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Hastings, roads in a wretched condition. Mexico, 30 bridges. Os well, 3 bridges. Redfield, 7 bridges. Volney, expense of bridges included in that of roads. Total, 40 bridges. No returns from 14 towns, having 17,500 inhabitanıs.

Otsego County. Burlington, 2459 SO 1500 Decatur,

1110 40 750 Edmeston, 2097 75 12682


90 Exeter,

1690 40 1000 Middlefield, 3323 112 18703


330 Olego, 1148 100 1907

5 unk'n 150 Oisego, 4363 120 2000 370 S

300 Plainfield, 1626 60 1070

2 10 Richfield, 1752 24 12871

9 220 30 Unadilla, 2313 86 1660 100

115 Westford,

1645 63 1273

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23497 800 155864

520 46 320 925 Middlefield, 6 public bridges over Cherry Valley creek, and one-half of 2 bridges over the Susquehanna. Oiego, 6 bridges, Oisego, 20 bridges. Plainfield, 5 bridges. Richfield, several bridges. Unadilla, 5 bridges. Total, 42 bridges. No returns from 12 towns, having 27,875 inhabitants.

Putnam County. Patterson,

1529 50 1150 No returns from 4 towns, having 11,099 inhabitants.

Queen's County. No returns.

Rensselaer County. Berlin,

2019 40 1200 500 6 unk'n Grafton,

1681 67 1400 50 Greenbushi 3216 70 1670


250 Petersburgh, 2011 60

800 Schaghticoke, 3002 40 1750

3 180


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$100 225 237

97 200 100

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18931 6641 11954)


8 358 959 East Bloomfield, 4 bridgrs. Bristol, 12 bridges. Canandai: gua, 6 bridges. Hopewell, A bridges. Manchester, 5 bridges. Naples, 12 bridges. Total, 57 bridges. No returns from 8 towns, having 21,236 inhabitants.

Orange County. Crawford, 2019 62 2120


$250 Goshen, 3:361 80 2032


50 Hamptonburgh, 1365 51 1123

250 Montgomery, 3885 100 2626

8 $160 123 Warwick, 5009 175 3860 $600 20


11929 277 75424 550 23 880 1550 Berlin, the $500 is much more than is usual. Petersburgh, 30 bridges. S:baghticoke, 6 bridges. Total, 36 bridges. No returns from 9 towns, having 37,495 inhabitants.

Richmond County. No returns.

Rockland County. Ramapo, 2937 1725


200 No returns from 3 towns, having 6551 inhabitants.

Saratoga County. Corinth,

1412 SO 1150 Edinburgh, 1571 60 1024

25 Providence, 1579 67 1203 Saraioga,

2461 87 1844 250 7 210 500 Sar. Springs, 2264 60 1723

200 Waterford, 1473 7


2 80


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10760 361 7314

9 290

735 Edinburgh, a float bridge. Providence, the bridges are kept in repair by labor assessed. Saratoga, 7 bridges. Saratoga Springs, 10 bridges: there is a railroad in the town, 5 miles long, which cost $50,000: the bridges cost $7,000. Waterford, 10 bridges. Total, 28 bridges. No returns from 14 towns, having 27,919 in. babitants.

Schenectady County. No returns.

Schoharie County. Cobleskill, 2988 62



75 Jefferson, 1743 80 1200

8 60

Hastings, Mexico,

Palemo, Parish,


4731 142 3523

15 60 75 Cobleskill, 3 bridges. No returns from 8 towns, having 25,171 inhabitants.

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23244 7184 22210 2180 6 100 1045

11396 549 12871 4812

1015 685

Brasher, 5 bridges ; expense of building said bridges, $2500.

Hurley, 6 bridges. Kingston, 2 bridges. New-Paltz, 6 bridges.

Expended for making roads, during last five years, $3000. Can.

Ellen Ville, 99 bridges; $400 raised by voluntary subscription

ton, 3 bridges; one cost $1300, one $400. Gouverneur, 4 bridges.

Madrid, 52 bridges. Massena, 3 bridges; original cost, about

for the benefit of a road. Toral, 36 bridges. No returns from 8

$3000. Russell, 6 bridges.

towns, having 25,154 inhabitants.

Stockholm, several bridges : the

roads, although of great expense, are bad. Total, 73 bridges.

Warrren County.

No returns from 13 towns, having 13110 inhabitants.

Steuben County.



85 11731







44 567






13 600






900 150


985 66 877



2391 100 1600


1 362

Painted Post,



65 1145

974 76





1724 67 1390 255



5332 273



1172 60 825 129

Bolton, 2 bridges. Caldwell, 5 bridges. Hague, 6 bridges.

8707 423 7172 1033

120 Johnburgh, 5 budges. Luzerne, 1 bridge. Total, 19 bridges.

Addison, 2 bridges; money for these 2 bridges raised by sub No returns from 4 towns, having 6464 inhabitants.

scription. Jersey, 2 bridges. Painted Post, 1 bridge. Total, 5

bridges. No returns from 18 towns, having 25,044 inhabitants.

Washington County.

Suffolk County.


3758 90 2391 212

Easthampton, 1669 120. 471


3881 200 3256


Riverhead, 2010 110 2000

50 Greenwich, 3947 1953



1069 30 775

3678 230 2471

50 Kingsburgh, 2606 72 768



718 S5 532)


No returns from 7 towns, baving 23,102 inhabitants.


2972 56 1274

Sullivan County.

White Creek, 2446 80 1950


Fallsburgh, 1173 80 1269 250


310 2

21297 533 13399



1192 120 630




Thompson, 2457 140 1650


20 400 100 Easton, 3 bridges, annual expense included in that of roads.

Granville, 9 bridges. Greenwich, 5 bridges. Hampton, 3 bridges.

4722 340 2548 640 29 620 115 Kingsburgh, 2 bridges, expense included in expense of roads.

Fallsburgh, 1934, one bridge cost $600, and a stone one $1500. Putnam, 2 bridges. White Creek, 2 bridges, one cost $1500,

Total, 2 bridgees. No returns from 6 towns, having 7642 inhabi-

the other $2000. Total, 26 biidges. No returns from 9 towns,


having 21,338 inhabitants.

Tioga County.

Wayne County.


972 90 1385


1711 50 720 50



3901 175 9097 100



2892 65 2300

125 Galen,

3631 105 2500 250


1027 65 1100


3603 105 2617



1284 60



1535 40 1447 20


3076 150 3000


250 Rose,

1641 48 1433 80


98 897



15 Savannah,

886 51 674



1801 564 1695

11162 518 9767 75 18 50 590


17068 5811 13463


Berkshire, 14 bridges. Elmira, 7 bridges. Newark, 3 bridges.

Nichols, a toll-bridge across the Susquehanna. Oswego, bridges Arcadia, 6 bridges. Galen, 3 bridges, first cost, $1500, second,

are numerous; one of them cost $13,000, and has had $200 ex. $600, third, $600. Lyons, 6 bridges. Savanoah, 1 bridge. To.

pended on it for repairs. Richford, 1 bridges. Total, 26 bridges. tal, 16 bridges. No returns from 8 towns, having 16,575 inbabi.

No returns from 11 towns, having 22,689 inhabitants.



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2750 70 2438


years, in laying out and altering roads. Cortlandt, 15 bridges. New Cortlandt, 3840 774 1778 180 4


Rochelle, bridges kept in order by day's work assessed. Somers', Greenburgh, 2195 44 1460

4 bridges. Westchester, 3 bridges. Yorktown, 9 bridges. Total, New Rochelle, 1274 14 692 20 21 25

38 bridges. No returns from 13 towns, having 18,402 inhabitants. Rye, 1602 33 8424 25 40 40

Yates County.
1997 45 1200

Barrington, 1854 75 1270

$20 Westchester, 2362 37

750 12

250 Yorktown,

1434 2141 70



Barrington, 2 bridges. No returns from 7 towns, having 18155

18054 3204 98341
875 281 631 1094

In the celumns of additional money, cost of turnpike, and annual cost of
Bedford, 7 bridges ; $600 have been raised during the last two bridges, fractions of dollars are omitted.
Sixth Annnal Report of the Superintendent of ||from the end of the 5th Division at the per mile of the graduation and masonry de.

“ Point of Rocks," on the left bank of the clines in amount regularly from the end of Graduation, Masonry, and Construction of

Potomac river, to the bridge of the Messrs. the 1st Division to the termination of the the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

Wager, across that river at Harper's Fer- road as follows, viz: at the end of the 1st Office OF THE SUPERINTENDENT OF THE ? |ry. The first two miles and ten poles a- Division it is $46,354.81—of the 2d $29,BALTIMORE AND Ohio RAILROAD.

round the Narrows, occasioned by the lower | 252.35—of the 3d $20,376.18—of the 4th

and upper Points of Rocks, and the last $17,671.72—of the 5th $16,128.84—and Ellicott's Mills, Md., 1st Oct., 1835.

two miles, beginning east of Miller's Nar- | at the end of the 6th $15,840.04,-and, To Phillip E. Thomas, Esq.,

rows, and extending along those and Har- inclusive of the lateral branch to the city President of the Baltimore and

per's Ferry Narrows, to the bridge at Har- of Frederick, it is only $15,561.58. Ohio Railroad Company:

per's Ferry, were graduated for the recep By this table it is further shown, that

tion of the railway, by the Chesapeake and the average cost per cubic yard of the Sir, -At the date of my last annual report, Ohio Canal Company. The graduation 2,590,689 yards of earth, inclusive of a the graduation, masonry, and construction, and masonry of ihe intermediate space, large proportion of rock, as well as of the of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and comprehending a distance of 8 miles and grubbing and clearing, which was handled of the lateral Railroad to Washington City, 119 82-100 poles, were generally com in effecting the graduation of the line to were rapidly advancing. I have now the menced about the 15th July, 1834, and Harper's Ferry, was 32 12-100 cents, and gratification to report that the operations, were so rapidly prosecuted ihat the com- that the average cost of the whole per cuon the altimore and Ohio Railroad, then pletion of the railway upon it was effected

yard, when the 70,248 yards, fully in progress, have since been finished, and by the first day of the December following. half of which was rock, and its cost, of that the road was, on the first day of De. The quantity of earth removed and sup- the branch to Frederick, is added, is raised cember, 1834, formally opened for travelplied, inclusive of rock, on this intermediate to 32 43-100 cents. and traffic from the “ Point of Rocks” to space, was 150,224 cubic yards, at the And that the 93,419 1-2 perches of maHarper's Ferry: And that on the first day gross cost of $58,993.34, exclusive of con- / sonry, inclusive of the cost of four superof July last, the construction of the lateral tingencies, but inclusive of grubbing, clear structures of wood, one of which, that aRailroad to Washington City had been so ing, and transportation; or at an average cross the Monocacy river, was very extenfar advanced, as to admit, on that day, of cost per cubic yard of 39 27-100 cents; or sive, cost at an average, on the whole line, the passage of a locomotive engine, with a of $42.21 a pole lineal, and of $13,508.08 to Harper's Ferry, inclusive of the branch train of cars, over 'it, very nearly as far as a mile. Table B No. 1 exhibits the names to Frederick, $3.98 84-100 a perch. the north line of the District of Columbia, of contractors by whom this work was so This large quantum of masonry is partly in the vicinity of Bladensburg, and on the energetically and satisfactorily executed, contained in a very great number of goihic 20th of that month was formally opened their prices, &c.

and common culverts, and a few detached for travel to that line. Owing to a disap The masonry built upon this intermedi- walls, but much the larger portion of it in pointment in the receipt of rails from Eng-late part of the 6th Division is detailed in the following described bridges, all of which land, the remainder of the line, extending table B No. 2, and is there shown to have were designed by my late intelligent and from that point to the Pennsylvania Ave amounted to 13,536 3-4 perches, of 25 cu- energetic assistant, Mr. Robert Wilson, nue, in the City of Washington, and em- bic feet to the perch. It is contained in except the Carrolhon, the Patterson, and bracing a distance of about five miles, could five bridges, numerous culverts, and two the Oliver viaducts, which were designed not be prepared for use before the 25th day detached walls. Its gross cost was $54,129. by myself, and that with a superstructure of August

, on which day it was opened, 24, and average cost per perch $3.99 86-100. of wood across the Monocacy river, which with appropriate ceremony, for the regular The table referred to presents the names of was designed by Mr. Lewis Wernwag, its conveyance of passengers.

the contractors and their respective prices. enterprising contractor, viz: In addition to the accompanying tables, Table B No. 3 is referred to for a succinct The "Carrollton viaduct," over Gwynn's marked B 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and other papers, view of the cost of the graduation and ma- falls, of two arches of 80 and 20 feet chord marked T. U. V. W. X. Y. Z., only a few sonry of the whole line of this road from respectively. observations are necessary, to present a full Prati street, Baltimore, to Harper's Ferry, The "Patterson viaduct," of four arches, report of the proceedings of this department. and inclusive of the branch road to the city 2 of 55 feet, and 2 of 20 feet chord respecThese tables exhibit the work in detail and of Frederick. By this table ihe quantum tively, built across the Patapsco river. its cost, and the papers also furnish copies of of the graduation of the whole line is shown The “Oliver viaduci," of 3 arches of 20 such printed notices and other information to have required the removal and supply offect chord each, over the Frederick turnas is generally given to persons disposed to 2,660,937 cubic yards of earth, inclusive pike road, and Ellicott's branch. take contracts under this Company, as well of a large proportion of rock, at a cost of The bridge across the Monocacy river, as the manner the various kinds of work $883,140.74, and the construction of 93,419 of 3 spans of 110 feet each. are required to be executed when contract. 1-2 perches of masonry, at a cost of $372, One across the greater Catoctin creek of ed for.

497.01, aggregately announting to the sum 2 arches, of 50 feet chord each.

of $1,235,637.75, being at the average One over the Frederick turnpike road, Graduation and Masonry of the Baltimore|| rate of $15,561.58 a mile. By an inspection and a contiguous branch, near Parrsville, and Ohio Railroad.

of the recapitulation to this table, it will be of 2 arches, of 20 and 10 feet chord, res. The Gib Division of this road extends perceived that the average aggregate cost" pectively.

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One across the west fork of the Palap. || laid, at a gross cost of $17,353.49, inclu-||experienced and faithful agent, Mr. Jona! sco river, near Marriottsville, of one archive of the cost of all materials, (except the han Jessop, by whom it was mosi satisof 40 feet chord.

prime cost of the rails,) their inspection, factor ly conducted to its completion. One across Ballinger's creek of 1 arch, | transpor ation, distribution, &c., and of the To the management of ihe 41h section of 30 feet chord.

cost of the horse path, superintendence, of the second division, Mr. John Watson Four of 1 arch each, of 25 feet chord, and all other contingent expenses, which was assigned. Mr. Watson had been long viz: across Gadsby's run, Gillis' falls, Bush is an average cost of $3,561.25 a mile. and advantageously known in this commuand Israel's creeks.

But the prime cosi of 22 tons of rails, thenity as ihe efficient superintendent of the Seven of 1 arch each, of 20 feet chord, quantity used on a mile, at $15 a ton, or repairs upon the Frederick and Boonsboro' viz: across Gwynn's run, Robert's run | $990 a mile, must be added to $3,561.25, || turnpike. He continued 10 manage this Caton's branch, a branch opposite the Union which shows the actual cost per mile section in the most satisfactory manner, factory, Piney run, the Tuscarora, and les. to have been $1,551.25, inclusive of the until his lamented death, which occurred ser Catoctin creeks.

cost of nearly, if not al, the turnouis|late in the month of Noveinber, 1834, at One of 20 feet span, superstructure of which will be necessary when the sec- which time the graduation was so nearly wood, over the Frederick and Georgetown ond track shall have been laid con- completed, that about two weeks more of turnpike road.

tinuously throughout the whole line.- his efficient services would have finished it. One of 1 arch, of 15 feet chord, across The horse path cost at the high rate of It is due to the memory of Mr. Watson Dorsey's run, near the Avalon works.

$783.12 84-100 a mile, owing to the in- for me to state, that a more faithful and

convenience of obtaining stone of suitable competent agent could not have been seOne across Clagget's branch, of 15 feel character, and the rapidity with which the lected. Afer an intimate intercourse with span, superstructure of wood.

work was executed. The second track him as a manager of public works for more Three of 1 arch, of 14 feet chord, viz: may be laid at a less average cost. than seventeen years, I am enabled io say over Warfield's road, Davis' and Marriott's The contractors who laid the rails were hat, during all ihat period he conducted branches.

Messrs. John Littlejohn, Matthew Borland, || himself in the most exemplary manner, Nine of 1 arch each, of 12 feet chord. and James Thompson—the turnouts were both as a gentleman and public officer.

One of 12 feet span, superstructure of inserted by Messrs. Reuben Aler and Jesse His industry, energy and unremitting atwood, and four of 1 arch each, of 10 feei Hay, and the horse path was formed by tention to the duties confided to him were chord.

Messrs. Thoz. M. Macubbin and David rarely equalled and could not be surpassed.

His veracity and integrity were as unimBridge across the Potomac River, at Harper's

peachable as his fidelity wis unquestionaFerry.

Graduation and Masonry of the Lateral Rail ble. He was generous almost to a fault, road to Washington City.

and as brave as he was generous. The This heavy work has been very recently

This road was divided into five parts, stances is a public calamity, and when we

loss of such a man under any circumput under contract. It is expected that it will be completed within one year. The denominated the First, Second, Third, and call to mind the sudden and'shocking mancontractors are Charles Wilson, for the Fourth Divisions, which terminale at the

ner by which he fell, his death must always masonry, and Lewis Wernwag, for the su-north boundary line of the City of Washing. be reme ubered with feelings of unfeigned perstructure of wood, both of whom are ton, and the City Division, which en is at

regret and sorrow, well known to the Company as contract- :he basin of the city canal al 6ih street west, ors of skill, energy, and fidelity. in Washington, which has yet only been the 8th section of the 2d division was con

The management of the graduation of graduated as far as the Pennsylvania ave

fided 10 Mr. Trueman Belt. Mr. Belt conConstruction of the Baltimore and Olio Rail.

The graduation of the first division was was nearly comple ed, only about 4000

ducted it in a sati-factory manner until it road.

commenced, generally, about the 10th of As soon as practicable after the superin-| October, 1833; that of the second and

yards of excavation remaining, when he

discon:inued his operations. tendency of this branch of the service of third, and 1st section of the fourth, about the Coinpany was confided to me, mea- | the 20th of January, 1834 ; that of the

Table B No. 5, exhibits the names of sures were adopted to ob:ain a supply of 24 and 3d sections of the fourth division, the contractors by whom the masonry was the requisi'e materials for the construc- jabout the 1st of January, 1835—and that built, their respective prices, the characstion of a single track of railway frorn the of the city division, about the 1st of May, lter and cost of the several structures, &c. " Point of Rocks' to Harper's Ferry, and 1835.

With the exception of the “ Tho nas Viafor such parts of a second track, as were Three of the most difficult and expen- duc:,” across the Patapsco river, the maindispensable, as pa-sing places. It was sive sections of the second division, iz : sonry was generally coinmenced, simulta. found very difficult to obain a s'ipply in the 1st, 4th, and Stła

, were placed under the neously, with the graduation of the divisthe short time it was desired. The great- | management of agents of the Company.

That stupendous structure was beer portion of the string pieces are of yellow For niy views on the subject of effecting gun on the 4th of July, 1833, and completed pine, procured in Nor h Carolina, ani pari

. the graduation by agents of the Company Cartney, of the State of Ohio, on the 4th ly conveyed by the Chesape ike and Ohio the accompanying paper marked S. is reCanal from Georgetown, and partly by the specifully referred to

of July, 1835. The beautiful and imposRailroad from Baliinore to the “Point of Table B No. 4, exhibits in detail the ing design of that viaduct, was furnished Rucks.” The sleepers were procured in several sections, the names of the con

by B. H. Latrobe, Esq., Civil Engineer, the immediate neighborhood of the work.tractors and others by whom the work was and the designs of all the other structures The plan upon which the work was exc. performed, the prices, quantum of earth on this road were prepared by my assistant cuted is fully set forih in the accompany- handled on each section, &c.

From this
Mr. Robert Wilson, who superintended the

The ing paper Z. The horse path was paved table it appears that the whole quantum of construction of all the masonry. in such places where the railway was in earth removed and supplied on these seve-whole quantum built, is shown by the last contact with o her roads, and particularly ral divisions, inclusive of 32,727 1-2 yard: table referred to, to have been 46,906 3-4 in the street of Berlin, at Weverton and at of rock, which occurred on the 1st section perches, of 25 cubic feet to the perch, at a Harper's Ferry Narrows, at which latier of the 1st division, and was the only rock cost of $275,167.21, or an average cost places its site is also that of the Frederick met wih in the excavations of the whole per perch, of $5.56 62-100. and Harper's Ferry turnpike roads. The line, was 1,991,352 cubic yards, which was These 46,906 3-4 perches of masonry remainder was Macadamized in the best ban lled at a cost of $564,530.08, or at the are contained in many culverts, one very manner, with stone of the hardest quality, llaverage cost of 33 37-100 cents a yard, heavy wall connected with the "Thomas reduced to particles not exceeding for inclusive of the grubbing, clearing, and Viaduci” and in the following described ounces in weight. Twelve miles and 119 transportation.

fifteen bridges, viz: 5-10 poles of first track, and 295 80-100 The 1st section of the second division The “ Thoinas Viaducı" over the Patappoles of second track and ten turnouts were was placed under the management of that llsco river of 8 arches of 68 chord, each.




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One, of or.e arch of 60 feet chord across | miles and 245 97-100 poles were formed $531,96 1-2 a mile, leaving as its actual

of scaniling and only 204 46-100 poles, cost, the sum of $7,000. The reinander the Greater Pituxent river.

T'wo, of 1 arch each, of 50 feet chord, of loys. The scaniling track is a little of the 2d, track is in length 24 miles and across the Lesser Patuxent river, and the || nore costly than that made of logs, but is 297 14-100 poles, which at $7,000 a mile, north-west branch, the latter near Bladens- greatly preferable and believed to be more will cost $174,499.93 3-4. This sum be

durable. It can, in the first instance, being added to the cost of ihat already conburg.

Öne, of five spans, of 25 feet each, over more accurately constructed, and when out structed, viz: 269,220.67, gives the gross the Paint Branch, superstructure of wood. of repair, is more easily adjusted, than the sum of $443,720.60, as ihe 10tal cost of

One, of one arch, of 20 feet chord, across log track. Besides it does not so frequently two continuous tracks of Railway, from Hammond's branch.

get out of a ljustment, because of the greater the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, to the One, of one arch of 18 feet, over Deep perfection of its system. With the excep. Pennsylvania avenue, in Washington, a

tion of a short piece in Washington, the 2d distance of 30 miles 107 57-100 poles. One, of 2 arches of 14 1.2 feet chordtrack is only laid through the several deep The estimate for two racks as far as the each, across the Tiber creek in 1st-streetcuts, where it answers the purposes of New Jersey avenue, about 1-4 of a mile west, in the city of Washington. passing places for the cars, and at the short of the distance to the Pennsylvania

One, of 1 arch, of 15 feet chord, across same time affords great facilities in keep-avenue, was $432,780.05. The actual Budd's run.

ing the road clear of the avalanches 10 cost will therefore probably exceed the estiOne, of 1 arch, of 14 feet chord, across which the deep cuts are liable.

mate, about ihe sum of $10,940.67. From the east Branch of Tiber creek, in the Del.

The entire first track is laid with the deep this excess it would be proser 10 deduct the aware Avenue, Washington.

or edge rail, except that part exten ling from cost of straightening the rails, and dressing One, of 1 arch, of 11 feet chord, over North Capitol street to Pennsylvania Ave their ends, an expense noi contemplated Hopkin's road.

nue in Washington. Of The 20 track 300 when the estimate was made. WithThree, of one arch each, of 10 feet 6-10 poles on the 2d Divison and 248 7-10 out, however, sub:racting any thing on chord, viz: over Piney run near Vansville, | poles on the 4th Division, are laid wih flat this account, it will be found, that when Duel run, near Bladensburg, and Pierson's rails, such as are used on ihe Baltimore the excess of cost in this case, viz: $10,Branch near the north line of Washington; and Ohio Railroad; all the remainder of the 940.67, be subtrated from the excess of and

2d track was laid with the deep or edge estimate over the actual cost of the graduOne, of 8 feet chord, in the District of rail. Where the flat rail was used, (and i lation and masoary before shown to be Columbia.

was only used because there was not a suf- $67,943.11 the actual cost of all the work, Table B No. 6, presents a full view officient supply of the edge rail) small strips has fallen short of the gross estimated cost, the cost of the graduation and masonry of scaniling 4 x 2 inches, were first spiked the sum of $37,002.44; and if but a very separately, and aggregately, on each secto the scantling which had been laid for the noderate allowance be inade for the excess tion and on the whole line, and shows the reception of the edge rail

. These strips of distance actually constructed over that whole length of the line from the point of were necessary to allow the rail to be estimated, it may very reasonably be asdeflection from the Baltimore and Ohio laid over the centre of the scaniling be- sumed, that the whole actual cost of the Railroad, to its present terminus at the neath them, and also to inake up the dis- road will be less than the whole estimated Pennsylvania Avenue in the city of Wash-|| parity in depth or thickness, between the cost, by the sum of at least $60,000. ington, to be, 30 miles and 112 poles, andliwo kinds of rail. It is found to make a

The rails wher e laid on the 1st divisionthe aggregate cost to have been $939,697. || very good Railway. They can be easily on the 2d, and 3d, sections of the 4th divi29, or at the average rate per pole lineal of | removed when a further supply of the deep sion, and on the city division, by Mr. Ben$96.75 63-100, orp er mile $30,962.01 rail is obtained, if it should be ihen thought jamin Cornelius - Mr. James Giddings, 9-10. The superintendence and all other expedient to do so.

laid them on the 21, division, and Mr. John contingent expenses amounted to the sum of

The whole cost of these 35 miles and P. Cowman, laid the 3d division, and the
$19,475.93, which added to the above sum 238 poles of Railway thus laid, and of 1st section of the 4th division. All the
173.22 as the entire cost of the gradua-| ber, chairs, screw bolis, spikes, and the cost
of $939,697.29, produces the sum of $959, 12 1-2 turnouts, including the cost of lum-urnouts were inserted by Messrs. Reuben

Aler, and Jesse Hay.
tion, masonry, superintendence, and all con.lofail other material (except the prinne cost of
tingent expenses of this road, which is at the rails) inspection, trasportation, distribu-

the rate of $98.76 16-100 per lineal pole, tion, workmanship, superintendence and ali The whole amount expended by me in
or of $31,603.73 12-100 per mile.

other contingent expenditures, has been the service of the Company up to this date, The estimate of the graduation, masonry $156,627.86, -being at the rate of $13,69|and which has been regularly and duly and contingent expenses as far as the New 1-3 a 'pole lineal, or of 84,381.96 1-2 a mile. accounted for, has been two millions, four Jersey Avenue, a point about 1-4 of a mile In the above anount the sum of $5,707. hundred and ninty-one tho'lsand, six hunshort of the present terminus of the road, 13 expen:led for suitable implements, sheds, |ared and thirty-eight doilars and thirteen was $1027,116.33, being $67,943.11 cents and workmanship, necessary to straightencents,

This large sum has been applied more than the actual cost

, although abou | the rails and dress their ends, is included. | as follows, viz :
14 of a mile more distance, has been gra- The prime cost of the elge rail is assuined To the graduation of the
duated, than was included in the estimate. | at $50 a ton, and 63 tons are estimated 19 Bilt. & O. R. R.

$863,140.74 Construction of the Lateral Rrailroad to the prime cost of the rails of a single track. To the payment of the

the mile, which makes $3,150 a mile as || To the masonry on ditto, 372,497.01 Washington City.

This suin being added to the above, gives contingent expenses in.
The lengih of single or first track of $7,531.96 1-2 as the entire cost of a mile

currects on

account of Railway which has been laid is 30 miles ||of single railway on this road, inclusive of he

the graduation and maand 107 57-100 poles. There has also cost of 12 1-2 turnouts, or for ihe whole dis

sonry, viz: superintenbeen laid of second track, a distance of 5 iance which has been laid, viz: 35 miles

dence, instruments, admiles and 130 43-100 poles. The aggre- and 238 poles the gross suin of $269,220,67

vertising, &c. &c.

40,396.44) gate length of 1st and 2d track is then 35 On the remainder of the second track, miles and 238 poles. These Railways fewer turnouts will be required, than have

$1,276,034.191 were partly formed of scantling and partly been inserted; the transportation of the ma-To the payment of the of longs--for a particular description of erials will be done chiefly on the Railroail, right of way, and daeach kind, reference is made to the accom- and of course cheaper; the graduation mages generally on panying paper marked Y.-Of the first which the contractors of the 1st track were that road.

$26,417.024 track, or continuous Railway, 17 mile: | required to perform, will be dispensed with To the construction of the and 175 poles were constructed wi’h scant altogether; it may be therefore assumed 6ih division of said road, ling, and 12 miles and 252 57-100 poles that the construction of it will not cost as

viz: were laid with logs, and of the 2d track, 41 much as the first, by at least the sum of Materials, distribution, &c. $21,013.56


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