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principal and interest on securities issued under the provisions of this section.

(2) The Association may offer and sell any mortgages or securities purchased or securities guaranteed under this section to the Federal Financing Bank, and such Bank is authorized and directed to purchase any such mortgages or securities offered by the Association. The Association may also offer and sell any securities guaranteed under this subsection to any Federal Reserve bank. The proceeds from the sale of such securities when issued by the Association shall be treated in the accounts in the same manner as if such proceeds were from the sale of the underlying mortgages.

(e) The Secretary may make available a portion of his authority under this section to purchase mortgages covering housing which has been constructed more than twelve months prior to the issuance of the commitment to purchase the mortgage in areas where he determines that there is a serious shortage of mortgage credit to purchase such housing. (f) The Association is authorized to

(1) sell mortgages or securities purchased under this section of prices which it determines will help promote the objective of assuring that operations under this section are, to the extent feasible, fully self-supporting;

(2) pay for services performed in carrying out its functions under this section without regard to any limitation on administrative expenses heretofore enacted. (g) The total amount of purchases and commitments authorized by the Secretary to made pursuant to this section shall not exceed $7,750,000,000 outstanding at any one time. Such total amount shall be increased on or after the date of enactment of the Emergency Housing Act of 1975, by such amount as is approved in an appropriation Act, but not to exceed $10,000,000,000, and the Association shall not issue obligations pursuant to this section utilizing authority which is conferred by this sentence or which is conferred by the first sentence of this subsection but uncommitted on October 18, 1975, except as approved in appropriation Act. The Association's purchases and commitments under this section during fiscal year 1978 may not exceed $7,500,000,000.

(h) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (b), the Association may make commitments to purchase and purchase, and may service, sell (with or without recourse), or otherwise deal in, a mortgage which covers more than four-family residences (including residences in a cooperative or condominium) or a single-family unit in a condominium, and which is not insured under the National Housing Act or guaranteed under chapter 37 of title 38, United States Code, if

(1) in the case of a project mortgage, the principal obligation of the mortgage does not exceed, for that part of the property attributable to dwelling use, the lessor of (A) the per unit amount specified in subsection (b)(B), or (B) the per unit limitations specified in section 207 of this Act in the case of a rental project or section 213 of this Act in a case of a cooperative project, or section 234 in the case of a condominium project;

(2) in the case of a mortgage covering a housing project, the outstanding principal balance of the mortgage does not exceed 75 per centum of the value of the property securing such mortgage or is insured by a qualified private insurer or public benefit corporation created by the State which acts as an insurer as determined by the Association;

(3) in the case of a mortgage covering an individual condominium unit, the mortgage is insured by a qualified private insurer or public benefit corporation created by the State which acts as an insurer as determined by the Association or has an outstanding principal balance which does not exceed 80 per centum of the value of the property securing the mortgage; and

(4) the mortgage meets the requirements of subsection (b) except as modified by this subsection and by any additional requirements the Secretary may prescribe to protect the interest

of the United States or to protect consumers. (i) The Association may not purchase under this section any mortgage or loan which was executed or made (1) to finance the conversion of an existing rental housing project into a condominium or cooperative project, or (2) to finance the purchase of an individual unit in a condominium project or the purchase of a share in a cooperative project, in connection with such a conversion.

(j) In carrying out the provisions of this section, the Association shall, to the extent practicable, purchase mortgages secured by dwelling units which contribute to the conservation of land and energy resources.


(Public Law 98-181; 97 Stat. 1239)



SEC. 482. The commitment issued under section 305 of the Federal National Mortgage Association Charter Act, known as GNMA commitment numbered 926-984, to purchase a mortgage insured under such Act shall be granted for 43 months without the imposition of additional fees beyond the initial commitment fee.

Approved November 30, 1983.


(Public Law 91-351; 84 Stat. 450; 12 U.S.C. 1451)




Sec. 301. This title may be cited as the "Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Act".


SEC. 302. As used in this title

(a) The term “Board of Directors” means the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

(b) The term "Corporation" means the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation created by this title.

(c) The term “law” includes any law of the United States or of any State (including any rule of law or of equity).

(d) The term "mortgage" includes such classes of liens as are commonly given or are legally effective to secure advances on, or the unpaid purchase price of, real estate under the laws of the State in which the real estate is located or a manufactured home that is personal property under the laws of the State in which the manufactured home is located, together with the credit instruments, if any, secured thereby, and includes interests in mortgages.

(e) The term "organization" means any corporation, partnership, association, business trust, or business entity.

(f) The term "prescribe” means to prescribe by regulations or otherwise.

(g) The term “property” includes any property, whether real, personal, mixed, or otherwise, including without limitation on the generality of the foregoing choses in action and mortgages, and includes any interest in any of the foregoing.

(h) The term “residential mortgage” means a mortgage which (1) is a mortgage on real estate, in fee simple or under a leasehold having such term as may be prescribed by the Corporation, upon which there is located a structure or structures designed in whole or in part for residential use, or which comprises or includes one or more condominium units or dwelling units (as defined by the Corporation) and (2) has such characteristics and meets such requirements as to amount, term, repayment provisions, number of families, status as a lien on such real estate, and otherwise, as may be prescribed by the Corporation.

The term "residential mortgage" also includes a loan or advance of credit insured under title I of the National Housing Act whose original proceeds are applied for in order to finance energy conserving improvements, or the addition of a solar energy system, to residential real estate. The term "residential mortgage" also includes a loan or advance of credit for such purposes, or made by a public utility and purchased by the Corporation pursuant to the first sentence of section 305(a)(1), not having the benefit of such insurance and includes loans made where the lender relies for purposes of repayment primarily on the borrower's general credit standing and forecast of income, with or without other security. The term “residential mortgage” is also deemed to include a secured loan or advance of credit the proceeds of which are intended to finance the rehabilitation, renovation, modernization, refurbishment, or improvement of properties as to which the Corporation may purchase a "residential mortgage" as defined under the first sentence of this subsection. Such term shall also include other secured loans that are secured by a subordinate lien against a property as to which the Corporation may purchase a residential mortgage as defined under the first sentence of this subsection. A “secured loan or advance of credit” is one in which a security interest is taken in the rehabilitated, renovated, modernized, refurbished, or improved property. Such term shall also include a mortgage, lien, or other security interest on the stock or membership certificate issued to a tenant-stockholder, or resident-member by a cooperative housing corporation, as defined in section 216 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, and on the proprietary lease, occupancy agreement, or right of tenancy in the dwelling unit of tenant-stockholder or resident-member in such cooperative housing corporation. The term “residential mortgage" also includes a loan or advance of credit secured by a mortgage or other lien on a manufactured home that is the principal residence of the borrower, without regard to whether the security property is real, personal, or mixed.

36-210 0-84-28

(i) The term “conventional mortgage” means a mortgage other than a mortgage as to which the Corporation has the benefit of any guaranty, insurance or other obligation by the United States or any of its agencies or instrumentalities.

C) The term "security" has the meaning ascribed to it by section 2 of the Securities Act of 1933.

(k) The term “State”, whether used as a noun or otherwise, includes the several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the territories and possessions of the United States.

(1) The term "mortgage insurance program" includes, in the case of a residential mortgage secured by a manufactured home, any manufactured home lending program under title I of the National Housing Act.


Sec. 303. (a) There is created the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, which shall be a body corporate and shall be under the direction of a Board of Directors composed of the members of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, who shall serve as such without additional compensation. The Chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board shall be the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The principal office of the Corporation shall be in the District of Columbia or at such other place as the Corporation may from time to time prescribe. The Corporation shall be a member of each Federal home loan bank and, except as otherwise provided by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, shall have all the benefits, powers, and privileges, and in the exercise thereof shall be subject to all liabilities, conditions, and limitations (except those relating to Federal home loan bank stock and subscriptions thereto and those

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