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offence against this Ordinance which in the opinion of the court that tries the case is one which was reasonably calculated to endanger the safety of the persons employed in or about the mine or to cause serious personal injury to any of such persons or to cause a dangerous accident, and was committed wilfully by the personal act, personal default or personal negligence of the person accused such person shall be liable Power to if the court is of opinion that a pecuniary penalty will not meet the circumstances of the case to imprisonment with or with ut hard labour for a period not exceeding three months. No. 9 of 1898, s. 42.

imprison offenders


44. The owner, agent or manager of every mine shall at Information

be supplied any time when required by the coinmissioner send to the com-commissioner missioner such information and facts relating to his mine as may be asked for. No. 9 of 1898, s. 44.


43. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may from time to Power to time make such additional regulations and prescribe such regulations forms as may be deemed necessary for the proper carrying into effect of the provisions of this Ordinance. No. 9 of 1898,

make new

S. 45.

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An Ordinance respecting the Inspection of Steam

Boilers and the Examination of Engineers

Operating the Same.
HE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con-

sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:


The Steam Boilers Ordi- Short title

1. This Ordinance may be cited as nance." No. 10 of 1898, s. 1.


2. In this Ordinance unless the context otherwise requires— Interpretation

1. The expression “ boiler” does not include boilers used for “Boiler heating water for domestic purposes or low pressure steam heating boilers unless the pressure exceeds tifteen pounds per square inch or railway locomotive or steam-boat boilers but means and includes all other steam boilers and every part thereof or thing connected therewith and all apparatus and things attached to or used in connection with any such boiler ;

2. The expression "owner" means and includes any person, “Owner" firm or corporation, the owner or lessee of a boiler and the manager or other head officer in charge of the business of any such firm or corporation;

3. The expression “engineer” means any person having “Engineer" charge of or operating a steam boiler under the provisions of this Ordinance;

4. The expression “commissioner" means the Commissioner “Commisof Public Works of the Territories;

5. The expression“ inspector ” means any inspector of steam “Inspector" boilers appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council under the provisions of this Ordinance. No. 10 of 1898, s. 2.



3. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may appoint an in- Appointment spector or inspectors of steam boilers for the Territories for the of inspectors purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Ordinance and may fix the remuneration to be paid such inspector or inspectors. No. 10 of 1898, s. 3.

4. No erson holding the office of inspector under the pro- Inspectors to visions of this Ordinance shall be either directly or indirectly have no interested in the sale of boilers or steam machinery. No. 10 of sale of boilers 1898. S. 4.


or steam

Qath of office to be taken

5. Every inspector appointed under the provisions of this Ordinance shall before entering upon the performance of his duties take and subscribe an oath that he will faithfully and impartially perform the duties of his office. No. 10 of 1898, s. 5.

Duties of inspectors

6. The inspectors appointed ur.der this Ordinance shall-
(a) Inspect all new steam boilers within their respective

districts before the saine are used;
(6) Once at least in each year subj. ct all boilers within

their district to hydrostatic pressure test; (c) Satisfy themselves by a thorough examination inside

and out and by a hammer test after the hydrostatic pressure that the boilers are well made and of

good and suitable material; (il) See that the openings for the passage of water

and steam respectively and all pipes and tubes exposed to heat are of proper dimensions and

free from obstruction ; (e) See that the flues are circular in forın; (f) Satisfy themselves that the friction (fire line) of

the furnace is at least two inches below the prescribed

minimuin water line of the boiler ; (9) Sve that the arrangements for delivering the feed

water are such that the boilers cannot be injured

therelıy; (h, Satisfy themselves that such boilers and their steam

connections may be safely employed without peril

to life; (i) See that the safety valves are of suitable dimensions

sufficient in number and properly arranged ; (j) See that the safety valve, weights or springs are pro

perly adjusted so as to allow no greater pressure in the boilers than the amount prescribed by the

in-pection certificate: (k) See that the boiler is provided with a sufficient number

of ginge cocks and a properly inserted fusible plug se placed as to fuse by the heat of the furnace whenever the water in the boiler falls below its prescribed

limits; (1) Satisfy themselves that arlequate and certain provision

has been made for an ample supply of water to feed the boiler at all times so that in high pressure boilers the water shall not be less than fuur inches a love

crown of flue sheet in upright boilers; (m) Satisfy themselves that means for blowing out are

provided so that mud, selliment or scale inay be removed while the boiler is under steam. No. 10 of 1898, s. 6.



7. The provisions of this Ordinance respecting the inspection Certain boilers of boilers shall not apply to any boiler insured and inspected from operation by any duly incorporate l boiler insurance company doing busi- Orthda ness in Canada if the owner or owners of such boiler shall when required by an inspector appointed under the provisions of this Ordinance produce the certificate of inspection from such company. No. 10 of 1898, s. 7.


8. For the purpose of seeing that the provisions of this Inspectors Ordinance are complied with any of the inspectors appointed premisest under this Ordinance may at any reasonable hour enter upon any lands or into any building where any steam boiler is operated.

(2) Any person interfering with or obstructing any inspec'or in the performance of his duties under this Ordinance shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding $30. No. 10 of 1998, s. 8.



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9. Every owner of a boiler shall cause it to be inspected at Boilers to be least once in cach and every year by an in-pector appointed annually under the provisions of this Ordinance and shall pay to surh inspector à fee of $5 for such inspection such fee to be forWurded by the inspector to the commissioner to be credited to the general revenue fund of the Territories.

(2) Upon the completion of any inspection the inspector Certificate shall issue to such owner à certificate of such inspection in to issue accordance with forin A in the schedule hereto.

(3) Such certificate shall be produced at any time by the Production owner upon the demand of an inspector appointed under the thereof provisions of this Ordinance.

(4) Any one who employs a person to operate a steam boiler who has not a certificate or perunit under this Ordinance shall be guilty of an infraction of this Ordinance. No. 10 of 1898, s. 9.

10. In subjecting to hydrostatic tests boilers usually de- Hydrostatic signated as high pressure inspectors shall assume one hundred tests and twenty-five pounds to the square inch as the maximum pressure allowable as a working pressure for new boilers of forty-two inches diameter, made in the best manner of plates one-fourth of an inch thick of good materials. No. 10 of 1898, s. 10.

11. Inspectors shall rate the working pressure of all boilers Working according to their strength as compared with the standard pressure provided in the preceding section but the working pressure allowed in the operation of any boiler shall not exceed threefourths of the hydrostatic test pressure to which such boiler has been subjected at the time of the inspection. No. 10 of 1898, s. 11.

12. In addition to the annual inspection of all boilers re-Owner to quired by this Ordinance it shall be the duty of each inspector repair boiler

when required to examine and inspect at any time any boilers which may be

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