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PART III.-COURT OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES- continued 34. Information and Returns.

Chap. 35. Assessment.

47. Courts of Appeals. 36. Collection.

49. District Courts. 37. Abatements, Credits, and Refunds.

51. Court of Claims. 38. Miscellaneous Provisions.

53. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals.


Customs Court.

57. 39. The Office of the Commissioner of Internal

General Provisions Applicable to Court Of

ficers and Employees. Revenue. 40. The Offices of General Counsel for the De

PART IV.-JURISDICTION AND VENUE partment of the Treasury and Assistant

81. Supreme Court. General Counsel for the Bureau of Internal

83. Courts of Appeals. Revenue.

85. District Courts; Jurisdiction. 41. Collectors of Internal Revenue.

87. District Courts; Venue. 42. Deputy Collectors of Internal Revenue.

89. District Courts; Removal of Cases from 43. Internal-Revenue Agents.

State Courts. 44. Storekeeper-Gaugers.

91. Court of Claims. 45. Internal Revenue Inspectors.

93. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals. 46. Miscellaneous Provisions.

95. Customs Court. SUBTITLE F

PART V.-PROCEDURE 47. Organization and Membership of the Joint 111. General Provisions. Committee.

113. Process. 48. Powers and Duties of the Joint Committee. 115. Evidence; Documentary.


Evidence; Depositions.

119. Evidence; Witnesses. 1. General Provisions.

121. Juries; Trial by Jury. 2. Prohibition of Intoxicating Beverages.

123. Fees and Costs. 2A. Beer, Ale, Porter, and Similar Fermented

125. Judgments. Liquor.


Executions and Judicial Sales. 3. Industrial Alcohol.

129. Moneys Paid into Court. 4. Penalties.

131. Rules of Courts. 5. Prohibition Reorganization Act of 1930.

133. Review-Miscellaneous Provisions. 6. Transportation in Interstate Commerce.

PART VI.-PARTICULAR PROCEEDINGS 7. Liquor Law Repeal and Enforcement.

151. 8. Federal Alcohol Administration.

Declaratory Judgments.

153. 9. Liquor Enforcement Act of 1936.

Habeas Corpus.

155. Injunctions; Three-Judge Courts. TITLE 28.-JUDICIARY AND JUDICIAL PRO

157. Interstate Commerce Commission Orders; CEDURE

Enforcement and Review.

159. Interpleader. 1. Supreme Court.

161. United States as Party Generally. 3. Courts of Appeals.

163. Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures. 5. District Courts.

165. Court of Claims Procedure. 7. Court of Claims.

167. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals Pro9. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals.

cedure. 11. Customs Court.

169. Customs Court Procedure. 13. Assignment of Judges to Other Courts.

171. Tort Claims Procedure. 15. Conferences and Councils of Judges.

TITLE 29.-LABOR 17. Resignation and Retirement of Judges.

1. Labor Statistics. 19. Distribution of Reports and Digests.

2. Women's Bureau. 21. General Provisions Applicable to Courts and 2A. Children's Bureau. Judges.


4. Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons Injured 31. United States Attorneys.

in Industry. United States Marshals.

4A. Employment Stabilization.


4C. Apprentice Labor. 41.

Administrative Office of United States 5. Labor Disputes; Mediation and Injunctive

Relief. 43. United States Commissioners.

6. Jurisdiction of Courts in Matters Affecting 45. Supreme Court,

Employer and Employee.


TITLE 29.-LABOR-Continued Chap. 7. Labor-Management Relations. 8. Fair Labor Standards. 9. Portal-To-Portal Pay. TITLE 30.-MINERAL LANDS AND MINING 1. The Bureau of Mines. 2. Mineral Lands and Regulations in General. 3. Lands Containing Coal, Phosphates, Petro

leum, Oil, Oil Shale, Gas, Sodium, Potas

sium, and so forth, and Building Stone. 4. Lease of Gold, Silver, or Quicksilver Deposits

When Title Confirmed by Court of Private

Land Claims. 5. Lease of Oil and Gas Deposits in or under

Railroads and other Rights of Way. 6. Synthetic Liquid Fuel Demonstration Plants. 7. Lease of Mineral Deposits within Acquired

Lands. 8. Development of Lignite Coal Resources. 9. Rare and Precious Metals Experiment Sta

tion. 10. Coal Mine Safety. TITLE 31.-MONEY AND FINANCE 1. The National Budget and Audit System. 1A. Accounting and Auditing. 2. Audit and Settlement of Accounts. 3. The Treasurer. 4. The Register. 5. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 6. Debts Due by, or to, the United States. 7. Bureau of the Mint, Mints, and Assay Offices. 8. Coins, Coinage, and Currency. 9. Legal Tender. 10. The Public Moneys. 11. Appropriations. 12. The Public Debt. 13. Credit and Currency Expansion. 14. Financial Control of Government Corpora



WATERS-Continued Chap. 4. Navigation Rules for Great Lakes and their

Connecting and Tributary Waters. 5. Navigation Rules for Red River of the North

and Rivers Emptying into Gulf of Mexico

and Tributaries. 5A. Exception of Navy or Coast Guard Vessels

from Certain Navigation Rules. 6. General Duties of Ship Officers and Owners

after Collision or Other Accident. 7. Regulations for the Suppression of Piracy. 8. Summary Trials for Certain Offenses Against

Navigation Laws. 9. Protection of Navigable Waters and of Har

bor and River Improvements Generally. 10. Anchorage Grounds and Harbor Regulations

Generally. 11. Bridges over Navigable Waters. 12. River and Harbor Improvements Generally. 13. Mississippi River Commission. 14. California Débris Commission. 15. Flood Control. 16. Lighthouses. 17. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 18.

Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Com

pensation. TITLE 34.-NAVY 1. Organization Generally. 2. Enlisted Personnel. 3. General Provisions Relating to Officers. 4. Rank and Precedence. 5. Promotion and Advancement. 6. Gratuities, Medals, and other Insignia of

Honor; Medal of Honor Roll; Badges. 7. Retirement. 8. Detail of Officers and Enlisted Men. 9. Vessels. 10. Navy Yards and Naval Stations. 11. Naval Property, Stores, Supplies, and Con

tracts. 12. Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to the

Navy. 13. The Marine Corps. 14. Naval Aviation. 15. Reserve Forces and Naval Militia. 16. Pay, Emoluments, and Allowances of Person

nel of Navy and Marine Corps. 17. Desertions from Navy or Marine Corps. 17A. Officer Candidate Training Program. 18. Naval Academy. 19. Nautical Instruction in Educational Institu

tions. 20. Prize. 21. Articles for the Government of the Navy, TITLE 35.-PATENTS

PART I.--PATENT OFFICE 1. Establishment, Officers, Functions, 2. Proceedings in the Patent Office. 3. Practice before the Patent Office. 4. Patent Fees.


TITLE 32.-NATIONAL GUARD 1. Composition, Organization, and Control Gen

erally. 2. Funds for Support of National Guard. 3. Armament, Equipment, and Supplies. 4. Instruction, Training, and Discipline. 5. Call or Draft into Federal Service. 6. Courts-Martial. 7. Commissioned Officers.

Enlisted Force. 9. Inactive National Guard. 10. Pay and Allowances. 11. National Guard Bureau. 12. Rifle Instruction and Practice for Civilians. 13. Miscellaneous Provisions. TITLE 33.-NAVIGATION AND NAVIGABLE

WATERS 1. Navigable Waters Generally. 2. International Rules for Navigation at Sea. 3. Navigation Rules for Harbors, Rivers, and Inland Waters Generally.

* ) 24626-53--Vol. 2 -2

TITLE 35.- PATENTS-Continued

PATENTS Chap. 10. Patentability of Inventions. 11. Application for Patent. 12. Examination of Applications. 13. Review of Patent Office Decisions. 14. Issue of Patent. 15. Plant Patents. 16. Designs. 17. Secrecy of Certain Inventions and Filing

Applications Abroad.

PART III.- PATENTS AND PROTECTION OF PATENT RIGHTS 25. Amendment and Correction of Patents. 26. Ownership and Assignment. 27. Government Interests in Patents. 28. Infringement of Patents. 29. Remedies for Infringement of Patent and


SERVANCES 1. American National Red Cross. 1A. Daughters of the American Revolution. 1B. American Historical Association. 2. Boy Scouts of America. 2A. Girl Scouts of America. 3. The American Legion. 3A. United Spanish War Veterans. 3B. Marine Corps League. 4. Belleau Wood Memorial Association. 4A. Amvets (American Veterans of World War

II). 5. Grand Army of the Republic. 6. United States Blind Veterans of World War I. 6A. Disabled American Veterans, 7. American War Mothers. 7A. Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United

States. 8. American Battle Monuments Commission. 8A. The National Yeomen F. 8B. Service Clubs. 9. National Observances. 10. Patriotic Customs. 11. Civil Air Patrol. 12. Reserve Officers Association. 13. National Academy of Sciences. 14. Future Farmers of America. 15. Military Chaplains Association of the United

States of America. 16. American Society of International Law. 17. United States Olympic Association. 18. Conference of State Societies, Washington,

District of Columbia.



PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE)-Continued Chap. 4. Readjusted Pay and Allowances. 5. Payments to Mentally Incompetent Per


ANS' RELIEF 1. Administration of Veterans' Affairs. 1A. Disposition of Deceased Veterans' Personal

Property. 2. General Provisions Relating to Pensions. 3. Disability or Death Cause Due to Service

Since March 4, 1861. 4. Navy Pensions. 4A. Coast Guard Pensions. 5. Special Aids for Blind and Disabled Veterans. 6. Civil War, and War with Mexico; Service

and Disability Pensions of Veterans; Widows, Children, Dependent Relatives;

Pensions to Army Nurses. 6A. Civil War Veterans and their Dependents;

Pensions and Equalization of Rates of

Pensions. 7. War with Spain, Philippine Insurrection, and

Chinese Boxer Rebellion; Veterans, Women

Nurses, and Dependents. 8. The Indian Wars. 9. Army and Navy Medal of Honor Roll. 10. World War Veterans' Relief. 10A. Retirement of Emergency Officers in World

War. 11. World War Veterans' Adjusted Compensa

tion. 11A. Payment of World War Veterans' Adjusted

Compensation. 11B. World War II Veterans' Mustering-Out Pay

ments. 11C. World War II Servicemen's Readjustment

Benefits. 12. Compensation, Pension, and Veterans' Relief. 12A. Veterans' Regulations. 13. Life Insurance.

Veterans' Readjustment Benefits. TITLE 39.—THE POSTAL SERVICE 1. Post Ofices. 2. Postmasters. 3. Assistant Postmasters, and Clerks and Em

ployees. 4. City Delivery, Branch Offices, and Receiving

Boxes. 5. Rural Delivery Service. 6. Mail Matter. 7. Postage. 8. The Franking Privilege. 9. Postage Stamps, Postal Cards, and Envelopes. 10. Registered mail. 11. Unclaimed, Dead, and Request Letters, and

Unclaimed Printed Matter. 12. Contracts for Carrying the Mails. 13. Air Mail. 14. Carrying the Mail.



NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINE CORPS, COAST GUARD, COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY, AND PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE) 1. General Provisions. 2. Readjusted Pay and Allowances, 3. Wartime Allowances to Servicemen's Depend



FARE—Continued 15. Railway Service.

Chap. 16. Railway Mail Officers and Employees.

14. Development and Control of Atomic Energy. 17. Foreign Mail Service.

15. Damage by Flood or Other Catastrophe. 18. Post-Office Inspectors.

16. National Science Foundation. 19. The Money-Order System.

17. Federal En loyment Service. 20. Postal Savings Depositories.


Youth Medals. 21. Financial Controls.

19. Water Research and Development.
Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to the 20. Elective Franchise.
Postal Service.

21. Civil Rights. 23. Reclassification of Salaries.

TITLE 40.--PUBLIC BUILDINGS, PROPERTY, 1. Bureau of Land Management.

2. Geological Survey.
1. Public Buildings, Grounds, Parks, and 3. Surveys.
Wharves in District of Columbia.

4. District Land Offices. 2. Capitol Building and Grounds.

5. Land Districts. 2A. National Archives.

6. Withdrawal from Settlement, Location, Sale, 3. Public Buildings and Works Generally.

or Entry. 4. The Public Property.

7. Homesteads. 5. Hours of Labor on Public Works.

8. Timber and Stone Lands. 6. Acquisition of Sites for and Construction of 8A. Grazing Lands. Public Buildings.

9. Desert-Land Entries. 7. Acquisition of Land in District of Columbia 10. Underground-Water Reclamation Grants.

for use of United States by Condemnation 11. Discovery, Development, and Marking of Proceedings.

Water Holes, Etc., by Government. 8. Emergency Public Works and Construction 11A. Board on Geographic Names. Projects.

12. Reclamation and Irrigation of Lands by Fed9. Non-Federal Public Works.

eral Government. 10. Management and Disposal of Government 12A. Boulder Canyon Project. Property.


Federal Lands Included in State Irrigation 11. Real Property Transactions by Military De

Districts. partments.

14. Grants of Desert Lands to States for Recla


15. Appropriation of Waters; Reservoir Sites. 1. General Provisions.

16. Sale and Disposal of the Public Lands. 2. Termination of War Contracts.

17. Reservation and Sale of Town Sites on the 3. Procurement of Supplies and Services by

Public Lands.
Armed Services.

18. Survey of Public Lands. 4. Procurement Procedures.


20. Reservations and Grants to States for Public 1. The Public Health Service.

Purposes. 1A. The Public Health Service; Supplemental 21.

Grants in Aid of Railroads and Wagon Roads. Provisions.

21A, Forfeiture of Northern Pacific Railroad In2. Sanitation and Quarantine.

demnity Land Grants. 3. Leprosy.

22. Right-of-Way and Other Easements in Pub3A. Cancer.

lic Lands. 4. Viruses, Serums, Toxins, Antitoxins, Etc. 23. Grants of Swamp and Overflowed Lands. 5. Maternity and Infancy Welfare and Hygiene. 24. Drainage Under State Laws. 6. The Children's Bureau.

25. Unlawful Inclosures or Occupancy; Obstruct6A. The Public Health Service.

ing Settlement or Transit. 7. Social Security.

25A. Lands Held Under Color of Title. 8. Low-Rent Housing.

26. Abandoned Military Reservations. 8A. Slum Clearance and Farm Housing.

27. Public Lands in Oklahoma. 9. Housings of Persons Engaged in National

28. Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to the PubDefense.

lic Lands. 10. Federal Security Agency. 11. Compensation for Disability or Death to Per

TITLE 44.-PUBLIC PRINTING AND DOCUMENTS sons Employed at Military, Air, and Naval 1. Joint Committee on Printing; General PowBases Outside the United States.

ers; Contracts. 12. Compensation for Injury, Death, or Detention 2. Government Printing Office.

of Employees of Contractors with the 3. Superintendent of Documents; Distribution United States Outside the United States.

of Documents in General. 13. School Lunch Programs.

4. Printing and Binding Generally.


MENTS—Continued Chap. 5. Congressional Printing in General. 6. Congressional Record, Bills, and Laws. 7. Executive and Departmental Printing in

General. 8. Particular Reports and Documents. 8A. National Archives. 8B. Federal Register. 9. Advertisements. 10. Disposition of Records. 11. Federal Record Management.

TITLE 45.-RAILROADS 1. Safety Appliances and Equipment on Railroad

Engines and Cars, and Protection of Em

ployees and Travelers. 2 Liability for Injuries to Employees. 3 Hours of Service Employees.

Care of Animals in Transit. 5. Government-aided Railroads. 6. Mediation, Conciliation, and Arbitration in

Controversies Between Carriers and Em

ployees. 7. Adjustment Boards and Labor Boards. 8. Railway Labor. 9. Retirement of Railroad Employees. 10. Tax on Carriers and Employees. 11. Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act. TITLE 46.-SHIPPING 1. Administration of Shipping Laws. 2. Registry and Recording. 2A. Load Lines for American Vessels. 3. Clearance and Entry. 4. Tonnage Duties. 5. Discriminating Duties and Reciprocal Privi

leges. 6. Regulation as to Vessels Carrying Steerage

Passengers. 7. Carriage of Explosive or Dangerous Sub

stances. 8. Limitation of Vessel Owner's Liability. 9. Log Books. 10. Regulation of Pilots and Pilotage. 11. Officers and Crews of Vessels. 12, Regulation of Vessels in Domestic Commerce. 13. Passports and Papers of Vessels Engaged in

Foreign Commerce. 14. Inspection of Steam Vessels. 15. Transportation of Passengers and Merchan

dise by Steam Vessels. 16. Regulation of Motor Boats. 17. Regulation of Fishing Voyages. 18. Merchant Seamen. 19. Wrecks and Salvage. 19A. Admiralty and Maritime Jurisdiction. 20. Suits in Admiralty by or Against Vessels or

Cargoes of United States. 21. Death on the High Seas by Wrongful Act. 22. Suits in Admiralty Against United States for

Damages Caused by Public Vessels or for

Towage or Salvage Services. 23. Shipping Act. 23A. Intercoastal Shipping Act.

TITLE 46.-SHIPPING-Continued Chap. 24. Merchant Marine Act, 1920. 24A. Merchant Marine Act, 1928. 25. Ship Mortgages. 26. Home Port of Vessels. 27. Merchant Marine Act, 1936. 28. Carriage of Goods by Sea. 29. Nautical Instruction. 30. Peonage and Slave Trade Punished by Sei

zures and Forfeitures. TITLE 47.-TELEGRAPHS, TELEPHONES, AND

RADIOTELEGRAPHS 1. Telegraphs. 2. Submarine Cables. 3. Radiotelegraphs. 4. Radio Act of 1927. 5. Wire or Radio Communication. TITLE 48.—TERRITORIES AND INSULAR POS

SESSIONS 1. The Bureau of Insular Affairs. 2. Alaska. 3. Hawaii. 4. Puerto Rico. 5. The Philippine Islands. 6. Canal Zone. 7. The Virgin Islands. 8. Guano Islands. 8A. Guam. 9. Samoa, Tutuila, Manua, Swains Island, and

Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands. 10. Territorial Provisions of a General Nature. 11. Alien Ownership of Land. TITLE 49.-TRANSPORTATION 1. Interstate Commerce Act, Part I; General

Provisions and Railroad and Pipe Line

Carriers. 2. Legislation Supplementary to “Interstate

Commerce Act." 3. Termination of Federal Control. 4. Bills of Lading. 5. Inland Waterways Transportation. 6. Air Commerce. 7. Coordination of Interstate Railroad Trans

portation. 8. Interstate Commerce Act, Part II; Motor

Carriers. 9. Civil Aeronautics. 10. Training of Civil Aircraft Pilots. 11. Seizure and Forfeiture of Carriers Transport

ing, etc., Contraband Articles. 12.

Interstate Commerce Act, Part III; Water

Carriers. 13. Interstate Commerce Act, Part IV; Freight

Forwarders. 14. Federal-Aid for Public Airport Development. 15. International Aviation Facilities. 16. Development of Commercial Aircraft. TITLE 50.-WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE 1. Council of National Defense. 2. Board of Ordnance and Fortification. 3. Alien Enemies.

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