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There is, however, one area of scientific data activity in which it is impossible to avoid the detailed attention of those scientists who are expert and specialized in the particular data in question. This area is "evaluation" and lies at the very heart of the requirements of the NSRDS. For instance, the NSRDS has as one of its major outputs data on some physical quantity which it maintains is today's best value with an assigned error as determined by certain expert evaluators in the field. This evaluation function clearly cannot be by-passed for the purposes in mind and is not amenable to computerization since it will usually be derived by painstaking value-judgments to many experimental contributions by an expert in the field. A further example of "evaluation" of a different kind is the supplying of interpolated or extrapolated information where experimental data does not exist; again highly capable scientific experts are essential to provide this information.

It would appear that the basic requirements for a working NSRDS are being set up by H.R. 15638 and by the existing efforts in the field. It should be remembered that this effort must be a continuing one and that full support should be given to it by the scientific, technologic and engineering communities. This will occur only if firm recognition and fiscal support is provided by the Congress not only through the Department of Commerce but also through those other Federal Agencies participating in the system.

Success in the attainment of the objectives of H.R. 15638 will be a major contribution to our nation's eventual technologic strength and position. Very truly yours,

R. F. TASCHEK, Physics Division Leader.


Ann Arbor, July 13, 1966. Hon. WESTON E. VIVIAN, Congress of the United States, District Office, Ann Arbor, Mich.

DEAR DR. VIVIAN : Thank you for your letter of June 28 and for the information in regards to H.R. 15638. I have read through the bill and the amplifying comments and would submit to you my reactions.

1. There is no doubt a very definite need for such standardization of scientific and technical reference data. I have had occasion in my work to use a number of publications which have been put out by the Bureau of Standards and have found them most helpful. In particular I have used NBS Circular 500, "Selective Values of Chemical Thermodynamic Properties” and have found this a most useful and valuable document. I can, however, think of a number of other areas in which such standardization of data would be most helpful and useful. Therefore, I am basically in support of this bill.

2. It seems to me that it should be firmly established that it will be possible for those writing textbooks, handbooks, etc., to have permission to reproduce reasonable amounts of the data in the appendix of such books. In the two thermodynamic books which I have written, I included a brief summary of certain data which was included in NBS Circular 500 and felt it greatly enhanced the value of the book to the student, and served effectively to introduce the students to such data and by appropriate reference and acknowledgment would lead the student to a basic source of additional data. It would seem to me imperative that provision be made for permission to include summaries of such data in various textbooks and handbooks.

3. I believe it will be immediately evident when such a program is launched, that there is a need for experimental work to provide accurate data which is not at present available. We are currently engaged in measurements of such data and in our Thermodynamics Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Consideration should be given to funding and the means by which these funds can be appropriately distributed to insure that work can be done to provide necessary data which is not now available.

4. It would seem to me that some advisory board, which would include an appropriate balance of representatives from Government, industry, and the University, ought to be established to guide in the formulation of policy by which the intent of this bill will be implemented.

I would be pleased to testify in these matters if it would appear to be desirable. However, I'd be very happy to leave these suggestions with you, and have you handle them as you see fit. Again many thanks for bringing this to my attention. Sincerely yours,


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