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entries upon the Day-Book, and tell, in a general man-
ner, how each entry is Posted; the performance of this,
and all other exercises given, is particularly insisted
upon. The Student must here learn to Post promptly,
without a Journal. What is the learner here required
to do?

25. The Student is next required to examine all the
entries upon the Ledger, beginning with the first, and to
give the original history of the transaction from which
each Ledger entry is taken, first the Debit, then the
Credit side of each account. The first entry is read thus
(p. 28): “$800.60.” This is either Cash on hand com-
mencing, or Cash subsequently received (Art. 4), and the
phrase “To Sundries,” denotes that two or more Credit
items arise from the same original transaction, or appear

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1851. Jan. 10 T. Sundries.

13 11 Mdse

25 11 Billo Receivable, Williams
Coi's Nord

14 Feb. 15 To Mdse.

18 1911 Mdse.

18 Mar. 5-1 Real Estate, 10th Avenue lots. 20 18 11 Mdse.


250 75



150 500 250


To Old Account See Art. 29) -


in the same entry (Art. 16). The next is read, “Cash received for the sale of Merchandise. The phrase To Mdse. &c., as before." The dates may also be given (Art. 2). What is the learner required to turn to the Ledger and do?

26. ACCURACY. A remark has already been made to insure accuracy in an original entry (Art. 2); for an error there is not easily remedied. In Posting, we should be on our guard against such errors as the following :1. Two Ledger titles may be similar, as, “P. B. Wight," and “C. B. White," and the entry carried to the wrong account; we should be careful then to Post every entry under its proper Ledger tille. 2. An entry may have been entirely omitted in the Ledger. 3. It may have been twice Posted. 4. We may have Debited the ac

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54 30

Jan. 12 By Mldse. bought of Richard

31 By Bill Pay on Noto given to of.

106 Fel. By Charges for Rent, Taxes, and Labora

16 8 By Interest on Note held by f. Helly.

16 8 By Real Estate

16 Profit and Lofo

45 1 Sundries Mar. 7 11 Bills Payable)

12 1 Merchandise

27 11 Merchandise

u Need Account

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25 300 200

7025 355140 300 7093





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count we should have Credited, and Credited the one we should have Debited. 5. An entry may be correctly posted upon one side, and transposed upon the other, thus; 650 Dr. and 560 Cr. Before accounts are balanced or closed, therefore, there should be some evi. dence of correct Posting.

Although no definite rule can be given which will forego the necessity of care and perseverance, yet the following directions will generally serve, not only to test the accuracy of Posting, but to show where the errors arise, if there are any:

1. We must go back to the original entries; and while one individual calls off and checks successively every entry, another must trace the Debits arising from the transaction to the Debit side of the Ledger, and an


1851. Jan. 10 T. Sundries.

12 12,1 Cash.

12 18 Bills Pay, given to fas. Kelly 14 24 Wm. Page

14 Fel. 1, Sundries

18 Mar. 12 , Cash

15 11 J. L. Jackson

22 11 Sundries...
27 11 Cash..

Profil and Life | Art. 20) -

750 350 75 360 40 2618 400 300 147 30 150 37 278 257 60


3020 60

To Old Account, for the amount of goods unsold / Art. 29)


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equal amount of Credit matter to the Credit side, and all under their proper Ledger titles.

2. As a further test of accuracy, a Trial BALANCE should be taken (p. 46). This consists of the sum of all the Debit matter in every account upon one side, and the sum of all the Credit matter in every account upon the other. It is plain that, if the original entries are properly posted, the Debit matter upon the TRIAL BALANCE will equal the Credit matter of the same (p. 46). This last method of testing the accuracy of Posting, must be regarded as far inferior to the first; for, of the five errors enumerated, the first four could not be detected by the TRIAL BALANCE, since equal amounts are carried to both sides of the Ledger. Although the Trial BalANCE would show an error in the fifth case, yet it would

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