Friedrich der Grosse und die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika: Mit einem anhang: die Vereingten Staaten und das seekriegsrecht

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Quandt & Händel, 1871 - 202 lappuses

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xix. lappuse - If war should arise between the two contracting parties, the merchants of either country, then residing in the other, shall be allowed to remain nine months to collect their debts and settle their affairs, and may depart freely, carrying off all their effects, without molestation or hindrance...
xxi. lappuse - And it is declared, that neither the pretence that war dissolves all treaties, nor any other whatever, shall be considered as annulling or suspending this and the next preceding article ; but, on the contrary, that the state of war is precisely that for which they are provided, and during which they are to be as sacredly observed as the most acknowledged articles in the law of nature and nations.
x. lappuse - ... their fields wasted by the armed force of the enemy, into whose power by the events of war they may happen to fall; but if anything is necessary to be taken from them for the use of such armed force, the same shall be paid for at a reasonable price.
v. lappuse - ... and may take possession thereof, either by themselves, or by others acting for them, and dispose of the same at...
xi. lappuse - But if any officer shall break his parole by leaving the district so assigned him, or any other prisoner shall escape from the limits of his cantonment, after they shall have been designated to him, such individual, officer, or other prisoner, shall forfeit so much of the benefit of this article as provides for his liberty on parole or in cantonment.
x. lappuse - ... cantonment of prisoners in possession of the other, which commissary shall see the prisoners as often as he pleases, shall be allowed to receive and distribute whatever comforts may be sent to them by their friends, and shall be free to make his reports in open letters to those who employ him...
ix. lappuse - Mankind, shall be allowed to continue their respective employments, and shall not be molested in their persons, nor shall their Houses or Goods be burnt, or otherwise destroyed, nor their Fields wasted, by the armed force...
197. lappuse - ... nations are or shall be obliged to pay ; and they shall enjoy all the rights, liberties, privileges, immunities and exemptions in trade, navigation and commerce, whether in passing from one port in the said dominions, in Europe, to another, or in going to and from the same, from and to any part of the world, which the said nations do or shall enjoy.
vi. lappuse - ... neuter with the belligerent powers shall not be interrupted. "On the contrary, in that case, as in full peace, the vessels of the neutral party may navigate freely to and from the ports and on the coasts of the belligerent parties, free vessels making free goods, insomuch that all things shall be adjudged free which shall be on board any vessel belonging to the neutral party, although such things belong to an enemy of the other.
xii. lappuse - Adams, esqr., late a commissioner of the United States of America at the Court of Versailles, late Delegate in Congress from the State of Massachusetts, and chief justice of the said State, and Minister Plenipotentiary of the said United States to their High Mightinesses the States General of the United Netherlands ; Benjamin Franklin, esq're, late Delegate in Congress, from the...

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