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General return may be required

34. The registrar whenever required by the Lieutenant Governor shall transmit to he Territorial secretary a return certified under oath setting forth all such information and particulars relating to the Pharmaceutical Association as may from time to time be required. No 38 of 1897, s. 27. (3).





I, John James Brown, a registered pharmaceutical chemist, vote for the five persons hereinafter named to form the members of the council of the North-West Territories Pharmaceutical Association :

1. George Courtney, Banff.
2. William Jenner, Calgary.
3. Thomas Morgan, Regina.
4. John Mitchell, Moose Jaw.

5. Francis Jones, Qu'Appelle.
And I declare that I am entitled to vote at this election and
am not in default in payment of my fees to the council.

April, 1

John James Brown. Witness :

Horace Young.



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I hereby certify that C. D., being entitled to registration, by having was on the

day of

A.D. 1 duly registered as a pharmaceutical chemist and is authorised to carry on the business of chemist and druggist in the North-West Territories of Canada from the day of

A.D. 1

, to the

A.D. 1 (Signed)

E.F., Registrar of the North-West Territories (SEAL.)

Pharmaceutical Association.

day of

[blocks in formation]

Aconite and its preparations.
Arsenic and its preparations.
Belladonna and its preparations.
Corrosive sublimate.
Cyanide of potassium and all metallic cyanides.
Ergot of Rye and its preparations.
Essential Oil of Almonds, unless deprived of prussic acid.
Opium and its preparations.
Prussic acid.
Savin and its oil.
St Ignatius bean.
Strychnine nnd all its preparations.
Tartar einetic.


Acetate of lead.
Oxalic acid.
Calabar beans.
Carbolic acid
Chloral hydrate.
Chloroform and ether.
Croton oil and seeds,
Elaterium, Goulard's extract.
Henbane and preparations.
Red and white precipitate.
Sulphate of zinc.


Tincture aconite in original packages.
Cantharides blister.
Laudanum or paregoric in original packages.
Strychnine in original packages.
Acetate of lead.
Carbolic acid.
Paris green
Red precipitate.
Sulphate of zinc.


An Ordinance respecting Veterinary Surgeons.
THE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con-

sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:

1. No person shall practise the profession of veterinary Practitioners surgery in the Territories without having first obtained from to be licensed the Territorial secretary a license as hereinafter provided entitling him to practise veterinary surgery. No. 12 of 1895, s. 1; No. 38 of 1897, s. 28 (1).

2. Such license may be issued, upon payment of a fee of $5, Issue of to the following persons and no others :

(a) Persons possessing a diploma or certificate of admission as veterinary surgeons in any part of Her Majesty's Dominions by any body or association empowered by law to grant such diploma or certificate.

(6) Persons being on the 31st day of December, 1892, registered or entitled to be registered as veterinary surgeons under the provisions of Ordinance No. 12 of 1892, who apply for registration hereunder before the first day of July, 1899. No. 12 of 1895, s. 2; No. 40 of 1898, s. 14.

3. Such license shall remain in force until cancelled by the Duration Lieutenant Governor in Council. No. 12 of 1895, s. 3.

of license

4. Any person, other than those holding a valid license, Penalty who practises for reward veterinary surgery, except the castration, spaying or dehorning of any animal, shall be guilty of an infraction of this Ordinance and upon summary conviction thereof shall pay a fine of not more than $25 and costs. No. 12 of 1895, s. 1; No. 11 of 1896.

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KE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con

sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:

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Short title

1. This ordinance may be cited as

as The Hotelkeepers' Ordinance." R.O. c. 31, s. 1.


of lodger indebted for board, etc.

Right of 2. Any hotel, boarding or lodging house keeper may seize
sale of goods and detain in his hotel, house, or on his premises, and before

the same shall have been removed therefrom, the trunks and
personal property of any person who is indebted to him for
board and lodging and shall be responsible for the safe keeping
of the same; and in addition to all remedies provided by law
he shall have the right in case the charges remain unpaid for
three months after the seizure thereof to sell by public auction
the baggage and property of such guest, boarder or lodger, so
seized, on posting and keeping posted during the period of one
week on the outside of the door of such hotel, boarding or
lodging house a notice of such intended sale, stating the name
of the guest, boarder or lodger, the amount of his indebtedness,
a description of the baggage or other property to be sold, the
time and place of sale, and the name of the auctioneer, and
after such sale, such inn, hotel, boarding or lodging house
keeper may apply the proceeds of such sale in payment of the

amount due to him as aforesaid and the costs of such adverDisposition tising and sale; and he shall pay over the surplus if any to

; of surplus

the person entitled thereto on application being made by him
therefor; and in case application therefor be not forth with
made he shall immediately pay the same to the Territorial
treasurer, to be kept by him for such owner for one year; after
which time if such owner has not previously claimed the
amount so kept the same shall forin part of the general revenue
fund of the Territories. R.O. c. 31, s. 2 ; No. 23 of 1898, s. 1.

No lien for liquors

3. No hotel, boarding or lodging house keeper shall have a right to detain the trunks or personal property of any one, or to have a lien therecn, for wines or spirituous or fermented liquors supplied to him or to any one else by his order. R.O c. 31, s. 3.


Limitation of liability of

4. No hotel keeper shall after the coming into force of this Ordinance be liable to make good to any guest of such hotel

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