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4. 00




6.00 6. 00


262. Ordinary cast iron:

a. Pig-iron..
b. Scoured or coarsely painted; drilled, or only in few different

places ground, twisted, or planed
c. Ground, twisted, planed, coated with copper, tin, zinc, or lead,

enameled, or finely painted.
The goods under b and c, also with the necessary cast iron or con-

necting wooden parts.
263. Common iron and steel goods made from malleable cast iron, cast steel,

wrought iron, or steel, as far as they do not come under the

following numbers:
a. Coarse, also brightened
b. Coarsely painted, drilled, or ground in a few places, twisted,

planod, with notches for the turning of a screw (also screw

bolts and nuts)
c. Ground, twisted, planed, or coated with copper, tin, zinc, lead, or

fively painted

All these goods also in connection with wood or cast iron. 264. Wrought-iron pipes, also joints.... 265. Wrought-iron boilers, also steam boilers; perforated or grooved black

sheet-iron and plates; goods made of black sheet-iron.... 266. Car-wheels, finished, also on axle-trees... 267. Nails and tacks, springs for steel vehicles, hay and dung forks, batchets,

shovels (rough, brightened, or ground in some few places),

scythes, sickles, straw-knives; also in connection with wood.. 268. Wire rope, wire brushes, wiro-sieve bottoms, coarse wire-work (made

of wire under No. 261a)
269. Ordinary tools for cutting and drilling, i. e., sawe, plave and chisel irons,

awls, gimlets, files, rasps, &c., cloth-makers' shears, coarse
knives and scissors; all these for the use of mechanics and
farmers (also machines); screws, locks; also ground, twistol,
painted, coated with tin, zinc, copper, or lead, or in connection

with wood
270. Fine irou and steel wire:

a. Polished, japanned, enameled, coated with nickel (except the com

mon enameled cast iron named under No. 262c); b. Artificial
and light ornamental castings; c. Wirework not otherwise
provided for; pins, hooking and knitting needles, tacks, looks
and eyes, buckles, tish-hooks, thimbles, and similar small arti-
cles; children's toys, skates, steel cords, scrapers of all kinds;
sleys, weavers' cards, springs (watch and carriage springs
excepted); d. Arms and parts of arms (fire-arms and gun-
barrels excepted); cutlery, if not coming under 269 and 271;
e. Furniture, cushioned, covered, or finely ornamented; f. Iron

ana steel goods in connection with other materials
271. Fine cutlery, steel pens, wire spun over with thread, gun-barrels.
272. Guns; sewing needles
The articles enumerated under Nos. 270, 271, and 272, if not coming unler

India-rubber, leather, metal, or fancy goods with a higher

8. 00


15. 00 30.00 50.00

XXXIX.- Base metals and goods made therefrom.

1. 00


Free. 1.50

273. Lead and lead alloyages :

a. Raw, old, broken, and refuse...
0. Cast (boilers, pipes, sheets, bullets, shot, &c.), rolled, drawn out

(lead wire), type, stereotype plates.. 274. Zinc:

a. Raw, also old, broken and refuse...
b. In bars, blocks, and sheets...
c. In wires and pipes; coarse zinc, cast, without other preparation,

also in connection with ordinary wood work, and bars and

sheets of iron; grooved and perforated plates and sheets..... 275. Tin:

a. Raw, also old, broken, and refuse
b. In bars, plates, sheets, wires, and pipes; coarse tin, cast, without

other preparation, also in connection with ordinary woodwork
and bars or plates of iron











270. Copper, nickel, antimony, brass, packfong, tombac, and other metals and

metal compositions, not otherwise provided for:
a. Raw, also old, broken, and refuse; quicksilver...
V. In rough castings (i. e., in bells and pipes, each weighing more

than 5 kilograms, and in other objects weigluing more than

10 kilograms).
c. Drawn, stretched (in bars, tablets, plates), sheets, and wire, more

tban 5 millimeters.
d. Sheets and wire, 5 millimeter and less in thickness; grooved and

perforated plates and sheets....
e. Plated (silvered) wire, sheets, tablets of copper and brass; imita-

tion Leon (cemented) wire ..
277. Tinware, coarse (dishes, plates, boilers, and other vessels), not varnished

and not connected with other materials.... 278. Metal-ware, ordinary:

a. Rollers, boiler tubes, boilers, cooking and distilling apparatus, in

japanned, unpolished, also in connection with wood and iron.. b. Polished, varnished, japanned, nickel-coated, figured sheets and

279. Metal-ware, fine, i. e., all materials not embraced under other numbers,

also in connection with other materials, if not coming under
No. 280, or India rubber, leather, or fancy goods with a higher

tariff'; telegraph cable ...
280. Metal-ware, finest, i. e., fancy articles and other finely finished (i.e., orn:l-

mented, pressed, embossed, or nickel-coated), goods of packfong
(German silver, alfenide and similar nickel compositions), Bri-
tannia metal, bronze, brass, tombac, and similar alloys, also
in connection with other materials, if not coming under leather

or fancy goods with higher tariff..
281. Metallic cloth, live, having 20 warp threads or more to 2 centimeters;

writing pevs; wire spun over with thread...






8.00 6. 00 20.00 3. 00


5.00 6.00


XL.- Machines and parts of machinery of wood, iron, or base metals. 282. Locomotive 283. Tender, locomobile.. 281. Sewing machines, with or without frame. 285. Machines made of wood (i. e., with 50 per cent. or more of wood). 286. Machines made of base metals (i. e., with more than 50 per cent. base

metal) 287. Machines not otherwise provided for:

a. When 75 per cent. or more of the total weight consists of cast iron

or cast iron and wood
b. Others.
Notes.-(1.) Copper and brass rollers and plates, engraved or not

engraved, for inland cotton mills, by special permit....
(2.) Machines and parts of machinery, also in connection with

other materials, if not coming under fancy goods, belonging to

tariff class XL.
(3.) As parts of machinery are to be entered, such articles as

have no independent use unless joined to other machinery, or
moved by motive power; it, however, they constitute rough,
unprepared, ordinary cast iron, unconnected with other mate-
rials, or coarsely wrought, unfinished parts of machinery, they
may be treated according to the condition of the material (Nos.

a and 263 a), respectively.
(4.) Machines not manufactured in Austria-Hungary may be en-

tored from time to time on payment of one-half the duty ly
special permit of the Governments of the two parts of the empire.

SLI.- T'ehicles of transportation.
Street vehicles :
288. Lumber wagons and lumber sleighs...

Carriages (per piece): 289. Carriages, without leather or cushions. 290. Carriages, with leather or cushions..... NotE.-Sleighs pay, under No. 289, one-halt; and under No. 230, two

thirds of the duty.


25.00 75.00

Florins. Railway and horse cars (per 100 kilograms): 291. Freight cars..

5.00 292. Passenger cars, not cushioned

6.50 293. Passenger cars, cushioned

9.00 Ships (per ton burden): 294. Wooden (also iron or copper fastened).

0.40 295. Iron; also of other base metals, steamships .

5.00 NOTE TO Nos. 294 AND 295.-Utensils for pavigation (i. e., sails and

yards, anchors and anchor chains, riggings, small boats), if in
reasonable amount and numbers, will pay no extra duty.
Other articles of equipment, as well as steam engines of steam-
ships, are subject to special tariff duty.

XLII.- Precious metals and coins.
296. Gold, silver, platina, precious metals not otherwise provided for, raw,
also old, broken, and refuse

Free. 297. Coins : a. Coins (also medals and medallions) of precious metal.

Free. b. Coins of base metal

Note.-Medals and medallions of base metals are classed accord-
ing to the material of which they are composed.
XLIII.-Instruments, watches, and fancy goods.

(Per 100 kilograms.)
298. Scientific instruments (astronomical, mathematical, physical, surgical),

without regard to material out of which they are made... Free. 299. Instruments for general use:

a. Optical; opera glasses, telescopes, spectacles, eye-glasses set, &c.. 125.00 b. Not otherwise provided for....

50.00 The goods enumerated under No. 299, a and b, if not coming under

fancy goods with a higher tariff. 300. Musical instruments..

10.00 Watches (per piece): 301. Pocket watches: a. With gold or gilted casos.

1.00 b. With silver or silvered cases.

0.50 c. With other cases

0. 30 302. Cases for watches: a. Gold or gilt ...

0.70 b. Silver or silvered..

0. 20 NOTE.—Other cases according to material. 303. Movements to pocket watches

0. 30


50.00 10.00



[Per 100 kilograms.) 304. Ordinary wooden clocks, and movements belonging thereto; watch

material. 305. Watches and movements not otherwise provided for, it' not coming under

fancy goods with a higher tariff'.
306. Clocks for steeples and parts thereof....
307. Gold and silver ware, jewelry, and all goods not otherwise provided for,

made wholly or partly of precious metals, genuine or imitation
pearls or corals, set gems; gold and silver galloons, fabrics

therefrom, as well as from gold or silver wire..
308. Genuine gold and silver leaf; wire and sheets of precious metals; fabrics

or real gilt or silvered Leon spinnings or wires ...

Fancy goods, tine:
309. Goods, not otherwise provided for, of base metals, with genuine gilting

or silvering, or coated with gold or silver; goods of half pre-
cious stones, also sets; imitation pearls, artificial teeth, arti-

cles of wig-maker's work..
310. Goods made of, or in connection with mother of pearl, ivory, tortoise

shell, amber, jet 311. Children's toys and goods not otherwise provided for in connection with:

a. Silk goods, laces, artificial flowers (No. 171), prepared ornamental

b. With other woven or worsted goods

Fancy goods, ordinary:
312. Goods made of meerschaum, lava, celluloid, and similar artificial carv-

ing material, and imitations of the same...



100.00 50.00



Florins. 313. Gentlemen's and ladies' ornaments, toilet articles of base metals, of iron

and steel finely made, also nickel-coated, embossed, enameled;
such articles of animal or vegetable carving material or hard-
ened India rubber; bracelets and necklaces of glass and stone;
fans; cases for opera-glasses, telescopes and eye.glasses; steel
pearls; metallic pearls, also gilt, silvered, or embossed

50.00 314. Imitation Leon webs, and articles made therefrom; also articles of imitation Leon wares..

50.00 315. Embroideries upon other stuffs than woven or worsted fabrics; articles

of embossed ware and of gold-beaters'skins; strings of musical
instruments, and all strings spun over.

50.00 The articles enumerated under Nos. 309 to 315, if not belonging to fancy

goods with higher tariff or specially classed. 316. Umbrellas and parasols : a. Of silk

- per piece.. 0.48 b. Of other fabrics 0.24 XLIV.-Common salt. 317. Salt (bay salt, rock salt, salt spring, brine salt water), only by special permit.....

0.84 NOTES.-(1.) In case special permission is granted, the license for 100 kilo

grams, net common salt, is 9.38 florins for 100 kilograms,

kreuznach bittern, 1.88 florins.
(2.) Upon a physician's certificate the free importation of sea-

water for curing purposes will be permitted.
(3.) The minister of finance can permit the free importation of

foreign salts for the manufacture of chemicals and such fabrics
for which salt in large quantities is essential, if used only
in manufactures and not as an article of food.

XLV.--Chemical auxiliary stuffs.
318. Borax, crude; boracic acid; Chili saltpeter (nitrate of soda), crude; sul-

phur (in blocks and bars), also ground and flower of sulphur;
antimony; tartar, crude or refined; citrate acid, and tartrato
of lime..

Free. 319.

a. Dung salt (refuse from salt works and factories, and manure, arti-
ficial, made from mixtures of salt).....

b. Chloride of potassium; chloride of magnesia; glauber salt (sul-
phate of soda); sulphate of iron...

0. 20 NOTE.—The articles enumerated under a and b, except glauber salt and

sulphate of iron, unless imported by factories with that privi-
lege, only by special permit and after examination of the ex-

tent of salt contained.
320. Arsenic, metallic (arsonic), arsenious acids (except arsenic or arsenical

acids), arsenic sulphur (orpiment, realgar); corrosive iron
liquids of all kinds; pyroligneous acid, raw; zaffer, smalt;
strewing smalt; new or renewed ashes of bones (spodium);
sulphuric acid; muriatic acid; nitric acid (aqua fortis).

0.50 321. a. Soda (i.e., carbonate of sodium), raw or crystallized; potash (sim

ple carbonate of potassium); sulphate of potassium (duplicato
salt); bicarbonate soda and potassium; glycerine (also glycer-
ine lye)...

0.80 b. Soda, calcinated

1. 20 322. Alum; sulphate of ammonia, sal ammoniac, spirits of salt ammoniac,

spirits of hartsborn; subsulphate of alumina and carbonate of
alumina; admonter (mixed iron and copper), sulphate of cop-
per and 'sulphate of zinc; ashes of lead; lithargo (silver and
gold lithargo); borax, retined; chloride lime; pyroligneous
lime; pyroligneous clay; saltpeter (alkali and natron saltpeter),
refined; sulphuret of carbon; soluble glass; aniline oil; car-
bolic acid, crude; nitro-benzine; anthracene, crudo; naphtaline

1.50 323. White lead, white zinc (white oxide of zinc), ashes of zinc (gray oxide of

zinc), white baryta (artificial sulphate of baryta); pyroligneous
lead; acetate of lead; prussiate of potash, yellow and red;
chloride of potash; verdigris; cement of all kinds; protoxidé
of lead; red lead; bicarbonate of soda and potash; carbonato
of ammonia; tartaric acid; ashes of tin; proto-chloride of tin

and other preparations of tin..
S. Doc. 231, pt 5-15





1. 20 6.00




3 00 10.00 24.00

324. Caustic potash; caustic soda; sulphate and hyposulphate of lime; crude

manganate and permanganate of potash and soda; sulphate and
hyposulphate of soda; oxalic acid (oxalate); oxalate of potassa;
sulphate of magnesia; chromate of potassa, yellow and red...

XLVI.-Chemical products, colors, medicines, and perfumeries.
325. Blacking (pine soot, printer's ink, and Frankfort blacking, ground char-

coal and coal blackings of all kinds, except granulated bone

black); shoe-blacking 326. Glue of all kinds; gelatine (animal and vegetable jelly); albumen and

albumenoide, casein, caseum.. 327. Starch-paste (dextrine, leiogomme), and other substitutes for glue, not

otherwise provided for; paste, glue, four-paste, and similar

starch containing glues and finishing materials 328. Starch, also starch meal NOTE. -Starch for finishing purposes on producing permit on condition

and under control of respective regulations.
329. Ether, collodium, chloroform; carbolic acid, pure, crystallized, and

liquid; acid of vinegar, condensed (also pyroligneons acid,
puritied); phosphor and phosphoric acid; quicksilver prepara-
tions (also vormilion); yeast of all kinds, except wine lees;

sugar of milk.
330. Tar pigments and artiticially prepared organic pigments
331. Chemical products and manufartures not otherwise provided for
332. Sealing wax, wafers, manufactures of jelly; inks and ink powders.
333. India ink; blue-black crayon; lead pencils, red and colored crayons, set

or unset; all colors in bladders, cases, shells, casks, or boxes .. 331. Oil varnishes (also boiled drying oils), without any admixture of resin,

turpentine, or mineral oils : a. In casks...

b. In tin cans, bottles, &c..
335. Lac-(lye (with an admixture of resin, turpentine, mineral oil, or alcohol)
336. Drugs prepared, as well as all materials showing themselves by their

inscriptions, labels, wrappers, &c., as medicines (also as medi-
cines for animals), unless coming under goods witli a bigher

337. Articles of perfumery (perfumed vinegars, grease, and oils in packages of

less than 5 kilograms; alcoholic, a romatic essences and waters;
all fragrant substances and mixtures recognized as perfumeries
by their packing, labels, directions for use, &c.; fumigating
pastils; perfumed powder); rouges, cosmetics.

XLVII.-Candles and soap.
338. Pitch torches.
339. Tallow candles
340. Wax candles, wax torches, wax tapers, night lights, wax matches
341. Candles and manufactures of grease not otherwise provided for, for in-

stance, out of stearine, spermaceti, palm oil, and paratline.... 342. Soap :

a. Ordinary.

b. Fine, i. e., perfumed, or in cakes, balls, boxes, pots.
NOTE.—Oil soap, not perfumed, manufactured in Trieste and Fiume,

will be entered under the prescribed conditions at half the duty
paid by the most favored nations.

XLVIII.-Explosive goods.
343. Explosive goods, ordinary, i. e., threads dipped in sulphur, matches,

paper matches; tinder, natural, soaked; tinder, artificial;

touch-wood (natural and artificial); touch-wood paper 344. Fireworks, fuses (quick-matches).. 345. Percussion caps, with fulminate 346. Ammunition, i. e., all explosive materials intended for or adapted to be

used with fire-arms, also blasting material which contains the

ingredients of gunpowder (salt poter, sulphur, and charcoal).. 347. All blasting and explosive materials not included in No. 346..

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*Only by special permit.

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