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[blocks in formation]

Brother Elzear Bedard, of Local Union No. 349, Montreal, Canada. Brother Jas. E. Drummond, of Local Union No. 47, Indianapolis, Ind. Brother P. C. Hansen, of Local Union No. 144, Perth Amboy, N. J.

Brother M. B. Huse, of Local Union No. 558, Corinth, N. Y.

Brother George Farrasan, of Local Union
No. 129, Cleveland, Ohio.
Brother Herman Kastner, of Local Union
No. 499, New York, N. Y.

Brother Chas. A. Mabrey, of Local Union
No. 656, Moberly, Mo.

Brother P. J. Hansen, of Local Union No. 194, Chicago, Ill.

Brother Chas. F. Kunow, of Local Union
No. 31, Syracuse, N. Y.
Brother Geo. Hughes, of Local Union No.
150, Rochester, N. Y.

Brother John Bergquist, of Local Union No. 54, Evanston, Ill.

Brother John Cottier, of Local Union No. 102, Cleveland, Ohio.

Brother M. S. McGrew, of Local Union No. 158, Martins Ferry, Ohio.

Brother Fred Brand, of Local Union No. 90, Springfield, Ill.

Brother Frank Russell, of Local Union No. 127, Alameda County, California. Brother Herman Baldman, of Local Union No. 430, Chicago, Ill.

Brother John Banks, of Local Union No. 51,
New York, N. Y.

Brother J. A. Miller, of Local Union No.
229, Kansas City, Kan.
Brother Merritt Martindal, of Local Union
No. 685, Meriden, Conn.
Brother Thomas Whalen, of Local Union
No. 454, New York City, N. Y.
Brother Robt. Schroeder, of Local Union
No. 129, Cleveland, Ohio.
Brother Geo. Farcasan, of Local Union No.
129, Cleveland, Ohio.
Brother Chas. Roth, of Local Union No. 553,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Brother Fred Bossert, of Local Union No.
275, Chicago, Ill.

Brother Geo. W. Hammel, of Local Union No. 50, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Brother Mathias Kleiber, of Local Union
No. 848, New York, N. Y.
Brother Hans Lindberg, of Local Union No.
184, Chicago, Ill.

Brother Daniel J. Donovein, of Local Union
No. 619, Batavia, N. Y.
Brother James R. Sullivan, of Local Union
No. 11, Boston, Mass.
Brother Alex. Anderson, of Local Union No.
194, Chicago, Ill.

Brother G. A, Anderson, of Local Union No. 194, Chicago, Ill.

Brother A. C, Berg, of Local Union No. 180, Oak Park, Ill.

Brother Jos. C. Freundschu, of Local Union No. 338, Boston, Mass.

Brother Charles F. Wilke, of Local Union No. 491, Waterbury, Conn.

Brother John Landigon, of Local Union No. 522, Danbury, Conn.

Brother O. Kraetzschmar, of Local Union
No. 166, New Orleans, La.
Brother Samuel Pain, of Local Union No.
454, New York, N. Y.

Brother Frank A. Robb, of Local Union No. 282, Pittsburg, Pa.

Brother Jas. P. McInnerny, of Local Union
No. 345, Philadelphia, Pa.
Brother Charles Biddle, of Local Union No.
219, Toronto, Ont., Canada.
Brother Edward F. Gaillard, of Local Union
No. 139, Charleston, S. C.

Brother Geo. Manor, of Local Union No. 1033, Muncie, Ind.

Brother Edward Richards, of Local Union No. 794, St. Johns, N. B., Canada. Brother Richard Schilling, of Local Union No. 703, Philadelphia, Pa.

Brother Jos. M. Shea, of Local Union No. 1069, Fair Haven, N. J. Brother Eugene Cocks, of Local Union No. 670, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Brother Frank W. Williams, of Local Union No. 43, Buffalo, N. Y.

Brother Walter H. Ordway, of Local Union No. 623, Chelsea, Mass.

Brother Hans Lindberg, of Local Union No. 184, Chicago, Ill.

Brother C. D. Marsh, of Local Union No. 187, Yonkers, N. Y.

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Brother J. C. Wideman, of Local Union No.
58, Birmingham, Ala.
Brother P. M. Cunningham, of Local Union
No. 113, Auburn, N. Y.

Brother B. S. Nelms, of Local Union No. 577, Macon, Ga.

Brother Delbert Robertson, of Local Union No. 398, Danville, Ill.

Brother Wm. J. Berry, of Local Union No. 398, Danville, Ill.

Brother Robert Jones, of Local Union No. 592, Savannah, Ga.

Brother Lee O. Mead, of L. U. No. 4, Kansas City, Mo.

Brother Wm. H. Terry,

Local Union No.

476, Youngstown, Ohio. Brother Wm. Goodfellow, of Local Union No. 927, Brooklyn, N. Y. Brother William Martin, of Local Union No. 78, Hoboken, N. J.


Tabulated reports of the returns in the elections of General Officers and of Delegates to A. F. of L. and to Building Trade Department conventions are being mailed to the recording secretary of each local union and to each candidate. They show the vote reported by each local union and received by each candidate.

The sheets are in sets and numbered; they should be posted in the meeting hall so that all members may have an opportunity of referring to them.


The John Rapp Co., manufacturers of metal trim has combined with another company the consolidated concern being known as the U. S. Metal Products Co. We want to know of every building for which this firm is furnishing the trim. Send the information to headquarters-Drawer 99 Lafayette, Ind.


A new contract for the coming two years was entered into with the advertising manager, Brother A. S. Murphy.


Brother Edward Gravel, of Local Union No. 31, Syracuse, N. Y.

Brother N. B. Pauls, of Local Union No. 31, Syracuse, N. Y.

Brother Alvin M. Young, of Local Union No. 191, Chicago, Ill.

Brother Chas. Catterson, of Local Union No. 47, Indianapolis, Ind.

Brother Chas. P. Taylor, of Local Union No. 47, Indianapolis, Ind.

Brother Thos. Durivarge, of Local Union No. 12, Troy, N. Y.

Brother Frank Wiberg, of Local Union No. 130, Houston, Texas.

Brother F. Fortune, of Local Union No. 739, Winnipeg, Man., Canada.

Brother Frank Bromberg, of Local Union
No. 893, LaGrange, Ill.
Brother Richard W. Cuff, of Local Union
No. 338, Boston, Mass.


In January Painter and Decorator, the name of H. T. Green appeared in the memorial list as a former member of Local Union No. 110, Bradford, Pa. This should have been Local No. 72, Pittsburg, Pa.


Bro. Chas. Anderson, formerly of L. U. No. 19, San Francisco, Cal. Notify Thomas Anderson, 104 Washington Ave., So., Minneapolis, Minn.

John Neill, last known address, Seattle, Wash. At one time a member of Longshoremens' Union. Notify Frank Bacon, 7 Winslow St., Worcester, Mass.

Bro. Lawrence Burns, of L. U. No. 184, Chicago. About 35 years of age, weight 160 pounds, black hair, about 5 feet 8 inches in height. Notify J. T. Evans, Rec. Sec. of L. U. 184, at 6447 Bishop St., Chicago, Ill.

Frank Manley, sign painter. Notify Thos. Manley, 2657 West Fifteenth street, Chicago, Ill.

George Sinclair, Scotchman, last heard of in Carbondale, Colo., July 1911, also his brother Thomas Sinclair, last heard of in Chicago, September 1909. Notify Miss Jessie Sinclair, care of Mrs. Morse, No. 601 W. 137th street, New York City.


Of Bro. Pat Faulkner, of L. U. No. 965, Jackson, Tenn. Notify Bro. W. H. Haynes, Fin. Sec. of L. U. No. 965, at 415 S. Market St., Jackson, Tenn.

Of Bros. J. T. Opdyke and Thos. V. Roberts, of L. U. No. 179. Notify Bro. David Prosser, Fin. Sec. of L. U. 179, at 10 Goodelle Terrace, Geneva, N. Y.

Of Bro. Fred B. Whitson, Card No. 4226, of L. U. No. 29, Galesburg, Ill. Notify Bro. H. W. Gates, Rec. Sec. of L. U. 29, at 216 Lake St., Galesburg, Ill.

Of Bro. Wm. Styrck, Card No. 14546, of L. U. No. 78, Hoboken, N. J. Notify Bro. Louis Ahns, Fin. Sec. of L. U. No. 78, at 831 Park Ave., Hoboken, N. J.

Of Bro. J. Kemp, Card No. 13391, of L. U. No. 78, Hoboken, N. J. Bro. Kemp is an old member of the Brotherhood, has worked and twenty-seven years for one firm is greatly distressed at his loss. He thinks his book may have been picked up in the shop by a traveling member temporarily employed by the Hoboken Land and Improvement Company. Please return the book to Louis Ahns, 831 Park Ave., Hoboken, N. J.

Of Brother Aubrey Bryant, card number 9751, stolen while he was working in Paducah, Ky. Notify W. F. Carter, No. 1130 N. 13th street, Paducah.



Wm. Tinsley, of Local No. 6, Pittsburg,

R. L. Brubaker, of Local No. 551, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Retirements and Appointments.

The General Executive Board decided to retire Organizer E. J. Cummings, his employment to cease March 16, 1912, General President Hedrick and General Vice-President Scott voting "no." General VicePresident Swick absent.


Don't accept Clearance Card from F. R. Leighton, ex-Financial Secretary of former Local Union No. 916, of Columbia, S. C. No card has been granted him and he was short in his accounts when the local disbanded.

The General Executive Board decided to retire Organizer James Lucas, his employment to cease on date to be fixed later, General President Hedrick and General Vice-President Scott voting "no."

[blocks in formation]

314 Bakersfield, Cal. 294 Fresno, Cal.

917 Corpus Christi, Tex. 266 Lincoln, Ill. 333 San Diego, Cal. 836 Cincinnati, Ohio. 9 Raleigh, N. C. 733 Michigan City, Ind. 227 Saskatoon, Sask., Can. 471 Alton, Ill. D. C. 12 Cincinnati, Ohio. 856 Muskogee, Okla. 831 Los Angeles, Cal. 730 Yoakum, Tex. 1023 Helena, Mont. 740 Portland, Ore. 348 Ellensburg, Wash. 94 Pittsfield, Mass. 619 Batavia, N. Y. 239 Concord, Mass.


358 Kingsville, Tex. 512 Louisville, Ky. 53 Dallas, Texas 873 Dallas, Texas

476 Youngstown, Ohio. 577 Macon, Ga.

507 San Jose, Cal. 318 Ft. Worth, Tex. 421 Linton, Ind. 823 Albuquerque, N. M. 312 Kalamazoo, Mich. 671 Westbury, L. I. 164 Jacksonville, Fla. 162 Jacksonville, Fla. 730 Yoakum, Tex. 613 Burlington, Vt. 924 Bellngham, Wash. 77 Salt Lake City, Utab 286 Rochester, N. Y. 830 Chicago, Ill. 197 Terre Haute, Ind. 998 Longview, Tex.



1016 Edmonton,Alta, Can. 221 Austin, Tex. 381 Ft. Smith, Ark.

It was decided that each general officer should name a member to serve as general organizer, the appointment of each to be subject to approval by the General Executive Board. The following were continued in service:

Wm. J. Rander, Local Union No. 497, Port Chester, N. Y.

M. J. Beck, Local Union No. 78, Hoboken, N. J.

Wm. J. Gallagher, Local Union No. 345, Philadelphia, Pa.

W. G. Shea, Local Union No. 118, Louisville, Ky.

[blocks in formation]

Thos. Bayliss, Local Union No. 662, Redlands, Cal.

The following were appointed: Frank Heenan, Local Union No. 147, Chicago, Ill.

James F. Melaven, Local Union No. 48, Worcester, Mass.

Gus Uhl, Local Union No. 92, Pasadena,


As required by Sections 112-113, of the Constitution of the Brotherhood, specifications covering the furnishing and mailing of the Painter and Decorator and the furnishing of printed forms and supplies for two years, were submitted to responsible firms in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Lafayette. The specifications, accompanying letter and the proposals received, here follow:

Letter Sent With Specifications. (Firm addessed.) Gentlemen:

Enclosed are specifications covering the furnishing of the "Painter and Decorator" and of printed forms and blanks of the Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers, for the coming two years. We are informed that you are equipped for such work and able to comply with all the prescribed conditions. We pay bills monthly and refer you to the First National Bank, Merchants National Bank and Fowler National Bank, all of Lafayette, for information as to our standing.

The estimates will be considered and the contract awarded at the meeting of the General Executive Board, which will be held at this office commencing January 22, 1912. Any matters not made clear in the specifications will be entered into more thoroughly by letter, upon request.

Very truly yours,

J. C. SKEMP, G. S.-T. Specifications of Printing, Binding, Wrapping and Mailing of the Painter and Decorator.

Please submit terms upon which you will furnish the Painter and Decorator, the

monthly official publication of the Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers of America, for the period of two years, commencing with the April, 1912 issue and ending with that of March, 1914. The estimate to include stock, composition, press work, binding, wrapping in individual wrappers, (except two thousand copies for Canadian subscribers, which shall be delivered unwrapped at the office of the Brotherhood,) and delivery at the postoffice in your city in separate sacks addressed to their destination as required by United States postal regulations. The stock for inside pages to be 28x42 sixty pound-or its equivalent in other size-No. 1, calendered and supercalendered book paper, white and to bear the water mark label of the International Brotherhood of Paper Makers. Said stock is now furnished by the Elkhart (Ind.) Paper Co. The stock for cover to be 22x28 seventy pound-or its equivalent in other size-colored and rough but same grade as now in use, and to be union made. Right to change color of cover ink reserved, but cover to be printed in one color only.

The amount of advertising to vary from month to month, changes to be made by the printer, he to replace advertising electrotypes and half-tones when necessary. Other half-tones, also wrappers, addressed and assorted, to be furnished by the Brotherhood.

First proof to be read and corrected by the printer, and revised proof and re-revised proof to be submited to the editor.

All other labor and material necessary to produce a magazine similar to copies of past issues submitted as part of these specifications, also delivery at the postoffice of the city in which publication is printed to be included in the estimate. Surplus copies to be delivered at the office of the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood reserves the right, at any time, to take charge of the wrapping, mailing and delivery of publication at postoffice, in which case it shall be delivered unwrapped at the office of the Brotherhood. The amount to be deducted from the price quoted, should the Brotherhood avail itself

of the right under this provision of the contract, shall be stated in the estimate.

The date of publication to be the 15th of the month, and all copies to be in the mails within one week from date of publication. The Brotherhood will pay postage.

All work to be done by union labor and the publication to bear the Allied Printing Trades label. No part of the work to be sublet.

If required, the printer shall furnish satisfactory bond for proper performance of contract.

The Constitution of the Brotherhood provides that the General Offices of the Brotherhood may be removed to the city in which the firm is located to which the contract is awarded.

Furnish estimate for each quantity of magazines specified; also price per thousand of additional quantities.






Each additional 1,000 copies.

Please submit bids on or before January 20, 1912, Supplemental Specification of Work to be Included in estimate on Painter and Decorator.

Twice each year 2,000 copies of a directory of business agents and secretaries of local unions-in pamphlet form, (copy enclosed)-shall be furnished and delivered at the office of the Brotherhood. Directory to be issued immediately preceeding two issues of the Painter and Decorator and reprinted in them. Same type to be used but changes occurring between date of printing of directory and succeeding issue of Painter and Decorator to be made.

Please include the two issues of directory-each edition to be of 2,000 copies-in estimate on Painter and Decorator.

Specifications of Printed Forms and

Please submit prices at which you will furnish the Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers of America printed forms and blanks similar to samples (numbered) submitted to you under separate Cover. Prices to be for quantities of 5,000 or more, stock to be same quality, composition same style as samples, paper to bear union label as watermark, if suitable stock can be obtained, right reserved to make verbal changes which do not increase size of forms or amount of composition. Prices

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The contracts for the "Painter and Decorator" and for printed forms and supplies were awarded to the Burt-Haywood Company, of Lafayette. Their prices for forms and supplies were, on the average, as low as any quoted. Their price for the "Painter and Decorator" is $119.00 higher than that of the Mountel Press, the lowest bidder, and $54.00 higher than that of the Martin Printing Company, but the General Executive Board considered it the lowest and best bid, for the following reasons:

(1) The Constitution provides that the General Offices of the Brotherhood shall be in the city in which is located the firm to which the printing contract is awarded.

(2) The rent of suitable and adequate office space-at least 4,000 square feetin Cleveland or Cincinnati would exceed the saving that could be made in the printing by awarding it to one of the lower bidders. The bankers and business men of Lafayette furnish the Brotherhood with office room free of cost.

(3) The expense of moving would be great and we might again be subject to a similar expense and inconvenience two years hence under the provision of the Constitution referred to above.

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