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On October 24, 1967, I had the privilege of presenting a NASA award to my early mentor, Dr. Charles Stark Draper.


In the Oval Office, fall 1969. From left to right: National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, Secretary of the Army Stan Resor, Secretary of Defense Mel Laird, President Nixon, Secretary of the Navy John Chaffee, and myself.

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After an F-111 flight over the Nellis Test Range in Nevada. We flew at Mach 2 at high altitude, then used Automatic Terrain Clearance at subsonic speed to fly over hills at an altitude of only 300 feet.

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I watch as James C. Fletcher, NASA Administrator, signs a cooperative agreement between NASA and ERDA on energy research and development. NASA photo number 75-H-678


As head of ERDA, I took a trip with Admiral Hyman G. Rickover many feet below the ocean surface in the nuclear attack submarine Cravallus.


With Vice President Dan Quayle at the June 1991 release of a study on NASA future missions by the Space Exploration Initiative team. I served as vice chairman of this study panel.

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