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GRAND JURY-Continued.
time for action limited, 939.
term of service, 202.


punishment, etc., of, 826.

offense of, punishment, etc., 891.
GRAVES (see Cemeteries)-

depth, reopening, etc., of, 850, 851.
desecration of, 850, 851.


trespassing on, forbidden, etc., 881.

GUARANTEE COMPANIES (see Security companies).

account to be rendered by, 1135, 1139.

allowances for maintenance of ward, 1137.

ancillary may institute suits, etc., 1142.

appointment of, for boys for purpose of enlistment, 166.

for infant femme covert, 1157.

to represent infant, etc., at probate of will, 138, 1123, 1125, 1133.
appraisement of estate, 1134.

apprenticeship of ward, 402.

bond to be given by, when representing infant, 151.

bonds of, subject to approval of probate court, 121, 1131, 1137, 1138.
court appoints, 1127.

election of, by infant, 155, 1130, 1140.

embezzlement by, offense of, 841.

enforcement of duties by, 126, 1131, 1142.

father or mother of infant to give bond, when, etc., 152.

final account of, 1139.

guardianship ceases when ward becomes of age, 1126, 1127.

habeas corpus may issue to recover custody of ward, etc., 1150.

husband may be appointed as, 1140.

infants, to give bond, 1131.

letters of, may be revoked, etc., 119, 153.

must give consent to marriage, 1292.

natural, 1129.

payment of money belonging to ward may be enforced, etc., 119, 126.

personally not liable on stock held by, 742.

petition on behalf of nonresident infant by, 1141.

preferences in, 1128.

probate court to appoint, for infants, 150.

revocation of authority to act, etc., 127, 153.

surety may require countersecurity, etc., 154, 1138.

sale of infants' estate by, etc., 156, 165, 1135, 1136.
stock held by, 624, 742.

testamentary, may be appointed, when, 1124, 1138.
trust, etc., companies may be appointed as, 722, 1131.
ward entitled to estate on becoming of age, 1139.

when to be appointed for infant, 102, 130, 138, 395, 485.
for person non compos mentis, 104.


provisions affecting, 1123-1142.

[blocks in formation]

issued on behalf of parent, etc., entitled to custody of child, 1150.

provisions with reference to writ, 1143-1150.

refusal to produce, 1146.

right to writ, etc., 1150.


judgment of, to be executed by warden, etc., 1198.

[blocks in formation]

HEALTH DEPARTMENT (see pamphlet: Laws, etc., relating to public health)—

deaths must be reported to, 677.

health officer, alleys to be opened, etc., when deemed necessary by, 1608.

health officer shall supervise private hospitals (35 Stat., 64).

superintendent of cemetery to register at, 674.


alien ancestor no bar to, 960.

antenuptial children may be, 957.
failure of, use of personal estate, 388.
illegitimate children, may take as, 958.
of father, 941.

of mother, 945.

of half blood, how they take, 386a, 954.
of estates by purchase, 948.

of trust estates, 952.

murdered, can not take interest in estate, etc., 961.
posthumous children shall have right as, 953, 1028.
representation by, 955.

unknown, proceedings in case of, etc. 110,

method of describing, etc., 110, 953, 1027.

when court may decree partition, etc., 93.

having in possession, when forbidden, etc., 898.

HIGHWAYS (see pamphlet relative to permanent system of)—
alleys and minor streets, 1602–1604.


what shall be, 1389.

shall be excluded in attachment proceedings, 446.

executive order 1904.

of labor for clerks (act Mar. 15, 1898; 30 Stat., 316).

of labor for clerks, 9 a. m. to 4.30 p. m.

limitation as to service of laborers, etc., 892-894.

limitation as to service of telegraph operators, train dispatchers, etc., p. 416.
limitation shall not apply to laborers within Canal Zone (act June 30, 1906).

offense of, punishment, etc., 823.


[blocks in formation]

HUSBAND (see also Married women)-

competent to testify for or against wife, 1068.

devise to wife in lieu of dower, 1172.

estate by courtesy of, 1159.

guardian of wife, when, 1140.

liable for wife's act, when, 1155, 1177.

life insurance not liable for debt, 1162.

may be compelled to maintain family, 980. (See act Mar. 23, 1906.)

may convey property direct to wife, 1152.

may testify in proceedings for or against wife, 1068.

enjoined for interfering with wife's estate, 1129.

entitled to wife's personal estate, when, 1160.

not liable for debts of wife before marriage, 1166.

not liable for wife's contracts, 1155.

not to testify as to confidential communications with wife, 1069.

provisions with reference to property rights, etc., in relation to wife, 371, 1151-

selection of, as guardian on marriage of infant, 1140.

wife entitled to dower in estate of, 1158.

wife's separate estate not liable for debt of, 1151.



capable of inheriting, etc., 387, 958.

children of void marriages not considered, 972, 974.
IMPERSONATION (see Personation).
IMPLEMENTS (see Tools).


place of, 934.

to enforce compliance with decree, 113.

offense of, punishment, etc., 875.

form of certification or charter, 606.

[blocks in formation]

criminals, Government shall pay expenses of trial, 920.

guardians to be appointed for boys for purpose of enlistment, 166.
suitors, deposit of cost may be waived, 176.


not forbidden, 655.

INFANTS (see also Children; Estates)

adverse possession, rights preserved in case of, 111.

age of consent to marriage, 1285, 1292.

appointment of guardian ad litem for, 98, 102, 108, 138, 140, 157, 165, 395, 485.
apprenticeship, 402, etc.

contracts of, how ratified, 1271.

contract for sale of land must be ratified by court, 93, 115e.

court may decree with reference to mortgaged property, etc., 91.

cruelty to, 814.

deed of, who must execute, 1009.

execution of contract when entitled to property bound by executory contract,
etc., 92.

disability of married woman as, 1154, 1157.

dower, release of, 494.

election of guardian by, 155, 1130, 1140.

enlistment of, 166.

guardian to give bond, etc., 151, 152, 153, 1131.

guardian to represent, on application to admit will to probate, 138.

female bequest payable when 18 or married, 393.

female under 21, carnal knowledge of, etc., 808, 813.

femme coverts, disabilities of, 1157.

habeas corpus, etc., 1150.

indorsement of negotiable instruments by, 1326.

lease of estate of, 163.

limitation of actions does not affect, 111, 1265.

may be executors, when, 261.

may change name, how, 1298.

may file caveat to will, 137.

may make will, 1625.

mortgage of estate of, when, 164.

orphan, appointment of guardian for, 150.

preservation of rights of, in case of title by adverse possession, 111.
procedure in case of sale or exchange of real estate, 156-161.

in case of death, 160.

rights of posthumus, 1028.

sale of particular estate or remainder, 162.

of principal estate of, for maintenance, 165.
ratification of, 115e, 171.

sale or exchange of real estate of, 156-161.

subpoena to be served on, personally, 102.

when guardian ad litem to be appointed, 102.

penalty for secreting infant to prevent service, etc., 103.
suits where infants are involved can not be arbitrated, 412.


of what to consist, 2.


prosecutions in police court to be on,
INHERITANCE (see Administration)—


party committing murder, etc., not to inherit from deceased, 961.
rule of distribution in case of intestacy, 373–394.

rule of descent, 940-962.


action stayed by, in re time of limitation, 1074, 1270.

against sale, when made under deed of trust, etc., 540.

corporation to be restrained from exercising franchises, etc., when, 793, 1546.
decrees may be enforced by, 113.

fraternal beneficial associations may be stopped from doing business, etc., 762.
guardian of infant may be enjoined, 1129.

payment to married women to defraud husband's creditors, etc., 1164.

who shall issue, 68.


offense of, punishment, etc., 846–850.

personal or to reputation does not survive after death, etc., 235, 237.

definition of, 1433.


guilty of embezzlement, when, 837.

lien upon baggage of guests, etc., 1261, 1263, etc.
penalty for defrauding, 842.


coroner to hold, when, 192.

jury not necessary in case of accidental death, 193.


suicide, 193.

fees of, 195.

appointment of committee, 115b.

conveyance by husband where wife is, 1165.

court may decree with reference to mortgaged property, etc., 91.
criminals, commitment of, 927.

trial and commitment of, 927.

restoration to sanity, effect of, 929.

estates shall be charged with support, 927.

proceedings when sanity is in question, 927.

custody of, 1150.

execution of contract when entitled to property bound by executory contract,
etc., 92.

executor, incompetent to act, 261.

guardian ad litem to defend nonresident, to be appointed, 108, 109.

assignment of attorney to represent, etc., 109.

inquisitions of lunacy, 115a.

"lunatic" to include, when, page 7.

marriage of, declared void, 966, 973, 1285.

mother, illegitimate children can not inherit, 958.

nonresident, appointment of guardian, etc., 1141, etc.

power of court over estate, same as in case of infants', 115b.

probate court to superintend affairs of, 115b.

decree, conveyance, and release of dower, etc., 115b, 1165.

sale of estate for maintenance, debts, etc., 115d.

sale of estate to be ratified, 91, 92, 115e.

service of process upon, 104.

appointment of guardian ad litem for, 104, 138, 140.

testimony in case of party becoming, 1065.

trial and confinement of persons, for offenses, 927.

restoration to sanity, effect of, etc., 929.

will made by, void, 1625.

writ de lunatico de inquirendo, to issue from probate court, 115a.

who to include, page 7.


assignment of, etc., 435-444.

dissolution of partnership, when, 1527.


provisions with reference to organization of, 574–586.
may hold property, 578, 580.

must file annual reports, 584.

service of process against, 585, 586.


agent to be licensed, 654.

commissioners to appoint superintendent of, 645.

department of, established, 645-657.

duties of superintendent, 646.

for benefit of wife and children not liable to claims of creditors, etc., 1162.
industrial, 655.

law relative to fraternal beneficial associations, not applicable to asssociations for
profit, 764.

policy in favor of murderer, when void, 961.

wife may obtain policy on husband's life, 1161, 1163.


to be licensed, 654.
agents to be licensed, 654.-

annual reports of, 647.
assessment of, 653.

charter to be filed, 646.

collection of premiums on undetermined policies by discontinued companies, 655.
department of insurance established for supervising, etc., 645-657.

deposit required of foreign, etc., 649.

domestic, 652.

fire, 649.

foreign, 646, 649.

fraternal beneficial association for insurance purpose, powers, etc., 749-765.

reincorporation of existing, 756.

life, to attach copy of application to policy, 657.

mutual fire, exempt, 650.

organization and incorporation of, provisions relative to, 605–644.

paid-up capital required, etc., 648.

payment of 1 per cent of gross receipts, etc. (act April 28, 1904; 33 Stat., 564).
resident attorney to be appointed for purposes of legal process, 646.

statement of business transacted to be furnished, 650.

statement to be furnished by assessment, etc., 653.

[blocks in formation]

judgments to include, when, 1184, 1185.

of justices of the peace to include, 12.

on assessments in condemnation proceedings, 491j, 16081.
on bills and notes begins, 1321

in usury forfeited, 1180, 1181.

rate allowed in judgments in suita on contracts, 1184-1186.
rate of usury, etc., 1178-1186.

where agreed upon by contract, 1179.

when to cease on claims and debts, 345.


enforcement of, as upon final judgment, etc., 114, 226.

of juror, witnesses, etc., offense of, 862.


executor, etc., to make, of decedent's estate, 309-316.
guardian to file, 1134.

insolvent debtor to make, 435.

INVESTMENT (see Estates)-

funds of estate by executor, etc., 123, 369.

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