Lapas attēli

pt. i, n. s., v. 20

Cass & Johansing. Pertinent facts Cave (F. A.): about insur. 36315.

Cancer. 20352. Cass Co., Neb., map. 10533.

Electronic reactions of Abrams. Cassiday (C. H.) Strange case of

48726. Frank Adams. 48719.

Cave Spring, Ga., map. 24415. Cassie (Alys) Russian princess. Caverly (Frank) In Wall st. 14237. 48720.

Caverly (R. B.) Ann. cyclopedia of Cassidy (J. D.) Common sense about

insur. in the U. S. 30016. white diarrhoea. 15244.

Cavileer (J. W.) Model boat bldg. Cassidy (P. E.) Rept. of a special in

11109, vestigation. 36316.

Cawood (R. L.) Patterson foundry Castellanos (Antonio) Francisco

& machine CO. Paint making. Villa. 42556.

22877. Castenholz (W. B.):

Cawthra (T. A.) & co., inc. New Higher accountancy. 36317, 42557.

York (City) Decorative furnisher Manual of income tax procedure.

direct. 39117. 15245

Cecil (Robert) Cecil says America Castleisland linen co. Linen salesman.

will enter league. [etc.] 15248 36318.

15250. Cat fanciers assn., inc. Stud bk. &

Cedar Lake, Ind., map. 10534–10537.

Cedar Lake realty Co. Cedar Lake, png

7957. Catalany (Myrian) pseud. See Bar

Ind., map. 10534–10537. rère-Affre (Mme.)

Cedar Rapids, Ia. Credit rating rept.

4558. Catastrophe européenne. 7956.

Cedar Rapids, Ia., direct. 36320. Ca'e J. E.) Brief hist. of N. H.

Cedar Rapids, Neb., map. 14419. 48083.


Cedar Rapids bus. college co. (aie. In (Jacques) Marchand de

fourth yr. bk. 30390. plaisirs. 10707.

Cedar Rapids savings bank & trust Catedral church of St. John the Di

$1,000 cash plan. 36321. vine (Laymen's club of the) Hall

Cedartown, Ga., map. 24416. (E. H.) Guide to the Cathedral

Celite products co. church. 456.

Insulation of oil

storage tanks. [etc.] 48727, 48728. Catholic art cal. 42558.

Cello products, inc. : Catholic church. Catechism of Chris

Build your greenhouse without tian doctrine. 48723, 48724.

glass. (etc.) 36322, 36323. Catholic education press. Ward (Jus

Cel-o-glass. 48729. tine) Music fourth yr. 9998.

Cenerazzo (--) Mamma luntana. Catholic home ann. 25320.

3833. Catholic laymen's assn. of Ga. Cath

Cennerazzo (A.) A vigilia é Natale olics & educa. 30388.

a Napoli. 34979. Catholic press direct. 30389.

Centemeri (P) & co. Story of wool Catholic students' mission crusade:

hose. 15251. Crusade act of faith. 1913.

Centenary art calendar. Methodist Dreamer awakes. 14187.

Episcopal church. 48731. Shield. 13429.

Centers of early civilization, map. Catholic teleg. almanac. 7957.

29626. Catlin (A. G.):

Centerville, Md., map. 35454. . Duluth needs a waterway. 7958.

Central bank co.: Works of man. 15246.

Dividend on every dollar. [etc.) ('aton (I. L.) Games & sports for

30391-30393. schl, and community. 42559.

Dollar that comes back. 20353. Caubison (Henry) Modern miss.

Make money. 1914, 4559, 7959, 19321.

11110-11112. Cauley (R. H.) What's the use. That first dollar. 15252. 36319.

Central branch Y. M. C. A. See Y. M. Cavacchioli (Enrico):

C. A. (Central branch) Allegoria della primavera. 41279. Central bus. college catalog. 25321. Cammello. 24069.

Central City, Ky., map. 29221. Cavanah (Frances) Transfiguration Central City. Neb., map. 7444. of the gifts. 47409.

Central City bus. schl. Girl from CenCavanaugh (D. D.) Town lot poultry tral City. [etc.] 20354, 20355. keeping. 15247.

Central electric traffic assn. Central Cavanor (H. C.) Tooth brush man's States, map. 1342, 19490. own bk. 48725.

Central Falls, R. I., map. 29463.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Central freight assn. territory, map. 25328, 30395-30398, 42562-42566, 29223.

4873148740. Central land bur. Guide bk. 20356. Century chemists, inc. Houser ('entral Maine power co.

Securities (Ruth). Hair beautiful. 8668. dept, sales manual. 42560.

Century co.: Central natl. bank, Battle Creek. Best Andrews (M. H.) Dorothy's ad. known city. [etc.] 20357–20361.

venture in Bedroom land. Central natl. bank, Waco, Tex. Mak

30011. ing Waco a textile center. 13910.

Boys & girls from Hebrew hist. Central natl. bank of Phila. N. Y.

19172. bankers' holiday cal. [etc.] 20362. Cloud that lifted. 28828. 20363.

Commonwealth of God. 19192*. Central natl. bank savings & trust co.

Forman (S. E.) Govt. in IndiProblems. 36324.

ana. 8456. Central New Hampshire telep. co.

Founders of the faith. 47230. Telep, direct. 1915, 36325.

Kilduff (E. J.) Vocabulary Central oil & gas stove co.

builder notebk. 16476. More heat. 42561.

Marble (A. R.) Boys & girls Quick heat for cooking. [etc.]

from Hebrew hist. 16830. 48731, 48732.

Mattoon (L. L.) Services for the Central Pocahontas coal co. Hamp

open. 16863. ton Roads schedule. 161.

Parker (C. B.) Cent. church bul Central pub. house. Becker (R. A.)

17994. In Jesu namen. 14948.

Pike (M. E.) Christmas program. Central rubber & Supply Co. Auto

54119. mot ve equipment. 11113.

Religious dramas, 1924. 47363*. Central savings bank :

Smith (H. A.) Commonwealth of Are you doing all you should.

God. 18558. [etc.] 11114-11124.

Story of the Cent. co. 18674. Sailing along. 15253.

Century elec. co. Century alternating Central schls. Y. M. C. A. See Y. M.

and direct current fans. 1918. C. A. (Central schls.)

Ceredo, W. Va., direct. 48741. Central scientific co.:

Cerini (P. V.) Procedure for farm Catalog F. 25322.

loans. 3692. Lab. apparatus. 1916.

Cervin & Horn. Rock Island, Ill., Wendt's electro-titration appa

map. 24624. ratus. 7960.

Chad Burr's legacy. 10931. Central soc. of physical therapeutists.

Chadbourn (F. W.) Leap-yr. chart. Ann. convention. 48733.

48742. Central stamping co. Model rec pes.

Chadwick (C. W.) Christian science. 1917.

1919, 1920.

Chadwick Central States, map.

(Lester) Baseball Joe. 1342, 19490,

15271. 29222.

Chadwick (0. L.) Dear I want you Central States pub. co.:

near. [etc.] 30399–30101. Illinois, map. 35485.

Chaffee (G. B. F.) Hog of the road. Pennsylvania, map. 35537–35545.

36326. Central supply co. Catalogue. 11125.

Chaffee (G. W.) Chaffee's system of Central trust co. Bank guarantee credit anal. 1921. certificate. [etc.] 7961, 7962.

Chagnon & co. Most widely discussed Central trust co. of Des Moines. Life

French novels. 20364. as the courts find it. 15254–15262.

Chain belt co. ' Rex chain and conveyCentral trust co. of Ill.:

ors. 30402. Questions we refer to attorneys. Chaîne (Pierre) Dieux ont soif. 25322.

47203. Voluntary trust explained. [etc.]

Chalmers (A. F.) King's cupbearer. 15263, 15264.

47278. Why a will & how. 4560.

Chalmers (Jean) Washington monuYour securities in our care.

ment. 4561. 11126.

Chalmers (T. M.) Present condition Centre pub. co. Sears philosophy mes- of Israel. 15272. senger. 9682.

Chalmers pub. co. Griffiths (John) Century adv. service, inc. Beau Brum- Lens chart. 31651.

mel. [etc.] 162-164, 7963–7965, Chambellan (P. L.) Investor & the 11127-11129, 15265-15270, 25324- income tax. 1922.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Chamber of commerce and commer. Chapin (B. E.) Polit. regulation.

club of Salt Lake City. Salt Lake [etc.] 165, 166. City the center of scenic Amer. Chapin (C. S.) Applied Eng. 1923. 30403.

1924. Chamberlain (Allen) Romance of a Chapin (Frederick) Behind locked

New England mountain settlement. doors. 3730. 25329.

Chapin (L. S.): Chamberlain (C. W.) Uncommon Dec. program. 48750.

sense of applied psychology. 42567 Oct. program. 42569. Chamberlain (E. T.) Pet recipes. Chapin (N. D.)

Chapin (N. D.) Ry. traffic manage30104.

ment. 12264. Chamberlain (J. E.) Thomas Wm. Chapin (R. A.) Chapin combination: Parsons. 20366.

form for real estate transfers. Chamberlain (Percy) :

30406. Chamberlain (Percy) associates. Chaplin (A. W.)

Chaplin (A. W.) Three pegs. 7387. Appleby used car plan. 42568. Chaplin (C. S.): Get the money talks. 20365.

Lucky strike. 47290. Chamberlain (Percy) associates, inc. Pilgrim. 1612. Fundamentals of the Appleby plan.

Public opinion. 3864. 18743.

Woman of Paris. 29133. Chamberlain (W. D.) Rept. of a Chapman (Allen) Ralph on the midspec. investigation. 48744.

night flyer. 15275. Chamberlain, Itd. French-Amer. bank. Chapman (B. D.) First degree ritual.

$1000.00 security acct. 31502, 31503. 48751. Chambers (K. D.) What the human Chapman (Frank): progress assn. is. 48745.

How to solder. 12570. Chambers ptg works.

World your

When soft soldering is to be done. field. 4562.

36328. Chambliss (L. A.) Selling trust serv- Chapman (Frank E.) Rept. of com. ice. 7966.

on floors. 15276. Champion coated paper


Chapman (Frederick E.) Little pollycities. 11130.

woggs. 30407. Champlin (S. G.):

Chapman (J. C.) Classification test. Invisible assassin. 10298.

1925. In Mother Goose land. 14234. Joseph & his brethren. 14244.

Chapman (J. W.) Gallup, V. M., map. Chance (L. M.)

29295. Bradley's straight line picture cut-outs. 36327, 18746.

Chapman (K. E.) By the old mill.

25331. Chance (V. H.) Puget Sound. 15273. Chance co. Gen. code direct. [etc.]

Chapman (K. M.) As it was in the

beginning. 35002. 48747, 48748. Chancellor (W. R.) Pract. guarantee

Chapman (O. M.) Chapman drums. fund. 25330.

48752. Chandler (L. A.) Co-operative profit- Chapman (P. W.) & co., inc. Every

sharing investment assn. Gold bond. man's income tax. 25332. 25.545.

Chapman (S. H.) U. S. cents of the Chandler (W. H.) Express service &

yr., 1794. 36329. rates. 15274.

Chapman natl. bank. Check bks. & Chandler & co.:

vision. [etc.] 30408–30409. Agassiz (Garnault) Harnessing Chapter A D, P. E. 0. See P. E. 0. a natural resource. 29832.

(Chapter A D Investment features of the Charity organization soc. Ever heard chain store. 19879.

a baby yell at night. 48753. Millinery. 7968, 30405.

Charles (W. W.) Diamond dust co. Chandler & Taylor. Prosser para- Shave with pleasure. 4857. graphs. 48749.

Charles pub. co. Immortal. 48754. Chaney (Jack) Foolish questions. Charles William stores, inc. : 20367.

Ann. mid-summer spec. sale. Chansky (L. W.) My sweetheart.

15277. 41393.

Ann. spec. sale. 48755. Chant (J. F. de)

de) See De Chant Your bargain bk. 3644, 25333. (J. F.)

Charleston, Ark., map. 1343. Chantler (Everett) :

Charleston, S. C., direct. 25334. Duck's back. 19210.

Charleston, S. C., map. 29224. I want to be queen. 47261.

Charleston, W. Va., map. 1344, 29225. nos. 1-12, 1923

Charleston real estate exchange. Prospectus of the Chausse oil Stand. form lease. 25335.

burner co. 15279. Charlotte, N. C., map. 24417.

Chautauqua schl. of applied salesmanCharlotte republican. Everybody's car. ship. Bk. of Chautauqua wisdom. [etc.] 48756–48759.

42573. Charlton (J. F.) Jasper Co., S. C., Chauta uqua schl, of nursing: map. 35488.

Care of the new-born. [etc.] Charmy (Roland) Heures troubles.

7970, 7971. 30410, 42571.

Difficult situations. [etc.] 11134, Charnwood (G. R. B.) 10 best bks. I

11135. have read. 30411.

Massage of the face and neck. Chart music pub. house:

Clarke's adjustable slide trombone Medical nursing. 20374.

indicator position guide. [etc.] Milk, cereals, fruits. 36332.
1926, 1927.

Chavez (Gonzales) Safety radio sysHuffer's improved saxophone tem. 48765. chart. [etc.] 15278.

Chazel (Henry de) Etoile qui s'éteint. Littig (Frank) Littig's new har- 11136. mony self instructor. 44554.

Cheadle (A. B.) Pin money. 14315. Chart of voyage of Bering & Chirikov,

Cheadle (J. B.) Cases on alienation. map. 1321.

30418. Charter no. 31. See Greeters of Checker cab mfg. corp. Checker cab. America.

20375. Charters (J. A.) Methods of study.

Checkerboard horse chow. 30419 48760.

30421. Chartier (C. E.) Livre de la nature.

Cheer-leader & co. Stutson (Norton) [etc.] 20368_20372.

Blue monday. [etc.] 55373-55424. Chasanor (Moses) Judge the father

Cheerful picture. 1848. less plead. 48761.

Chein'sse (L.) Année thérapeutique. Chase (P. M.) Travel-service club.

10860. 40861, 48762.

Cheley (F. H.) : Chase (S. G.) Milwaukee dustless Leadership fundamentals. 36333.

brush co. Several men will get that Little leads to leadership. 20376. extra $200.00. 5671.

Chelton (H. C.) Safety elec. service Chase (Stuart) Coaching for C. P. A. CO. Contract for electric installaexam. 30412.

tion. 27895. . Chase bros. co. Proctor (Ann) From Chemical catalog co., inc. : the home orchard. 54221.

Chemical eng. catalog. 30422. Chase companies inc. Chase five-let

Distribution list of the chemical ter code. 36330.

eng. catalog. 8233. Chatelain (Etablissements) :

Chemical inst. of New York, inc. Formulaire. 30413.

Sloane (T. O.) Stand. chemistry Symon de Villeneuve (A.) Petit

course. 18551, 40412, 40413. traité des voies respiratoires. Chemical ref. and industrial direct. 9895.

48766. Chattanooga med. co.:

Chenevier (P'erre) Cours de géoméBlack-draught treatment [etc.] trie. 11137-11139. 30414-30416.

Cheney (M. C.) Human anal. 11140. Cardui & black-draught fashion Cheney


C.) Quiver, Harding mag. 1928, 1929, 4563, 4564, high schl. 18164. 7969, 11131, 11132, 20373, 25336, Cheney bros. Presenting the notable 42572, 36331, 48763, 48764.

dress silks of the season. 48767. Cardui cal. & weather chart. 4539. Chenoa, Ill., map.

35455. El almanaque de los cumpleanos Chenoweth (W. B.) Foolin' with para las señoras. 41913.

gasoline, elec. & wind. 30423. Ladies birthday almanac. 12236. Chenoweth & Rettinghouse. Sioux Traitement Cardui. 167.

Falls, S. D., map. 41632. Chattanooga sewer pipe works. Lista Chérau (Gaston) Flambeau des Rifde precios del sur. 30417.

fault. 48768. Chattel loan society of N. Y., inc. Cheraw, s. C., map. 14420. Eleventh ann. rept. 11133.

Cherbonnier (E. G.) Checkerboard Chausse oil burner co.:

chows. 48769. Changse kerosene torches. 25337, Chernoff (Ida) Charm. 4565, 11141. 25338.

Cherokee Co., Ia., map. 29226.

pt. I, n. S., v. 29

Cherrington (E. H.) Anti-saloon Chicago Amer. dress cutting, designleague yr, bk. 14829.

ing & tailoring schl. Chicago Amer. Cherry (F. W.) Natl. thrift club. dress cutting, designing & tailoring Lesson on finan. 22312.

schl. 1938. Chesapeake & Ohio lines, map. 29227

Chicago & North western ry. co. Wis Chesapeake and Potomac telephone

consin, map. 19653. CO.:

Chicago architectural bronze CO. Morgantown, W. Va., map. 7491.

Specimens bronze work. 15293. Telep). direct. 20377, 48770.

Chicago assn. of commerce: Chesapeake & Potomac telep. co. *

Henry (N. B.) Digest of a study assoc.ated cos. Maintenance. 15280.

of pul), educa. (osts. 50700. Chesapeake & Potomac teler. co. Oi

Way to ship. 169. Baltimore City. Telep. direct. 169, Chicago auto. trade assn. Nalt. used 4566, 4567, 15281-15283, 20378

car market rept. 1572, 4573, 11145, 20381, 25339-25341, 48771, 48772.

15294, 15295, 30429, 30430, 42579, Chesapeake & Potomac telep. co. of 42580. Va. Telep. direct. 1930, 1931,

Chicago automotive inst., inc. Les4568. 1569, 11142, 15284-15286, 20378-20388, 25342, 30425, 30426.

son. 48785. 42575, 42576, 48773–43777.

Chicago bird & cage co. Illus. catalog.

42581. Chesapeake & Potomac telep. co. of W. Va. Telep. direct. 1932-1937.

Chicago bldg. trades classified direct. 20389–20392, 25343-25345, 30427,

42578. 30428, 48778448781.

Chicago. Bd. of education. Education Chesapeake Bay Country, map. 10538. div. Illus. manual in math. 15292. Chesapeake Beach, Md., map. 41488. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy r. r.: Chesapeake City, Md., map. 35456.

Amer. wonderland. 30431, 30432. Cheshire (R. M.) Washington family. Bus. of your own in poultryland. 15287.

[etc.] 25348, 25349. Chesman (Nelson) & co. Nelson Ches

Heritage of Lebanon [etc.] 42582man & co's. advtisers' rate bk. 7972.

42585. Chester (Agnes) Spider web coils.

Land of opportunity now. 15296. 11143.

Through the Amer. wonderland.

20394. Chester (Dennie) Underworld. 7973. Chester (Ford) Pure & simple.

Chicago career curriculum. Career47358.

chart. 42586. Chester, N. J., map. 41489.

Chicago college of naprapathy: Chester, Pa., direct. 15288.

All eyes are turning from the Chester & Atherton. Acme of gas.

teeth. [etc.] 4574_4578. 7974.

Countless thousands are sufferChester times, inc. Del. Co. ref. yr.

ing. 7975. bk. 2088.

Chicago custom garment co. Tailor's Chesterton (G. K.) Oracle of the

guide. 42587. dog. 42577.

Chicago daily jour. Background of Chestertown, Md., map. 41490.

Americanism. 15297–15307. Chevrillon (André) N. Y, après Chicago daily tribune: trente ans. 15289.

Allied agents visit armies. [etc.] Chevrolet motor co.:

7976–7986. Manual for Chevrolet dealers. Allied treaty with Turk. [etc.] [eto 1 48782-48783.

11146-11192. Personal & confidential inf. 11144. Army & navy back 24 hr. war ulChew (Abraham) Biog. of Col.

timatum [etc.] 36334-36372. Charles Young. 20393.

Arrest solves Chicago women's Chew (J. A.) War baby. 3906.

loss. [etc.] 48786-48818. Cheyenne, Wy., map. 41491.

At last-that Molla vs. Suzanne ('heyney (E. R.) I, a minor poet.

duel to be fought. [etc.] 48784.

15308-15321. Chiarelli (Luigi) :

Boost Ruhr pay to 75,000 marks Fuochi d' artificio. 10245.

[ete.) 30433-30455. Mask & the face. 10344.

British premiers pledge support to Chicago, Ill., direct. 4570, 15291.

state cables [etc.] 42588Chicago, Ill., map. 1345, 3936, 7445,

42614. 10539, 19491, 24418, 29228, 41492- Bul. [etc.] 170-173, 1939-1944, 41494.


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