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DECEMBER 3, 1906-MARCH 4, 1907




VOL. 1

103 9 3 2



The explicit provision of law which requires that committee reports on simple or con-
current resolutions shall be classed as private reports without regard to their subject-
matter has relegated to undistributed volumes several reports from House committees at
the second session of the Fifty-ninth Congress which relate to matters of more or less pub-
lic interest. Such are House reports 5421, relating to the withdrawal of coal lands from
sale; 5463, adverse to the " simplified spelling ; " 6193, recommending that the next
vacancy in the rank of Lieutenant-General be not filled and that the office then cease;
6387, allowing temporary leaves of absence to homestead settlers ; 7085, recommending
the passage of a resolution calling for information as to the amounts of second-class
mail' matter carried, the receipts therefor, and the relative increase or decrease of each ;
7116, favoring an investigation by the Bureau of Corporations of the causes of fluctua-
tions in the price of cotton; 7304, from the Committee on the Judiciary, denying the
right of Congress to exercise jurisdiction over woman and child labor.


5326. To permit Washington Market Co. to manufacture ice.

5327. To amend act to regulate employment agencies in D. C.

5328. Appropriations for legislative, executive, and judicial expenses, 1908.

5407. To validate certain certificates of naturalization.

5408. Bridge across Choctawhatchee River in Geneva County, Ala.

5409. Bridge at Fort Snelling, Minn.

5410. Extending time for bridge across Mononga hela River, Pa.

5411. Life-saving station at Isles of Shoals, off Portsmouth, N. H.

5419. Extension of time to establish residence upon certain lands.

5420. Distribution of President's message.

5422. Fixing time to establish residence in Shoshone Reservation.

5464. Bridge across Allegheny River in Allegheny County, Pa.

5465. Extension of 17th street NW., D. C.

5466. Highway between Water Side drive and Park road, D. C.

5467. Extension of T street, formerly W street, NW., D. C.

5468. Extension of Prospect street NW., D. C.

5469. Opening of Fessenden street NW., D. C.

5470. Extension of Kenyon street NW., D. C.

5471. Extension of Monroe street NE., D. C. .

5472. Extension of Harvard street, D. C.

5473. Extension of 4th, 6th, and other streets NE., D. C.

5474. Opening of Macomb street NW., D. C.

5475. Widening of Bladensburg road, D. C.

5476. Extension of 7th and Franklin streets NE., D. C.

5477. Extension of 23d street NW. to Kalorama road, D. C.

5478. Extension of 2d and W streets NW., D. C.

5479. Extension of Meridian place NW., D. C.

5480. Extension of W and Adams streets NW., D. C.

5481. Extension of Geneseo place and Summit place, D. C.

5482. Closing certain alleys in D. C.

5483. Parkway along Piney Branch between 16th st. and Rock Creek Park, D. C.

5484. Widening Columbia road east of 16th street, D. C.

5483. To incorporate National Child Labor Committee.

5486. Appropriations for Indian Department, 1908.

5487. Appropriations for deficiencies in appropriations, 1907.

5552. Alabama, Tennessee and Northern R. R. Co. to bridge Tombigbee R., Ala.

5554. Loan for Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition.

5625. To prevent unnecessary whistling by vessels.

5629. Issue and redemption of national-bank guaranteed credit notes. 2 pts.

5630. Bridges across Tug Fork of Big Sandy River.

5881. Appropriations for Army, 1908.

5882. Increase of limit in cost of 5 light-house tenders.

5883. Grant of lands for park, etc., to Pawnee, Okla.

5885. Extra copies of Senate Document 144, 59th Cong., 2d sess.

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