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All other goods, with the exception of tobacco and tobacco manufactures, southeru fruits, spices, raw coffee, rice, combs, whalebones, incense, and not specially mentioned gums and rosins, in the lump or powdered, pig's fat, goose fat, and other eatable animal fats, salted or melted butter, 8 per cent. ad valorem.



Athens, April 14, 1883.



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I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of the new Russian tariff which came into force on the 15th of July, 1882. The translation is by Edward C. Froom, esq., and is said to be very correct.

In connection herewith it may be said that this new tariff has greatly reduced the “free list” and largely increased the duties generally.



St. Petersburg, August 30, 1882.


THE 1ST (13TH) JULY, 1882. .

[Translated by EDWARD C. FROOM from the official Russian.]*


The following tariff is, as nearly as possible, a translation of the Russian original, with all the changes and corrections which have been mado, up to the 1st (13th) July.

In the conversion of the Russian values and measures into English, every care bas been taken to insure correctness.

The duty in Russia has to be paid in gold; thus, in converting the Russian values in these tables into English equivalents, the rouble has been taken at 38d. metallic, to give a sterling value. This tariff came into force on the 1st (13th) July, 1882.

1 rouble (100 cop.)=38d.; 1 pood=36.08 pounds; 1 pound (Russ.) = 14.43 oz. avoir.; 1 arshin=28 inches.

N. B.—Poisons and strong reagents can be imported only by persons who have a license to trade in them.

* Watkins & Co., publishers, No. 10 Admiralty Plain, St. Petersburg.


| Paragraph in

the Russian.



English equivalents.

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I.--ARTICLES OF FOOD. 1 Corn, in grain, of all kinds, except rice (46); also

potatoes, free. 2 Vegetables, of every kind (except potatoes), fresh 10 kopecks per 18. per cwt., g. and dried, not pressed (950); chic

pood, gr. ory in plants and roots, not prepared 3 Apiseed, caraway seed, coriander seed, and mustard, 40 kopecks per 38. 11d. per cwt. dry, not prepared.

pood. Canceled. 5 Lemon, orange, and bitter orange peel, dried, not

Do. candied; peel of bitter oranges, salt

ed, and dried, bitter, unripe oranges. 6 Articles of food not specially mentioned

kopecks per

18. per cwt.

pood, gT. N. B.-Fresh fish imported in Russian vessels pays no duty.

7 For building and manufacturing purposes :
1. Clays used in buildings, or for works or mana-

factures, except those mentioned in
$ 108, Article 2; trash, talo, in raw

state, chalk, not refined, free.
2. Gypsum (raw), gypsum stone, lime, talc, and

chalk, refined and prepared:
a. Imported to Baltic ports...

3 kopecks per 3}d. per cwt.

b. Imported by other ports, free.
3. Cement, patent fire-bricks and stone slabs for 7 kopecks per 8d. per cwt.

stoves, Puzzolana, prepared gypsum pood

or alabaster. S Stone, common, not worked : 1. Paving stones, silex (flint, &c.) in pieces, or

ground and prepared; broken glass,

2. Filtering stones, milletones, Swedish and 3 kopecks per 3 d. per cwt
other whetstones (except those spe.

cially mentioned), grindstones (ex-
cept those in § 145), all stone in slabs,
stones for lithographic purposes,
slate in rough state, mica, carbou fil.

Note.---Lithographic stones, with words or draw.
ings, must pass the censor's office.
Stones, precious, not set, also imitations; real 2 roubles per pound 78. fd. per pound.

pearls in beads and on strings, gar-
nets, coral (real), not worked in

pieces, not cut or pierced).
10 Artificial stone for mosaic work (tesserae) and mo. 2 roubles per pood. 198. 8d. per owt.

saic work not get; coral, artiticial,

not worked.
11 Jet, mother-of-poarl, tortoise shell, amber (yellow); .do

meerschaum, not worked; enamel in
lumps and powder (except blue

enamel, § 118): ivory.
12 Stassfurtb salts (Abraum Salz), chloride of calcium,

refined or not retined, free. 13 Sulphur:

1. Raw and unrefined, free.
2. Refined and flowers of sulphur.

10 kopecks per 18. per cwt.

pood, 14 Metallic and mineral ores of every kind, graphite or 2 kopecks per 2 d. per owto

plumbago in pieces. Copper scoriw, pood.

iron in powder, cast-iron turnings. 15 Coal, charcoal of wood or turf; coke and turf, free.

Obs.-Coal and coke imported into Poland pay

duty of 1 cop: per poodi.
16 Tar of all kinds, of wood, of coal, of naphtha, 5 kopecks por 6d. per owt., 8.

bitumen, and pitch, fluid or thick pood, gr.
(except fossil tar, i. e., asphaltum,
mineral wax, beeswax, naphtagil,

&c., 526, Article 6); also bird-limo. 17 Substances for tanning, viz, bark, acorns.....

6 kopecks

per 7d. per cwt

pood. 18 Guano and other manures, prepared or not. Bones

(except elephant and mammoth, $ 11),
ground or not-or otherwise prepared,


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Part I.-Import duties—Continued.

Paragraph in
the Russian.



English equivalents.

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19 Timber, not specially mentioned, free.
20 Cork-wood, not worked

10 kopecks per 18. per cwt., g.

pood, gr. 21 Carding thistles.....

20 kopecks per 18. 11 d. per cwt., 8.

pood, gr.
22 Hay, straw, cleaned or not; bulbs, bark, grass,

flowers, roots, seeds (except specially
mentioned), and all fresh or dried
plants and vegetable products; also

guch as are used in medicine, free.
OB8.-The importation of Cocculus Indicus, or

berries used in fishing, prohibited.
23 Dried essence, licorice, or cuttings of almonds, not 20 kopecks per 18. 11 d. per cwt.

24 Fibrous vegetable substances, raw:
1. Cotton, raw....

45 kopecks per 48. 5d. per cwt.

pood. 2. Jato, raw......

40 kopocks per 38. 11d. per cwt.

3. Flax and hemp, combed or not; flax and hemp

wasto and combings; wool of fir-treo
spinos, vegetablo hair, manila hemp,
fiber of nettles and other vegetables
used as substitutes for flax and hemp,

raw, free.
25 Rags of all kinds, paper shreds papier maché, and

paper pulp, not worked, free.

Animal products:
1. Bones of every kind, burnt or ground; also 10 kopecks per 18. per cwt.
animal charcoal.

pood, gr.
2. Horns of every kind, and hoofs, free.
3. Hair, not worked.
a. Fiuman

5 roubles per pood. £2 98. 2d. per cwt. b. All other kinds

10 kopecks per 18. per cwt.

pood. 4. Down and feathers, unless specially mentioned. 20% kopecks per 18. 11 d. per cwt.

pood. 5. Skins not dressed, hides, salted and dried, ex- 50 kopecks per 48. 11d. per cwt.

cept those in $ 85: also fish-skids and pood.

shreds of raw, undressed skins.
6. Tallow and wax:
a. Animal tallow, train-oil

30 kopocks per 28. 111d. por cwt.

pood. 6. Stearine, paraffine, and spermaceti.. 1 rouble por pood. 98. Od. per cwt. c. Fish and whale blubber.

50 kopecks per 48. 11d. per cwt.

pood. d. Beeg-wax, mineral wax, and wax for 1 rouble per pood. 98. 9d. per cwt.

dressing trees. 7. Canceled. 8. Silk waste (bourte de soie), not combed, silk 22 kopecks per 28. 2d. per cwt.

sweepings of every kind, and cocoona. pood. 9. Parts of animals and animal products used

in medicine, not specially mentioned,

27 | Animals, domestic, horses, &o., and live animals of

every kind, except those in $ 67, free.

28 Bricks, ordinary, and fire-bricks, tiles for roofing,

slabs of fire-clay, drainage and water

pipes, except those of metal, free.
29 Carpenters' work of every kind, wooden axles, 5 kopecks per 6d. per owt.

jambs, spokes, naves (of wheels), pood.
wheelbarrows, carts, and other rough
articles not specially mentioned, and

all coopers' work.
OBS.- Wooden pegs for shoes pay 30 kopecks per

pood, under | 180.
30 Basket work:
1. Basket work, common, of cane, willow, com.

mon straw, bark, or laths, &c., mats

and bags of the same: a. Unpainted

15 kopecks per 18. 6d. por cwt.

pood. 0. Painted

45 kopecks per 18.5d. per cwt.


Part I.-Import duties—Continued.

Paragraph in the Russian.



English equivalent.

2. Furniture of lath wood, straw, &c., shoes of 20 kopecks per 1s. 11 d. per cwt.
reed, shave grass, and other similar

plants worked up.
3. Door-mats: sack and matting of reed, shave-

grass, and other plants, free.
31-34 Canceled.
35 Agricultural machinery, and other implements, with.

out steam-engines, not specially men.

tioned, free.
OBS.-Duplicate parts of the above, and also the
indispensable fittings thereof, imported together
with them, are admitted free. If imported sepa-
rately from machinery, &c., they pay under $ 175,

Article 1.
36 Sea and river going vessels of every description,

with or without their rigging:
1. Iron built, under 200 lasts, per last displace-20 roubles per last.£1 168. 2d. per ton.

2. Iron built, above 200 lasts

10 roubles per last. 188. 1d. per ton. 3. Wooden vessels..

5 roubles per last.. 98. por ton.
(N. B.-The last = 4,000 lbs. = about 14 tons.)
OBS. -Vessels imported in parts, with or without
steam engines, pay duty on each part according to

various sections.
37-38 Canceled.
39 Books, drawings, &o.
1. Pictures, drawings, handpainted and drawn,

and without frames, also manul

scripts, free.
2. Engravings, lithographs, prints, music, &c.,

reproducible prints, photograplis,

&c., free.
3. Books printed in foreign languages, free.
4. Books in Russian, printed abroad:
a. Without binding.

3 roubles per pood. £1 98. 6d. per cwt. b. Bound...

4 roubles 50 ko. £2 48. 5d. per cwt. NOTE 1.—The above articles are subject to the pecks per pood. rules of the censorship.

NOTE 2.—In the case of pictures being framed,

the frames are subject to 181.
40 Articles for collections, museums, &c., and all curi.

osities (coins, weapons, &c.) not hav.
ing the character of merchandise,

41 Canceled.
42 Patterns of stuffs of all kinds, measuring less than

an arshin, free.

IV.-ARTICLES OF FOOD. 43 Flour, malt, and grits (except potato four)...

10 kopecks per 18. per cwt., g.

pood, gr. Potato flour .......

60% kopecks per 58. 11d. per cwt.

pood. 45 Starch, in lumps and powder..

1 rouble per pood.. 98. 9d. per cwt. 46 Rice: 1. Ordinary

70 kopecks per 68. 10d. per cwt.

pood. 2. Rice in the husk ......

40 kopecks per 38. 11d. per cwt.

pood. 47 Vermicelli and macaroni, sago, and arrowroot.. 1 rouble 10 ko. 108. Id. per cwt.

pecks per pood. 48 Yeast of beer: 1. Liquid...

90 kopecks per 88. 10d. per cwt.

pood. 2. Dried and pressed

2 roubles per pood. 198. 8d. per cwt. 49 Salt, culinary, of every description : 1. Imported to any parts, except those mentioned 20 kopecks per 18. 11 d. per cwt. below.

pood. 2. To the ports of the White Sea..

10% kopecks per 18. per cwt.

OBS.—In the ports of the Government of Archangel
21,000 pounds of salt may be imported annually free
of duty for the purpose of curing fish, and any quan.
tity may be brought free to the Murman coast of the
White Sea.

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$ 62.

3. To the Polish frontier and to the ports on the

Black and Azof Seas, prohibited.
Obs.--Saltimported at the custom-houses in Poland
is admitted free of duty if for Government use; also

salt for the manufacture of soda is admitted free.
50 Vegetables and fruit:
1. Vegetables, salted, soaked, dried, and pressed.. 55 kopecks per 58.5d. per cwt., g.

pood, gr.
2. Fruits and berries, fresh, salted, soaked, &c., 1 rouble per pood. 98. 9d. per cwt.

except those nained below.
OBS.-Fruits and vegetables in hermetically.closed
vessels pay duty under 9 62.
3. Oranges, lemons, bítter oranges..

50 kopecks per 48. 11d. per cwt.

pood. 4. Grapes, fresh..

1 rouble 10 kopecks 138. 8d. per cwt.

per pooul. 51 Capers and olives, dried, pickled, and in oil; imported 2 roubles per pood. 198. 8d. per cwt.

in casks, baskets, &c., not in hermet

ically-closed vessels.
In oilor vinegar, in hermetically-closed vessels, under
52 Carob beans..

10 kopecks per 38. 11d. per cwt.

53 Nuts:
1. Of all kinds, forest and garden, except those 80 kopecks per

78. 10d. per cwt. specially mentioned, peach kernels, pood.

chestnuts, and cocoannts. 2. Almonds, with and without husks, also pis- 2 roubles per pood. 198. 8d. per cwt.

tachio nuts.
54 Fruits and berries, dried, of all kinds, plume, prunes, 1 rouble per pood. 148. 8d. per cwt.

tigs, raisins, dates, &c., not in sugar;
also Turkish confectionery (Rabat.

Lukum and Alva).
OBS.-The duty is leviable on the above inclusive

of the weight of the boxes in which they are packed.
55 Beef, salted, smoked, and dried, and sausages.. 80 kopecks per

78. 10d. per cwt.

pood. 56 Cheese

5 roubles per pood. £2 98. 2d. per cwt. Obs. Cheese imported in lead or tin wrappers

pays duty on the weight, inclusive of such wrappers. 57 Butter

50 kopecks per

48. Jld. per cwt.

pood 58 Honey and honey treacle.........

trouble 20 kopecks 118. 9d. per cwt., g.

per pood, gr. 59 Treacle of cane sugar, of beet-root sugar, of fecula,

Do. &c., except of honey; also sugar of

60 Confectionery (sweetmeats), except Turkish, 5 54:
1. Preserves, assia in pots and jars, fruit in 8 roubles per pood, £3 188. 6d. per cwt.,g.

liquenrs, in rum, in brandy, in sirup, gr.
in juice; fruit sirups, pastilla, and

2. Fruits boiled thick without sugar, with which 5roubles 50 kopecks £2 138. 8d.percwt.,g.

are included preserves of pears and per pood, gr.
grapes, i. e., bekmese; cocoa prepared

without sugar.
61 Ginger-bread, pâtes, English and American biscuits, 3 roubles 50 kopecks £1148. 2d.percwt.,g.
with or without sugar.

per pood, gr.
62 Condiments of every kind, such as prepared mus. 4 roubles per pood, £1 198 per cwt., g.

tard, soy, pickles, also capers, olives, gr.
and all fruits and vegetables in oil,
vinegar, &c. (except those specially
mentioned), imported in glass, pots,
tin, and other hormetically-sealed

63 | Truffles, mousserons, champignons, and other mush. 6 roubles per pood, £2 198. per cwt., g.
rooms, in vinegar, oil, or salt; also

gr. dried and fresh truffles. 64 Mushrooms, dried (except such as are only used for 44 kopecks per 48. 4d. per cwt., g. medicinal purposes), $ 22.

pood, gr. 65 Fish: 1. Maripated, prepared in oil and stuffed, and 4 roubles per pood, £1 198. 2d.per cwt., caviar.

gr. 2. Salted and smoked (except herrings)...

1 rouble 20 kopecks 118. 9d. per cwt.,

per pood, gr. 66 | Herrings and fish, dried and undried :

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