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prepare statement of speial warrants, etc.

Auditor to counterzign all cheques

pare a statement of all such legal opinions, reports of Council, special warrants and cheques issued without his certificate and of all expenditure incurred in consequence thereof which he shall deliver to the treasurer to be by him presented to the Legislative Assembly at the same time at which the public accounts are presented;

5. The an litor or any other person authorised to countersign cheques issued by the treasurer, shall before countersigning such cheqres satisfy himself that the cheques are authorised

under some one or other of the provisions of this Ordinance ; Not to apply,

6. No part of this section shall apply to moneys deposited to trust funds with the Government of the Territories in trust for any person,

persons or corporation. No. 16 of 1897, s. 69.

Payment not to be authorised without certiticate of correctness

Progessive estiinates

69. No payment shall be authorised by the auditor in respect of services rendered or supplies furnished by any person in connection with any part of the public service of the Terri. tories unless (in addition to any voucher or certificate which may be required in that behalf) the person uniler whose special charge such part of the public service is certifies to the effect thint such services have been ren lered or such supplies furnished (as the case may be) and that the charge made is according to contract or (if not covered by contract) is fair and just :

Proviiled however that no cheque shall issue for the payment of any progressive estimate unless the voucher or certificate upon which such estimate is paid contains (so far as practicable) the details of the materials supplied and the services rendered except in the case of a payment as a progressive estimate when if owing to the nature of the work performed or material supplied it is impossible to render a statement in detail an accountable advance may be authorised as partial payment; but uuiler no ci cumstances is a second advance to be wade upon the silile service until such first advance is duly accounted for. No. 16 of 1897, s. 70.


70. Should any difference arise between the auditor and any Auditor and department respecting the appropriations to which any authordepartment ised expenditure should be charged, such difference may be

referred by the de artment to the treasury board ; and the baril shall determine in what manner and to what appropriation or account such expenditure shall be charged. No. 16 of 1897, s. 71.


r:quired to erimine and audit

71. Besides the appropriation accounts of the grants of the that Auditor Legislature the auditor shall examine and audit (if required to

do so by the treasurer and in accordance with any regulations that may be prescribed for his guidance in that lehalf by the treasury board) the following accounts, that is to say : The accounts of all receipts of revenues forming the general revenue fund of the Territories, the accounts current with any bank or financial agent of the Territories, and any other public accounts which (though not relating directly to the receipts and expenditures of the Territories) the treasurer or the treasury board may direct. No. 16 of 1897, s. 72.


whom to be

72. The accounts which by the last preceding section the accounts treasurer is empowered to subject to the examination of the under auditor shall be rendered to him by the department or officer Section by directed by the treasurer so to 110; and the expression “ac:- rendered countant" (when used in this and the following sections of this Ordinance with reference to any such accounts) shall be taken to mean the officer that may be so required loy the treasurer to render the same ; and every public officer into Officers

collecting whose hands public moneys (in the nature either of revenue money to or of fees of office) shall be paid by persons bound by law or accaitot to by regulation to do so or by subordinate or o her officers whose duty it may be to pay such moneys wholly or in part into the account of the treasurer or to apply the same to any public service shall (at such time and in such form as the treasury board shall determine) render an account of bis receipts and payments to the auditor; and it shall be the duty of the clerk of the Executive Council to inform the auditor of the appointment of every such officer. No. 16 of 1897, s. 73.



his audit to

73. In all cases where the auditor is required by the Auditor shall treasurer to examine and audit any arcounts under the last statement of two preceding sections, he shall (on the examination of such Treasurer accounts being completed) transmit a statement thereof or a report thereon to the Treasurer why shall (if he think fit) signify his approval of such accounts; and the auditor on receipt of such approval shall thereupon transmit to the accountant a certificate in a form to be from time to time determined by the treasury board which shall be to such accountant a valid and effectual discharge from so much as he may thereby appear to be discharged from. No. 10 of 1897, s. 74.

74. In order that all examinations may as far as possible Auditor to proceed simultaneously with the transactions of the several de- to books of

departments partments, the auditor shall have free access at all times to the books and other documents relating to the accounts of such departments and may require the several departments concerned to furnish him from time to time or at regular periods as may be directed by the treasurer with accounts of the transactions of such departments respectively up to such times or periods. No. 16 of 1897, s. 75.

Auditor to report

75. Every accountant on the termination of his charge as such accountant or (in case of a deceased accountant) his repre- improper sentatives shall forth with pay over any balances of public of moneys money then due to the Crown in respect of such charge to the public officer authorised to receive the same; and in all cases in which it shall appear to the auditor that balances of public money have been improperly and unnecessarily retained by an accountant be shall report the circumstances of such cases to the treasurer who shall take such measures as to him may seem expedient for the recovery (by legal process or by other

lawful ways and means) of the amount of such balance or balances together with interest upon the whole or on such part of such balance or balances as to the treasurer may appear just and reasonable. No. 16 of 1897, s. 76.

Report to

76. If the treasurer do not within the time prescribed by this Ordinance present to the Legislative Assembly any report inade by the auditor on the appropriation accounts or any other accounts, the auditor shall forth with present such report. No. 16 of 1897, s. 77.


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Monthly statement of revenue and expenditure

79. The auditor shall cause to be prepared for submission to the treasury board at the earliest possible moment after the end of each month a statement of the revenue and expenditure as shown by his books on account of the various services up to the date named. No. 16 of 1897, s. 78.

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An Ordinance respecting Public Printing.

HE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con-

sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:

1. The Licutenant Governor may appoint a Queen's printer Appointment for the Territories and may fix the salary and prescribe the printer duties appertaining to the office. R.O. c. 2, s. 1; No. 38 of 1897, s. 6 (1.)

2. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may authorise the Publication of

official gazette publication twice in each month of an official gazette, to be called The North-West Territories Gazette, for the publication of proclamations, official and other notices and of all such matters whatsoever as may be froin time to time required. R.O. c. 2, s. 2; No. 38 of 1897, s. 6. (2); No. 5 of 1898.

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publication of

3. It shall be the duty of the Queen's printer (subject to the Printing and direction of the Lientenant Governor in Council) to print and Ordinances, publish or cause to be printeil and published the Orılinances of Gazette, eto. the Territories, The North-West Territories Gilzette, and such docuinents and announcements as may from time to time be required. R.O. c. 2, s. 3.

4. All advertisements, notices and documents whatever re- Publication of

advertise lating to matters within the control of the Legislative Assembly ments, etc. of the Territories and which by any law are required to be published shall be published in the said official gazette unless any other mode of publication is prescribed by law. R. O. v 2, s. 4.

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5. The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall prescribe the Gizette" conditions of the publication of the said gizette ; and shall Conditions designate the public bodie-, officers and pers ins to whom the for publication said gazette shall be sent; and shall nake a tariff' of charges to subscription be paid for the publication of notices, acivertisements and documents to be published in the said gazette and the price of subscription to said gazette. R. ). c. 2, s. 5.


An Ordinance Respecting Inquiries Concerning Public


HE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con

sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:

Commissions of inquiry

1. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may, when he deems it expedient to cause inquiry to be made into and concerning any matter within the jurisdiction of the Legislative Assembly and connected with the good government of the Territories or the conduct of the public business thereof, appoint commissioners to inake such inquiry and to report thereon. No. 2 of 1895, s. 1.

Powers of 2. The Lieutenant Governor may by the commission by commissioners

which he appoints them confer upon the commissioners the power of summoning witnesses before them and to require such witnesses to give evidence on oath, orally or in writing or on solemn affirmation (if they are persons entitled to affirm in civil matters) and to produce such documents and things as the commissioners may deem requisite to the full investigation of the matters into which they are appointed to inquire; and the commissioners shall have the same power to enforce the attendance of witnesses and to compel them to give evidence as is vested in any court of record in civil cases. No. 2 of 1895, s. 2.

Inspection of public offices

3. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may appoint one or more inspectors to visit and inspect the office of any clerk or deputy clerk of the Supreme Court, any sheriff or deputy sherifi' or registration clerk and make all proper inquiries as to the maintenance, management and affairs of any such office; and by examination of the books and by such other means as he may deem necessary such inspector shall particularly satisfy himself as to the correctness of any returns required under any Ordinance or under any Oriler of the Lieutenant Governor in Council to be made by the officer whose office he is inspecting upon all which matters the inspector shall make report to the Lieutenant Governor. No. 6 of 1898, s. 1.

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