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The voter will go into one of the apartments provided and with a pencil make a cross opposite the name or names on the right hand side of the ballot paper of the party or parties for whom he wishes to vote, thus X

If the voter votes for more candidates than he is by law entitled to vote for his ballot paper will be void unless he discovers the fact before the same is deposited in the ballot box when he can obtain a new one from the returning officer.

If the voter inadvertently spoils a ballot paper he can obtain a new one on satisfying the returning officer of the fact.

If the voter places any mark on the ballot paper by which he will be afterwards identified his ballot paper will be void.

The voter after he has make the cross X opposite the nanie or the names of the party or parties for whom he wishes to vote shall fold up his ballot paper so as to show the initials of the deputy returning officer on the back thereof but so as to conceal the manner in which he has voted and shall deliver the same to the deputy returning officer and shall forthwith quit the polling place.

Whether 0. H. or T.





Refusal to swear.

Column for mark indicating

the voter has voted.

Names of voters in alpha

betical order.

Short description of proper

ty qualification.



Total number in


No. of assessment.

the occupant is

name of the owner when
who have taxable property

taxable same can be ascertained, The names in full if the

and within

not the persons

the the

Assessment Roll for


Post office address. Ow. (owner), Occ. (occupant), Inc. (in


description. section, block, or other local

and range, or lot and
5 assessment, showing
est which is liable to
person or any inter-
against each taxable
amount of property
full and extent or
The description in 5



The actual cash value of

each parcel or lot of
real property, or the
interest therein
of the taxable

person. Total value of improve

ments thereon. Cash value of personal

property: Taxable income Total assessment of real and personal property

and income. Age of taxable per

son. Number of acres

assessed. Number under culti

· Municipality of

[blocks in formation]



of the

in the North-West Territories, secretary treasurer of the municipality of

by virtue of the authority rested in me by The Municipal Ordinance to sell lands for arrears of taxes do hereby in consideration of the sum of dollars paid to me by

of being the price for which the said land was sold at a sale by me on the

day of


for arrears of taxes due on said land to the said municipality, transfer to the said

ALL THAT piece of land being

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the said municipality this

day of 1 Signed by the above named

in presence of

Affidavit of witness to be indorsed on transfer.

North-West Territories .
To wit:


(residence) in the North-West Territories,

(occupation) make oath and say: 1. I was personally present and did see

named in the within instrument who is personally known to me to be the person named therein, he being the secretary treasurer of the municipality of duly sign and execute the within instrument for the purposes named therein ; 2. That the said instrument was executed at

in the said Territories; and that I am the subscribing witness thereto. 3. That I personally know the said

and he is in my belief of the full age of twenty-one years.

Sworn before me at
in the North-West Territories

day of 1


An Ordinance Respecting the Assessment of Railways.

Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con

sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:

Annual statement of railway company to municipality and school district

1. Every railway company whose railway is not exempt from taxation shall annually transmit on or before the first day of February to the secretary treasurer of every municipality and to the secretary or other officer of every public school district through which the company's railway may run a statement to be signed by some authorised official of the company showing:

1. The quantity of land other than the roadway owned or occupied by the company which is liable to assessment;

2. The quantity of the land occupied by the roadway. No. 7 of 1892, s. 1 ; No. 27 of 1895, s. 1; No. 38 of 1897, s. 40 (2, 3).

Lands to be assessed

2. The secretary treasurer of such municipality or the secretary of the school district as the case may be shall communicate such statement to the assessor of the municipality or school district as the case may be who shall assess the lands described therein as other lands within the municipality or school district and who shall deliver at or transmit by post to the nearest station or office of the company a notice addressed to such company stating the amounts at which the land of such company and the roadway and superstructure have been assessed. No. 27 of 1895, s. 2; No. 38 of 1897, s. 40 (4).

Roadway and superstructure assessment

3. Whether such statement in section 1 of this Ordinance is placed in the hands of the assessor of any such municipality or school district or not, the assessor of every municipality or school district as the case may be shall assess the lands of such railway conpany and the roadway thereof and the superstructure of such roadway and give such notice as is required by section 2 hereof.

Provided that the roadway and superstructure thereon shall not be assessed at a greater value than $1,000 per mile. No. 27 of 1895, s. 3; No. 38 of 1897, s. 40 (5, 6).

Collection of taxes

4. Such taxes shall be payable to the municipality or school district as the case may be inaking such assessment and shall be collectable in the same manner as other taxes. No. 27 of 1895, s. 5.

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5. Railway companies shall not be liable for assessment in any school district or municipality in the Territories for the payment of any debenture indebtedness existing on the thirtyfirst day of December 1892. No. 7 of 1892, s. 3.

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