Lapas attēli


surveyor to make plats, 1612.

verdict of jury to be confirmed by court, 490.
verdict may be excepted to or set aside, 489, 491h.
what petition must show, 483, 484, 491.

what jury must take into consideration, 491g.

sale or lease of, 100.


effect of, 1343.


valid as to third persons, when, 547.


husband or wife not to testify as to, 1068.
physician not to testify as to, 1073.

CONFIDENCE GAMES (see Gaming), 867.

person in, may be released by writ of habeas corpus, etc., 1143.
CONSANGUINITY (see Marriage).

CONSIDERATION (see Contract).


offense of false personation as, 860.

office of, abolished, 41.


cases involving construction of may be reviewed by supreme court U. S., p. 463.

[blocks in formation]

of actions not to be granted, because of amendments, 400.


effect of death of joint, 1206.

lien of, for labor and material, etc., 1237.


assignment of, 432, 433.

beneficiary not to pay member's assessment in fraternal beneficial association,
etc., 758.

deemed joint and several for purpose of suits, 1205.

for sale of goods, must be in writing, etc., 1119.

joint and several, 1205-1210.

land, acknowledgment of, etc., 501.

married women may make, 1155, 1156, 1177.

marriage, may be annulled, when, 966, 1283, 1284.

may be decreed void when within certain degrees of relationship, 1283.

new promise in case of, to be in writing, 1271.

nonnegotiable, assignment of, when authorized, etc., 433.

of apprenticeship, by whom made, 402-411.

rate of interest agreed upon by, 1178, 1179, 1182, 1185, 1186.
when to be performed out of District, 1186.

subcontractor not bound by waiver in, 1240.

testimony of surviving party, 1064.

to be in writing, etc., 1117, 1119.

wife's, deemed to be with reference to separate estate, 1154, 1156.

by assignee, 439.

decrees to have effect of, when, 101.

forms of, 556 (subchap. V).

fraudulent, effect of, 476, 1120-1122.

husband may make where wife absent or insane, 1165.

husband may make direct to wife, 1151, 1152.

married woman may make contract in, 1170.



method of making, etc., 492-556.

which are void, as to receiver and creditors, 776.

shall not be executor, etc., 261.

shall not serve on jury, 215.


disqualifies for jury service, 215.

disqualifies for executor, 261.

disqualifies for member of the bar, 220.


estates in, not to exist, 956.


appeal from decision of court of appeals, 233, 234.

made a party in divorce cases, 983.


appointment of, by Commissioners of the District of Columbia, etc., 190.
attachment may be levied upon property in hands of, 457.

[blocks in formation]

witnesses, attendance before, for purposes of testifying, 194.

duties of, etc., 932, 933.

fees in criminal cases, etc., 1109.

prosecutions by, when, 932, 933.

salary of assistant, shall not be added to cost in condemnation proceedings (34

Stat., 1128).


acknowledgment of deed by, 497.

agricultural, formation of, 605.

appointment of, as executor, when not, 722.

assignments by, when void, 776.

bond, etc., not required on appointment as executor, guardian, etc.,

bond not required on administering estates, etc., 263, 274.

books to be kept, prescribed, 627, 628.

by-laws, trustees shall have power to make, 612.


capital stock, amount, calls, transfer, owner of, pledged, increase, etc., 613-639.-

charter of, when application is made to Congress, 767.

deeds of, how acknowledged, 497.

dissolution of, provisions with reference to, 768-797.

involuntary, procedure in case of, 786.

election of officers, etc., 611.

execution of deeds by, how, 497.

executor, etc., holding stock not personally liable, 742.

false reports, effect of, 619.

forfeiture of charter, etc., 786-790.

foreign, defined, 397.

foreign, service of process on, 1537.

foreign, shall not hold real estate, 397.

foreign, forfeiture of property, 398.

foreign attachment of estates, etc., 445.

formation of benevolent, educational, etc., societies, 599.

board of trade, 701.

building associations, 687.

cemetery associations, 658.

fraternal beneficial association, 749-765.

subordinate bodies, 757.

institutions of learning, 574.


formation of manufacturing, mercantile, etc., corporations, 605.

insurance companies, 648, etc.

religious societies, 587.

savings banks, 713, 714.

trust, loan, etc., corporations, 715.

trust, etc., subject to national banking laws, 720.

general powers of, 607.

indorsement of commercial papers by, 1326.

injunction, when exceeding power of, 793.

notice to be given of application for charter, etc., 767.

officers' liability, 621.

organization of, provisions with reference to, 574.

organized under State laws to comply with requirements, etc., 747.
payment by stockholders on dissolution, etc., 797.

proceedings against, by publication, 112.

quo warranto proceedings for usurping franchise, etc., 1546, 1547.
real estate can not be held by, in certain cases, 397.

reorganization of existing, authorized, 766.

report, annual, shall be published, 617.

report, annual, what it must contain, 617.

report, annual, penalty for making false, 619.

service of process, 112.

service of process in case of foreign, 1537.

stock of other companies shall not be held by, 620.

trust, etc., companies to report to Comptroller of Currency, etc., 720, 730.

ultra vires acts of, may be restrained by injunction, etc., 793.


allowed to executors and administrators, 327.

District of Columbia exempt from paying, when, 177.

enforcement of, in case of interlocutory orders, etc., 114.
fees of attorney as, 1108-1115.

garnishee may recover, 463, 467.

in condemnation proceedings shall be assessed as benefits, 433.

in madamus proceedings, 1279, 1281.

payable immediately to clerk and register of wills, 177.

probate court may render judgment for, 143, 159.

salary of counsel not to be added to (34 Stat., 1128).

suits by poor suitors without payment of, 176.

suits in supreme court, deposit of, 175.

nonresident to give security, etc., 175.

taxable in case of amendments, etc., 11, 401.

taxable where new party is made to an action, 240.

United States exempt from paying, 177.

COUNTERCLAIM (see Set-off).


form of search warrant, etc., 911.


accrued rights to appeal not affected by amended Judicial Code,
appeals from Commissioner of Patents, when, 228.

from police court, when, 227.

from decision for forfeiture of charter of corporation, etc., 792.
from supreme court, when, 226.

clerk, appointment, salary, etc., 224.

deputy, salary, etc., of, 224.

p. 465.

to perform services for District of Columbia without charge, 177.
fee of, to be regulated by, etc., 224.

constitution of, 222.

determination by, as to whom should conduct criminal prosecutions, 933.
hearing by two justices on stipulation, 225.

motions in general by two justices, 225.

affirmance of judgment of lower court in case of division, 225.

judgments, etc., review of by supreme court of U. S., p. 463.
justice of supreme court may sit in, when, 225.

justices of supreme court, appointment and number of, 221, 223.
marshal to execute process, etc., 231.

oath of justices, 223.


opinions to be rendered in writing, 229.
reporter of, salary, duties, etc., 229.

rules to be promulgated by, 225.

salary of justices, etc., 222.

half payable from District revenues, 232.

Supreme Court of the United States to review final judgments of, etc.,
terms of, 225.

trial of issues as to wills, 140.

writs may be issued by, 230.


acts in re to remain in force, 1636.

COURTS (see respective courts; Clerks of courts)——

inferior, defined, 2.

money may be paid into, by defendant, when, 1529.

pay of bailiffs, criers, etc., 188.

suits in, without payment of costs, 175.
superior, defined, 2.


effect of, in case of conveyance of land by deed, 505.
running with land, married woman may make, 1170.

execution of trust powers for benefit of, 1052.

lien of, on real estate of deceased nonresident, etc., 260.

may be allowed to administer estate, 288.

may in certain cases have action on bond of executor, etc., 297.
meeting of, for passing claims against decedent's estate, etc., 358.

bodies not to be cremated before issuance of burial permit, 683.
location of crematories, where permitted, etc., 682.

existing crematories not affected, 682.

[blocks in formation]

attempts to commit, how punished, 906.

classes of, enumerated and terms defined, 798-910.

conviction of, not to incapacitate from testifying, 1067.

corporations making false oaths, etc., 732.

misappropriation of funds, etc., 732.

failure to take action by grand jury an abandonment of prosecution, 939.
false oath before district attorney, penalty for, 184.

false representations, etc., to fraternal beneficial association, etc.,

joinder in indictment, trial, etc., 915.

miscellaneous character, 876.

omitting persons to serve as jurors from lists of, etc., 217.


penalty for using money, etc., deposited as fines in police court, etc., 48.

peremptory challenges in trial of, 918.

persons advising or conniving in, chargeable as principals, 908.

place of imprisonment, 934.

procedure in case of, 911-939.

prosecution of, when committed prior to code, etc., 1641.

provisions with reference to, classes of, etc., 798-910.

punishment in case of second conviction, 907.

for offenses not covered by code, 910.

terms defined, 904, 905.

trials by corporation counsel, when, 932.

by United States attorney, 932.

violating provisions as to burials, cremation, etc., 684.



CRIMINALS (see also Crimes and offenses)—

expenses allowed marshal for transporting, 1112.
extradition of, when, etc., 930.

money may be deposited by, in lieu of bail, 938.
trial and confinement when insane, etc., 927.

certification of case from one to another for trial, 67.
duty of clerk, marshal, and attorney in, 185.
jurisdiction of, 83.

exceptions, 83.

jurors for, method of drawing, 204.

jury of, may be used for trials in probate court, 140.

to children, offense of, etc., 814.

a ground for divorce a mensa et thoro, 966.


[blocks in formation]

allowance of, in case of unlawful issue of writ of replevin, 18, 19, 1559-1562.
assessment of, by jury in widening alleys, etc., 1611-1613.

condemnation of land, benefits to be considered, 488-490, 491, 491e-491n, 1608f.
in ejectment, 995, 997, 1003, etc.

judgments for, to include interest, 1185.

recovery of, in action against intruder in office, 1548.

for death resulting from negligence, 1301.
distribution of, 1303.



when Judicial Code shall be effective, p. 465.


abolished, 1389.

DEAD BODIES (see also Death)-

coroner to hold inquest, when, 192, 193.

cremation and embalming of, when permitted, 682, 683.

disinterment, when authorized, 686.

keeping or exposing, etc., forbidden, 675–677.

permits for removal of, 675.

place, mode, etc., of burial, 678-679.

removal or conveyance of, forbidden, except by permit, 675, 676, 686.

use of testimony in subsequent trial, etc., 1065.

DEATH (see also Dead)-

effect of, in case of joint contractor, etc., 1206-1208.

justice of the peace, effect upon judgments, etc., 27, 39.

liability for causing, through negligence, 1301.

of executor, etc., 298, 299.

of party in case of assignment, 438.

of party to commercial paper, 1380, 1449.

of party to action, etc., 235-248, 1064, etc.

of trustee, etc., 534, 536, 537.

partnership dissolved by, 1527.

penalty of, to be executed by hanging, etc., 1199, 1200.
presumption of, in case of absence, 252.

effect if found living, 253.

report of, to be made to health office, 677.

right of action to survive in case of, when, 235, 428-438.

procedure in case of, 235-251.

sentence, stay of execution, 808, 924, 1199.

time of execution not essential in sentence of, 926.

appointed as executors, effect of, etc., 318.

assignments of insolvent, etc., 435-444.

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