Lapas attēli


Provisions in cases. (See Cases.)
Pulleys, assorted, not boxed..

-- per dozen.. $0 06
Quitterines. (See Carriages.)
Rice, in hogsheads, tierces, balf-tierces, and in bags.. per hundred-weight..
Of wagons, detached..

-- per pair.. 40 Of carriages.. Rolls. (See Linen drapery.) Sacks, empty, not packed.

per hundred.. 25 Salt provisions

per tierce.. Do..

per barrel.. Do 06 Provisions, in firkins or cases of 12 flasks. Soap, in cases...

- per hundred-weight.. 12 Writing-desks, portable, of mahogany or other wood..

...each.. 04 Bird-organs

.do.... Forge-hellows, not packed..


25 Butchers' bellows, not packed.

- per hundred-weight.. 12 Tobacco, in twist, not packed.


12 Tables of every kind....

... each.. Sifters, of wool or pewter..

per dozen..

25 Earthenware: In hogsheads...

...each.. In baskets or crates. 36 In bulk.....

- per 100 pieces.. 1 00 Tierces. (See articles therein contained.) Linen drapery

per hogshead.. 50 Do..

· per tierce.. Drapery, such as colette, wrapper, and other, not packed.

04 Sheet iron..

per hundred-weight.. 06 Rubbish-carts

... each.. 1 00 Backgammon-boards.

.do.... 25 Files..

per thousand..

50 Vermicelli, maca

caroni, and other pastes, in cases or baskets.per hund.-weight.. Wine: In barrels of 55 to 60 gallons...

...each.. 25 In barrels of more than 60 gallons.. 50 In tierces... 18 In cases of 12 bottles, 12 flasks, or 30 vials. In double cases.. 12 Vinegar: In barrels of 55 to 60 gallong....

per barrel..

25 In demijohns of 4 gallons...

...each.. 6 In demijohns of less than 4 gallons..

.do.... In jars..

per jar.. In cases of 12 flasks

per case.. Carriages :

Coaches, calèeches, cabs, quitterinos, carryalls, and tillburys .... each.. 2 00 For children, on springs. 25 Whisky: In casks of 60 gallons..

..each.. 25 In cases of more than 60 gallons. 50 In cases or juge.

the case or 12 jngs.. 6 Zinc in sheets, and nails.

- per hundred-weight.. TARIFF No. 4.-DUTIES OF WEIGHING.

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.. per roll..

The duties of weighing, for imports, shall be collected upon all merchandise which is

sold by the pound, the hundred-weight, or the ton, whatever may be the designation of said merchandise, at the rate of lifty cents per each thousand, to wit, $0.50.


Fountain dues, where there is a fountain for the accommodation of vessels of com

merce: For each vessel of 15 to 50 tons..

$2 00 For each vessel of 51 to 100 tons..

3 00 For each vessel of 101 to 150 tons.

4 50 For each vessel of 151 to 250 tons.

6 00 For each vessel of 251 to 300 tons.

7 50 For each vessel above 300 tons...

10 00 2 97



Where merchandise is of finer quality and larger size than that designated in the tariff, duty shall be charged in such manner as to accord with its quality or size, proportioned to the duty tixed by the tariff. (Article 24, third paragraph of the law of July 1, 1871.)

A surtax of fifty per cont. upon the established duties upon imports; of weighing; and of wharfage; of imports, and upon the established duty of tonnage is collected and credited to the Caisse of Amortissement. (Law of November 17, 1876.)

A surtax of twenty per cent. upon exports is collected and credited to the Caisse of Amortissement. (Law of November 17, 1876.)



The Haytian legislature at their extraordinary session enacted a law diminishing the export duties on coffee 33 per cent. As the coffee crop is 600,000,000 pounds, and the duties $3 per 100 pounds, this makes $1,800,000, one-third of which is $600,000, revenue which the Governinent relinquishes; but to equilibrate this, 33} per cent, has been added to all importations.

Inclosure No. 1 will show the mode of calculating the duties, with the 33. per cent. additional.

No. 2 shows the heavy port charges.

I have selected, pro forma, a vessel of 400 tons. Omitting the charges for throwing away the ballast, at 25 cents per ton of ballast, the port charges amount to $1,141, and should, as some of our merchants suppose, the 334 per cent. be added to the tonnage dues of vessels it will augment this sum $133.34, making a total of $1,274.34.

I called this morning on the minister of war, and told him that although I know that it regards the minister of finances, still I desired to speak to him, informally, concerning the 334 per cent. on vessels, which, I thought, would be a heavy additional tax should the new law on importations be so construed as to include them.

He replied that he did not think that the new law affects vessels; still I should bear in mind that he only expressed a personal opinion.



Cape Haytien, March 28, 1883.

No. 1.-Mode of computing the import duties in Hayti on and after April 1, 1883, when

the new tarif' which adds 335 per cent. on all importations will become effective (viz, 33 per cent. on first duty).

$1 50


One barrel of pork:

First duty on 1 barrel pork...
Wharfage per barrel.

Total first duty...
50 per cent. additional.
33per cent. additional on $1.62 .

1 62

81 54

Duties on 1 barrel pork

$1 00

12 5

1 17

59 39

2 15

One hundred pounds of lard:

First duty on 100 pounds lard
Wharfage on 1 box lard ...
Weighing 100 pounds

Total first duty...
50 per cent additional.
338 per cent additional on $1.17.

Duties on 100 pounds lard, 2.15 cents per pound
One bale of denims, 500 yards=100 ells:

First duty on 400 ells denims, at 24 cents
Wharfage on 1 bale denims, at 24 cents....

Total first duty
50 per cent additional
334 per cent additional on $10.25

Duties on 400 ells denims, 4.70 cents per ell.

10 00


10 25 5 13 3 42

18 80

No. 2.-Port charges on a vessel of 400 tons at Cape Haytien,

[blocks in formation]

20 00

5 00 10 00

Custom-house clerk to seal hatches
Fountain (when there is water running)
Clearance at the custom-house
Clearance at the Administration of Finances..
Clearance at the Bureau du Port and at Bureau de la llace.

5 00
5 00
2 70

12 70

691 00

N. B.-The vessel pays 25 cents per ton to the captain of the port for discharging her ballast. The vessel paying her own port charges pays for lighters to convey the log

wood at the rate of 50 cents per 1,000 pounds French weight; consequently a vessel of 400 tons loading 900,000 pounds pays for lighters....

450 00

1, 141 00 The new tariff which adds 334 per cent on all importations on and after April

1 proximo will be added to the first duty of $1 per ton, viz, 33$ per cent on $400

133 34

.1,274 34

Total port charges according to the new tariff....
S. Doc. 231, pt 5-34




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in paper.

(Besides the duties marked in this review, an addition of 25 per cent. is paid on all imported articles as war contribution. All duties are pay. able in Spanish gold.)

Apples: 24 cents per kilogram under the Spanish flag, and 3} cents per kilogram under foreign flag; quoted at $5 and $6 per barrel, gold.

Beans: duty, $2.15 per 100 kilograms; quoted at 22 and 224 reales per arrobe, paper.

Brooms: duty, $3 per 100 kilograms; quoted at $44 to $8.) per dozen in paper, according to quality.

Butter: duty, $11.50 per 100 kilograms; quoted at $63 to $68 per cwt., paper, according to class and packages.

Candles: duty, $ 13 per kilogram, composition and sperm; quoted at $28 and $29 per cwt., in paper.

Cheese: duty, $11.50 per 100 kilograms on Dutch, and on American $8.26 per 100 kilograms; flat and round, quoted at $56 and $58 per cwt.

Chewing tobacco: duty, $14 per 100 kilograms; quoted at $51 and $55 per cwt., according to quality.

Clear pork: duty, $8.25 per 100 kilograms; quoted at $30 to $304 per cwt. for ribs, and $31 for shoulders.

Coal oil: duty, $1.40 per 100 kilograms; quoted at 10 reales per arrobe, paper.

Crackers: duty, 41 cents per kilogram; common classes quoted from 14 to 20 reales for small tins.

Salt fish: duty, $3.80 per 100 kilograms; quoted for cod, $14 per cwt. and $12 to $13 per cwt. for hake and haddock, paper.

Corn: duty, $1.40 per 100 kilograms; quoted at 10 reales per arrobe.

Flour: duty, from Spain in Spanish vessels, $2.25; for Spanish in foreign vessels, $4,50; from foreign countries in Spanish vessels, $4.62}; from foreign countries in foreign vessels, 85.51 per 100 kilograms, including the weight of the barrel; quoted at $27} to $28 per barrel and at $264 in bags;. American, from $304 to 31 per barrel, and from $283 to $294 in bags, according to brands, paper.

Hams: duty, $8.35 per 100 kilograms for American,* and $19.30 for Westphalia, per 100 kilograms; quoted at $30 and $40 for middling and good classes.

Hay: duty, $1 per 100 kilograms; quoted from $9.50 to $10 per Ameri. can bale, paper.

Smoked herrings: duty, $2.45 per 100 kilograms; quoted at 7 and 8 reales per box, paper.

Lard: duty, $9.75 per 100 kilograms; quoted at $34. to 347 per cwt. in tierces; whole tins at $38 and $38.4 per cwt.; balves and quarters at $394 and 840 per cwt., paper.

Oats and bran: duty, per Spanish flag, 11 to 20 cents per 100 kilograms, and per foreign, $1.40 per 100 kilograms; oats quoted at $64 per bag; bran, at $5) per bag, paper.

*Although the consul has given the duty on American hams at $8.35 per 100 kilograms, it evidently should be $18.35 per 100 kilograms.

Onions: duty, $1.40 per 100 kilograms; quoted at $64 per cwt., paper.

Oysters: duty, $24 per 100 kilograms; quoted at $11} and $12 per box, paper.

Paper: duty, $3.80 per 100 kilograms; quoted, American straw yellow paper at 8 to 87 reales per ream; Belgian, from 8 to 87 reales per ream; Manila, 10 to 104 reales per ream, paper.

Pickles: 164 cents per kilogram; quoted from $5 to $13 per box, according to quality and size of bottles, paper.

Potatoes: duty, $1.40 per 100 kilograms; quoted from $9 to $9.50 per barrel, paper.

Salt: duty, $2.37 per 100 kilograms for fine, and $1.18 for coarse; quoted from $7.50 to $7.75 per 200 pounds.

Coals: duty, 60 cents per 1,000 kilograms; quoted from $61 to $7 per ton gold.

Lumber: duty, $6.40 per 1,000 superficial feet; quoted at $30 per M, gold, for white pine boards, and $30 to $304 per M, gold, for pitch pine lumber.



Matanzas, January 31, 1881.



REPORT BY COMMERCIAL AGENT HUBBARD, OF MAYAGUEZ. The entire tariff of import and export duties of this island has been remodeled, the system itself being completely changed, and now duties are paid principally upon weight and measurement instead of ad valorem as formerly.

I therefore add to the usual tables one of comparative duties, which I inclose herewith, marked E, which states

The duties under former tariff'.
The duties under present tariff.
The difference between the former and present tariff.
The present duties under Spanish flag.

By this table it will be seen that for a number of articles of ordinary consumption imported from the United States the present tariff is favorable to importers and consumers, but for butter, cheese, grindstones, codfish, herrings, shingles, and leaf tobacco a considerable increase has been imposed, while for pork and crackers, or biscuits, the new duties are enormous, and for manufactured tobacco it is so high that it amounts to a prohibition.

This tariff is much opposed to the interests of this colony. Some articles which could easily have supported their former duties were reduced without reason, while others that are of first importance were almost unaccountably increased. As an instance of this latter, I will name empty coffee bags, which are of absolute necessity for the export of the crops of coffee. These bags are largely imported from England and Germany, where they cost, according to quality, say about 12 cents each. The former duties amounted to not quite 3 cents each, while under the present tariff they have to pay about 15 cents.

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