Lapas attēli

Florins. 167. Sewing silk, button-hole silk, and the like, made white or colored ; thread of all kinds prepared for retail trade

50.00 NOTE.-Soft-carded yarn, raw, containing one thread of unreeled silk,

will be treated like woolen yarn under No. 154 a.

Silk goods: 168. Blond lace, lace (lace bandkerchiefs), silk goods, embroidered, or in connection with metallic threads.

400.00 169. Goods entirely made of silk, or floss silk

400.00 170. Half silk goods, i. e., all goods not enumerated under No. 168, containing other spinning materials aside from silk or floss silk

200.00 NOTE.-(1). Very coarse textures of raw-silk waste, having the appear

ance of gray packing cauvas, and intended for pressing
clothes, dust rags, &c., also with single-colored threads 24.00
(2). Silk, spun together with yarn of other materials, without
covering the same or without passing continuously through
the whole length of the spinning thread, is not classified under

textures made from such yarn. XXVI.—Clothing, linen, and articles of dress, exclusive of such goods made of paper,

leather, gutta-percha, and wax cloth. 171. Artificial flowers, finished, wholly or partly of woven or worsted goods;

ornamental feathers, prepared, and fabrics made therefrom.. 170.00 172. Parts of artificial flowers....

70.00 Hats and caps : 173. Gentlemen's hats of silk and stuffs of all kinds; also trimmed.

130.00 174. Gentlemen's bats of felt; also trimmed

90.00 Note.-Felt prepared in hat form

50.00 175. Hats not otherwise provided for..

per piece a. Not trimmed

0. 20 b. Trimmed..

0.40 c. Ornamented.

0.50 Note.- Trimmed means only furnished with lining, braiding, and

hat band. 176. Clothing, linen, dress goods not otherwise provided for, pay an addi

tional duty of 40 per cent., according to the material which

forms the principal component part.
NOTE.---(1.) On declaring clothing, linen, and dress goods, the principal

part of which they are composed must be stated.
(2.) Other sewed articles, not otherwise provided for, will be

treated according to No. 176.
(3.) Clothing and linen, cut out only, will be treated like the
material of which they are composed.


XXVII.— Brush and sieve-makers' goods. 177. Common brushes and brooms made of bristles, rice straw, piassava, and

other animal or vegetable stuff's; also mounted with wood or

iron, not colored, without polish or varnish 178. Wooden sieves, tinished, with bottoms of wicker-work or iron wire,

under No. 261 a; wooden-sieve bottoms....
179. Brush and sieve makers' goods not otherwise provided for; scrubbing

and borse brushes in connection with woven or worsted stutis,
in so far as that they do not come under the head of India-
rubber, leather, bone, metal, or fancy goods....



XXVIII. --Straw and bast goods, also goods made of rushes, cocoanut fiber, gra88, reed,

chips, cane, roots, &c. 180. Chair cane: a. Raw, split.

0.50 b. Stained, colored, varnished

5.00 181. Carpets and mats (carriage rays, &c.): a. Not colored ..

3. 00 b. Colored

5.00 182. Coarse goods for domestic use (i. e., baskets, dishes, plates, & c.), also in connection with wood...

5.00 183. Braids, also rugs, not otherwise provided for, also in connection with

other materials if not coming under No. 181, or under Iudia-
rubber, leather, metal, or fancy goods, with a higher tariff... 15.00


184. Braids, finest, i.e., textures with silk or other spon yarn, with horse-hair

or metallic threads drawn through or woven in, also in connec-
tion with other materials, if not coming under fancy goods ..




1.00 3.00


5. 00 5. 00


XXIX.-Paper and paper goods. 185. Paper material, bleached or unbleached :

a. Of rags (half material)

b. Of wood, straw, esparto, and similar fibers... 186. Gray blotting paper, coarse packing paper uncolored, common paste

board, tar and stone pasteboard 187. Wrapping paper, glazed or colored, varnished or tarred 188. Glazed cardboard, gloss and leather pasteboard, slate paper and tablets

from the same (inconnected with other material), pumice stone,

glass, sand and emery paper, pumice slone and emery cloth... 189. Paper, unsized, ordinary (coarse gray, half white and colored); all print

ing papers not sized..
190. Paper not otherwise provided for
191. Lithograpbed, printed or ruled paper for mottoes, labels, bills of lading

billheads, &c., drawing paper, albumen paper, gelatine paper,
parchment, copperplate paper, colored paper, painters' paste-

192. Gold and silver paper and paper with gold or silver patterns (genuine or

imitation, also bronzed), pressed or perforated paper, stripes of
the foregoing kinds of paper; paper and pasteboard covered

with linen (also cotton anil lineri), wall paper
193. Molders' work of stone pasteboardl, asphalt, or similar materials:

a. Neither painted nor varnished, also in connection with wood or

b. Others also in connection with other materials if not coming under

No. 195 or under India-rubber, leather, metal, or fancy goods. 191. Paper goods, i. l., articles of paper or carıboard, paper pulp or ligneous

fiber; also in connection with other materials, if not coming
under No. 195 or under India-rubber, leather, metal, or fancy

goods, hat-linings of paper, also covered with textures..
195. Fancy ornamental paper goods, tine cartoons, labels, vignettes in differ-

ent colors (chromo-lithographis), toys, paper liner, book bind-
ings covered with linen (also cotton anii linen); also in con-
nection with other materials, if not coming under leather or

fancy goods with a higher tariff
196. Playing cards
NOTE.- Playing cards must moreover be stamped accorling to regula-

tions in force, and must be declared according to number and
condition of the games and the number of carols they contain.




15, 00

30.00 60.00





XXX.-India-rubber and gutta-percha and articles made therefrom. 197. India-rubber and gutta percha, raw and prepared.... 198. India-rubber melteil, India-rubber threads not spun over.. 199. India-rubber hardened, in sheets, tubes, and bars, also polished, but

without further manufacture... 200. Hose and beltings of all kinds of or with India-rubber, also with layers

of tissue or of wire.... 201. Shoes, also in comection with woven or worsted goods and other mate

rials, unless coming under leather or fancy goods, with a higher

taritt 202. Children's toys.. 203. Articles of soft India-rubber, except those enumerated under 200, 201, and

201. Textures covered with India-rubber, dipped, coated, or fastened by means

of layers of India-rubber..
NOTE.— Textures for covering cardig benches in manufactories, or In-

dia-rubber printing cloth for cotton mills by special permit,

according to regulations and control to be made public 205. Clothing and other articles made from tissues enumerated under No.

204.. 206. Elastic textures, knit goods, trimmings and articles made therefrom

Shoe-lastings with India-rubber threads glued on

30.00 30.00



3. 00

50.00 70.00 45.00 Florins.



10.00 20.00 26.00


6.00 18.00


207. Goods made of hardened India-rubber, the goods enumerated under 202,

203, 205, 206, and 207; also in connection with other materials,
if not coming under a higher tariff, as leather, metal, or fancy

Goods made of gutta-percha will be treated like goods made of India-

XXXI.-Wax cloth and wax silk. 208. Wax cloth, coarse, i. e., wax cloth for packing, not printed; asphalt

linen 209. Carriage covers of coarse textures, covered with or dipped in oil, tar,

or compositions of oil 210. Thick floor coverings of wax cloth, linoleum, camptulikon, and similar

compositions... 211. Wax cloth not otherwise provided for, also wax muslin 212. Wax silk.....

XXXII.-Leather and leather goods. 213. Leather, ordinary, i. e., not enumerated under Nos. 214 and 215, also cut;

blackened, neat and horse leather, also grained, in entire or in

half skins. NOTE.-Sheep and goatskins, tanned (neither white nor chamois dressed),

also split, not colored
214. Sole leather and sole leather refuse
215. Leather, tine, i. e., blackened leather, except the neat and horse hides

enumerated under No. 213; glove leather, cordovan, morocco,
Turkish leather, as well as all colored, japanned, and bronzed

leather, also leather with pressed designs; parchment....
216. Leather goods, ordinary, i. e., articles of ordinary leather (neither white

nor chamois dressed), also of blackened or grained neat and
horse leather or coarse wax cloth; harness and trunk makers'
manufactures made from haired skins, of raw jute textures,
gray packing canvas, raw ticking, drillings, canvas, and other

coarse raw-linen textures, also girths..
217. Leather goods, fine, i. e., articles of white chamois dressed leather, parch-

ment, or of fine leather enumerated under No. 215, of wax cloth
or wax silk not otherwise provided for; harness and trunk
makers' articles made of textures enumerated under No. 216,

bleached, colored; also of carpet tissues..
The goods named under 216 and 217, also in connection with other mate-

rials, provided they do not come under India-rubber, metal, or

fancy goods with higher tariff. 218. Shoes of all kinds, of or with leather; also in connection with woven or

worsted goods and other materials, if not coming under fancy

goods... 219. Gloves of leather (even if only cut out or in connection with woven or worsted goods).

XXXIII.— Furriers' goods. 220. Furs, tanned on one side, not made up:

a. Of common skins

b. Of fine skins.. 221. Furs made up:

a. Of commion skins
b. Of fine skins..
NOTE.--Clothing, not of silk, and leather gloves covered, lineil,

or trimmed with fine fur, will be treated like tine fur goods



35. 00


10.00 50.00

40.00 200.00

made up.

XXXIV.- Wood and bone ware.

222. Ordinary wooden ware, i. e., coarse, rough coopers', turners', and joiners'

materialof unstained wood, also plain wooden ware and wagon-
makers' work; coarse machines (also lathes, mangles, mills,
presses, spinning-wheels, and looms); coarse baskets (packing
and market baskets, hampers and clothes baskets, kiddles,

&c.); birch brooms; agricultural, garden, and kitchen tools:
a. Neither colored, stained, varnished, japanned, or polished, nor in

connection with other materials...

1.00 15.00 8.00



3. 00

3. 00

3. 00 15.00 20.00


b. Raw, but with mountings or otherwise, connected with iron or

other base metals
o. Colored, stained, varnished, japanned, or polished, or with any

combinations mentioned under No. 223c..
223. Wooden furniture and parts of furniture (as far as not enumerated under

Nos. 222, 224, and 225):
a. Fine raw
b. Colored, stained, varnished, japanned, or polished, orin connection

with bast, reeds, cane, straw, and wicker work, base metals,

glass, stone slabs, or common leather.. 0. Furniture, cushioned, without cover.

d. Furniture, cushioned, with cover..
224. Wooden ware, fine, i.e., fine turned and carved articles, wooden bronzes,

gilt or silvered wooden ware, or finely painted. All wooden
ware not otherwise provided for, and goods made of the vege-

table carving material
225. Wooden ware, finely inlaid (buhlwork, intarsien), fine baskets, and

wicker work.. 226. Veneers, not inlaid, parquetry and parts of the same:

a. Raw

b. Stained, colored, polished. 227. Veneers, inlaid 228. Cork:

a. Sheets, slices, squares.

b. Stoppers, soles, and other articles of cork 229. Wooden toys:

4. Coarse, simply planed, carved or turned, raw

b. Other... 230. Boneware:

a. Whalebone, split....
b. Boneware not otherwise provided for.
The goods enumerated under Nos. 224, 225, 229c, and 230c; also in

connection with other materials, if not coming under India-
rubber, leather, metal, or fancy goods, with a higher tariff.


1.50 3.00 12.00

1.50 12.00

1.00 20.00

5.00 20.00

XXXV.-Glass and glassware.


2.00 4.00






231. Glass mass, enamel and glazing mass, ground glass (glass dust).....
232. Hollow glass, ordinary, i. e., uncut, without design, neither polished nor

a. In its natural color, but not white
b. White (transparent)..

gross.. 233. Hollow glass in its natural color,or white (transparent), only with ground or polished stoppers, bottoms, and edges...

gross.. 234. Hollow glass, white (transparent) cut, figured, pressed, fluted, etched;

solid white glass not otherwise provided for Plate-glass : 235. Glass, for mirrors, raw, uncut; cast plates, rough, flutel, also tiles... 236. Window-glass, in its natural color (green, half or entirely white), neither cut nor figured..

gross.. 237. Plate-glass of all kinds, cut, figured, dimmed, or overlaid; framed look

ing-glasses 238. Optical glass, i. e., flint, crown, zinc, and borax glass, rough, not ground

for lenses, in pieces and tablets, or pressed into the form of

lenses, also partly ground. 239. Crystals for watches, glasses for spectacles, and other optical glasses ad

justed or ground 240. Glass tubes, rods, and pipes, without regard to color (such as used for the

manufacture of beads, artistic blowing, and the manufacture

of buttons) 241. Glass pendants, solid, for chandeliers, glass beads, glass buttons, glass

enamel, glass drops, glass spinnings, also colored. 242. Glass, colored (except the articles enumerated under Nos. 240 and 241),

painted, gilt, silvered; glass paste imitation gems without set

ting -
243. Glass and enameled goods not otherwise provided for or in connection

with other materials, if not coming under India-rubber, leather,
metal, or fancy goods with a higher tariff..







XXXVI. - Stoneware, i. e., work in stones and unburnt clay, cement and stone composi







244. Stone cutters' work (such as door and window frames, pillars and parts

of pillars, gutters, pipes, troughs, &c., uncut, except those of
alabaster and marble); touch, grind, and whetstones, without
any connection; millstones, also, with iron bands or metal cas-
ings; plates and lithographers' stones, cut, unpolished; play-
ing-marbles, &c.; casts made of plaster or sulphur, of coins,

cameos, &c
245. Prepared minerals, such as artificially colored clay and stone; cement,

and goods made therefrom (not polished); slabs and plates cut,
not polished; cleaning, grinding, and polishing substances in

their natural stato prepared for retail trade..
246. Stoneware, ordinary, i. e., articles of stone not otherwise provided for,

also in connection with wood and iron, without varnish or

247. Stoneware, tine, i. 6., fancy articles (letter-weights, candlesticks, caps,

inkstands, and similar fancy objects), statues, busts, figures of
animals, and other plastic works, weighing 5 kilograms or less;
articles in connection with other materials, if not coming under
India-rubber, leather, metal, or fancy goods with a higher

248. Stones, genuine (precious or half precious stones), and corals (genuine

and imitation), prepared, i.e., ground, cut, or otherwise worked
upon; genuine pearls, all these articles not set, if not coming
under fancy goods

249. Tiles and bricks; building ornaments (also of terra-cotta); clay pipes:

a. Unglazed

b. Glazed...
250. Pipes and thick plates of common earthenware, chamotte.
251. Gas retorts, crucibles, vessels for manufacturing purposes (of graphite,

fire-proof clay, or common stoneware)
252. Ordinary crockery-ware, made of common or hardened clay or stoneware;

black graphite pottery.
253. Stoves, and parts of stoves; Dutch tiles for floors or walls
NOTE. --Articles of Nos. 249 to 252, in connection with wood or iron,

without varnish or polish
254. Clay-ware, not otherwise provided for:

a. Of one color, or white...

b. Of two or more colors, edged, painted, printed, gilt, silvered.... 255. Porcelain :

a. White

b. Colored, edged, painted, printed, gilt, silvered
256. Clay-ware in connection with other materials, if not coming under India-

rubber, leather, metal, or fancy goods with a higher tariff...


Free. 0.50 0.50


0.50 3.00


5. 00 8. 00

7.00 15.00

15. 00

XXXVIII.-Iron and hardware.


257. Raw iron; iron and steel, old, broken, and in scraps for melting and

forging ..
Note (1).- In consideration of circumstances of a local character, foun-

dries using old and scrap iron may be permitted, with the con-
sent of the Governments of botb parts of the empire, to import
old and scrap iron at the exceptional duty of 50 kreuzers for 100
kilograms, siibject to a control of its appliance and the fixation

of the maximum quantity.

(2).- Iron filings and hammer scales..
258. Loops; ingots...
259. Iron and steel in bars, hammered or rolled :

a. Not shaped

b. Shaped ..
260. Rails for railways.
261. Sheet-iron and iron plates; wire:

a. Of the thickness of 1 millimeter and more.
b. Of the thickness of less than 1 millimeter.
0. Varnished, coppered, tinnel, or coated with zinc, lead or nickel;

sheet-iron and plates polished...

Free. 1. 60

2. 75 3.50 2. 75

1.00 5.00

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