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XVI. THE KINGDOM OF SARDINIA. The kingdom of Sardinia comprises Piedmont, including the county of Nice, the duchy of Montferrat, and the Sardinian Milanese; Savoy, Genoa, and the island of Sardinia. This kingdom dates from 1718. Genoa, which was once a republic, was annexed to it in 1815.

Square miles. Pop. in 1823. Capitals. Pop. in 1829. Piedmout, 13,405 2,517,255


121,887 Savoy,

3,730 501,165 Chambery, 11,991 Genoa, 2,304 583,233 Genoa,

80,000 Sardinia,

9,500 490,050 Cagliari, 27,376


28,939 4,121,703

KING AND ROYAL FAMILY. CHARLES EMANUEL, King of Sardinia, Duke of Savoy, Piedmont, and Genoa; b. Aug. 16, 1800, succeeded his uncle Charles Felix, April 27, 1831 ; m. Sept. 30, 1817, THERESA, sister of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, b. March 21, 1801 :— issue ; 1. Victor EMANUEL; b, March 14, 1820 ; — 2. Ferdinand ; b. Nov. 15, 1822.


The kingdom of the Two Sicilies, comprising Naples and the island of Sicily, have formed a separate independent monarchy since the year, 1735, under the government of the House of Bourbon.

Sq. m. Pop. 1827. Capitals. Populat. Naples,

31,609 5,626,946 NAPLES, 357,273 Sicily,

10,510 | 1,787,771 Palermo, 151,585

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KING AND ROYAL FAMILY. FERDINAND II., King of the Two Sicilies ; b. Jan. 12, 1810; succeeded his father Francis, Nov. 8, 1830.

Queen Mother. Maria Isabella, sister of the King of Spain; b. July 6, 1789.

Brothers and Sisters of the King. 1. Maria Caroline ; b. Nov. 9, 1798; m. Feb. 14, 1816, Duke of Berri. - 2. Louisa Charlotte ; b. Oct. 24, 1804; m. June 12, 1819, Don Francis of Spain. - 3. Maria Christina, Queen of Spain; b. April 27, 1806. – 4. Charles, Prince of Capua; b. Dec. 10, 1811. – 5. Leopold, Count of Syracuse; b. May 22, 1813. 6. Marie Antoinette ; b. Dec. 19, 1814. – 7. Antonio, Count of Lecce; b. Sept. 23, 1816. – 8. Maria Amelia ; b. Feb. 25, 1818. - 9. Caroline; b. Feb. 28, 1820. 10. Theresa; b. March 14, 1822. - 11. Louis, Count of Aquila ; b. July 19, 1824. — 12. Francis, Count of Trapani ; b. Aug. 13, 1827.


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Sq. Miles. Population. Capital.

Pop. Turkey in Europe, 190,000 9,000,000 Constantinople, | 500,000

Moldavia and Wallachia are not governed directly by the Porte; but by Hospodars or princes who are of the Greek religion.

THE SULTAN AND HIS FAMILY. MAHMOUD II., Grand Seignior and Sultan of the Ottoman Empire; b. July 20, 1785; called to the throne July 28, 1808 : — Issue ;

1. Salyha; b. June 16, 1821. 2. Abdul-Meschid ; b. April 20, 1823. 3. Hadidscha; b. Sept. 5, 1825. 4. Adila; b. May 21, 1826. 5. Abdul-Aziz ; b. Feb. 8, 1830. 6. Hairié ; b. Jan. 23, 1831.


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$ 941,417 $ 805,573 New Hampshire, 146,205 111,222

Districts. Vermont,


925, 127 Massachusetts, 14,269,056 7,733,763

New York,

256,557 Rhode Island,



135,009 Connecticut, 405,066 482,883


71,689 New York, 57,077,417


New Bedford, 55,256 New Jersey,

11,430 New Orleans, 45,027 Pennsylvania, 12,124,083 5,513,713 Portland,

42,717 Delaware,


35,621 Maryland, 4,826,577 4,308,647


28 195 Dist. Columbia, 193,555 1,220,975


26,668 Virginia,

4,150,475 Barnstable,

25,184 North Carolina, 196,356 1341,140


22,327 South Carolina, 1,238,164 6,575,201 Waldoboro',

21,789 Georgia, 399,940 3 959,813


19,476 Alabama, 24,435 2,413,894

Bangor, &c.

19,177 Mississippi,


18,243 Louisiana, 9,766,693 16,761,989

Newburyport, 16,577 Ohio, 617 14,728 New London,

16,213 Florida, 115,710 30,495


14,400 Michigan, 27,299 12,392 Charleston,

13,354 Total, $103,191,124 $81,310,583

Amount of Tonnage which entered Of the exports $61,277,057 in value were of domestic produce, and $20,033,526, foreign

the Principal Ports during the

Year ending Sept. 30, 1831.
produce. The domestic produce was thus
distributed :-


Produce of Agriculture,

New York,

333,678 Manufactures,

New Orleans,

131.772 Produce of the Forest,


126,374 Produce of the Sea,

1,889,472 Philadelphia, 80,053 Articles not enumerated,


65,245 Charleston,

53,390 $61,277,057 Savannah,

38,276 Deduct Gold and Silver Coin, 2,058,474


33,945 New Bedford,

23,165 Total Produce & Manufact. U.S. $59,219,583 Mobile,


FROM Sept. 1831, to Sept. 1832.

[The figures in the maigin designate the day of the month.]

SEPTEMBER, 1831. 7. The Poles, after a sanguinary contest of two days, capitulate and give up

Warsaw to the Russians, commanded by Fieldmarshal Paskewitsch. The Russian loss in killed and wounded estimated at 20,000. The Poles retreat to Modlin; the war soon terminates; the Russian authority is

reëstablished in Poland; and Paskewitsch appointed governor. 8. Leopold, King of Belgium, opens his first Parliament. 13. Trealy between the United States and Turkey signed at Constantinople. 14. Riot at Pernambuco; about 1,100 soldiers revolt, take possession of the

town and plunder it. On the 15th a battle is fought between them and the citizens, in which the former are defeated with a loss of 490.

Property destroyed estimated at $2,000,000. 19. Riot in Paris, France, on the reception of the news of the fall of Warsaw. 22. The Reform Bill passes in the British House of Commons. 29. Died, at Carlisle, Pa., William Ramsay, M. C.

OCTOBER, 1. A Free Trade convention, composed of delegates from nearly all the Uni

ted States, meets at Philadelphia. 1. Died, at Wapaghkonnetto, Blackhoof, a Chief of the Shawnese tribe of

Indians; aged 114. 3. The Chamber of Deputies of Brazil pass a Bill reforming the Constitution

of that country. The Government is to be a Federative Monarchy with three branches, the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. The Depu. ties and one third of the Senators are to be elected every two years.

The Council of State is to be suppressed. 8. The English Reform Bill rejected in the House of Lords. Riots at Derby and Nottingham on receiving intelligence of the rejection of the Reform

the castle of Nottingham burnt. 9. Count Capo ď Istrias, President of Greece, assassinated by two young

Greeks. 12. Died, at New Brunswick, N. J., John De Witt, D. D.; aged 42. 14. Died, at Florence, Italy, Louis Pons, an eminent astronomer. 17. Died, at Pittsburgh, Pa., James S. Stevenson, lately a M. C. 18. The Bill abolishing the hereditary rights of the French Peerage passes

in the Chamber of Deputies. 20. The Parliament of Great Britain prorogued. 20. A Convention of Delegates meet at Bogota, Colombia, for the purpose of

settling the future form of Government of New Grenada. The President

in his address declares that the union between the States no longer exists. 22. Died, at Providence, R. I., Gen. Wm. Barton, the captor of the British

General Prescott. 23. Violent hurricane at Manilla ; many buildings destroyed. 26. The Cholera first appears in England, at Sunderland. 26. A Tariff Convention composed of upwards of 500 Delegates from thirteen

States, meet at New York: - continue in session till Nov. Ist; and

adopt a memorial to Congress. 30. Nat Turner, the ringleader of the slave insurrection in Southampton County, Va., taken ; - executed, Nov. Ilth,


29, 30, 31. Dreadful Riots at Bristol, England, in consequence of the rejec

tion of the Reform Bill. Many of ihe public buildings and an immense amount of property destroyed. In suppressing the riot 30 persons were

5 were afterwards executed, and many transported.


NOVEMBER. 1. The Chamber of Representatives of Belgium agree to the terms of set

tlement between Belgium and Holland, prescribed in the 24 articles of the London Conserence, by a vote of 59 to 38; and on the 3d the Senate

agreed to the same by a vote of 35 10 8. 1. Died, at Boston, Mass., Jonathan Mason, formerly a United States Sena

tor; aged 75. 1. The United States Literary Convention assemble at New York, the mem

bers of which form themselves into a society called the National Society

of Science, Literature, and the Arts. 5. Died, at New York, Gen. Philip Van Courtlandt, an officer in the Revolu

tionary war; aged 82. 7. Died, at Dover, Eng., Sir Nathaniel W. Wraxall; aged 80. 8. A convention of 30 Delegales assemble at Dover, Delaware, to amend the

Constitution of that state; on the 2d of Dec., they unanimously adopt

various amendinents. 14. Gen. Obando appointed Vice-President of New Grenada in place of Gen.

Caicedo resigned. 17. New Grenada erected into an independent state by the Bogota Convention. 19. Thirty-six Peers created in France to secure the passing of the Peerage

Bill in the House of Peers. 21. Insurrection and riot at Lyons, France, in consequence of distress among

the working classes. The city is occupied by troops until Dec. 30;

300 of the rioters killed. 29. Died, in Connecticut, Hezekiah Ripley, D. D.; aged 89. 30. A Convention between the Kings of England and France, for the more

effectual suppression of the Slave Trade, signed at Paris.


1. The Erie Canal closed by ice three weeks earlier than usual. 4. Gen. Torrijos, together with 54 of his partisans, taken and executed at

Malaga in Spain. Peace concluded between Bolivia and Peru. 5. The first session of the 22d Congress of the United States commences. 6. The British Parliament reässemble. Soon after a petition in favor of the

Reform Bill presented to the government, upon which are 140,275 signers. 9. Disturbances in Ireland. The soldiers fire upon a mob of 2000 Irish in

the county of Kilkenny and kill two; the mob then rush upon the solo

diers and kill 19 out of 34, their whole number. 9. Ibrahim Pacha completely defeated before St. Jean d'Acre. 14. The National Republican Convention, held at Baltimore, nominate Henry

Clay a candidate for President of the United States.14. Died, at St. Lucia, Col. Mallet, acting Governor of that island. 15. Died, at Brookline, Mass., Miss Hannah Adams; aged 76. 19. The National Assembly of Greece meets at Argos, but in consequence el

sedition is soon obliged to remove to Napoli. 22. Died, at Lausanne, Switzerland, Francis Huber; aged 81. 24. A Volcanic Island, recently formed near Sicily, disappears. 26. Died, at Philadelphia, Stephen Girard, a wealthy merchant and banker;

aged 84.

aged 74.

27. Died, at Columbus, Ohio, Isaac Minor, President of the Board of Canal

Commissioners of that State. 23. The French Peerage Bill passes in the House of Peers. 28. Insurrection of the slaves in Jamaica. Martial law is proclaimed, and

continues in force till the first of February. In the course of the insurrection, about 30,000 blacks are under arms, 4,000 of whom are killed.

The properly destroyed estimated at $ 15,000,000. 81, and Jan. 1. Great fire at St. Thomas, West Indies. Loss estimated ar $2,000,000. No. of buildings destroyed, including outbuildings, 1,200.

JANUARY, 1831. 4. The Legislature of Maine meet for the first time at Augusta. 6. Died, in Maury County, Ten., James Stevenson, D. D. 7. Great fire at Raleigh, N. C. 14. Fire at Glasgow, Scotland. Loss estimated at £150,000. 16. Fifteen!h annual meeting of the American Colonization Society held at

Washington. 13. Died, at Baltimore, Maryland, Alexander McKimm ; aged 84. 21. Died, at New York, Col. Robert Troup, an officer of the Revolution; 22. A small colony at the Falkland Islands under the protection of the gov

ernment of Buenos Ayres, broken up by Capt. Duncan of the United

States Corvette Lexington. 25. The nomination of Martin Van Buren as Minister from the United States

to England, rejected in the Senate of the United States by the casting

vote of the Vice-President. 26. The proposed amendment to the Constitution of Massachusetts, respecting

the manner of choosing representatives, rejected by the House of

Representatives :--- yeas 283, nays 197; (not being two thirds). 26. Remarkable depression of the thermometer, which falls at Boston, 55° in

18 hou's froin 56° to 1°. 27. The Convention of Indemnities negotiated with France, ratified by the

Senate of the United States. 27. Died, at Cheltenham, England, Andrew Bell, D. D., founder of the Bell

or Madras system of Education ; aged 80. 23. The Austrian Troops enter the Roman States for the purpose of maintaining the Papal power.

FEBRUARY. 6. The Crew of the United States frigate Potomac make an attack upon

Qualla Battoo, in Sumatra. The town is destroyed and 150 Malays

killed; of the Americans, 2 are killed and 14 wounded. 8. Died, at Trowbridge, England, Rev. George Crabbe, author of " The

Borough,” &c.; aged 77. 10. Great rise of the Ohio at Pittsburgh, Pa., and shortly after through the

whole course of the river to the Mississippi. Many towns on its banks inundated. At Cincinnati, on the 18th, the water rises about 65 feet

above low water mark,— higher than ever before known ; immense dam. 10. Don Pedro, ex-emperor of Brazil, sails with his squadron from Bellisle for

Terceira, on an expedition, undertaken for the purpose of dethroning
Don Miguel, and restoring the crown of Portugal to his daughter Maria

De Gloria. 12. The Cholera breaks out in London, Eng. 12. Died, at Hartford, Conn., Elias Cornelius, D. D., Cor. Secretary of the

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.

age done.

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