Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Envoy of Pope resents rebuff Directions for using $1,000 guar[etc.] 25350–25362.

anteed flea killer. [etc.] 20432, Flo Leeds, incog., jars shipmates.

20433. [etc.] 4579_4583.

Chicago jour. co.: Chicago engineer supply co. Gen.

Chicago daily jour. Background

of Americanism. catalogue. 25363.

[etc.] 15297– Chicago evangelistic inst. Wilkes

15307. (A. P.) Dynamic of redemption.

Community development assn. He 55999.

pauses to think of home. 20602.

Jenkins (W. C.) Chicago's big Chicago evening Amer. :

south end development. [etc.] Bad faith charged to attorney by

12084, 12085. Chicago agent. [etc.] 36373,

Lake Calumet harbor now 36374.

assured. 2504. Pajamas and Victoria mentioned

- Magic city of steel enjoys in letters [etc.] 42615, 42616. Chicago evening post co.:

prosperity. [etc.] 21589, 21590.

Chicago jour. of commerce: Chicago evening post. Little jour

Costello (E. J.) Changing labor neys. 11193–11198, 15321.

unions. 15479. Chicago evening post radio mag.

Hopkins (L. A.) Inheritance 48819-48825.

taxes. 31956. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul ry.

Chicago mail order co.:
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul

Chicago mail order catalog. ry. to Puget Sound. 15322. Chicago fed. of labor.

[etc.] 42618, 42619.
Off. labor

A great diamond jubilee catalog. union direct. 3056, 39298.

[etc.] 7988, 7989. Chicago flexible shaft co. Chart.

Chicago master steamfitters' assn. 25364.

Chicago master steamfitters' assn. Chicago furniture market assn. Re

(Standardization com. of the) tail furniture stores. 42617.

Stand. for computing boiler sizes. Chicago herald & examiner. :

42620. Allard (Leola) Who did it. Chicago merc. exchange. : 29872.

Chicago, The central market for Corners (G. F.) Israel Zangwill.

butter & eggs. 30456. 42849.

Cold storage. 36375. Cosgrave (W. T.) Revolt in Ire

Great central market for butter. land has now passed. 49245.

[etc.] 48826, 48827. Ford (John) Progress of our Hedging butter & eggs. 25365. democracy, 50193.

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul ry. Galli-Curci (Amelita) Simplic- Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul ry. ity. 50292.

to Puget Sound. 15322. La Follette (R. M.) Ruhr is like Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul ry., darkest Russia. [etc.] 51398

map. 29231. 51403.

Chicago motor club. : Muzio (Claudia) Muzio makes Battle Creek, Mich., map. 24403. plea. 52195.

Chicago, Ill., map. 19491-19494, Phair (G. E.) Breakfast food.

24118-24423. [etc.] 54046-54083.

Cook Co., Ill., map. 24436. Phair & warmer. 13116, Danville, Ill., map. 19512. 13117, 27656, 45582-45635.

Don't get hurt. 48828. Prew (R. J.) Mike Collins assas- Effingham, Ill., map. 19519. sinated. 18126.

Lake Co., Ind., map. 24502. Sullivan (Edward) What say? La Salle, Ill., map. 19554, 19555. 13677, 13678.

Michigan City, Ind., map. 24537, Talbot (Hayden) Michael Col

24538. lins tells of early life in Ire- Open letter to all thinking motorland. 18734.

ists. [etc.] 42621, 42622. Wilde (Oscar) How Oscar Wilde Performance. 15323. consoled divine Sarah. 55994.

Springfield, Ill., map. 19628. Chicago historical soc. Cole (A. C.) Your most valuable protection: Lincoln's house divided speech.

11199. 49015.

Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Chicago insecticide lal)., inc.:

r. r., map. 19497. Directions for using

using $1.000.00

$1.000.00 Chicago, North Western line, map. guaranteed ant-bane. 7987.


pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Chicago offl. power plant & industrial

chart. Offl. power plant. 18829. Chicago pneumatic tool co.:

Boyer pneumatic clay diggers.

12623. Chicago pneumatic portable air

compressors. [etc.] 48830

Giant semi-diesel oil

Ingenuity. [etc.] 25366, 23367.
Instr. for installing [etc.]

1945-1947. Chicago real estate hd. (Library of)

Williamson (A. E.) Guide to Chi

cago zoning ordinance. 56017. Chicago retail lumber dealers assn.

Basic lumber list. 1584, 15324,

30457. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific ry. co.:

Colorado way to Yellowstone.

25368. Iowa & Minnesota la kes. 20434.

Rock Island lines, map. 14527. Chicago schl, of ninemonics. Almost

supernatural Mr. Sutton. 36377. Chicago Sunday tribune:

Fireside games. 7990-7992, 11200

11208 German schl. children dead. [etc.]

174, 175.
Illicit traffic in drugs [etc.]

25369, 25370.
Order to clean up Paris. 30458.
Respite to Jugo-Slavia. 36378.
Saxon cabinet defies order to quit.

Tongue twister, 20435, 20436.

$10,000.00 in cash prizes. 1948. Chicago tech. college:

Bigelow (H. R.) Builder's course. 30177.

How to become an expert draftsman. 48278. Home study courses in draftsman

ship. 48835. Chicago telep. co. Chicago classified

telep. direct. 30459. Chicago tribune:

Ahl-Nielsen (John) Dane charts

northern end of Greenland.


red domain widens over all world. 41876. Alexander (Claire) Assert Cabi

net of Mussolini is SO Amer. 10775. - Italy & Spain plan alliance.

47728. Backer (Andreas) Norway seeks

to limit booze prescriptions

[etc.] 42109, 42110. Barella (Giulio) Ambassador's edict. 36028

Bright future for the U. S. [etc.] 14913. Barry (Griffin) Rasputin. 14928.

25077, 25078. Basil (H.) Persia expects farm. [etc.] 480100, 48101.

Yankee in Persia seizes estates of tax dodgers. 42168. Becker (Rob) Big ram of Glacier mt. 72.

In the game land of Alaska. 7751, 10918, 14947. Bennett (J. O.)

0. Superlative Amers. 10932, 10933, 14982,

20114. Bennett (Roy) Bandit victims

suffer. [etc.] 301474-30151. -Dr. Sun's 50,000 lining up 75.

Russian tramp fleet on way to Philippines. 1781.

. Yanks face death. (etc.) 25116-25125.

Bergdoll, U. S. draft dodger. [etc.] 30460, 30461. Bibesco (E. A.) Fir & the palms.

48230-48270. Bk. of facts. 25371. Burgess (Gelett) Goop d'alogues.

[etc.] 36217-36225, 42425-42463,

48517-48562. Chicago daily tribune. Allied

agents visit armies. [etc.] 7976-7986.

Allied treaty with Turk [etc.] 11146-11192.

Army & navy back 24 hr. war ultimatum [etc.] 3633436372.

- Arrest solves Chicago WOmen's loss. [etc.] 4878618818.

At last-that Molla vs. Suzanne duel to be fought. [etc.] 15308-15321.

Boost Ruhrpay to 75,000) marks. [etc.] 30433–30455.

British premiers pledge support to state cables (etc.) 42588-42614.

Bul. (etc.) 170–173, 1939– 1941, 20395-20431.

Envoy of Pope resents rebuff. [etc.] 25350-25362.

Flo Leeds, incog, jars shipmates. [etc.] 4579_4583. Chicago Sunday tribune. Fire side games.

7990-7992, 1120011208.

German schl. children dead. [etc.] 174, 175.

Illicit traffic in drugs runs Allied cordon. 25369, 25370.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Order to clean up

clean up Paris. 30458.

Respite to Jugo-Slavia. 36378.

Saxon cabinet defies order. 42624.

Tongue twister. 20435, 20436.

$10,000.00 in cash prizes. 1948. Clayton (Eleanor) German rail

men offer French peace. 112-46. Clayton (John) All Germany

feels French thumbscrews. [etc.] 11247-11265.

Allies bow to Turks. [etc.] 4605-4614.

Ask police aid. [etc.] 2046420487.

Avoids reichstag row. [etc.] 48877-48917.

Bavaria dies Kaiser flag. [etc.] 36401-36415.

Bavarian break near. [etc.] 42658-42692.

Belgians take more of Ruhr. [etc.] 8016-8020.

Berlin guards doubled [etc.] 30484-30502.

Berlin offers. [etc.] 1535215360.

Berlin parties prepare. [etc.] 25402-25416.

Bul. [etc.] 186–191. Cornyn (J. H.) Artillery in west. [etc.] 49217-49224.

Drawn pistols mark big finale. [etc.] 224, 226.

Engineer finds buried Mexican city [etc.] 3064430649.

Essen becomes excited. [etc.] 1968-1974.

Obregon attacks booze. 20647.

Obregon soon to shake up
Mexico cabinet. 2003.
Police fire


kill Vera Cruz port strikers. [etc.] 4700, 4701.

Tribune finds Yank held by Mexican band. 36634.

U. S. consulate bombed. 25566. Craig (Elizabeth) All soc. of London at Field wedding. [etc.]

20676, 20677 Amer. Soc. finds recreation. 36665.

Amers., dominant at Engl. court. [etc.] 30685-30688.

Five queens see niece of king wed. 49262.

Swedish prince. 42884. . Curran (Hugh) Cosgrave party

takes lead in Irish elections. [etc.] 36684_36687.

De Valera sees sure victory. [etc.] 3072430727.

Dublin again under fire. 11374.

Dublin under arms. [etc.] 20735, 20736.

Hunger strike ends. [etc.] 49292, 49293.

Irish dail will quit Saturday. 25621.

Irish republic chief in south sees peace near. 2030.

Two free State troops shot in Dublin sts. 15528. Cusi (Fernando) Capture red

governor. [etc.] 49299-49301. Dailey (Charles) Agent in Tokio

asks boycott of Japan silk. [etc.] 42928 42911.

Amer. radio experts defeat Japan in China. [etc.] 20745, 20746.

Bandits hold U. S. army men. [etc.] 25629-25611.

Cabinet awaits fight results in China revolt. [etc.] 15534,

. 15535.

Canton in panic. 2032.

China cabbages securities. [etc.] 11376-11378.

China organizes to oust soviets. 246.

China ready to war if powers demand control. (etc.] 36692-36703.

Chinese battle foreign ships on great rivers. [etc.] 4931149317

Intrigues rob Gen. Wu of
Chinese power. 4762.
Red army

lines Manchu border. 8181. Day (Donald) Army moves up. (etc.) 8200-8204.

Bus, in Russia. 15558.

Finns reject ultimatum of Moscow rulers. [etc.] 43080, 43081.

French fail in parley. [etc.] 275, 276.

League permits Lithuanians to control Jemel. [etc.] 1811, 4842.

Lithuania wins big diplomatic fight. (etc.) 11402-11406.

New war in east Europe. 2077. Russia Wages

on plague. 20771.

Cheke renews terror. [etc.] 19487-49489.

Russian clergy appeals to U. S. [etc.]

[etc.] 25664, 25665. Russians

adopt redskin tactics. 36785. Dickson (Harris) Old reliable.

25712-25714, 36876-36878.


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Chicago tribune-Continued.

Donahey (William) Teenie

Weenies 11443–11446. Eckersall (Walter) Levi. [etc.]

49729. Ewing (Donald) Army inquiry

into Cronkhite killing faulty.

[etc.] 20977-20985. Fendrick (Raymond) Air mas

sacre of Hottentots stirs league. [etc.] 37215_37238

Allies back Turk. [etc.] 25929-25953.

Amers. quit parley to balk opium nations. [etc.] 3133731303

Anti-baby drug. [etc.] 21038-21044.

Bavaria troops mobilize. [etc.) 43474 43487.

Boyden speech before Allies given to public. [etc.] 22342238.

Bul., Paris. [etc.] 11634– 11643.

Czecho-Polish parley in Apr. [etc.] 15831, 15832

Farm leader to ask 150 millien Gorman credits. [etc.] 50044–50051.

Foch asks for more troops. [etc. l 8380-8384.

Poor in Nancy eagerly await return of Coue. [etc.]

Fischer (John) Moscow yields to

Yank relief. 11658.
Gallico (A. T.) Men's fashions.

George (W. L.) Two Marjories.

51341. Gibbons (Floyd). African blacks

strive to end white man rule. [etc.] 37502-37505.

African chiefs in U. S. cars. [etc.] 50354-50364.

Algeria—where east meets west. [etc.] 21252-21254, 26113-26115

Amer. ships dip into coast trade of Africa. [etc.] 4373143735.

Photographer of Tribune's Sahara expedition. [etc.] 31566. 31567.

Yankees thread Africa chasms. 2299. Graven (W. S.) Many Amers. at

tend opening of world court.

31635. Gunner (G. A.) Soviet Utopia

winter horror to hungry men.

Hill (W. E.) Amateur

Amateur night. [etc.] 8640–8642.

Art museum [etc.] 38009 38017

At the throat specialists. [etc.] 50747-50754.

Canned goods. [etc.] 31886-31890. Charades. [etc.]

21400 21402.

Comic relief. [etc.] 16150, 16151.

Corner grocery. [etc.] 26344-26349.

Hospitality [etc.] 41014 44017.

In the suburbs. [etc.] 11882–11885.

Matinee girl. 492.
Merry Christmas. 5220.

Mystery play. 2409.
Hough (Emerson) Mother of

gold. 44067-41079. Jenson (Edgar) Broker's man.

2505. Kelly (Raymond Wonderful ad

ventures of the dog club. 38282

38292, 44364-44369, 51228-51235. Kuhn (Bert) Big tidal waves cause millions loss. 12233.

U. S. army bosses. 38375.

White Sox rookie at W. of Hawaii. 8848. Lahn (Hugo) Roumania army

fights Magyars. 560. Lee (Robert) Blame ruffian elements. (etc.) 5450-5453.

Governor lets La. take up Klan burden. [etc.] 574–577.

Portrait of old Skip, klan chief, is drawn. 2598. Little (R. H.) Barkless airdales

of Hollywood. [etc.] 44555 4458.

Not Hollywood. (etc.) 51545–51551. Lowe (Corinne) After the clock strikes six. 12317.

Colorful wardrobes are going sonthward. 590.

Fashion winners at the horse show. [etc.] 5157551578.

Footnotes from the footlights. 8926.

Orange & yellow featured. 16705.

Snowline brings out a new sports dressline. [etc.] 2642, 2643.

These horse show costumes. 5496. McCutcheon (J. T.) Heirat

large [etc.] 2650. 38591-38596. 44633–44635.

os. 1-12, 1923

McEvoy (J. P.) Potters. 605,

2652, 2653, 5518, 12346-12352, 16762, 16763, 21981 - 21983, 26780 26784, 38598 - 38608,

44639-44644, 51678–51685. Makin (William) Pussyfoot bids

Afr'ca join U. S. 44720. Mallabar (W. L.) Amer. rates

blanket Canada. [etc.) 44721, 44722.

Hughes' offer still open to Europe. 51800. Mantle (Burns) Henry Miller,

disguised by beard. 22062. Matheson (Roderick) Floods

wipe out refuge homes. [etc.] 44785-14794.

Hawkes' father victim. [etc.] 38738-38749.

Japanese urge moderation of land law. [etc.] 51897-51899. Japs encircle red envoy. 12428.

People demand vote in Japan. 9010.

Police disperse Japan outcasts. 22086.

Tokio rejects red ultimatum. 26862. Miller (E. P.) Cremation of dead

in Tokio. 38952. Moran (Casey) Send women to

U. S. 52125.
Myers (Jack) Australia for
U. S. act. 2777.

Fears for Australia. 39049.

approve Purnell colony. 45046.

Sydney holds services. 27085. Neilsen (John) Germany makes

a new plea. 39092. Newell (M. O.) Built to cling

to bread and water figures. [etc.] 53718-54721.

Caped sheath dress. [etc.] 12997, 12998. Centuries of

bridals open wardrobes. (etc.) 9333, 9334.

Coat kinys. [etc.] 2274822751.

Commencement frocks. [etc.] 27459-27463.

Dame fashion. [etc.] 45341-45346.

Detecting the big idea of the little import. [etc.] 17826, 17827.

Eclipsing the cloche proves difficult. Tetc.) 39202, 39212. Oliver (Owen) Messenger of

peace. 53889. Pierson (Joseph) Bus. men in

Vera Cruz. [etc.] 2766427667.

Bus. men of Mexico [etc.] 39473-39479. Powell (J. B.) Amers. in Shanghai [etc.] 39530-39537.

British expect to return huge Boxer indemnity. 6338.

Fate of China hangs on battle. [etc.] 54177, 54178.

Live in temple fort. 27704.

Powell writes from China [etc.] 27705, 27706.

Quake alters polit. face of Far East. [etc.] 45670-45676.

Red envoy to Peking opposes Chinese soviet. 13160. Ray

(Tad) Herron's bust. [etc.] 27785-27793.

U. S. golfers play in rain. 33865. Rickenbacker (E. V.) Flying

without wings. 27833. Rue (Larry) Allied ships to sa

lute Turks as peace is signed. [etc.] 39753-39766.

Allies beg Turk to let pet bars serve liquors. [etc.] 33957-33967.

Allies trick U. S. at every turn. [etc.] 45852-45863.

Amers. win deal to rebuild most of Turkey. [etc.] 2311223123.

Await Ismet's rept. [etc.] 13314-13327.

Bavaria defies Berlin. [etc.] 54499–54507.

Berlin bewails threat. [etc.] 3225-3230.

Berlin resists to end. [etc.] 9620-9627.

French shoot Ruhr rioters. [etc.] 974-978.

German labor demands. [etc.] 6500–6503.

Greeks want war [etc.] 27877-27882.

Turk & Serb agree. [etc.] 18273-18275. Ryan (Thomas) Assassins deal blow. [etc.] 13332-13313.

Bad eggs force more Britons to quit campaigns. [etc.] 54529-54545.

Beating sword into plow. [etc.] 39770_39785.

Bergdoll brags of killing, [etc.] 33975-33979.

Delay hunger vote. [etc.] 23147-23152.

Delay Rhine republic. [etc.] 45873_15880

De Valera still chief obstacle. Tetc.) 980–982


Divide lands among people. 3232.

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