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To the National Park Service

4. Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks.

5. Arlington Memorial Bridge Commission.

6. Public Buildings Commission.

7. Agriculture Department buildings (6 buildings).

8. Veterans' Administration buildings (4 buildings).

9. Treasury Department buildings (9 buildings).

10. National monuments, Agriculture (16 monuments).

11. Abraham Lincoln National Monument.

12. National military parks, battlefields, and cemeteries (33 areas). 13. National military monuments (14 monuments).

14. National Memorial Commission.

15. Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway Commission.

16. Perry's Victory Memorial Commission.

To the Office of Education

17. Federal Board for Vocational Education.

For administration of expenditures

18. Commission of Fine Arts.

19. George Rogers Clark Sesquicentennial Commission. 20. Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission.

NOTE. In addition to the above, two new divisions, the Division of Investigations and the Division of Territories and Island Possessions, were established in the office of the Secretary by the consolidation of activities already under the jurisdiction of the Department.


The committee recommends that the Secretary of the Interior utilize available personnel and equipment for continuing and initiating studies and investigations of critical war minerals and raw materials, especially relating to the location of deposits of such minerals and raw materials within the continental limits of the United States, and studies of mining and beneficiation thereof looking to their availability domestically in time of war.


For the various activities comprising the office of the Secretary there is recommended $2,311,060, which is $222,670 more than the 1937 appropriation and $64,250 less than the Budget estimates. For salaries of the Secretary and his assistants there is recommended $420,000, which is an increase of $27,030 over the current appropriation and $26,510 below the estimates. In applying this cut in the estimates the committee has not disallowed any specific additional position requested, it being the recommendation of the committee that this decision be left to the discretion of the Secretary.

Office of the Solicitor.-For this office there is recommended $275,000, which is a decrease of $9,600 in the current appropriation and $11,400 less than the Budget figure. Several years ago all legal positions in the Department were transferred to the Solicitor and the appropriation was increased accordingly. During hearings on the bill it was disclosed that a number of attorneys are now being carried on the pay rolls of the various bureaus and offices. The committee is aware of the fact that some of these positions are necessary for activities recently established. It is of the opinion, however, that present conditions warrant a reduction in the appropriation for this

office, and it is for this reason that a cut of $11,400 in the estimates is recommended.

Division of Territories and island possessions.-In disallowing an increase of $3,240 contained in the estimates for this activity, the committee has eliminated one assistant to the supervisor of Alaskan Affairs at $2,300, and $940 to place one additional clerk on a full-year basis.

Division of investigations.-For this division there is recommended $416,000, which is $24,300 more than the 1937 appropriation and $20,100 less than the estimates. The committee is of the opinion that this expansion involving an increase, as proposed by the Budget, of $46,400 over the current appropriation, is not warranted. In disallowing the sum of $20,100, it has left to the discretion of the Secretary the items which should be eliminated.

Division of Grazing. There is recommended for this activity a total of $800,000, which is $150,000 more than both the 1937 appropriation and the amount proposed in the estimates. The increase of $150,000 above the current appropriation, as recommended by the committee, is for salaries and expenses due to the increased duties caused by the expansion of the area to be included in grazing districts, as provided in the act of June 26, 1936. This act increased the acreage under the jurisdiction of this activity from 80 million to 142 million acres. It is estimated that receipts from grazing fees during the next fiscal year will amount to $1,000,000, of which 25 percent is made available for range improvements, 50 percent is distributed to the States in which grazing districts are established, and 25 percent is retained in the Treasury.

Printing and binding. The committee has inserted a provision in this item which will permit leaflets concerning national parks and other park areas to be produced in the duplicating section of the Department. Information disclosed during the hearings was to the effect that restrictions placed on the Department in connection with the performance of this type of work might prevent its continuance during the next fiscal year. The committee is convince that this work can be produced more cheaply through the Department's duplicating plant and has, therefore, recommended that it be continued as heretofore. In this connection the committee desires to call attention to the practice of the National Park Service of distributing booklets of information to visitors to the several park and monument areas and to recommend that in the future a small charge be made for such booklets. It is believed that such a charge should be made to help defray the expense of printing and that it would eliminate any unwarranted demand for the booklets.


In authorizing this project the Congress provided that funds made available from the Treasury must be matched by private gifts and contributions. The original act provided a total authorization of $250,000. The requirement that appropriations be matched has not been met with the exception of $96,615, Congress having subsequently been called upon to abolish the matching feature. The act of August 29, 1935, authorized an additional appropriation of $200,000, making a total authorization of $450,000. Of this total, all but $100,000 has been appropriated. The Budget estimates propose that the rem vin

ing authorization of $100,000 be made available, and the committee has recommended an appropriation of $50,000.


The estimates submitted by the Budget include $20,000 for the purpose of administering the War Minerals Relief Act, and the committee has recommended that $18,000 be allowed for this work. During hearings the committee was advised that there are 63 cases pending in court and 24 in the Commission under the 1929 act, that there are 65 claims to be reviewed under the act of May 18, 1936, 130 claims to be reviewed under the act of June 30, 1936, and 109 claims not yet determined. The committee was advised by the Commissioner that the work of the Commission would be concluded by June 1938.


For the several activities under this Office there is recommended $1,786,700, which is $34,500 less than the 1937 appropriation and $25,000 more than the estimates. The only change recommended by the committee in the items under this Office is an increase of $25,000 in the provision for surveying public lands. This moderate increase will provide a total of $675,000 for this purpose, which is $775,000 less than the amount available for survey work during the current year when $750,000 from N. R. A. funds and a direct appropriation of $700,000, inaking a total of $1,450,000, was provided.


The total amount recommended by the committee for this Bureau is $31,095,004.85, which is $2,905,810.39 more than the 1937 appropriation and $2,164,360 less than the Budget estimates.


Tribal fund estimates and appropriations.-In addition to the above appropriations from the Federal Treasury, funds held in the Treasury to the credit of various tribes are recommended for appropriation for tribal benefit in the sum of $1,366,490, which is $293,130 less than the 1937 appropriation and $260,400 more than the estimates of the Budget. The increase recommended by the committee in excess of the estimates is due to the denial by the committee of the proposal of the Budget that certain expenditures for the support and health of Indians be transferred from tribal fund appropriations to gratuity appropriations from the Federal Treasury. In such cases, and particularly in the case of the Chippewa Indians of Minnesota, where the transfer of $90,000 for the support of Indian hospitals was denied, the committee was of the opinion that tribal funds were adequate to carry on the work for at least another year. Other increases recommended by the committee have been at the request of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and, in nearly every case, at the request of the tribe involved. Indian Reorganization Act.-A comparative statement of the appropriations and estimates for this purpose is inserted at this point, and is followed by an explanation of the action of the committee on items where reductions have been recommended.

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The first item appearing in the bill in connection with the Indian Reorganization Act is for expenses of organizing Indian chartered corporations or other tribal organizations in accordance with the provisions of the act. The following tabulation shows the status of tribal organization as of April 6, 1937.

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For continuation of organization work during the next fiscal year there is recommended $100,000, which is $60,000 less than the current appropriation and a like amount under the estimates. The work of organizing under the original Reorganization Act has already passed its peak and should continue to decrease rapidly during the next fiscal

Were it not for the fact that additional duties have been placed on this group of employees in connection with the organizing of tribes in Oklahoma and Alaska authorized under recent acts of Congress, the committee believes an even greater reduction could be effected.

A total of $2,000,000 has heretofore been appropriated for the acquisition of land under the Indian Reorganization Act and the estimates propose an appropriation of $1,000,000 for the fiscal year 1938, together with contract authority for $1,000,000 additional. The committee recommends an appropriation of $900,000, with authority to contract for additional lands at a cost not to exceed $500,000. In recommending a reduction of $100,000 in the estimate for 1938 it is the intention of the committee to rescind to that extent the contract authority provided in the current law. Obligations totaling approximately $680,000 have already been made against the $1,000,000 authorization in the 1937 Act, and it is the recommendation of the committee that the total obligations under this authorization shall not exceed $900,000.

The Indian Reorganization Act sets up a revolving fund for the purpose of making loans to Indian chartered corporations. A total of $3,480,000 has heretofore been appropriated for this purpose. Of this sum, $624,000 has been obligated in the form of loans to chartered organizations and $101,000 is necessary for expenses of administra

tion This leaves a total of $2,755,000 in the fund unexpended and unobligated. The estimates provide an additional sum of $1,520,000 for the next fiscal year and the committee has recommended that of this sum $520,000 be allowed. This latter sum will provide a total of $3,275,000 which it is believed will be entirely adequate to carry on this work to the close of the fiscal year 1938.

General items.-For the office of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs the committee has recommended $505,270, an increase of $11,500 over the 1937 appropriation and $4,820 less than the Budget figure. The reduction in the estimate is due to the denial of two new positions consisting of one personnel officer at $3,200 and one clerk-stenographer at $1,620, it being the opinion of the committee that the classification and gradation of positions in the service for which these employees were intended should not be undertaken during the next fiscal year. Additional employees other than the two referred to above have been allowed by the committee as recommended in the estimates.

Under the item for general expenses the committee has recommended $32,000, which is $2,000 less than the 1937 appropriation and $3,000 less than the estimates, the reduction being applied to the item for travel expense for employees in the Washington office. The amount allowed for this purpose, $26,600, is slightly in excess of the sum actually expended for travel during the fiscal year 1936.

The committee has approved the proposal of the Budget that the items for pay of judges, pay and expenses of Indian police, and pay for the suppression of the traffic in intoxicating liquors be consolidated into one paragraph for the general purpose of maintaining law and order on Indian reservations. In allowing a total of $210,540 for this purpose the committee has denied $6,000 requested in the estimates as an additional amount for travel and other expenses.

Indian lands.-Aside from the acquisition of land for Indians heretofore explained under the Indian Reorganization Act, funds are recommended under this head for the reimbursement of Indians for the loss of lands as provided in various acts of Congress. A total of $1,343,431.85 is recommended for the purchase of land, including payments to Indian and non-Indian claimants under the Pueblo Land Board Law. This sum is $260,609.20 less than the 1937 appropriation and $100,000 less than the Budget estimates, the decrease in the estimates being applied to the item for purchase of land for Indians under the Indian Reorganization Act.

Industrial assistance. The total sum recommended for this purpose is $1,850,220, which is $445,750 less than the current appropriation and $1,338,880 less than the 1938 estimates. In addition to the reduction of $1,000,000 recommended in the revolving loan fund heretofore explained the committee has recommended the disallowance of $338,880 which is accounted for in the following paragraph.

For the administration of Indian forests there is recommended $260,000, which is the amount of the current appropriation and $40,000 less than the estimates. The effect of the action of the committee in this item is the denial of new positions and expenses proposed in the Budget and the return to tribal fund appropriations of those sums proposed for transfer to Treasury appropriations, and restoration of such tribal fund amounts has been made by the committee where necessary.

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