Lapas attēli


execution of, 1079, 1081.

innkeeper and liveryman's enforcement by sale, etc., 1261, 1263.
judgment and decree to operate as of what date, 1214.

landlord to have, for rent, enforcement of, etc., 1229, 1231.

of liveryman, notice to detain, etc., 1262.

mechanics', when to exist, 1237, 1260.

entitled to priority, etc., 1245.

mortgage when superior to judgment, etc., 1216.

notice of sale, etc., 1263.

on commercial paper, 1331.

recognizances to be, when, 1214. (See also act Mar. 4, 1909.)

warehousemen's, when, 1619.

wharves and lots for material and labor on, 1259.


actions, period of, 1265, 1302.

actions barred at time of code, effect, 1642.

claims not submitted to register of wills within a year, barred, 350, 355.
infants, etc., rights of, in case of adverse possession preserved, etc., 111.
of judgment in municipal court, 12.

death of party, effect of, 236.

new promises to be in writing, etc., 1271.

new promises takes case out of statute of, 1271.

periods prescribed, 1265, 1272.

period in which action stayed not to be counted, 1270.

period in which judgments and decrees may be enforced, 260, 1212.

plea of, left to discretion of executor, etc., 341, 348.

provisions in will for payment of debts not to prevent running of statute, 1269, 1272.
LIQUOR LAWS, regulating sale of (see Excise laws).

[blocks in formation]

of wife and children by husband, etc., 86, 509. (34 Stat.)

sale of estate for infants, 164, 165.

suit for, by wife, 980.


offense of, punishment, etc., 846-850, 880.


provisions with reference to application, trial, etc., 1273-1282.
shall issue from supreme court, 68.

to compel corporation to admit person elected to office, etc., 1547.
to compel corporation to submit annual reports, 618.


offense of, etc., 802.

person committing, not to inherit property from deceased, 961.

provisions relative to organization and incorporation of, 605–644.

all persons in, exempt from jury service, 217.

guardians to be appointed for boys for purpose of enlistment, 166.

MARKETS, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (see pamphlet: Weights and measures).

provisions relative to organization and incorporation of, 605–644.

MARRIAGE (see also Divorce)-

agreements made in consideration of, 1117.

bigamy, punishment for, 870.

ceremony may be performed by whom, 1288, 1289, 1293, 1294.

clerk supreme court to issue license, etc., 1290, 1295.

clerk's record to be evidence of, 1295.

consent of parent of guardian to be first obtained when under age, 1292.

duty of minister on performing ceremony of, 1294.

incest, who is guilty of, 875.

license to be obtained for purpose of, etc., 1290, 1291, 1293.

may be decreed void when within certain degrees, etc., 1284, 1285.

prohibited when, 1283.

provisions or decree annulling, etc., 965, 966.

remarriage, when party is absent for five years, etc., 870.

remarriage of persons divorced, 966.

status of children in annulment of, 972-975.

slave, deemed valid, 1296.

suit not to abate because of, 247.

suit to declare valid, 981.

suits to annul, by whom brought, 1286, 1287.

void abinitio, 1284.


acknowledgment to deed by, as barring rights to dower, etc., 517.

administration of estate on death of, 1160.

adultery, punishment for, 874.

assignment of dower, 86, etc., 149.

attorney may be appointed by, 1168.

certificate of acknowledgment to deeds must show that it was made apart from
husband, 516.

contracts of, deemed to be with reference to separate estate, 1156.

conveyance by husband to, 1152.

on insanity of or in absence of wife, 1165.

covenant running with land may be made by, 1170.

devises in lieu of dower, 1172, 1173.

disability of, as an infant, 1157.

divorce of, maiden name may be restored in case of, 979.

maintenance may be ordered by court, 980. (See act Mar. 23, 1906; 34 Stat.,

86, 509.)

dower rights of, 1158.

dower, 494. (See Release of, 115b.)

ejectment proceedings, when a tenant, 1169.

equitable separate estates may be created, 1171.

husband liable for acts of, when, 1177.

husband entitled to curtesy, etc., 1159.

husband not liable for debts of wife before marriage, 1166.

husband not liable for contracts of, 1155.

marriage contract may be declared void, 1284.

may insure life of husband, 1161.

may trade, sue, and be sued, 1155.

not to contract as surety, guarantor, etc., 1155.

power of attorney by, when effectual to pass estate, 518.

proceedings to recover debts of wife before marriage, etc., 1166.
property of, to be held for separate use, etc., 1154-1177.
conveyance of, illegal when under 21 years of age, 1157.
exempt from husband's debts, 1151.

receipt of, for money paid a valid discharge, 1164.

release of dower by, in a deed, 494.

testimony of, in proceedings, by or against husband, 1068–1069.
torts of, husband not liable for, 1155.

trustee not necessary to secure separate estate, 1153.

unchastity, false charge of, 818.


additional compensation may be allowed, 1112.

appointment, fees, salary, etc., of, 186-187.

payment of bailiff, crier, etc., 188.

vacancy in office, temporarily filled, etc., 189.


attachment of property in charge of, 455, 457.
compensation of, 46.

coroner may act as, where, 197.

custody of property, duties in re, 455, 912.
execution of process of court of appeals by, 231.

fees of, 1112.

fees for services in connection with widening of alleys, 1608j, 1612.
fees shall not be charged District of Columbia, 177.

jurors to be notified of selection by, 210.

list of, to be made by, 198.

jury in police court in charge of, 46.

may commit person to jail, etc., 1193.

notice to be served on defendant in case of attachment, etc., 446, 457.
performance of duties for District of Columbia without charge, 177.

performance of duty in criminal court, 185.

process issued by justice of the peace to be served by, 41.

property taken under a writ of replevin to be retained by, etc., 17.
remedy of, in case of defective levy, 1103.

subsistence allowance to prisoners in custody of, 1204.

successor may execute writs, 1101.

summons for taking deposition to be served by, 1058.

term of, 186.

writs of police court to be executed by, 57.


not affected by code, 520, 1640.

repealed, 1640.


not affected by law relative to fraternal beneficial associations, etc., 764.

offense of, etc., 804, 807.


provisions, relative organization, and incorporation of, 605–644.

liens in case of work on several buildings, 1250.

advance payment, effect of, 1244.

decree against sureties, 1256.

discharge of liens before suit, 1255.

distribution of, 1248.

enforcement of proceeds, of sale, etc., 1247.

extent of ground bound by, 1252.

judgment for deficiency upon sale, 1258.

notice, what to contain, 1238-1255.

owner's liability, 1244, 1257, etc.

on wharves and lots, 1259.

on personal property for repairing, etc., 1260.
payment into court to satisfy claim of, 1254.

priority of certain, 1245.

satisfaction or entry of, 1253.

subcontractor preferred to contractor in case of, 1240, 1248, 1257.
when to exist, 1237.

when suit to be commenced, 1251.

who is entitled to, 1237-1239.

limitation of hours of daily service, 892.


acts regulating, to remain in force, 1636.

acts regulating, amended (29 Stat., 198; 33 Stat., 609).


of legatees and creditors, etc., 358, 394.


provisions, relative organization and incorporation of, 605, 644.

fraudulent sale of (note after sec. 1122).

[blocks in formation]

MILITIA (see act May 27, 1908)—

laws in re, to remain in force, 1636.

MILK AND CREAM (see also Bottles)—

bottles used in traffic of, may be registered, 878b.

bottles registered, used for traffic of, by anyone but the owner prohibited, 878c.
exclusive use of bottles-how to be obtained, 878b.

imitation of registered bottles, prohibited, 879.

penalty for unlawful use of, 878c.

regulations for registration of trade-marks, etc., 878f.
unlawful use of bottles, defined, 878d.


bottles used by, record of inscription to be filed, etc., 877.

unlawful use of, penalty, etc., 878.

MINOR STREETS (see Alleys)——

opening of, 1608.


provisions relative to organization and incorporation of, 605–644.

duty on performing ceremony of marriage, 1288, 1294.

exempt from service on jury, 217.

offense of false personation as, 860.


marriage of, 1292.

prohibited in pool rooms, etc. (act May 22, 1902; 32 Stat., 202).
sale of liquor to, prohibited (act Mar. 2, 1907), p. 456.

sale of tobacco to, prohibited (act Feb. 7, 1891; 26 Stat., 736).
selling weapons to, forbidden, etc., 857.

MINOR STREETS (see Alleys, etc.).


offense of procuring, punishment for, 809, 872.

incorporation of, 599–604.


bills and notes demand payment in, 1305.

counterfeiting, etc., 911.

description of, in indictment, etc., 916.

particular kind may be specified, 1310.

payment may be made into court, effect, 1529-1531.

MORTGAGE (see Deeds of trust)-

foreclosure of, 95, 539, 544, 699.

form of, 556.

infant's estate, when to be made, 164.

lien of, on conveyance of real estate, when superior to judgment, etc., 1216.
mortgagee may buy in property, 543.

mortgagor in possession guilty of embezzlement, when, 839.

no bar to ejectment, except, etc., 989.

on property exempt, 1106.

on property belonging to religious societies, 596..

priority of, 1245.

property may be sold under, and proceeds paid into court, 95, 522, 539, 544.
record of, etc., 521-523.

record of chattel, 546.

release of, 537.

removal of property mortgaged, etc., 839.

sale of property under, 539-544, 699.

survival of title, 533.

where proceeds insufficient, decree in personam for residue or debt, etc., 95.
wife to unite in, to defeat exemptions, 1106.,


incorporation authorized, 715, 748.


in possession, guilty of embezzlement, when, 839.

MUNICIPAL COURT (see Justice of the peace), act creating, etc., p. 8.

degrees of, defined, 798-800.

person committing, not to inherit property from deceased, 961.
punishment for, 801.

[blocks in formation]

of existing corporation shall not be used by any other corporation, 604.
proceedings for change of, 1298-1300.

restoration of wife's, on divorce, 979.


applies to savings banks and trust companies, 713, 720.


District of Columbia entitled to two cadets, etc. (32 Stat., 1197).

guardians to be appointed for boys for purpose of enlistment, 166.

complaint of coexecutor, etc., 125.

revocation of authority to act, etc., 125, 127.

liability causing death, 1301-1303.

liability of common carriers (act June 11, 1906).

who may institute suit, etc., 1302.


absence or failure of consideration, effect of, 1332.
acceptance (see infra bill, etc.).

acceptor, liability of, 1366.

accommodation parties, who are, 1155, 1333, 1423, 1425.
additional promise, effect of, 1309.

agent, effect of negotiation by, without indorsing, 1373.
liable when principal not disclosed, 1322, 1373.
may give notice of dishonor, 1495.

may write signature, 1323.

signature by procuration, 1325.

when not liable on, 1324.

alteration of, effect of, etc., 244, 1428, 1429.

ambiguous language, construction of, 1321, 1322.

antecedent debt is value, 1329.

antedating, not invalid because of, 1316.

assignment of, when authorized, etc., 433, 1326, 1431, 1493.

bank, instruments payable at, equivalent to what, 1379, 1391.
checks, what certification includes, 1491, 1492.

checks defined, etc., 1489, 1490.

check not an assignment of funds, 1493.

is liable after certifying check, 1493.

bankrupt, notice of dishonor in case of, 1405.

bearer, instrument payable to, when, 1313, 1343.

term defined, 1304.

bill of exchange, provisions with reference to, 1430-1487.
defined, 1430.

not an assignment of funds, 1431.

to whom addressed, 1432.

foreign and inland defined, 1433.

acceptance, etc., 1436, 1443, 1444.

before bill drawn, 1439.

certification of check constitutes, 1491.

dishonor by nonacceptance, 1453.

of dishonored bill, 1442.

for honor, 1465-1473.

form of, 1436.

of qualified, 1443-1446.

liability in acceptance, 1484.

time allowed for, 1440.

when deemed to be made, 1441.

when presentment must be made for, 1447-1452.

bills in a set, 1482-1487.

liability of acceptor, etc., 1884.

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