Lapas attēli

pt. I, n. S., v. 20

Ferval (Henri) Premiers éléments de Translating the art of the Orient trigonométrie. 8387.

into Amer. indus. 8411. Fessler (W. F.) Natl. bul, exchange Field (Salisbury) See Field (E. S.)

Co. Natl. bul. of bus. opportunities. Field (Sam) Appearing in person. 17078.

34999. Fetherston (T. C.) Cast iron weld

Field & Shorl) co.: ing. 37240.

Gen. cat. 31367. letterolf (H. G.) CO. Fetterolf qual

Steam (at. 15811. ity Wiltons. 43489.

Field dog stud bk. 15843. Feuerlicht (E. M.) Columbus & Isa

Fielding (W. J.) Auto-suggestion. bella. 28832.

31368. Feurer (M. B.) Walt Whitman cal.

Fields (Herbert) Jazz king. 10305. 5.866.

Fieux (E. D.) Rept. of a special inFeusier (X. R.):

vestigation. 50057. Love bandits. 35209.

Fifteenth ann. buyers' direct. 1978. Mess of pottage. 19316.

Figel (P. I.) Her heart's desire Féval (Paul) fils:

50058. Dette de l'orpheline. 8388.

Fike (0. K.) You are worth $100,Fiancés de l'an 2,000. 21046.

000.00 4979, Monde des damnés. 37241.

Filcher & Cox.:
Réveil d'Atlantide. 43490.
Feydeau (Georges) Feu la mère de

Cabbage patches. 37247.
Madame. 14201.

If you were in Chicago. 31369. ffoulkes (M. M. C.):

Filene's (William) sons co.: Amazing exploits. [etc.] 37242–

Clothes. 4627, 3023, 25-21, 30508, 37245.

42732, 48976. Life story of the beautiful Com

Colorscope & its use. [etc.] 30059– tesse de Tessancourt. 15838.

50064. Fiberloid corp.:

Distribution of management. [etc.] Fiberloid facts. 50055.

37248-37259. Fiberloid toilet articles. 25956.

Filene's classified values. 394, Fi-bo-pak sales co. Fruit & vegetable

4980, 8415, 11653, 15841, 21048, shipping seasons. 21047.

25959, 31370, 43491. Ficker (N. T.):

Filer, Id., map. 1372. Common ints. of capital & labor.

Filkin (W. W.) Which? 4987. [etc.] 11645–11651.

Fillmore (J. E.) As for Marcella. How to reduce labor turnover.

15839, 15840.

Fillmore (J. H.) Public schl. recitaFickers (J.

(J. B.) Dentex pamphlet. tions. 50065. 37246.

Fillmore, Calif., map. 35475. Fidelity & deposit co. of Md. Wel

Fillmore bros. co.: lander (P. L.) Burglary insur.

Fillmore (J. H.) Public schl. reci

tations. 50065. 11104.

Fillmore's Christmas recitations & Fidelity bond & mortgage co. Warner

dialogues. 50066. learns his lesson. 31366. Fidelity natl. bank & trust co. Do you

First Easter day. 7145.

Old Growler's Christmas eve. know how to settle an estate? [etc.]

41398. 8389-8400. Fidelity trust co., Buffalo. Hist. of

Fillmore music house. Tone & tune Buffalo. 8401-8412.

truths. 31381. Fidelity trust co., Portland, Me. Fi

Fillmore's Christmas recitations & diadelity trust co. 8413.

logues. 50066. Field (A. W.) Least of these. 35198.

Film guild, inc. Youthful cheaters. Field (C. K.) Masque of dedication.

19855. 10345.

Film progress. 43496, 50067, 50068. Field (E. S.):

Finance realty & constr. co. From Wedding bells. 7409.

suburban land. 2210. Zander the great. 29140.

Financial pub. co.: Field (Isobel) Teuila fortune telling

Present worth of $1.00. 43197. cards. 50056.

This tab. is based on the payment. Field (Marshall) & co.:

2241. Kiddie handerchief bk. 11652.

Financial press.

Memorandum lookPerpetuating beauty. [etc.] 25957, let for bonds. 37260. 25958.

Financial world. 15817.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Finch (B. A.) :

Firth-Sterling steel co. Two ounces New Ford cars. 21054.

that determine the output. 8420. C'sed cars. 25964.

Fischer (A. C.) Preformed expansion Finch (R. A.) Teachers course. joints. 31387. 15848.

Fischer (C. V.): Finder (G. A.) Cragun (J. B.) Cra. Cold turkey. 21057. gun conservatory method. 49260.

Over the hump. 50080. Findlay (Paul) Facts or guesses in ! Fischer (Carl) :

flour margins. [etc.] 37261–37274. Minevitch (Borrah) How to play Findlay, 0., direct. 396.

the harmonica at sight. 52082. Fineman (B. P.) Don't marry for Superior violin fingerboard chart. money. 29666.

43502 Finger (C. J.):

Fischer (F. A. P.) Mechanical drawAutobiog. of Benvenuto Cellini.

ing. 49819. [etc.] 43498–43500. Essence of Confucianism. 50069.

Fischer (John) Moscow yields to Yank

relief. 11658. Life of Napoleon. [etc.] 31382,

Fischer (M. C.) 4 square Christianity. 31383. Sailor chanties. 25965.

50081. Fingruti (Samuel) Honest Quaker

Fischer (Robert) In & out. 41352. main springs. 25966.

Fischer (S.), or Fischer (S.) verlag: Fink & Paine, inc. : Reiffton dairy.

Armand Carrel. 3727. Milk & health. 13220.

Schwierige. 3879. Finley (J. W.) Acorn pie. [etc.]

Weib des Akiba. 29125. 50070-50075.

Weisse Heiland. 3909. Finn (J. H.) Snagged. 7356.

Fischman (M. M.) Hosiery distribuFinnegan (E. J.) Prodigal son. 10403. tors syndicate. Franchise product is Finnegan (J. J.) Kanatah, Alaska, here. [etc.] 5262, 5263. map. 7471.

Fish (A. S.) Merry Christmas. 50082. Finnegan (J. M.) Gillian. 19241. Fishback co. New recipes. 31385. Finton eng. co. Finton's estimating

Fishbein (Morris) Story of insulin. tabs. 25967.

31386. Fippin (E. O.) Give the animals more Fisher (Annie) Learning Engl. calcium. 43501.

31387. Fire detection service. Sign of fire

Fisher (C. F.) Message in memory. loss doom. 21055.

4988. Firedberg's. Free china [etc.] 4366013672.

Fisher (D. E.) Keeping alive. 37276. Fireside industries:

Fisher (D.

(D. T.) jr. Jolly jingles. Fireside. 25968.

2244, 11659, 31388.

Fisher (E. F.). Resources & indus. of Pictorial cat. 8417. Pleasure & profit. 2242, 50076.

the U. S. 31389. Firestone (H. S.) America should pro

Fisher (G. J.) Off. volley ball rules. duce its own rubber. 8418.

43503. Firman (S. G.) Winston companion Fisher (G. M.) Happiness in better readers. 8984, 21056.

homes. 21058. First fed. trust co. Some surprising

Fisher (I. N.) Dramatist. 10220. figures. 11657.

Fisher (Irving): First mortgage corp. Jennings plan of

Cost of living shows decrease. making first mortgage loans. 50077.

[etc.] 43504–43510. First natl. bank. See Boston, First Cost of living shows increase. natl. bank. bank. - Detroit, First natl.

[etc.] 37277–37286, 50083-50089. bank.-Havre de Grace, Md., First Dollar continues to rise in value. natl. hank.--Milwaukee, First Wis.

[etc.] 21059–21065. natl. bank.St. Louis, First natl. Dollar decreases in value. (etc.) bank.

31390-31397. First natl. corp. Bonds, notes & cer- Dollar rises in value. [etc.] tificates. 2243.

25969_25971. First natl. finance co. First natl.

Dollar value grows slightly. CO. 8119.

[etc.] 11663–11667. First profit sharing fire ins. co. First Dollar's purchasing power. [etc.] ] profit sharing fire ins. co. 50079.

4989, 4990. First twenty-five years. 50079.

Money & credit. 8421. First Wis. natl. bank. See Milwaukee. Fisher (J. V. S.) Mod. physics lab. First Wis. natl. bank.

manual. 3201.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Fisher (King) Private gymnasium. Fitzgerald pul). comp.: 22-18.

Aunt Jerushy. 24049. Fisher (O. V.):

Breaking Winnie. 24061. Smoke clouds. 24320.

I'm cured. 28917. Who shall accuse. 24374.

Fitzgibbon (G. M. P.) Fitzgibbon Fisher (P. M.) Prepared. 37287.

inst. of mental & physical efficiency. Fisher (Victor) See Fisher (O. V.) Safety first chart. 15851. Fisher (W. K.) Ocean City, N. J. l'itzgibbon inst. of mental & physical 21066, 25972.

efficiency. Safety first chart. Fisher (W. N.) Mayer (L. B.) Two 15851. masonic letters. 26887.

Fitzhugh (Carroll) Lioness. 7228. Fisher forestry & realty co. Jones Fitzhugh (P. K.) Pee-Wee Harris

(H. R.) co., inc. Beaver Lake f. 0. 5. Bridgboro. 50091, 50095. country. 16387.

Fitzhugh (Thomas) Pyrrhic accent Fisher jewelry co. Diamonds & & rhythm. 25974.

watches on faith. 31398, 31399. Fitzpatrick (E. H.) Diagnostic index Fisher productions, inc. Enemies of & case record. 25975. children. 35632.

Fitz Patrick (J. W.) : Fisherman chart co.

Fisherman's I I gotta go home. 14231. chart. 8422.

Slippers. 7351. Fisher's probate law direct. 8423.

Fitz Patrick (M. E.) : Fishing masters' assn., inc. Fisher,

Joyce. 28941. men of the Atlantic. 37288.

What I hold I hold fast. 35100. Fishman (Harry) Some things 'you Fitzpatrick (W. E.) William Edl

ought to know about radiation. ward Fitzpatrick announces. 50096. 30090.

Fitzsimmons (0. K.) Vitogen corp. Fiske (A. C.) See Fiske (Mrs. F. B.) New vitogen health bk. 468 10. Fiske (Mrs. F. B.) Cry of Lone Flagg (J. M.) Critic. 19198. Eagle. 28843.

Flagstaff. 8425. I'iske (Irving) pseud. Sce Mabbett Flajšhaus (R. E.) Nuland, shorter (H. 1.)

than shorthand. 25976. Fit pub. co. Stretch in time. 2219. Flamma (Ario) Ebrei. 14188. Fitch (A. E.):

Flammarion (Ernest) Amer. tramp. 10150.

Beaunier (André) Assassinée. Modern woman. 7267.

4334. Fitch (Amoretta) Thanksgiving Belle Angevine. 14145*. 2250.

Compères du roi Louis. 24091*. Fitch (C. J.) Bldg. an inexpensive Dupanloup. 35089*. radio. 50091.

Faune des plateaux. 35112*.
Fitch (L. E.) Children's parties for Singe vert. 35341*.
S. S. 1991.

Théâtre complet de Edmund Sée. Fitch (S. G. H.) Industrial acct. sta

10453*. tistics. 50092.

Flanagan (A) (0 : Fitch bros. Tab. showing no. of full Allison (S. B.) Best short stories sheets necessary for any job. 8424.

for children. [etc.] 41910. Fitch pub. co., inc. :

Banta (N. M.) Busy little brownFitch bond bk. 25973.

ies. 14911. Fitch daily issue service. 2251,

Fairy primer. 1745. 15849, 31400, 50093.

Benson (A. B.) Really truly fairy Fitchburg, Mass., direct. 11668.

tales. 7776. Fitchburg, Mass., map. 7457.

Burdick (M. D.) Up-to-date drill Fitz water wheel co. Water power

& pantomime bk. 42424. on the farm. 21067.

Caton (I. L.) Games & sports.

42559. F'itzgerald (C. M.):

Cowles (J. D.) Children of More parties. 397.

Mother Goose. 30679. Parties all the yr. 15850.

Fairy tales of long ago. Fitzgerald (F. S.):

35107, 36658. Two for a cent. 43511.

Dulin (Dorothy) Cotton tail pic10 best bks. I have read. 21068.

tures to color. [etc.]

[etc.] 43233Fitzgerald (Helen ) Women of China

13238. & Japan. 47127.

Gilbert (John) Brownie pictures Fitzgerald direct co.:

to color. 43749. Trenton, N. J., direct. 34624.

Klingensmith (Annie) Fireside map. 7512.

stories. 16197.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Maguire (E. M.) Two little In

Waldo (Helen) Little Red Riddians. 44718.

ing Hood's knitting bk. 41013. Nida (W. L.) Horses & cattle. Fleishman (J. P.) Indus. educa. assn. [etc.] 45380, 45381.

Game of time. [etc.] 11949-11958. Smith (L. R.) Animals & the pot Fleissner (W. M.) Rept. of a special of gold. [etc.] 46291-46307.

investigation. 50130. Cotton-Tail first reader. [etc.] Fleming (Hampton) Christo cola co.. 34310–34315.

inc. Co-op. bottling. 8005. Three little cotton-tails. 18563. Fleming (Jeff): Stearns (Fred) Bear & Bunny Me & the yellow dog. 50131. pictures to color. 46428.

That mother & her boy. 25985. Flanagan (H. F.) Garden of wishes. Fleming (T. M.) Yankee boy's court10246.

ship. 25986. Flanagan (R. J.) Substantial struc- Fleming (W. E.) Poik & bean bag. ture. 43512.

5003. Flanders (A. H.) co. Robin Hood &

Fleming (W. L.) Fleming co-op. merRobin Hood frocks. 4992.

chandising. 43555. Flanders (McGregor) Olio. 17917.

Flemington, Mo., map. 19528. Flanigan-Pearson co. Champaign &

Flenner (Guy) Out where the sage Urbana city, Ill. direct. 7967.

brush grows. 11676. Flavin (M. A.):

Flers (Robert de) : Caleb Stone's death watch. 24067.

Chance du mari. 14167. Children of the moon. 24082.

Monsieur Brotonneau. 28990. Emergency case. 24122.

Vignes du seigneur. 7404, 47425. Service for two. 29071.

Fletcher (A. A.) Battle hymn of the Fleet (T. R.) Mother. 21069.

klan. 25987. Fleischaker & Baum. How to play

Fletcher (C. P.) Hardeman Co.. with & care for Effanbee dolls.

Tenn., map.

7463. [etc.) 43513, 43514.

Fletcher (C. V.) Shackelford Co.. Fleischer (Charles):

Tex., map.

1478. A bas le hick. [etc.] 43515

Fletcher (F. I.): 43547.

Dry wit. 31421. Act of Goul. Tetc.) 37289-37353.

Fletcher service, inc.

Adv. copy After 30 yrs. [etc.] 50097-50121.

Tetc.) 2255. 8439, 11679, 21095, Ah Sin was his name. [etc.]

31420, 50138. 21070-21092.

Fletcher (Frances) Lilith smiles. All's well. [etc.] 25977–25983.

50132. Anonymous. [etc.] 15852–15861.

Fletcher (J. H.) Valuation of priAs good as gold. [etc.]

[etc.] 31401– 31418.

vately owned elec. ry. 2256. As you see. [etc.] 8426-8137.

Fletcher (J. P.) Security sales inst. Cat came back. [etc.] 11669– Selling to agents bus. 40086. 1.1675.

Fletcher (J. S.) Timeworn town. Eye of the artist. [etc.] 1993–

37355-37357, 43556, 50133.

Fletcher (M. C.) Western gate. 5002.

15862. How petty is pride! [etc.] 22522254.

Fletcher (X. W.) Keys to the kingFleischman (E. E.) Adjusted com

dom of heaven. 11677. pensation for soldiers. 21093.

Fletcher (R. L.): Fleischmann (Hector):

Full salvation. [etc.]

50134, Mirabeau. 14284. .

550135. Tragique tendresse. 8438.

Problems. 11678. Fleischmann (L.) Fleischmann (Hec- Fletcher (Victor) Four profitable

tor) Tragique tendresse. 8438. money making propositions. [etc.] Fleischmann co.:

15863–15868. Better health. [etc.] 43548–43551. Fletcher (W. L.): Bread & its ingredients. 25984.

Can you use this man? 50137. Bred to the standard. [etc.]

First natl. employment service. 50122-50129.

31422 Wihlfahrt (J. E.) Treatise on in

How to sell your services. 50136. creasing bakery efficiency. M. I. T. man preferred. 21094. 28664.

Fletcher service, inc. Adv. copy. 2255, Fleisher (S. B. & B. W.) inc.:

8439, 11679, 21095, 31420, 50138. Fleischer's knitting & crocheting Flett (T. R.) My brother. [etc.] manual. 31419.

25988. 25989.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Flexible steel lacing co.:

Flowax co., inc. : Alligator steel belt lacing hand- One hundred yrs. of use. 37365. packages. 8440.

Standard method of floor mainteFlexco-lok lamp guards. 25990.

nance. 25996. Flexideal co., inc. Whys & wherefores. Floyd (J. H.) Naughty night. 29001. 11680.

Floyd (J. M.) J. M. Floyd's new Flexitallic gasket co. Bohmer (Henry)

science of drugless healing. 50144. jr. Good practice in installation.

Floyd (R. H.) George Washington 20159.

tours. 21099, 31428. Flexner (A. C.) Ave Maria. 24050.

Flügel (Felix) Outline of the ecoFlexo co.:

nomic hist. of Europe. 37366. Transmission is money. 15869.

Flutterer (A. F.) Remeses the white Trifles. 21097.

Egyptian emancipator. 8441.
Valuable knowledge on belt man-

Flynn (E. J:) :

37367agement. 43557.


37373. Your feet. 37358.

Mother. [etc.] 8145, 8116, 21100, Flickinger (R. (.) Carmina latina.

21101. 0139.

Mother's day. 5004. Fliegende blätter. 15870.

To my daughter. [etc.] 2.997Flinn (J. J.) Christian science. 2257.

26000. Flint (A. A.) Music-lovers. 11390. Flynn & Garin. Rent tab. 5005. Flint (R. R.) Condensed course in Foamite-('hilds corp.: character anal. 8441.

Essentials of self protection Flint, Mich., direct. 25991.

against fire, 50145. Flint, Mich., map. 3948, 41517.

Industrial fire chief. 32028. Flitcraft life ins. works. Flitcraft

38135, 50924. compend of prominent life ins. cos. Foerster (E. F.) Mt. states telep. & (etc.) 2.5992, 25993.

teleg. co. Telep. direct. 12565Flood (C. S.):

12578. Busy gardeners. 35038.

Fogarty (D. F.) Jazzlore. 28934. Washington revue. 10484.

Fogleman (H. L.) Law of sale & Flood (J. A.) Coffee bean. 24087.

principle of service. 31429. Florence, Kan., map. 41518.

Foley (Charles) Concert chez les Florence, Mass., map. 29439.

fous. 28835. Florence mfg. co.:

Foley (Frank) Children's

ques. Are your teeth as clean, [etc.]

[etc.] 37371, 37375. 37360–37364.

Foley (M. A.) Love in a fix. 35211. Dressing the hair. [etc.] 8442,

Folger (J. A.) & co.: 31423-31426.

After all it's your taste that How old old is toothache. [etc.]

counts. 50146-50156. 50140-50142.

Coffee test you'll enjoy making. I'ro-phy-lac-tic handy bk. 21098.

[etc.] 43560 43568. What really happens when you

Did you ever drink coffee blindbrush your teeth. 25994.

folded? [etc.] 37376-37381. Florida, map. 10546, 10547, 24456, Folger (S. L.) Clubs & college pins. 41519, 54293

31430, 50157. Florida citrus exchange:

Folk (D. H.) Courtship in rhymes. Sealdheart Fla. grapefruit. 25995. 21102. Thomas adv. service. Florida's | Follette (H. A.) How I cured my food fruits. 46584.

asthma. 15871. Florida (ruggists weather chart cal.

Follmer, Clogg & co. Umbrella slo135.8.

gans. 50158.

Folsom (C. D.) Worker's manual. Florida grapefruit canning Co., inc.

15872, 43569, 50159. Grapefruit a canned food. 43559.

Folsom (E. I.) Moving finger. 15873. Florigni (Robert) Aimé d'une prin- Folta (M. T.) Heartache of a pianist. cesse. 8443.

5006. Florsheim shoe co. Styles of the

Folts (J. H.) U never

can tell. times. 31427.

11681. Flothow (Rudolph) Madame Sans

Fonda (E. M.):
Gene. 41761.

Food makes the man. 47224.
Flotow (E. P.) Memories of New Milky way. ' 47303.
England. 50143.

Neighbors & teeth. 47320.

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