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EVS AD QUIDIT.CO 1. PLC hereby grants you a non-exclusive licence to publicly perico certain pre-recorded home video cassettes and videodiscs in your facility, under the terms and conditions specified herein.

2. MPLC warrants and represents that it has secured the appropriate rights, under the U.S. Copyright Act, Title 17, United States Code, to grant the license contained in this License agrerent.

3. The term of this license agreement shall be (1) Term of Agreement, commencing on (1) Start Date and terminating :: (1) Epire Date.

4. The facility at which the public performances authorized by this License agreement are to take place is (2) fac.. Licensed, located at (2) Facility Address, and it is inderstood and agreed that the sole purpose of such public pertarsane is to exhibit to (2) Puspore. It is further understood and agreed that the audience will be limited to (2) Audience Limitation, that no specific titles will ever be advertised to the general public, and that no admission or other fee na charged to the audience. Only the public performances specified in this paragraph are authorized by this license agreeser.

5. The agreed license fee for the full tera of this license agreesent is (3) License Fee. which want is payable to MPLC in accordance with the enclosed invoice.

6. The specific titles which say be publicly perioaded by you mder this license agreement are notico pictures produeand/or distributed by the following motion picture companies: (4) Motion Picture Concanies. It is understood and agree that, because PIC or its motion picture company Licensors may sot possess the appropriate rights to certain individual titles or because those rights may expire during the term of this license agreesent, FC my seni cu from time to ti legally binding sotices that certain individual titles cannot be or sty 20 ianger be publicly per armed under this license agressent.

7. You may publicly person the specific tities covered by this license agreement by seans of larfully sanufactured pre-recorded bcone video cassettes and videodises of those titles, acquired by ou from any legitimate source of your coicz It is understood by you that the responsibility to obtaining such bome video cassettes and videodises is yours, and that: costs of acquiring such habe video cassettes and videodises are to be berre solely by you and are separate and distinct the agreed public performance license fee specified in Paragraph 5 of this license agressent.

8. cu say not duplicate, edit other rise viisthe ice video cassettes and videodiscs obtained by you CT pubie pericance purposes under this agreement. It is also understood that this license agreement does not authorize you to se for public performance purposes copies of titles covered by this agreement which have been videotaped off any fora of television.

9. Any separate fees which szy be due to music publishers, or collection societies for music publishers, for the chos to publicly persona the music contained in any of the notion pictures covered by this license agreement are solely your responsibility and are not the responsibility of MPU.

10. This agreement may not be assigned by you, but may be assigned by Mrie.

u. Any notices which you or MPIC send to each other shall be sent, postage prepaid, to the addresses indicated on the first page of this agreement.

12. HPLC reserves the right, excerciseable upea 30 days' prior written potice, to terminate this license agrement an account of any breach by you of its terms and conditions. In the event of such termination, there shall be no refund of the agreed license fee. A waiver by MPIC or by you of any specific breach by the other shall not constitute a waiver of prix c subsequent breaches.

13. You aclmowledge by the simature appearing on this agreesent that this license agreement has been duly and validly authorized, and constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation upon you and is enforceable by its terms and conditions.

14. Any and all rights not granted to you in this license agreesent are expressly reserved to MPLC and/or its sotian picture comparry Licensors.

15. This agreement contains the full and complete agreement between FC and you, and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of Connecticut.

Copyright © 1982 Motion Picture Licensing Corporacion, all Rights Reseried. "brella License" is a service sark of Hotica. Picture Licensing Corporation.

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Thank you for speaking with me and e pressing your interest in receiving information about the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation's Umbrella Licenses".

às we discussed, use of the home .videocassette has far ezceeded its original intent of "home use only" and nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than in nursing homes around the country. Quality Life Directors who appreciate the convenience, affordability and outstanding entertainment value of home video have incorporated home video showings into their nursing home activities. while These showings are very popular with residents, as with most resident services you provide you are required to be licensed.

To address your immediate need to be properly licensed for pubiic perioruances of home video. M?LC created the Umorzila License to provide quality Life Directors such as yourself with copyrighi infringement liability protection while maintaining complete procranninç flexibility for your stafi.

MPLC represents sone of Hollywood's finesc notion pictura studios and home video publishers such as Columbia Pictures, Best Film & Video Corp., Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer and United Artists including the pre-1950 Warner Bros. library. For ore affordable annual fee, you wili experience the same copyright infringement liability protection as one of the sation's largest nursing home chains, while allowing your residents to enjoy unlimited performances of all the 11?LC-represented studios' authorized home video titles.

mion l're 11110: orising Corporation 1177 Summer Street P.(). Brox 38 38 Simion, Connecticut 06905-08 38 (203) 353-1600


dadicionaily. M?LC's license fee is a seinbursable expersa under the Medicaid program in many states, so be sure check the plans of the states in which you operate.

Never before has there been available to you such a comprehensive and convenient home video public performance license for an affordable fee. I have enclosed additional information regarding MPLC and our Umbrella License. After you have had the opportunity to become more familiar with MPLC, I will call you to answer any questions you may have and to see how I may assist you in your decision to become an MPLC Umbrella Licensee.

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2. Deceba 21. :?3?. Concress. Dari G::c6an (Kansas) and ne za or .sotion
picture studios announced an agreemen: ".... allow charitable arouds to show
motion dic:ures to hoscitai::Cildren anin: nal fee." "The 10 Bewert we
has reached with gaior action picture studios will not raia tha recuirement
of i public performance licens : but it will sicnificane'y reduce the fee for
2:1798. charita le croups to 3 minimal fee." said Glickman.

PLC WS 0:can:ceć to iss::e these oublic derfor-ance licenses. Generallv.
?!?!C's i::anses 12e corazed librarias. hospitals and corporate facilities.
Sv: a: chis tice. in th. spirit of the Glick-an ajrzesen: ich tre siusios.
!!PLC ishes to aätans i special "airizal" fas to cover a!! the nation's
elder v ana :021:. in nursing homes and health care facilities.

vilé busi: parecrmance !!censes have alwavs been required to show hona

adacrassa: as oublicly. Until the recent formation of PLC. obtaining a
lucersa 1.75 oiten difiicult and quite expensiza. Certainly no one wishes to
5:07 the use of these cassa tas in nursing hones. indees. we wish to
1.COirade US. 45.2er. the corrisi: hold:rs as well as PLC. require all
azhibitions arrica: nocion 5:sures monouicrocissertas to be
licensed uice. he u.s. coovrich: 141!.

va ara c!:52d is ofiar von our Usbralia bicansas a which will cozer ezerv
ethibicior of authorized +1:169 for the fea of one cant 19.011 der person, per
dor. Jis: as with any othe: sar'ice iaas. PLC's license is an allowable
cosi under ledicaid in irtuallv ter state.

We hcbe von vi!! taka iran 57e of this special !:cansa fee which will ailou
unlicitai use of hoje videocassettes for the riewing picasure of your
residents. is a HPLC licenses. if vour institusion is eligible. we sav be in
a position to donate cassettes to VOU. Additionallv. if you so choose. We mav
cc able to oro de regular prora.- ing sericas for a fee which is also
rei.bursabie linder Hedicaid.

Tobia'n •S specia! faa there are tie paslirezanis: che l:cansa gust
comanda on Januatv 1. 1998 and the liciosa fes us he said prior to
Janv tzv 3). 13:3.

Motion l'icture licensing Corporation 1177 Summer Sirect P.O. Box 1818 Sumcord, Connecticut (6905-0838 (203153-16000 10:11.. i!l 29.7":"ith the inc: raa: :: Congrassi. in 117--1. Sic :92: C 1:1 Jrcerar: che sriid:39 or 2 soarial license : co:a: enib:1:21: : cspitals and con:alazcan: horas for children. :hen vou: insrition 763 36:17 ? si-ilar 1:eris ir shousands : voll residen:3.

va bona vou are pleased with this oifer. and leise racerber that witãout 3:00.0 licensinc. use of one sidencissaites is a nislation of United States 1.74 and places vous cozcany it substantial risk.

hou artach-ents to this latter ill further exdiain why use of hone

ideocasser: as in hospitals and nursing hores resuires a special "oublic our orrance" license under the United States coovright law.

i iook forward to speaking with you once you have rezieved this materiai.

Vérv truly vours.

iar Cadnos
Licensing Recresentatire

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