Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

of judges, of justices, etc., 3, 20, 42, 49, 174, 183.

president, etc., of corporations acting as trustee, executor, etc., 723.
referee may administer, etc., 414.

United States attorney may administer in criminal cases, etc., 184.
vouchers of claims against executors must be under, 331.

language, publication, etc., prohibited, 872.

pictures, etc., exhibition of, etc., prohibited, 872.

penalty for placing, on railroad tracks, etc., 799, 846.
in canals and rivers prohibited, 895.



not effected by law relative to fraternal beneficial associations, etc.,
OFFENSES (see Crimes and offenses).


quo warranto proceedings for removal from, when, 1538.
removal of justice from, 40.

assignment of, 433.

voucher of claim on, 336.

OMISSIONS (see Negotiable instruments).



court of appeals to render, in writing, 229.
reports of, to be furnished, etc., 229.


enforcement of, with reference to delivery of chattels, etc., 115
interlocutory, may be enforced as upon final judgment, etc., 114.
probate court may enforce, etc., 129.

to be known as probate court, 116.
may apprentice infants, etc., 411.
OUSTER (see Quo warranto), 1545.



offense and punishment for, p. 436.

defined, 904.

production and proof of, may be required, 1071, 1072.

for offenses against laws of Washington and Georgetown, levy court, legislative
assembly, and police and building regulations may be granted by Commis-
sioners, District of Columbia (act Apr. 28, 1892; 27 Stat., 21).


compellable to maintain children, 980. (See Act Mar. 23, 1906, 34 Stat., 86.)
habeas corpus may issue to recover custody of child, etc., 1150.

consent to marriage of minor children, 1292.

of juvenile offenders, p. 434.

of United States prisoners, p. 438.

action not to abate on death of, 236.
adverse, who are considered, 1058.

in divorce must be residents, etc., 971.

in ejectment, who are, 984.

joinder of, where jointly and severally liable upon same obligation, 1211.
marriage does not abate action of parties, etc., 247.

negligence causing death, 1302, 1303a.

substitution of new, in case of death, etc., 235-251, 1531.

suing to enforce mechanic's lien, 1246.

suit not to abate because of marriage, 247.

surviving, 1064–1066.

title of, by adverse possession must be perfected, 111.

unknown, how to proceed against, 110.
what costs to be charged new, 240.


of lands, etc., when decree granted, etc., 93.

when contracts for sales of property held jointly with infants, etc., 93.

when heirs at law unable to agree, etc., 93, 959.

accountability for rents, etc., by tenant in possession, 93.
assignment of dower in case of, 86-90.

actions against, procedure, 1515, 1523, 1526.
affidavits of payment of stock, 1504.

attachment of undivided interests, 456.
capital payment or withdrawal of, 1504, 1510.

debts shall not be merged in judgment against any partner, etc., 1526.

dissolution, when deemed to occur, 1512, 1527.

composition with creditors in case of, 1494.
general partners, 1514-1528.
general partners, liability of, 1499, 1521.
general and special partners, 1499.
in rel. preferences in assignments, 1520.
limited formation of, etc., 1498, 1499, 1502-1509.
limited name to be used, 1514, 1516.
number of limited special partners, 1500..
presentment of negotiable paper of, 1381.
priority of claims in insolvency of, 1522.
provisions with reference to, in general, 1494-1528.
renewal of, to be filed, etc., 1510, 1511.

special partners, extent of liability, 1501, 1506, 1521.
special partners shall not withdraw capital, 1518, 1519.
suits, how brought, 1515, 1526.

testimony in case of, 1066.

PARTY WALLS (see Building regulations, District of Columbia)—

when deemed to stand on adjoining lot, payment in case of, 1586-1589.
duty of surveyor in re, 1588, 1589.


appeal from decision of court of appeals, 228.

condemnation and sale of rights, when attached, 1099.

levy of attachment on, 1092.


suits by, without payment of costs, 176.
PAWNBROKERS (see Police regulations), 1180.

by plaintiff for improvements, 1008.

money into court by defendant, when, 1010, 1254, 1529, 1530, 1531.
PENITENTIARY (see also Crimes and offenses)-

Attorney General to designate, for purpose of imprisonment, 925.
imprisonment to be in, when, 934.


marshal to be reimbursed for transporting prisoners, 1112.
sentence not to designate, for purpose of imprisonment, 925.
PEREMPTORY CHALLENGE (see Challenges), 919.

sale of unclaimed, by common carrier, 642, 643.
sale of attached, 458.


offense of, definition of, punishment, etc., 858.
in giving testimony, 1057.

in case of marriage, 1291.

what constitutes, case of corporations, 652, 732.

not to be created by will, etc., 1624.

when void, etc.. 1023.


word, applicable to partnerships and corporations.
PERSONAL PROPERTY (see Estates; Taxation)—

lien on by innkeeper, 1261.

lien on by liverymen, 1262.
mechanic's lien on, 1260.

of nonresidents, liable for debts, 260.

shall be primarily liable for debts, 360.

stock of corporation is deemed, 614, 733.

when not sufficient to pay decedent's debts real estate to be sold, 96.
when dower right attaches to, 1173.


offense of, 859, 860.

offense of, etc., 827.

acts regulating, to remain in force, 1636.

acts regulating, amended (see acts May 7, 1906; Feb. 27, 1907).

exempt from service on jury, 217.

when not permitted to testify, 1073.
(See Medicine and surgery.)


obscene and indecent, exhibiting and selling of, prohibited, 872.

alleys and streets on, shall be public, 1584, 1602.
cancellation of subdivision, 1607.

commissioners shall make regulations, 1601.
must be approved by commissioners, 1604.
must be recorded, 1601.

President may order subdivision of squares, 1594.
record to be kept in surveyor's office, 1599.

record of to be public property, 1600.

regulations may be promulgated as to subdivisions, 1581.

shall be drawn upon uniform scale, 1518.

surveyor shall apportion lots for subdivision, 1585.

surveyor's duty as to, 1581, 1582, 1585, 1599.

court may allow amendments to, 399.
demurrer not waived by pleading over, 1533.

in habeas corpus, 1149.

in mandamus, 1275, 1276.

in actions for dissolution of corporations, 786–788.

joinder of different claims in separate counts, etc., in declaration, 1532.
new party to action may rely upon, when put in by predecessor, etc., 239.

non est factum, plea of, to be verified, 1534.

plaintiff's official character, how denied, 1535.

plea, etc., of garnishee, 459.

plea of title in landlord and tenant case, 23, 24, 1228.
plea of title in quo warranto, 13, 1544, 1550, 1556.
proceedings to abate, when, 235-251.


levy on chattels held as, 1084.
liability of holder of stock as, 626.

penalty for causing death by, 798, 803.

POLICE (see acts Feb. 28, 1901; June 8, 1906; Mar. 2, 1907)—
impersonation of, penalty for, 860.


appeals and writs of error to court of appeals, when, 227.

arrests, to issue process for, etc., 48.

accounts of clerks, audit of, 59.

bailiffs, appointment of, etc., salary, etc., 55.

clerk, salary, term, bond, etc., 52.

deputy, salary, etc., 53.

may administer oaths, etc., 54.
shall charge no fees, 52.

commitments, etc., 48.
composition of, 42.
contempt of, 48.

criminal procedure, 911.

dangerous, etc., weapons, permit for carrying may be granted by, 855.
fines, application of moneys collected from, etc., 58, 59.

person receiving agent of Government, 48.

rights of Humane Society, policemen's fund, etc., to, not affected, 48.
judge, who to act on disability of, 51.
appointment of, 42.

judges, powers of, oath, etc., 42, 48.
judgments, when final, 47.
jurisdiction, 43.


jury, number of, term of service, etc.,
drawing of names, eligibility, etc., 46.
marshal to have charge of, 46.
when trials to be by, 44.

oaths, judges may administer, etc., 49.
permit to carry weapons granted by, 855.

prosecution to be on information, etc., 44, 685, 934.
recognizance, executions to issue on forfeited, etc., 57.

salaries of judges, clerks, etc., how paid, 42, 56.

seal of, 49.

search warrant, when issued, 911.

security may be given by persons triable in, 48.

terms of, 50.

violating provisions as to burials, cremation, etc., prosecuted in, 685.

warrants of municipal court returnable to, 9.

witnesses in cases before, may be compelled, 48.

writs of error, etc., 227.


arrest by, for trespassing, etc., on Capitol grounds, 888.

amount of pension of members, widows, and children of policemen and firemen
(act Feb. 27, 1907).

commissioners shall settle all claims of unpaid pensions (act Mar. 4, 1909; 34 Stat.,


fines in police court to be deposited for (act Feb. 27, 1907; 34 Stat., 1003).
inspectors shall be beneficiaries of (34 Stat., 1003).

mothers of members of police and firemen to be paid from, when (34 Stat., 95).
pensioners shall be examined every two years (act May 26, 1908; 34 Stat., 296).

right to fines and forfeitures not affected, etc., 48, 654.


offense of false personation as, 859.


life insurance, to have copy of application attached, 657.
promoting games of, prohibited, 863, 864.

POOL SELLING (see also Gambling)—

punishment for offense of, 869.


escheated estates to be disbursed for benefit of, 388.


suits by, without payment of costs, 176.

adverse, perfection of title in case of, 111.
preservation of rights of infants, 111.

showing in proceedings in case of ejectment, 999.

entitled to take estates, etc., 386, 953, 1028.

deposit of deleterious matter forbidden, 901.
flats, jurisdiction of courts, 65.

flats, status (see S. Rept. 2233, 56th Cong. 2d sess., 24 Stats., 335).
net fishing, when forbidden, etc., 896.

regulations as to anchorage of vessels, etc., 895.

use of explosives for catching fish forbidden, 900.

by married woman, when effectual to pass estate, etc., 497, 498, 518.

practice and rules of procedure, 8, 42, 65, 85, 963, 1638.
under a will, 325, 326.

what are, exercise of, etc., 1037–1055.


assignments by partnerships creating, void, etc., 1520.
in appointing administrator or guardian, 276, 1128, 1160.
in claims against estate, 356.

in claims for rent, 335.

void in case of general assignment, 440.


may suspend prohibition as to trespassing on Capitol Grounds, 890.

absence for seven years, presumed to be dead, 252.

effect, if person found living, 253.

in rel negotiable instruments, 1315, 1320, 1328, 1349, 1350, 1363, 1441.
PRETENSES (see also Agent surety)-

property obtained by false, offense of, etc., 842.

in crimes, who are, 908.

infant's estate, sale of, for maintenance, 165.
liability of agent of, 1324, 1395, 1398, 1401.

in assignments, 440.

in execution judgments, 1081.

mechanics' liens entitled to, etc., 452, 1245.
over dower right, 1158.

payment of debts of decedent, rule governing, 356.

release of person on writ of habeas corpus when confined in, 1143.

allowance for subsistence of, in custody of marshal, etc., 1204.
employment of, at jail, 1192.

jurisdiction of (see act June 25, 1910).

parole of (see act June 25, 1910).


trespass on, 824.

injury to, 825, 847, 848.

drawing for, etc., prohibited, 863, etc.

offense of, punishment, etc., 876.

citation, time of issue, etc., 130-135.

guardian to represent infants, etc., in case of will, 138.
jurisdiction of court of, 119.

persons who may appear in case of wills, etc., 132, 133.

plenary proceedings in case of wills, 139.

proof of will, when taken, 131-135.

re-probate of wills affecting real estate, etc., when, 130, 141.

revocation of, 137.

wills admitted to, when, 134, 135.

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