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On Monday, March 31, 1947, THE CHIEF JUSTICE announced the following Order of the Court:

IT IS ORDERED by the Court that Miss Helen Newman be, and she is hereby, appointed Librarian of this Court in the place of Oscar D. Clarke, deceased.

The oaths of office were administered to Miss Newman on the same day.


Page A. B. Dick Co., Marr v...

810 Ackley v. New York..

... 846 Activated Sludge, Inc., Sanitary District v..... 834, 856 Adams v. United States ......

801 Addressograph-Multigraph Corp., Swalley v

845 Administrator. See name of administrator; Price

Administrator; Temporary Controls Administra

tor; Wage & Hour Administrator. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. v. Flowers..

464 Aetna Portland Cement Co., Trade Comm'n v.... 815 Agawam, Connors v.....

845 Agriculture Department v. Remund.

539 Alameda County Trades Council v. United States. 395 Alexander v. Alexander..

845 Alien Property Custodian, Silesian Corp. 0.

852 Alien Prop. Custodian v. Uebersee Finanz-Korp... 813 Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. v. Kelley.

767 Allen v. First National Bank Co.

828 Allen v. United States.

838 Allen, Varnedoe v...

821 A. L. Mechling Barge Line, I. C. C. v.

567 Ambassador Management Corp. v. Hempstead.. 835 American Can Co., Bruce's Juices v..

743 (American) Lumbermens Mutual Co., Koster v. 518 American Stevedores v. Porello...

446 Andrews v. United States...

821 Angel v. Bullington.

183 Anthony v. Oregon.

826 Arkansas Fuel Oil Co., Kirkmyer v.

850 Arkansas Power & Light Co., Power Comm'n v.. 802, 856 Arkansas Valley R. Co., United States v.

811 Arnstein v. Porter..


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Page Civil Service Comm'n, Oklahoma v..

.. 127 Clark, Ex parte..

801 Clark v. Uebersee Finanz-Korporation.

813 Clark & Son, Joseph v.

422 Cleaver v. Commissioner.

849 Coe v. Coe....

814 Colegrove v. Barrett.

804 Collector v. First National Bank Co.

828 Collector, Nebraska Hotel Co. v.

827 Collector, St. Regis Paper Co. v..

843 Collector, Varnedoe v..

821 Collector of Internal Revenue. See Collector. Collins, Fleming v..

.. 850 Commissioner, Cleaver v.

.. 849 Commissioner, Earlė v.

806, 822 Commissioner, Jeffries v.

843 Commissioner, Mather v.

819 Commissioner v. McAllister.

826 Commissioner, McWilliams v.

814 Commissioner of Immigration, Reichel v.

842 Commissioner of Internal Rev. See Commissioner. Comptroller v. Carter & Weekes Co....

422 Comptroller v. Clark & Son...

422 Cone v. West Virginia Paper Co...

212, 812 Confederated Bands of Ute Indians v. U. S.... 169, 809 Connors v. Agawam.

845 Cook, Ex parte.

806 Cook v. Indiana ..

841 Copeland, Ex parte...

805 County of. See name of county. Cox, Stern v..

831 Crowley v. Ragen...

... 847 Culligan v. United States..

848 Day & Zimmermann, Rokey v...

842 Delgado v. Central Cambalache.

842 De Normand v United States ..

822, 854 Denver & R. G. W. R. Co., Insurance Group v......

.. 854

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