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entering a private or public hospital, sanitarium, or medical institution for treatment, may be admitted for such purpose when it satisfactorily appears to the officer in charge that the designated private or public hospital or sanitarium or medical institution which the alien has arranged to enter for treatment has on file with the Central Office a bond covering such case and properly conditioned that aliens treated in such designated hospital, sanitarium, or institution, will depart from the United States when such treatment is completed. In either case above referred to the alien may be required in the discretion of the officer in charge to submit in duplicate an unmounted photograph of himself 2 by 2 inches in size, the distance from the top of head to point of chin to be approximately 144 inches. All other applications made by the mandatorily excluded classes for temporary admission from foreign contiguous territory shall be submitted to the Central Office for special ruling. * (Sec. 3, 39 Stat. 875; U. S. C. 136 (9))

132.3 Temporary admission or transit denied, without advance consent, to certain aliens. Temporary admission to the United States, or for the purpose of proceeding in transit through the United States, or to proceed from a port thereof directly or by way of any other United States port or ports to a foreign port, will not be granted in the case of any alien brought to a seaport of the United States (or in the case of a transit alien who is brought to a designated Canadian seaport), who at the time of arrival is within any of the classes of aliens hereafter described in this section, unless prior to departure from abroad consent shall have been obtained from the Attorney General for the alien's temporary admission to the United States, and if upon arrival he is found not to be within any of such classes other than as stated in the application for such consent; any alien afflicted with idiocy, insanity, imbecility, feeble-mindedness, epilepsy, constitutional psychopathic inferiority, chronic alcoholism, tuberculosis in any form, or a loathsome or dangerous contagious disease, if it appears to the satisfaction of the Attorney General that the alien was so afflicted at the time of foreign embarkation and that the existence of such disease or disability might have been detected by means of a competent medical examination at the time of foreign embarkation, or any alien who is found to be excludable under the provisions of section 3 of the Immigration Act of 1917 (39 Stat. 875; 8 U. S. C. 136), because found to be unable to read, or as a native of that portion of the continent of Asia and the islands adjacent thereto described in said section, if it appears to the satisfaction of the Attorney General that these disabilities might have been detected by the exercise of reasonable precaution prior to the departure of such alien from abroad.

*For statutory citation, see note to § 132.1.

132.4 Excludable aliens applying at seaports for temporary admission without advance consent; procedure. The cases of all aliens of the excludable classes brought to seaports of the United States who apply for temporary admission, except cases within 8 132.3, shall be submitted to the Department for special ruling.* (Sec. 3, 39 Stat. 875; 8 U. S. C. 136 (9))

*For statutory citation, see note to 8 132.1.


§ 134.1 Admitted alien assisted; when. Notwithstanding admission, and for reasons satisfactory to the officer in charge, any alien may remain a few days at an immigration station upon payment of actual expenses. If in such a case the delay in leaving the immigration station is due to accident or other unavoidable circumstances and the alien is without sufficient means to defray the expenses incident thereto, the immigration officer in charge, in his discretion, may authorize such expense, reporting the case promptly to the Central Office with full reasons for his action and requesting that the authorization be ratified. (Sec. 23, 39 Stat. 892, sec. 24, 43 Stat. 166; 8 U.S. C. 102, 222)


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