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(Note.-See precautionary note, ch. III, p. 21)

Percent of

stock held by 30 largest


V. Commercial Banks

First National City 18
Chemical New York 18
Bankers Trust-New York..
First Bank System----
Republic National of Dallas..
Girard Co..
First National Bank in Dallas.
Citizens & Southern National

Shawmut Association..
VI. Life Insurance Companies


22. 4 23. 8 28 4 40.6 35. 8 29. 1 34. 4 42. 5 15. 0


· Respondent companies are arranged by size within each industry group.

· Banks are designated by the following symbols: BNY-Bank of New York; BT-Bankers Trust; CB_Chemical Bank; CMChase Manhattan; FN-First National City; FR-Franklin National; FT-Fiduciary Trust; IT—Irving Trust; MG-Morgan Guaranty; MH- Manufacturers Hanover; MM-Marine Midland; SB—Savings Bank Trust.

Percent of

stock held by New York

banks within the 30 largest stockholders


held by largest single

stockholder except where

largest stockholder

is a New

York bank or Cede & Co.

Largest percent of stock held

by a New York bank?

Percent held by Cede & Co

1. 5 2. 2 1. 2 1. 8

14. 0
11. 1
15. 6
8. 5
6. 6
5. 9
13. 4
1, 6

36 8. 4
17 6.4

4. 3 FN
5. 4 CB
5. 7 BT
3. 9 FN
3.2 MH
3. 2 FN
10. 2 FN
6. 7 FN
.6 MG

28 5. 7

39 10.8
20 1. 3

14. 4

6. O MG

1. 8

• Ford Motor Co. employees stock plan. • First National of Chicago.

First National of Boston. • Mercantile Safe (Baltimore). * Textron employee stock savings program. * Kirk Kerkorian (director Western Air Lines). • RKO General, Inc. 10 Pennsylvania Company. 11 Merril Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc. 19 Mississippi River гр.

18 Chemical Bank is the exchange agent under Union Pacific RR Co.'s exchange offer of September 1964,

11 Scherck, Stein & Franc.
16 Baltimore & Ohio RR.
16 Canadian Pacific Limited RR.
17 Chicago Title & Trust Co.
18 Figures reflect top 29 stockholders only.
19 Howard M. Park.

30 First National City Houston as trustee of Transcontinental Gas Pipelines employee stock plan.

i1 Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.
# Continental Illinois Bank.
* Cleveland Trust.
34 Harold Toppel.
* Ward Melville and beneficial shares in trust.
20 First Trust Co. of St. Paul.
97 Republic National Bank of Dallas.
38 Girard Trust.
39 Citizens & Southern.
30 National Shawmut.

Chapter IV


Letters requesting the names of top 30 stockholders and of the company's outstanding shares; the 30th account amount of their holdings went to the 100 largest industrial had less than 0.2 percent of such shares. All of the 30 companies. One of these, General Telephone and Elec- largest are intermediary holders, mostly nominees of tronics, has been shifted to the category of utilities, since banks. Similarly Standard Oil Company of California more than half of its revenues in 1971 was reported to be reported that its largest stockholder, a nominee of the derived from its telephone business.

Crocker National Bank in San Francisco, held 5.6 percent For purposes of analysis, the industrial companies will of outstanding shares of common stock on behalf of embe divided into two categories: oil companies, the largest ployee members of the Company's stock plan. The Sun single industrial group among industrial corporations, of Oil Company provided only the information made public which there are 18; and all other industrial corporations, in its notice of annual meeting which included the foct 81 in all.

that 18.2 percent of voting stock was held by the Glenmede A. OIL COMPANIES

Trust Company as trustee of the Pow Memorial Trust, Of the 18 oil companies, four provided all, or virtually and another 16.5 percent also by Glenmede Trust Comall, of the information requested. These were Mobil Oil, pany as fiduciary and co-fiduciary for a number of other the second largest oil company, Atlantic Richfield, trusts or estates. Mr. Walter C. Pew, director, as beneficial Continental Oil and Ashland Oil.

owner and as trustee, held 3.3 percent. Shell Oil Company reported that 69.6 percent of its common stock outstanding is owned by Shell Petroleum

CLAIM OF CONFIDENTIALITY N.V., the Hague, the Netherlands, which in turn is owned 60 percent by Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and 40 Six companies which considered the requested informapercent by the "Shell" Transport and Trading Company, tion confidential and therefore refused to supply it were Limited, an English company.

Texaco, Gulf Oil, Standard Oil Company (Indiana), Standard Oil Company of Ohio reported that British Phillips Petroleum Company, Union Oil Company of Petroleum Company, Limited, had acquired the equiva- California, and Cities Service Company. lent of a 25 percent common stock interest in the company which could eventually reach 54 percent.


Three companies, Occidental Petroleum, Signal ComThree companies gave very limited information. Stand- panies, and Getty Oil Company, failed to respond. ard Oil (New Jersey), now Exxon Corporation, the largest Highlights of the responses from the four companies petroleum company, reported that its largest stockholder which supplied the requested data follow the tabulations account is the Trustee of its Thrift Fund, with 2.8 percent on these companies inserted here.


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Chemical Bank.

Jenkins & Co...
Philadelphia banks :
First Pennsylvania.

Cross & Co.
Girard Trust

Steere & Co...
Provident National.

Saxon & Co.---
Fidelity Bank..

Anderson & Co.
Minneapolis banks:
Northwestern National..

PERC & Co.--.
Chicago banks:
Harris Trust

EMP & Co-.-.
Pittsburgh banks :
Mellon National..

Pace & Co.-----
Wilmington banks:
Wilmington Trust.

Dean & Davis...
Detroit banks:
National Bank of Detroit..

Trussal & Co.--.
Other banks:
National Bank of Tulsa.

Nabank & Co....
New York insurance companies:

Equitable Life.

Sealy & Smith Foundation for the John.--

Sealy Hospital.

Mobil Oil Corp-
Northern Natural Gas Co..

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Total-New York Big Seven.

5, 967, 514

5, 967, 514

10. 8

Footnotes at end of table.

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[blocks in formation]

New York Banks—Continued
Chemical Bank.

Cummings & Co..
Irving Trust Company.

Leslies Co.
Philadelphia banks:
First Pennsylvania.

Cross & Co.
Girard Trust...

Steere & Co.....
Provident National.

Saxon & Co.--.
Fidelity Trust.

Anderson & Co.
Boston banks:
State Street

Bark & Co.---
Minneapolis banks:
Northwestern National..

PERC & Co.--
Foreign banks:
Societe de Banque Suisse.

Gunther & Co.
Credit Suisse (Swiss American Corp.)-.. Rush & Co.--.

Brown Brothers, Harriman & Co..
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith


Trustees of Atlantic Richfield Thrift Plan.
New York State Teacher Retirement


Robert O. Anderson.---
Miscellaneous :

Cities Service Co.--.
Home Oil Co., Limited..

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7, 356, 500

13. 3


[blocks in formation]
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[blocks in formation]

Chemical Bank...

C. A. England

& Co.
Irving Trust Co.-----

Gilmet & Co.----
Boston banks:
New England Merchant.--

Harvard & Co...--.
Minneapolis banks:
Northwestern National.....


(EMSEG & Co.-
New Jersey banks:

First Jersey National Bank, Jersey City-- Dean & Co..
Pittsburgh banks:
Mellon National...

Pace & Co...
Wilmington banks:
Bank of Delaware.

Carothers &

Wilmington Trust.

Dean & Davis...
Cleveland banks:
Cleveland Trust.

F. J. Haffner &

Other banks:
Texas Commerce Bank NA.

[blocks in formation]

} 1, 948, 088

Natl. Bank of Tulsa..

Nabank & Co.-.
Footnotes at end of table.

1, 695, 768

252 320

3. 8

[blocks in formation]
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New York banks:

Bankers Trust-
Chase Manhattan.

Cudd & Co..
First National City.
Manufacturers Hanover.
Morgan Guaranty-

Douglass & Co
Bank of New York.
U.S. Trust Company---

Atwell & Co..
Total-New York Big Seven..
Chemical Bank.---

Kennedy & Co.-
Boston banks:
National Shawmut..

Edal & Co.--.
Chicago banks:
Continental Illinois National..

Trude & Co. %
Cleveland banks:

Central National Bank of Cleveland.---- Parness & Co.----
Other banks:
First National (Denver)----

Hamil Fund &

First Security National Bank & Trust Tuyl & Co...

(Lexington, Ky.).
Citizens Fidelity Bank & Trust (Louis- Cittrest & Co..

ville, Ky.).
Third National Bank & Trust (Dayton, Lemco..


Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc

Board of Trustees of the Retirement Sys

tem of the City of Cincinnati.

219, 100
715, 559

715, 559


[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]


3, 132, 824

3, 132, 824


• Nominee for the Company's Thrift Plan and held in trust for benefit of participating employees.

1 Totals may not add due to rounding.
• Common and preferred stocks, both with voting rights.
* 2,175,424 shares held for account of Newmont Mining Corp.

5 Ashland Oil Thrist Plan.

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