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In order to facilitate the removing and placing of vessels in their proper berths, all vessels in the harbor shall, when requested by the harbor master or any pilot, slack down their steam cables and other fastenings, and also their bower chains, under penalty of a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars.

All vessels entering port shall, if so requested by the harbor master or any pilot, rig in her jib, flying jib and spanker booms and spritsil yards, and top their lower and topsail yards, within twenty-four hours after anchoring in such port, and in all cases before attempting to come alongside of or make fast to either of the docks or wharves, and keep them so rigged in and topped until within twenty-four hours before leaving the harbor, and until after removing from any wharf or dock, under penalty of a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars.

No combustible materials such as pitch, tar, rosin, or oil, shall be heated on board any vessel within the harbor of Honolulu; but all such combustible articles sball be heated either on shore, or in a boat, or on a raft, at a reasonable distance from the vessel, of which distance the harbor master shall be the judge. Every person violating the provisions of this section shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars.

No stones or other rubbish shall be thrown from any vessel into the harbor of Honolulu or Hilo, under penalty of a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars; and the master of the vessel from which the same are thrown shall be subject to a like fine.

Any person who shall leave or cause to be left, for the space of six hours, upon the shores or reefs of any barbor in this kingdom, any dead animal, shall be subject to a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, and shall cause the same to be removed withont delay.

Every vessel taking on board or discharging any ballast or coals within the harbor of Honolulu shall have a tarpaulin properly stretched and spread so as to prevent any from falling into the water, under penalty of a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars.

Novessel having gunpowder on board will be permitted to remain at the wharf more than twelve hours, and if the vessel shall be at the wharf over night a policeman or watchman shall be kept on duty on board all night. All gunpowdler deposited on the wharf for shipment shall be immediately passed on board the vessel to receive the same.



Wharfage. Perregistered ton (Sundays and Government holidays not counted).. 2 cents per day.


Bricks, coal, coolers, kettles, stone ballast, sand (space of 32 square feet measurement)..

1 cent per day. Oil, on wharves, for every 10 barrels.

1 cent per day. Lumber, firewood (space of 32 square feet measurement).

1 cent per day. Anchors, chains, pig ballast, and old iron, per ton of 2,000 pounds.. cent per day.

Harbor master's fees. Boarding vessel on arrival

$3 00 Boarding vessel on departure

3 00 Moving vessel, each time...

3 00

Shipping and discharging natire scamen.
Shipping, each man,
Discharging, each man.
Government tax, each man.
Shipping articles .
Application to governor
Master's bond

(All the above charges must be paid by the ship.)

$0 50


6 00 .stanp.. 100

.do.. 1 00 1 00

Discharging foreign seamen.
Seaman's permit, each man.
Seaman's bond, each man
Permit for deserter to ship

$0 50 1 00



The owner of any boat duly licensed for the harbor of Honolulu shall be entitled, if hired on time, to charge one dollar for each passenger for the first hour, and fifty cents for each succeeding hour, if the boat bave four or more oars, and only half these fares if the boat have less than four oars.

If hired by distance, twenty-five cents for each passenger to and from any ship or point within the inner buoy; fifty cents to and from any point between the inner and outer buoys; and two dollars to and from any ship or point in the anchorage outside of the buoys, if the boat have four oars, and only half of said fares if the boat have less than four oars; provided, always, that if the boat shall be detained by any passenger alongside of any ship, or at any point, over fifteen minutes, the owner shall be entitled to charge fifty cents additional for every half hour of such detention.

Any person plying a licensed boat who shall refuse to take a passenger at the rates prescribed in the preceding sections, or who shall charge any person more than the said rates, shall be fined five dollars.

Every person hiring any such boat shall be entitled to carry with bim, free of charge, one hundred pounds of luggage or goods, and no more; and for all extra luggage or goods he shall pay according to agreement with the person plying the boat.



A light-house has been erected on the inner edge of the Western Reef, bounding the entrance of the channel into Honolulu Harbor. The light is a Fresnel of the fourth order, at an elevation of 26 feet above the sea level, and can be seen from the deck of an ordinary-sized vessel at a distance of 9 nautical miles, in a radius from S. E. by E. to W. from the light-house.

From the light-house the spar or fairway buoy bears (magnetic) S. 11° W., 67 cables; the eastern end of the new wharf, N. 350° E., 1} cables; Diamond Point, s. 56° E.; Barber's Point, S. 88° W., and the eastern corner of the custom-house, N. 15° E., near to which corner another light-tower has been erected, at an elevation of 28 feet above the sea level, and can be seen about 5 miles out at sea. The light in this tower is green.

To enter the harbor by night, bring these two lights in one, bearing N. 15° E. (magnetic), and keep them in one till within a cable's length of the light-house on the reef, when by hauling a point to the eastward you will avoid the end of the spit on which the light-house is built, extending off from it about 25 feet to the eastward. Steer for the east end of the new wharf, and when half way between the light on the reef and the now wharf, keep away N. W. and along the esplanade to an anchorage inside. All bearings magnetic.

HILO, HAWAII. A light-house has been erected at Paukaa Point, entrance to Hilo Harbor, Hawaii. The light is at an elevation of fifty feet above the sea level, a plain fixed light, and can be seen easily ten miles out at sea. From the light-house the outer point of the reef bears S. 58° E.; inner point of the reef, S. 39o E.; Governess' flagstaff (about the center of the harbor), S. 220 E.; Leleiwi Point, S. 790 E.; and Makahanaloa Point, N. 20 W. Bearings magnetic.

KAWAIHAE, HAWAII. For the anchorage at Kawaibae a white light, about fifty feet above the sea level, has been erected at a point bearing from the northeast corner of the reef N. E. by N. 4 N. The light can be seen at a distance of ten miles out at sea. With this light bearing E. N. E. there is good anchorage in eight fathoms of water about a quarter of a mile from the shore. All bearings magnetic.


LAHAINA, MAUI. A light-house has been erected at the landing, port of Labaina. The window on the sea side of the light-room is of 20 x 24-inch glass, with red glass at the north west and southeast end. The colored glass stands at equal angles, side and front, and a vessel in ten fathoms of water will have two bright lights for abont half a mile each way from directly in front of the light-house. At a greater distance it will show a colored light until the lights almost appear like one, or the red light like a retlection from the other light. The light towards Molokai is the brightest, so that the lights nov: have the appearance of a large and small light close together. The lights stand about 26 feet above the water, and can be seen across the Lanai Channel.

AN ACT to amend an act entiled "An act to increase the import duties upon certain goods, " approved

the 27th day of September, A. D. 1876.
SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the King and the Legislative Assembly of the Hawaiian Islands
in the Legislature of the Kingdom assembled, That section 1 of an act to increase the
import duties on certain goods, approved the 27th day of September, A. D. 1876, be, and

the same is hereby, amended to read as follows: Section 1. There shall be levied, collected, and paid upon the following goods imported into this kingdom duties, ad ralorem, as follows, to wit: Silks, satins, and silk velvet, and all articles of which silk shall form the principal

material, ten per cent. ; Clothing, ready-made, and wearing apparel of every description, made up in whole

or in part, ten per cent.; ('arriages of all descriptions, ten per cent.; Hats and caps of all kinds, ten per cent. ; Lipens, and all manufactures of which flax, grass-cloth, or a similar material shall

form the principal part, ten per cent.; Crockery and glassware of every description, ten per cent.; Drugs and medicines, patent and other, ten per cent.; Furniture of all kinds, if upholstered or carved, manufactured in whole or in part,

ten per cent. ; Millinery goods, beads, braids, bonnets, buttons, corsets, collars, sleeves and cutts,

edginge, rowers (artificial), feathers (fancy), fringes for clothing and for upholstery, ten per cent.; Gloves and mitts, not otherwise provided for, ten per cent.; Gimps for clothing, ten per cent.; Hoop-skirts, ten per cent.; Hooks and eyes, ten per cent.; Insertions, laces, and lace goods of all descriptions, ten per cent.; Ribbons not otherwise provided for, ten per cent.; Silver plate, plated ware or gilt ware, ten per cent. ; Britannia ware and fancy metal ware, ten per cent. ; Tea, ten per cent.; Matches of all kinds, ten per cent.; Cigarettes and all descriptions of paper cigars, twenty-five per cent. ; Jewelry and all descriptions of metal, glass, or stone bearls, ten per cent.; Paintings, pictures, engravings, statuary, bronzes, ornamental work of metal, stone,

marble, plaster of Paris or alabaster, and all imitations thereof, ten per cept.; Perfunery (other than that which pays a spirit duty), powders, hair, tooth, nail and

other toilet brushes, ten per cent.; Soap, ten per cent.; Pipes (smoking), pipe-stenis, bowls and fixtures, cigar-holders, twenty-five per cent.; Candles, ten per cent.; Cindies, twenty-five per cent.; Pennut oil, twenty-five per cent.; Toys, ten per cent.; Fire-arms, ten per cent. ; Ammunition, ten per cent.; Fireworks and tire-crackers, twenty-five per cent.; Watches and clocks, in whole or in part, ten per cent.; Playing-cards, ten per cent.;

Séc. 2. That section 2 of the said act be, and the same is hereby, amended to read as follows: Sec. 2. There shall be levieil, collorted, and paid upon the following goods imported into this kingilom specitic duties, as follows, to wit: On kid and other leather and skin gloves, three dollars per dozen pairs; On cigars and cheroots, ten dollars per thousand; On China tobacco, fifty cents per pound; On camphor trunks, in nests of four, two dollars per nest; and in nests of two, one

dollar per nest; On China matting, one dollar per roll; On port, sherry, Madeira, and other wines of like nature above eighteen per cent. of

alcoholic strength; also on all cordials, bitters, and other articles of any name or description containing alcoliol. or preservell in alcohol or spirits above that rate of strength and below thirty per cent., unless otherwise provided for, two dollars per

gallon; Ou champagne, sparkling Moselle, and sparkling hock, three dollars per dozen reputed .

quarts, aud one dollar and lifty cents per clozen reputed pints; On claret, Rhine wine, and other light wines under eighteen per cent. of alcoholic

strength, not otherwise provided for, forty cents per dozen reputed quarts, twenty

cents per dozen for reputed pints, and fifteen cents per gallon if in bulk; On alı, porter, cider, and all fermented drinks not otherwise provided for, forty cents

per vlozen reputed quarts, twenty cents per dozen reputed pints, and liteon conts per gallon if in bulk. SEC. 3. The provisions of this act shall extend and apply to all goods in bond at the time it shall come into operation. Approved this 1st day of August, A. D. 1878.





Transmitted to the Department of State by the consul-general of the United States at Melbourne.)

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Almonds, shelled...
Confectionery, comfits, suecades, sweetmeats.
Fruits and vegetables, dried or preserved.
Fruits, boiled

2d. per pint or ponnd, or Janis

reputed package of that Jelliey...

quantity or weight, and Macaroni.

so in proportion for any Maize tlour or corn flour.

such reputed quantity or Maizena

Meats and fish, preserved, not salted or dried or preserved in brine.
Meats, potted.
Spices, ground
Sugar candy

2d. per pound. Bacon

Do. Biscuits

Do. Blue



Curled hair.


Do. Mustard

Do. Nits (except cocoanuts)*

Do. Starch..


Perfumed and toilet.

4d. per pound. Other

2d. per pound. Acetic acid..

3d. per pint or pound Acid : Sulphuric

58. per cwt. Muriatic

Do. Nitric

Ale, porter, spruce and other beer, cider and perry:

For six reputed quart bottles or for twelve reputed pint bottles... 9d.
In wood or in bottles containing an Imperial quart or piut, respec- 9d. per gallon.

Common dray, with linchpins.....


per cent. ad valorem. Common nut and others not enumerated, up to 14 inch diameter, 38. per arın.

Above 11 inch diameter, inclusive.

45. 6d. per arm. Mail, patent, up to 14 inch diameter, inclusive.

48. 6d. per arm. Above 13 inch...

78. per arm. Other patent axles, with brass caps..

108. per arm. Bags and sacks: Corn and flour..

18. per dozen. All other (except gunnies and sugar mats)..

6d. per dozen. Boots and shoes-- Present English sizes to be the standard (except chil.

dren's, Nos. 0 to 3), viz: Men's, No. 6 and upwards.

338. per dozen pairs. Youths', Nos, 2 to 5

21x. per dozen pairs. Boys', Non. 7 to 1.

178. 6d. per dozen pairs. Women's, Nos. 3 and upwards

198. 6d. per dozen pairs. Girls', Nos. 11 to 2

168. per dozen pairs. Girls', Nos. 7 to 10..

118. 6d. per dozen pairs. Children's, Nos. 4 to and slippers..

68. per dozen pairs. Women's "lasting" and "stuil boots

138. per dozen pairs. Goloshes of all kinds..

48. per dozen pairs. Slippers, men's, women's, and children's, from No. 7 and upwards.. 98. per dozen pairs. Bottles containing pickles.

31. per dozen. Bricks, fire..

208. per 1,000. Cards, playing..

38. per dozen packs. Carriages (including second hand) and carts (see exemption list):

All carts and wagons without springs, and spring carts and spring 20 per cent. ad valorem.

drays with two wheels.

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Carriages, &c. Continued.

Tilburys, dog carts, gigs, Boston chaises, and other two-wheeled £10 each.

vehicles ou springs or thorough braces. Express wagons and wagons for carrying goods, and single or double £15 each.

seated wagons, and four-wheeled huggies without tops, mounted

on springs or thorough braces. Hansom safety cabs, single and donble seated wagons, wagonettes, £20 each.

and four-wheeled buggies, with tops. Omnibuses and coaches for carrying mails or passengers..

f40 cach. Barouches, Broughams, mail phaetons, drags, and other carriages £50 each.

not otherwise enumerated. NOTE.- Any separate parts of carriages not specially enumerated as dutiable or free are chargeable with such duty as the commissioner may determine under section 7 of Duties of Customs, Act 1879. Chinaware and porcelain (except photographicand telegraphic materials) 28. 6d. per cubic foot Cigars...

58. per pound. Cotte, chicory, chocolate, cocoa..

3d. per pound. Cordage, viz: Coir rope.

58. per cwt. Hempen and other cordage (except of galvanized and other iron and 118. 3d. per cwt.

steel cordage), including all housing and seizing lines and spun.

White lines and other descriptions of cordage not otherwise speci. 288. por owt.

tied (except coir yarn). Corks, cut.

2d. per pound. Doors, wooden

58. each. Druge: Acid, carbolic

6d. per gallon. Acid, carbolic, pure.

6d. per pound. Acid, oxalic

2d. per pound. Acid, picric

3d. per pound. Aloes.

128. per ewt. Ammonia, carbonate of.

20. per pound. Ammonia, liinid Cannabis Inilica...

1d. per pound. Chloroilyne.

18. id.per pound. Cocculus Indicus..

1s, 6d. per cwt. Faba amara

Do. Gelatine.

6d. per pound. Glycerine, pure

3d. per pound. Glycerine, crude

1d. per pound. Grains of Paradise or Guinea grating

28. per eut. Morphia...

18. Gl. per oninco. Nitrate of silver..

6d. per ounce. Nux vomica

18. tid. per cut. Potassium, iodide of

10d. per pound. Potassium, bromide of

3d. per pound. Quassia .

408. per ton. Strychnine..

18. per wunce. Dynamite

4d. jer pound. Earthenware (except photogra: hic and telegraphie materials).

18. 4d. per cubic foot. Felt hoods, pullover Hoods, 21 any article of felt prepared for the manu- 58. per lozen.

facture of hats. Fruit, green*

9d. per bushel. Fuso

1 d. per coil of 24 feet or less, and in proportion for any

greater quantity. Glass or stone bottles containing a reputed quart or any loss quantity 6d. per dozen.

of spirits (not perfumed), wive, ale, porter, or other beer, and bottles
containing aërated or mineral waters.
Bottles containing pickles...

3d. per dozen. Glassware, except locket, brooch, and watch-glasses, and optical, surgi.

cal, and scientitic instruments, and photographic and telegraphic ma-
Glass bottles for aërated waters and medicines....

6d. per cubic foot. Chimneys, shades, and globes, and all other glassware not being 18. per cubic foot.

cut, engraved, etched, or ground. Glass shades and globes, and other glassware, cut, engraved, etched, 28. 6d. per cubic foot.

or ground. Grain and pulse of every kind not otherwise enumerated

18. per 100 pounds. Barley

28. per 100 pomids. Maize

6d. per 100 pounds. Grain and pulse of every kind not otherwise enumerated, when pre- 28. per 100 pounds.

pared, ground, or in any way manufactured.
Gun-cotton or other material used for exploding purposes not otherwise 5d. per pound.

Hais (except those warehoused without payment of duty on the first

ently thereof before 4th September, 1879, which bats shall be still
liable to the duties then chargeable), as wunder, that is to say:
Hats (except straw, chip, willow, tape, and braid, untrimmed), not 25 per cent. ad valorem,

otherwise enumerated (on and after 4th September, 1879).


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