Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Liebesschiff. 10321.

Little Main st. stores, inc. Little Louis the XIV. 14264.

Main st. 12307. Makropulos. 7250.

Bate (A. D.) Walker productions. Mutter natur. 10367.

47429. Vörös malom. 47427.

Bate (H. C.) Heart punch. 35156.

() Barzini (Luis) Lo que no te esperas. Bates (A. C.) Barrett (G. E.) & co., 24212.

inc. Comparison of returns. 48088. Bascetta (Alfredo) Mamma Lun- Bates (Blanche) Blanche Bates intana. 3833.

terviews her husband. 20069. Base ball blue bk. 20067.

Bates (C. A.) Short talks on adv. Baseball magazine co.:

30111, 48106. Elias (A. M.) Baseball bat bag. Bates (C. E.) & co. Chicago's most 15728.

important development. [etc.] Lanigan (E. J.) Baseball .cycl. 48119, 48120. 16546.

Bates (C. P.) Lilac Corners. 41371. Who's who in baseball. 18984. Bates (F. V.) Rept. of a special inBashaw (G. W.) Relative piston dis- vestigation. 48121. placement. 36061.

Bates (G. E.) Off. freight shipper's Bashkirtseff (Marie) Journal. 7747, guide. 878. 14934.

Bates (J. V.) Exclusive interview by Basic feeds co.:

Scotch girl. 20070. Basic prins. of chick welfare. Bates (K. L.) Little Robin Stay-be4325.

hind & other plays. 41371**. Basic ways to boost bus. 1763. Bates (L. A.) Introductory speeches. Twixt brooder & laying house. [etc.] 19109, 19110. 30110.

Bates (M. B.) Rept. of a spec. inBasil (H.) :

vestigation. 42171. Persia expects farm. [etc.] Bates (W. H.) Aids to perfect sight. 48100, 48101.

42172. Yankee in Persia seizes estates.

Bates (Wm. H.) Illinois, ma). 42168.

41531. Bass (J. D.) Natl. auto safety assn.

Batesville, Ark., map. 24402. Prospectus. 39057.

Bathurst (A. Hervey-) See HerveyBass (W. A.) Great conflict. 4326.

Bathurst (A.) Bassen (Hymen):

Baton Rouge, La., map.

35441. Back to God. 35011. Zurick zu zich. 19464.

Batt (J. Cossley-) See Cossley-Batt Basset (W. E.) Scientific treatise on

(Jill) the correction of speech defects.

Batten (George) co., inc. : 25080.

Do adv. men believe. 25081.


Follies of 1922. 4327.
Basset (W. R.):
Creating new markets at home.

Most disgraceful thing in the adv.

bus. 1764. 48102. Where management falls down.

Spoiled by good adv. (etc.) 20068.

36063, 36064. Bassford (Wallace)

Two moves. 20071. Thrifty Dick's almanack. 48103.

Why not Jojack? 30112. Bassi (Frères) Autumn gardening.

Batten (S. Z.) Why not try Chris36062.

tianity? 20072.

Battery pts. corp. Separator. 4328. Bassick co. For floor protection.

Battle (J. R.) co., inc. 2 big prob10911.

lems. 14936. Bastian-Morley co. Rept. of investi

Battle Creek, Mich., map. 24403. gating com. 10912.

Battle Creek food co.: Batavia, N. Y., direct. 42169.

Diabetic diet table. (etc.) Batchelder (E. E.) Rept. of a spec.

42173-42176. investigation. 48104.

Message to American mothers. Batchelder (F. M.) Co. Uniforms &

14937. equipment. 42170. Batchelder (Mildred) Teachers' man

Battleboro, N. C., map. 41616. ual. 14935.

Baty (R. E.) Workman's manual. Batchelder, Wilson Co. Batchelder

25082. tiles. 48105.

Pauer (Inez) Success. 14356. Batchelor (Bronson) inc. :

Bauer (Julius) Kongress tanzt. Let's play store. 10913.


pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Bauer & Black. Bauer & Black detail Bazin (René) Lectures françaises. manual. 30113.

48126. Baughan (E. A.) Knights of Amer- Bazzi (Maria) Medusa. 10349. ica. 21785.

Beach (E. L.) jr. Burning torch. Baughman (O. F.) Baughman plan 41299. for payment. 30114.

Beach (F. L.) Int.-date cal. 30117. Baum (A. J.) Making a record. Beach (F. W.) Austin topics.

. 25084. 11272.

Beach (Lewis) See Beach (E. L.) Baum (Frank) Finan. success. jr. 7748.

Beach (R. W.) & co. Taylor (L, R.) Baumgartner (Paul). Graymaroon.

Getting the most out of your coal 21307.

pile. 55535.

Beach (Rex): Baun (R. W. de.) See De Baun

Cub reptr. 25085. (R. W.)

Ten bks. I have enjoyed most. Bausch & Lomb magazine. 48122.

36066. Bausch & Lomb optical co.:

Beach Haven, N. J., map. 1319.
Bausch & Lomb magazine. 36065,

Beach royalties corp. Sheegog (E. 12177, 48122.

Location of the opthalmic lens.

Speaking of royalties. 23270.

Beacon Falls rubber shoe co. Top 12178.

notch dealer cooperation. 14910. Bawden bros., inc. Binc. 4379, 7861, | Beacon folding machine co. Beacon 15014. 36106, 48283.

catalog & price list. 14941.4 Bax (Clifford):

Beacon press, inc. :
Square pegs. 24190*.

Laskey (E. De B.) Here am I.
Up-stream. 3905, 47418.

38409. Baxter (D. C.):

Nativity, & Consecration of Sir
Moonshine. 28992, 28993.

Galahad. 41394*.
Zarah, the maid of Babylon. Beadle (Charles) Lost cure. 4330.

. . 29141.

Beagle (M. S.) Growth of Amer. Baxter (F. P.) Three heavens. fashion. 47239. 14106.

Beahan (Charles) Arise & walk. Baxter (Garrett) :

35001. Of sanction. 20073.

Beale (C. W.) Kappa alpha lawyers.

) Social const. 4329.

51167. Baxter (George) Moonshine. 28992, Beale (W. C.) To every dog his day. 28933

10914. Baxter (L. W.) Psychol. moments.

Beaman (F. J.): 1763).

Broadway's daughter. 19174.

Cohen's kiss. 35060. Baxter piano co. Final windup.

Mayor of Queensbury. 19315. [etc.] 1766, 1767.

Shrinking violet. 19399. Bay (Mansfield) pseud. See. Moller

Village postmaster. 10480. (C. X.)

Way of the world. 19445. Bay City bank:

Beane (A. L.) Devil's anvil. 14942. Safe investments. [etc.] 20074,

Beans (E. D.) Opportunity. 30118. 20075.

Bear brand hosiery Co. Making of Santa's message to Christmas

world-famous hosiery. 25087. savers. 25083.

Beard (D. C.): Bay Path inst. Ann. cat. 48123.

Dan Beard outdoor schl. for boys. Eayard (L. R.) Questioner. Questioner. 24293.

4331. Bayer (R.) Dyeing of woolen &

Ten bks. I have enjoyed most. worsted yarns. 48124.

36067. Bayfield, Wis., map. 35442.

Beard (J. T.) Coal age catechism. Baylor co., Tex., map. 41478.

14943 Bayne (Barbara) Royal favorites.

Beard (P. A.) Party from the South. 7719.

47122. Bayne (S. F.) City Engl. bks. 14938, Beard (Patten): 14939, 30115, 30116.

Cinderella's May party. 47183. Bayou Gaula., La., map. 1318.

Fairy ring. 47219. Bayston (J. R.) :

Little pageant of story books. Chicago automotive inst.,

inst.. inc.

47283. Lesson. 48785.

Penelope's Thanksgiving. 47314. Fusing metal on steel with weld

Robinson Crusoe's princess. 47366. ing torch. [etc.] 48125.

Wislı garden. 47449.

nos. 1-12, 1923


Beard (W. D.) Big ques. in bus. Beckert (R. F.) Athena. 30044. 14944.

Beckett (Joe) Beckett would fight Beardslee chandelier mfg. co. Dis

Siki. 14950. tinctive designs. 1768.

Beckham (Alice) See Foote (A. B.) Beardsley (H. J:) Joseph. 19280. Backham Co., Okl., map. 14404. Beare (Cornelia) Hamlet. 4332. Beckhardt (G. G.) Fortuna's fan rerBeaston (F. W.) Through the male. ()

elations. 42181. 19419.

Beckhardt & Beckhardt. Fortuna's Beaton (J. R.) co., inc. :

fan. 42182. Hosiery as you like it. 48127. Beckington (L, B.) Columbia readers. We can help you. 7750.

1817, 7825. Beatrice, Neb., map. 29172.

Beckjord (P. A.) Beckjord's Twin Beattie (Merle) Silent reading sto- Cities paper direct. 1769. ries. 21349.

Beckley (Earl) Athena. 30044. Beatty (E. W.) Bus. of your own. Beckley-Cardy co.: 42179.

Cooke (E. V.) Cheerful children. Beatty & co., inc. Making your bus.

49175. safe. 71.

Donahey (William) Teenie Beaty (E. M.) He ne'er forgot the

Weenie land. 49603. prayer. 25088.

Patriotic entertainments. 47342. Beaumarchais (P. A. C. de) Mariage Smith (L. R.) Two hundred de Figaro. 35094*.

games that teach. 55040.

. Beaumont (Gerald) :

Beckley Ralston co. Catalog. [etc.] Blue ribbon. 25090.

14951, 14952. Lil' ol' red stockings. 14945.

Beckmann (L.) co. Surveying instruOh, Susanna. 36068.

ments. 10919. Beaumont (R. H.) co.:

Beckstrom (Theodor) Buddy Ameri-
Beaumont cable. 25089.

ca's unidentified soldier. 73.
Coal & ashes handling systems. Beckwith (M. W.) :

Christmas mummings in Jamaica. Beaumont (R. L.) Ductless glands.

48129. 25091.

Folk games of Jamaica. 14953. Beaumont, Tex., direct. 14946.

Beckwith co. Gas range. 4335. Beaumont, Tex., map. 29173, 35143. Bedaine (H. S.) Drovers jour. travBeaunier (André):

eler abroad. 20076. Assassinée. 4334.

Bedell (E. L.) Job sheets household Irène exigeante. 36069.

mechanics. 25093. Beautex labs., inc. Art of lasting love- Bedell co. Bedell fashion cuts. 1770, liness. 10915.

4336, 7760.

7760. 14954, 20077, 25094, Beautiful animals. 25092.

36070. 42183, 48130. Beaver, Ky., map. 29174.

Bedford-Downs ordnance Co. Downs Bechdolt (F. R.):

(D. G.) Historical,

Historical, explanatory. Forgotten expedition. 10916, 10917. 31037. Most consummate villain. 30119.

Bedford-Jones (Henry) : Bechhofer (C. E.) Chief thing. 24080.

Mormon Valley. 48133. Beck (H. L.) Somebody's stenog.

Sheriff of Pecos. 42189. 19402.

Up the China Sea. 30120. Beck (J. M.) Supreme ct. of the U. S.

Bedout ptg. co. Keys to selling by 42180.

letter. 48134. Beck (R.) Scott (D. B.) Auto. routes

Bee (M. C.) Disease simplified. of O. 27967.

[etc.] 3685-3690. Beck (W. M. de) See De Beck (W. M.)

Beebe (E. F.) Cousin Cornelia. Beck (W. V. de) See De Beck (W. V.)

28839. Becker (Bob) : Big ram of Glacier Mt. 72.

Beebe (William) Ten bks. I have enIn the game land of Alaska. 7751,

joyed most. 30121.

Beecher (H. B.) : 10918, 14947. Becker (F.) asphaltum roofing co.:

Common things for common peoKnow your roof. [etc.] 7752

ple. 25086. 7759.

Scroll. 48135, 48136.

. Sales manual. 14949.

Beeckman (Mrs. Cornelius) Correct Becker (R. A.) In Jesu namen.

manners. [ etc. ] 25096, 30122, 14948.

36071-36076, 42190–42197, 48137Becker, Ryan & co. Columbia medal

48143. lions. 48128.

Beeler (G. L.) Bus. handles. 10920.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Beeman (Otis) Far in the lead. Belcher & Cox. Los Angeles, Calif., 48144.

map. 29349. Beer (A. R. de) See De Beer (A. R.) Belden (P. D.): Beer (Thomas) Black moon. 48145. Bus. bldg. conduct. 36077, 36078, Beers (L. G.) Area card. 48146.

30127-30130, 42200_42201. Beeston (L. J.):

Your telep. 10922. Red dancer. 1771.

Belden mfg. co.: Volsham the crook. 25102.

Beldenmold molded pieces. 42202. Begeman (Louis) Lab. exercises. Electrical wire cable and cordage. 30123.

36079. Beggs, Okl., map. 29175.

Belfast, Me., map. 41479. Behan (M. E.):

Belgium, map. 29298. Lotta wear hosiery co. Additional

Belgrade Lakes, Me., map. 29176. instructions for mending hosiery

Belington, W. Va., map. 14405. ladders. 38509.

Bell (A. T.) Once a little acorn. Prolonging the usefulness of silk

36080. hosiery. 32406.

Bell (Carola) : Behl (E. J.) Their honor, the mayor. 47401.

Fairy four-leaf. 7140, 19222*. Behr (E. E.) Clara held as hostage.

Fairy Tale Wood. 14198.

Land of the Glad Heart. 14254. 10921. Behr (J. J.) Roosevelt housing assn.

Pageant of Chunn's Cove. 14306. Roosevelt housing assn. 6476.

Peter. 14313. Behr bros. & co.

Bell (F. G.) Know yourself. 1774. Dr. Hans Von

Bell (Frank) Christian science. 1773. Bulow. [etc.] 48147-48150. Behrend (E. E.) King Tut's magic

Bell (J. C.) Why the hooded men seal ring. 7762.

take the law in their own hands.

10926. Behrendt (Alexander) Making a man

Bell (J. J.) Watched. 30131. of him. 88974. Behrens (A. J.):

Bell (J. K.) Puss in the corner.

24292. Getting our healing. [etc.]

Bell (Jack): 30124, 30125. Self helps in treatment. 42198.

Airplane and the eagle. [etc.] Behrens (Gertrude):

25103-25105. Bread from heaven. 48151.

All dressed up in feathers. [etc.]

20081-20087. Sheaf of wheat. 30126. Behrman (S. N.):

Bird of the broken wing. (etc.)

7764. 7765. En route. 3772.

Fraction Jack. 42203. Marie Cahill & her little theatre

Gila monsters & lizards. players. 47300.

[etc.] Myth maker. 35250.

30132, 30133.

Gold hunters. 36081. Behymer (T. J.) Christian pilgrims.

Motor macks. 47180.

[etc.] 10923– Beirne (Deborah) Mona Lisa's last


Prisoners of the fog. 14959. conquest. 24248. Beisel (W. J.) Little talk about

Bell (K. F.) Neue arche. 10927. wheels. 7763.

Bell (Lilian) Land of Don't-want-to.

3824. Beiser (E. T.) Beiser (E. T.) CO.

Wholesale price list. 14958, 48152. Bell (S. E.) Some facts about shale. Beistel (M. M.) Fate. 35111, 35112. 36082. Bekins fireproof storage. Los Angeles, Bell (Ulric) Wilson against Harding Calif., map. 35:02.

court plan. 20088. Belais (Arnold) Belais mfg. co. Lat- Bell (V. M.) Bell recipe file. 42204.

est Y. Y. styles in jewelry. 42199. Bell (Vernon) : Belasco (David):

Safety valve. 3875. Advocate. 7019.

Unclipped wing. 47415. Ballerina. 10165.

Bell (W. H.) Accountants working Blondy. 19170.

papers. 9425. Happy hour. 19255.

Bell telep. co. of Nev. Telep. direct. Laugh, clown, laugh. 28950.

48153, 48154. Merchant of Venice. 1269*.

Bell telep. co. of Pa.: Other Rose. 41400.

Instr. for operating. 10928. She finds her place. 10431.

Line constr.

constr. inc. service wire. Belasco studios. Belasco studios.

36083. 1772.

Private branch exchange. 7766.

nos, 1-12, 1923

Telep. directs. [etc.] 1775, 4338, Bender (Matthew) & co., inc. :

14960 – 14965, 20089-20109, Alexander (H. D.) Bender's hdbk. 25106 - 25111, 30134 - 30136,

7615. 42205, 48155-49182, 18184.

Bender's lawyers' diary ref. bk. Bell telep. co. of Pa. & associated cos. :

Instr. for operating private branch Bender's tax bk. 42206.

exchange switchboards. 1776- Official pasters. 48074.

Bender (William) jr. World's peace.
Outline of operating methods. 42207.

Bender, Moss co.: Training dept. manual. 7767, 7768, B. M. co's cumulative current code. 14967.

30075. Bellamy (F. R.) Boy wanted. 41294. Kerr (J. M. err's cumulative Bellas, Hess & co. N. Y.'s latest spring

current code annot. 16469. & summer styles. 7769.

Bender's lawyers' diary ref. bk. 1779. Belle, Mo., map. 3924.

Benedict (H. L.) $200,000 saving in Belle Fourche, S. D., map. 35444.

factory costs. 48186. Bellefair dress co.:

Benedicto (Valentín) Mis tios no es-
Season's on. 20110.

tán de acuerdo ... 24246.
Typical of the early fall season's Beneficial loan soc. :
vogue. 25112.

Preferred stock. 36084.
Belleville, Kan., map. -19475.

Prospectus. 20111. Bellevue hospital social service bur. Beneke & Kropf mfg. co. Seats, tanks, It would be a fine thing. 30137.

drainboards. 7771. Bellier (S.) Lights. 24206.

Benelli (Sem): Bellinger (L. A.) Who is to blame? Fool there was. 47225. 10494.

Love of the three kings. 7240. Bellingham, Wash., direct. 30138.

Santa Primavera. 41417. Bellows (C. H.) Mortgage invest- Benevolence rescue home work. Bements. 30139.

nevolence rescue home. 25113. Bellows (Jane) Individual exercises Benevolent patriotic order of does of illus. 30140.

U. S. A. Ritual. 30142. Bellows Falls, Vt., direct. 74.

Benham (C. E.) Road to happiness. Belmont (E. R.) In the next room. 42208. 14236.

Benignus (William or Wilhelm): Belmont, N. H., map. 24404.

Alte mühle. 42209. Belnap (C. M.) Unusual designs for In Central Park. 14969. pay envelopes. 4339.

Lenzlied. 7772, 20112. Belo (A. H.) & co. Marshall (Mrs. Benjamin (Claude) Peitsch und ... T. P.) Tell me this. 32593.

10391. Beloit mus. novelty co. How to obtain Benjamin (Louis) Bankers weekly music from a saw. 4340.

advertising review. 25114. Belotti (A. L.) Modern income & ex- Benjamin (René) Soliloque de Maupense record. 48185.

rice Barrès. 48187. Belsito (Innocenzo) Where are you

Benjamin & Kentnor co. Special eastheading? 4341.

ern representatives. 36085. Belton, S. C., map. 1320.

Benjamin elec. mfg. co. Benjamin inBeltramelli (Antonio) Italy's volcanic dustrial lighting equipment. 48188.

dictator. 4342, 4343, 10929, 10930. Benjamin Franklin inst., inc. BankBeltrand (J. B. de) See De Beltrand ing practice. [etc.] 14970–14981. (J. B.)

Benjamine (Elbert): Belts (E. J.) That's my wife. 35373. Brotherhood of light ann. 30245. Beltz (A. H.) True story of my life. Zain (C. C.) Brotherhood of 7770.

light. 56138. Beltz (W. H.) Personality & divinity.

First e ghteen decanates ana4344.

lyzed. 14097. Be-mothered. 4345.

Benner (G. H.) Redemption of ZachBen' Ary (J. S.) See Leibowitz (J. S.) ary Finley. 14325. Ben Day, inc. Ben Day rapid shading Benner (J. H.) Dedemption of Zachmediums. 30141.

ary Finley. 14325. Ben-Ir (Elihu) pseud. See Ginsburg Bennett (Arnold): (Elias)

Don Juan de Marana. 19208. Benavente (Jacinto):

Friend making. 42210. Cigarras hormigas. 24084*.

Ten best bks. I have enjoyed most. Plays. 14318*.


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