON, 315; International

Cooperation in, 558; Future of, 566
Medieval Institutions, 188
Mellon Institute Fellowships, 462
Mendelian Phenomena, L. H. MILLER, 148
MERRILL, E. D., and H. A. LEE, Citrus Canker, 499
METCALF, C. L., Ocular of the Microscope, 310
METCALF, M. M., Scientific Spirit, 551
Meteorite, The Richardton, T. T. QUIRKE, 92; Cum-

berland Falls, A. M. MILLER, 541

Metric Assoc., Amer., 291

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