Lapas attēli

SOMERVILLE, (N. J.,) RAILROAD.- The || The number of passengers on the Bir. On the 2d inst., a disastrous occurrence most difficult part of the grading of this minghain and Gloucester Railway calcula. I took place at the British Iron Company's road between the town and the Point, has | ted upon, amounts to uparwds of 400,000, Works at Aberyschen. The fly-wheel, probeen completed. The contractors experi- | and the quantity of goods to about 70,000 pelling the machinery at the forge, is upenced a little difficulty a short time sincetons annually. The amount of income ex-wards of 20 feet diameter, and revolves upfrom a strike among their hands; this diffi- ||pected to arrive from the conveyance of wards of 70 times a minute. During this culty was only for a day, the laborers re- goods and passengers, is £145,855 5s. 1d. velocity and with but a momentary notice, turned to their work without any augmen. || The estimated charge of the annual expen- it is supposed that one of the cogs of the tation of their wages. There are but few ses of the railroad when completed iswheel gave way, the whole of the attached difficulties to be encountered in grading the £52,000; and the cost of making the road, wheels, etc., were hurled in an alarming road between the town and the Point. The which is expected to be completed in four momentum ihrough the roof into the air, part about midway between the two Points years, is £889,703. The engineering diffi- upwards of 300 feet, and one piece, weigh. is low and marshy, and as there are no culties are considerable, in consequence of|ling nearly two tons, descended within ten abrupt inequalities to be encountered, the the country through which it has to pass. feet of the forge, and was buried a considfilling up can be accomplished without much | There are two inclined planes of upwards erable depth in the ground; fortunately, cost. From the town to Somerville, the of a mile and a quarter each, to be passed although some persons were within two or road has not yet been located, although by passengers, and another one at the ter- three yards of the place where this huge several routes have been run. In addition mination of the line at Gloucester of 500 mass of iron fell, and nearly 100 altogether to these favorable circumstances, it is said | yards, to be used for goods only. The car- in and about the works, not a single person that 220 miles of the New-York and Erie riages are to be drawn up these inclined was injured. The damage done to the Railroad will be put under contract this planes by means of stationary engines. works is estimated at 5,0001.—[Chronicle.] summer. The Point begins to present an|There will also be one tunnel 440 yards in appearance which will warrant us in the lengih.-! Ledger.] conclusion that its improvement is not the fanciful dream of a few speculators. Those

The carriages running on that part of the A journeyman engraver has just made a grounds at the Point, which swell so nobly || Greenwich Railroad which is finished have discovery of much importance, for the from the Sound, present to the eye of a been filled every day during the last week. economy caused by it in the manufacturing close observer one of the finest locations | The Company's receipts have been about ef fire arms. The stocks of guns, that usu. which can be imagined for the erection of a || 501. a day. The form of the road appears ally require much labour, are made quite commercial and manufacturing city. La-l advantageous for the carriages; and it is miraculously by the aid of a machine which borers are now at work driving the posts found that the two coats of cement and he has invented. Government, it is said, for the building of a dock for the accommodation of the company.-[Elizabethtown

concrete which are laid over the whole of bas bought the invention at the price of 300,Journal.]

the brick-work of the arches is quite effect- ||000fr., and the inventor is immediately to ual in preventing any moisture from pene- || set up machines of this kind in eoch of the trating.– [Herald.)

'arsenals. COST OF THE RAILROAD TO THE WEST.Our attention has been turned to this sub.

The SUBSCRIBER is authorised to sell Page's MortiCING MACHINES, to be used in ject by an article in the Wheeling Gazette, received to-day, which we copy below. | any of the Western, Southern, or Middle States, (except New Jersey,) and also to sell The opinion expressed by the experienced Rights for Towns, Counties, or States, in the same region, including New-York. engineer of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail. road, as to the probable cost of that portion

Machines will be furnished complete, ready to work, and at a liberal discount to those of the road which will extend from Cun who purchase territory, or machines to sell again. berland to Wheeling-a distance of 132

Applications may be made by letter, post paid, or personally, to miles—may be safely relied on as a tolera. bly correct criterion for an approximate es.

D. K. MINOR, Agent for Proprietor, timate of the cost of the road from Harper's

132 Nassau street, New-York. Ferry, by way of Hagerstown, to Cumberland, which is about half the distance. The

Terms of single machines, $30 to $35, for common morticing ; and $50 to $60 estimate would then be as follows

for hub machines, which, in the hands of an experienced man, will mortice 14 to 16 From Wheeling to Cumberland, 4,202,000 From Cumberland to H.'s Ferry, 2,101,000 setts of common carriage or wagon hubs per day. Branch to Pittsburgh, 50 miles, 935,000

$7,238,000 Will be published, in a few days, NICHOLson's Treatise on Architecture, And the whole cost would be seven millions, two hundred and thirty-eight thousand dol" || Also, Pambour on Locomotive Engines on Railroads. lars.

To meet the above estimate, the city of Baltimore has made provision to furnish | NOTICE OF THE NEW-YORK AND THE NEWCASTLE MANUFACTURING three millions—the cities of Pittsburgh and

COMPANY, incorporated by the State of Delawaro, ERIE RAILROAD COMPANY.

with a capital of 200,000 dollars, are prepared to ex. Wheeling will each furnish one million, and if the legislature of Maryland shall subscribe ment of in April, in consequence of their inability extensive

Finishing Shops and Foundries for Brass and THE Company hereby withdraw their Advertise-4ecute in the first style and on liberal jerms, at their three millions, it will amount in the whole to eight millions ; which will furnish a sur- / be Yet on the 30th June, at Binghampton, and on the orders for LOCOMOTIVE and other Steam Engines

, plus above the estimate, of $762,000, for 11th of July at Monticello. Future notice shall be and for CASTINGS of every description in Brass or moving power and contingencies.-[N. Y. given, when proposals will be received at the above Iron RAILROAD WORK of all kinds finished in

the best manner, and at the shortest notice.
places, for the same portions of the road.

Orders to be addressed to
JAMES G. KING, President.


Superintendent, Newcastle, Delaware. AMES' CELEBRATED SHOVELS, feb 20-ytf COMPARISON OF SPEED.-A French scientific journal states, that the ordinary rate


HARTFORD AND NEW HAVEN is per second :300 dozens Ames' superior back-strap Shovels


do plain do Of a man walking

do cast steel Shovels & Spades

PROPOSALS will be received until the tenth day Of a good horse in harness 12 150 do do Gold-mining Shovels

of June next, at the Engineer Office of the Hartford Of a reindeer in a sledge on the ice 26 100 do do plated Spades

and New-Haven Railroad, corner of Collis and East of an English race horse


50 do do socket Shovels and Spades. streets, New Haven, for grading eighteen miles of this Of a hare.

Together with Pick Axes, Churn Drills, and Crow Railroad, from New Haven to Meriden. On and af88

Bars (steel pointed,) mannfactured from Salisbury re. ter the 25th day of the present month, maps and proof a good sailing ship

19 fined iron-for sale by the manufacturing agents, Giles of the different sections may be seen at tho ofOf the wind


WITHERELL, AMES & CO. fice, together with specifications and plans ef the proOf sound

No. 2 Liberty street, New-York. || posed constructions & Contractors not personally

known to the Engineer, must accompany their prúof a 24 pounder, cannon ball


1800 Of the air, which, so divided, re.

No. 8 State street, Albany. I posals with suitable certificates or recommendations, N. B.-Also furnished to order, Shapes of every de

ALEX'R C. TWINING, Engineer. turns into space 1300 scription, made from Salisbury refined Iron. 4-ýtf May 16, 1836,

19-tj 10

150 do

4 feet. || 150 do








KANAWHA CANAL The subscriber would respectfully inform the pub-

NOTICE is hereby given, that on the 20th day of
lic, and particularly Railroad and Bridge Corpora- | Lune next, at the Town of Chicago, in the State of
PROPOSALS will be received at the Office of the tations that he will build Frame Bridges, or vend the linois, the following described Property will be sold
James River and Kanawha Company, in the City of right to others to build, on Col. Long's Patent, through- || at Public Auction, to wit:
Richmond, from the 15th to the 23rd day of August, out the United States, with few exceptions. The fol-

All the unsold Town Lots in the original Town of ment and Walling not now under contract, together signed who will also attend to this business, viz. for the construction of all the Excavation, Embank: lowing sub-Agents have been

engaged by the !under-Chicago ; and

also the Town Lots on fractional Sec

tion No. Fifteen, in the Township No. Thirty-nine, with nearly all the Culverts and the greater portion of Horace Childs,

Henniker, H.

North of Range Fourteen, East of the Third principal the Locks between Lynchburg and Maidens’ Adven Alexander McArthur, Mount Morris, N. Y.

Meridian adjoining the said Town of Chicago. The John Mahan,



sale will commence on the said 20th day of June, and The work now advertised embraces the twenty Thomas H. Cushing,

Dover, N. H.

will be continued from day to day, until all the Propmiles between Columbia and the head of Maidens'

Ira Blake,

Wakefield, N. II. erty has been offered for sale or disposed of. This Adventure Pond, the eight miles between Seven Is

Amos Whitemore,. Fsq., Hancock, N. H. property is held by the State of Minois for canal purland Falls and Scottsville, and about iwenty isolated Samuel Herrick,

Springfield, Vermont. poses, and is offered for sale in conformity to the prosections, reserved at the former letting, between Simeon Herrick,


vision of a Statute Law of the said State, authorizing Scottsville and Lynchburg.

Capt. Isaac Damon, Northampton, Mass.

such a sale. The terms of sale are one-fourth of the The quantity of masonry offered is very great Lyman Kingsly,


do purchase money to be paid in advance at the time of consisting of about two hundred Culverts of from three

Elijah Halbert,
Waterloo, N. Y.

sale, and the residue in three annual instalments, to thirty feet span; nine Aqueducts, thirty-five Locks

Joseph Hebard,
Dunkirk, N. Y.

bearing an interest of six per centum per annum, pay. a number of Wastes, with several farm and road Col. Sherman Peck, Hudson, Ohio,

able annually in advance. Bridges.

Andrew E. Turnbull, Lower Sandusky, Ohio. 'Those who are unacquainted with the situation of the General plans and specifications of all the work, William J. Turnbull,


do above mentioned Property, are informed that those and special plans of the most important Culverts and Sabried Dodge, Esq., (Civil Engineer,) Ohio.

Lots which are described as belonging to the original Aqueducts, will be found at the offices of the several Booz M. Atherton, Esq. New-Philadelphia, Ohio. Town of Chicago, are situated in the best built and Principal Assistant Engineers on the line of the Canal.

Stephen Daniels,

Marietta, Ohio

business part of the Town. Section Fifteen is a The work will be prepared for examination by tho John Rodgers,

Louisville, Kentucky. dry ridge, commencing near the harbor, and extend. 25th Julyl; but mechanics, well recommended, desir Jahn Tililson,

St. Francisville, Lous'a ing south, one mile, along the shore of Lake

Michigan. ous of immediate employment, can obtain contracts

Capt. John Bottom, Tonawanda, Penn. By order ofthe Board of Commissioners of the Illi. for the construction of a number of Culverts at private Nehemiah Osborn, Rochester, N. Y. nois and Michigan Canal. letting. Bridges on the above plan are to be seen at the fol.


JOEL MANNING, Persons offering to contract, who are unknown to lowing localities, viz. On the main road leading from

Treasurer to said Board. the subscriber, or any of the Assistant Engineers, will Baltimore to Washington, two miles from the former

Chicago, March 17th, 1836.

1380 be expected to accompany their proposals by the usual | place. Across the Metawamkeag river on the Mili

certificates of character and ability:
tary road, in Maine. On the National road in Mlinois,

at sundry points. On the Baltimore and Susquehan-
Chief Engineer of the James River
na Rrailroad at three points. On the Hudson and

CHICAGO AMERICAN, and Kanawha Company. | Patterson Railroad, in two places. On the Boston and

Note.-The Dams, Guard-Locks, most of the Worcester Railroad, at several points. On the Bos-
Bridges, and a number of Locks and Culverts, are ton and Providence Railroad, at sundry points. Across

In proposing to establish a SEMI-WEEKLY paper unreserved for a future letting. Persons visiting the line the Contocook river at Hancock, N. II. Across the der the old title, but with extended dimensions, the for the purpose of obtaining work, would do well to Connecticut river at laverhill, N. H.

Across the subscriber acknowledges the favors of the past, and call at the office of the Company in the city of Rich. Contoocook river, at Henniker, N. H. Across the solicits the continued patronage of a liberal public.mond, where any information which they may desire || Souhegan river, at Milford, N. H.

Across the Ken- The reasons that induced him about a year since to will be cheerfully communicated.

nebec river, at Waterville, in the state of Maine.-establish his weekly paper, operates with renewed The valley of James River, between Lynchburg Across the Genesso river,

at Mount Morris, News and increasing force in favor of his present design.and Richmond, is healthy.

C. E. Jr. York, and several other bridges are now in progress. He shall endeavor, as it was originally intended, to 20—ta 18

The undersigned is about to fix his residence in make his paper American in all things ; and by iden

Rochester, Monroe country, New-York, where he tifying itself with the interests and circumstances of RAILROAD CAR WHEELS AND will promptly attend to orders in this line of bus iness Chicago-which from a recent wildnerness has adBOXES, AND OTHER RAILROAD to any practicable extent in the United States, Mary-vanced to a population of thirty-five hundred-and

land excepted.


of the rich, exiensive, and rapidly developing country General Agent of Col. S. H. Long.

of which it is the emporium, he hopes it may “grow Also, AXLES furnished and fitted to wheels com Rochester, May 220, 1836.


with their growth, and strengthen with their strength.' plete at the Jefferson Cotton and Wool Machine Fac

As a record of passing events, curreut literature, of tory and Foundry, Paterson, N. J. All orders ad

the march of agriculture, commerce and manufactures, dressed to the subscribers at Paterson, or 60 Wall PATENT RAILROAD, SHIP AND and especially of the progress of internal improvements, street, New York, will be promptly attended to.

of which this State, by her recent passage of the act Also, CAR SPRINGS.


for the construction of the “ Illinois and Michigan Also, Flange Tires, turned complete.

Canal," has commenced her great and auspicious sygJ8 ROGERS, KETCHUM & GROSVENOR. The Troy Iron and Nail Factory keeps con- tem, it will aim, as ever, to be accurately and early

stantly for sale a very extensive assortment of Wrought informed, and thus endeavor lo consult alike the tastes ALBANY EAGLE AIR FURNACE AND

Spikes and Nails, from 3 to 10 inches, manufactured and wants of the community with which it is identified. MACHINE SHOP.

by the subscriber's Patent Machinery, which after With party, as generally understood, it will have as WILLIAM V. MANY manufactures to order, | five years successful operation, and now almost uni- liule to do as possible. Its politics will be the ConstiIRON CASTINGS for Gearing Mills and Factories of|versal use in the United States, (as well as England, I tution—its party, the Country. where the subscriber obtained a patent,) are sound || his thanks for the more than expected encouragement

With this brief explanation of its future course, and overy description.

ALSO-Steam Engines and Railroad Castings of superior to any ever offered in market. every description.

Railroad Companies may be supplied with Spikes he has already received, the subscriber again ventures The collection of Pallerns for Machinery, is not having countersink hcauls suitable to the holes in ironto solicit the continued patronage and extended supequalled in the United States.

rails, to any amount and on short notice. Almost all port of all who may feel' an interest in the principles RAILWAY IRON.

the Railroads now in progress in the United States are here set forth.
fastened with Spikes made at the above named fac-

It will be enlarged and otherwise greatly improved, 95 tons of 1 inch by 1 inch. Flat Bars in lengths | tory-for which purpose they are found invaluable, and printed on superior paper, and forwarded to dig 200

do It do do of 14 to 15 feet, counter as their adhesion is more than double any common iant subscribers by the earliest mails, enveloped in a do 13 do i do sunk holes, ends cut at spikes made by the hammer.

strong wrapper. do 2 do do an angle of 45 degrees, *** All orders directed to the Agent, Troy, N. Y., Terms.-The AMERICAN will be published semi800 do 21 do #do with splicing plates and will be punctually attended to.

WEEKLY, at $4 per annum, if paid at ihe time of subsoon expected. nails to suit.

HENRY BURDEN, Agent. scribing ; $5 if paid at the expiration of six months, or 250 do. of Edge Rails of 36 lbs. per yard, with the Troy, N. Y., July, 1831.

$6 if payment is delayed to the end of the year. requisite chairs, keys, and pins.

Spikes are kept for sale, at fuctory prices, by I. Any person procuring five subscribers and reWrought Iron Rims of 30, 33, and 36 inches diam-1 & 3. Townsend, Albany, and the principal Iron Mer-mitting the pay in advance, will be entitled to a sixth eter for Wheels of Railway Cars

, and of 60 inches chants in Albany and Troy; J. 1. Brower, 222 Water copy gratis, or a deduction of TEN PER CENT: diameter for Locomotive Wheels.

street, New-York; A. M. Jones, Philadelphia; T. Persons at a distance remitting a $5 bill will receive Axles of 21, 21, 21, 3, 34, 31, and 34 inches in di- | Janviers, Baltimore ; Degrand & Smith, Boston.

the paper fifteen months. ameter, for Railway Cars and Locomotives, of palent P. S.-Railrvad Companies would do well to for

*** All sums to the amount of $10 and upwards may iron.

ward their orders as early as practicable, as the sub- || be sent through the Post Office, at my expense. The above will be sold free of duy, lo State Gov- Iscriber is desirous of extending the manufacturing so

THOS. O. DAVIS. ernments and Incorporated Governments, and the as to keep pace with the daily increasing demand for

Chicago, March 25, 1836. drawback taken in part payment. his Spikes.

Subscriptions and Advertisements for the CHIA. & G. RALSTON, 1J23am

II. BURDEN. CAGO AMERICAN will be received at the Office of the 9 South Front street, Philadelphia.

Railroad Journal, 132 Nassau street by Models and samples of all the different kinds of ARCHIMEDES WORKS.

D. K. MINOR. Rails, Chairs, Pins, Wedges, Spikes, and Splicing Platos, in vse both in this country and Great Britain,

(100 North Moor street, N. Y.)

STEPHENSON, will be exhibited to those disposed to examine then.

NEW-YORK, February 12th, 1836. Builder of a superior style of Passenger 447 Imeowr THIE undersigned begs leave to inform the proprie

Cars for Railroads.

tors of Railroads that they are prepared to furnish all
kinds of Machinery for Railroads, Locomotive Engines

No. 264 Elizabeth street, near Bleeckor street, of any size, Car Wheels, such as are now in success


ful operalion on the Camden and Amboy Railroad, RAILROAD COMPANIES would do well to exaAre prepared to execute orders in their line, none of which have fuiled--Castings of all kinds, mine these Cars; a specimen of which may be seen

Wheels, Axles, and Boxes, furnished at shortest notice on that part of the New-York and Harlaen Railroad af 21% Grand street, New York,


H. R. DUNHAM & CO. now in operation.

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40 800

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- SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 1836.

[VOLUME V.–No. 22




| now, they determined to try our metal,|| therefore a matter of some importance to Notice to Railroad Contractors ; To Contractors. 337 || have lent a helping hand to their favorite those who intend to procure them to give Editorial Notices..... Pambour on Locomotion, continued.

:337|works. We hope this profitable rivalry | their orders in time to have them manufacHosking's Portable Punching Press...


may long be continued in as good feeling astured, or imported. Agriculture, &c .......

.250 Advertisements. ....352 it has commenced.

Should it be desired, we will answer in

quiries in relation to, or give orders for inAMERICAN RAILROAD JOURNAL. We perceive that the “ BROOME County || struments either of American, or European NEW-YORK, JUNE 4, 1836.

COURIER,” published at Binghampton, is manufacture.

for sale. The editor, J. R. Orton, Esq. NOTICE TO RAILROAD CON

“ in consequence of impaired health, which We have received from our Paris corresTRACTORS.

it seems probable nothing short of a tempo-||pondent a description, with views and plans, THE First Division of the BANGOR and OLD TOWN RAILROAD, extending from Bangor to rary change of climate will restore, offers of the St. Germain Railroad. Stillwater, will be ready for contract by the 15th for sale THE ESTABLISHMENT OF

As this is a work intended to excel in apinst., and sealed proposals will be received for the grading, masonry and bridging the same until the 25th BROOME County Courier, and his Book-pearance (passing, as it does, the vicinity of inst., al the office of the subscriber in Bangor.

His press, materials and business many splendid structures), and also in 80JOSHUA BARNEY, Engineer. Bangor, June 2, 1836.

22—20 are decidedly good—and to those acquaint-|lidity of construction, we shall endeavor to TO CONTRACTORS.

ed with the location and prospects of Bing-give our readers a translation of such of PROPOSALS will be received at the Ofice of the hampton, and with the fact, that the Courier them as may be interestiag or useful. Eastern Railroad Company, Boston, between the is the only democratic journal in the county 23th and 30th inst., for the grading and masonry of lof Broome, in which there is but one other

We have received Williams' Annual Resaid Road from East Bosion to Newburyport, a distance of 331 miles.

newspaper of any description, nothing far. gister for 1836. This work, always valuaThe line of this road is along a favorable country, ther will be needed to illustrate the value o ble for the statistics collected by its enterwhich places will afford contractors every facility for the location. He will also include in the sale, || prising publisher, appears this year much obtaining provisions, &c. Plans and Profiles will be his new building, fitted up expressly for a increased in size, and equally so in useful

at instant.

general Printing and Book publishing Of.||ness. When it is recollected that the same Satisfactory recommendations must accompany the proposals of those who are unknown to the Engineerfice, Bookstore and Book-Bindery; or he amount of information is not to be procured 22—130; JOHN M. FESSENDEN, Engineer. will rent the building for a term of years.

in any other form, due credit will be given

If a sale is not effected within a short to the perseverance of the proprietor, who MARYLAND INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT BILL. period, the subscriber would form a part- has given it to us in such a convenient (and -No legislative act, connected with Inter-nership in business.”

portable form. nal Improvement, out of our State, has given We consider Binghampton an important

We notice numerous articles of interest us so much pleasure as the passage of this point on the line of the New-York and Erie and value in addition to the usual contents. bill. Our neighbors of the Monumental Railroad. It lies at the junction of two City have celebrated the event by various branches of the Susquehannah River; and

PAMBOUR ON LOCOMOTION. festivities. They have good reason to re-l it is also the termination of the Chenango

Continued from page 328. joice, inasmuch as the rapid completion of Canal. Binghampton is certainly destined several of their most valuable public works to become a place of coasiderable import

CHAPTER III. is now ensured to them.

OF THE RESISTANCE OF CARRIAGES MOVER We cannot but think, however, that to the passage of the Erie Railroad Bill, the Ma Scarcity or INSTRUMENTS.— It is now $ 5. Table of the Results obtained in those rylanders are indebted for their own successo pretty generally understood by Engineers, Experiments on the Friction of WagThey boasted of their great advantages over that there is a very greal scarcity of Instru

Ons New-York, and her public works-we, notments for their use in market at this time. Bringing together the different experit to lose what we have so long enjoyed, grant There is scarcely a first rate Leveling in-ments described hereabove, we make ouincreased facilities to our companies, and strument to be had in New-York; it is the following table :-

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[blocks in formation]

is to say, the friction, independently of the direct resistance of the air.

The experiments III., IV., V., VIII., and IX., put together, give us the average friction of a loaded wagon at the head of the train equal to 11.77 lbs. per ton. Tak

ing, therefore, experiment VII., for instance, the weight of the train was 25.58 t. Each ton had a resistance of 9.17 lbs. ; thus the total resistance was 234.5 lbs. Deducting the resistance of the first wagon at the rate of 5.12 t. X 11.77 lbs. = 60.25 lbs., there remain for the four following wagons 174.25 lbs., which, divided by the weight of those four wagons, make 8.50 lbs. friction per ton.









[merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small]

Friction ence of Friction. per ton. the race. level.

of Weight Weight Distance Duration Differ

of the train.




9324 10'.20"| 38.19
9933 10.00 38.55 zł
6204 -
5967 -

87. Table of the Results of the foregoing

Experiments on the Friction of the intermediate Wagons of the Trains.

If we make the same calculations for each of the other experiments, and if we add to them the similar results, already presented for the three experiments where the engines had remained attached to the trains, the following table will be made out :

10911 12.10 88.75| 2:2

run over



[blocks in formation]
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Description of the trains.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

1 tender

1 engine

Resistance per
diate wagons of
the train.


ton of the first ton of the interme-
Resistance per
carriage of the


weight per



Weight of the



591.00 Description of

the trains.
5 wagons
5 wagons
11 carriages
14 wagons
19 wagons
25 carriages

8 carriages
18 carriages
21 carriages

126 carriages Number of the experi


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Date of

the experiment. experiment. Number of


[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors]

During all those experiments the weather those five waggons move separately, their was fair and calm. As we have said be-||average resistance per ton is 11.65 lbs. The fore, no particular precautions had been other experiments present similar results. taken, nor had anything been altered in the By comparing large trains with those which usual state of the wagons or rails. The are composed only of a small number of circumstance of the trains passing overcarriages, we constantly see the resistance nine switches at the foot of the inclined || diminish, when the mass which is drawn,

The average resistance is therefore no plane, must make the results appear a little although continuing to cut the air on the more than 8 lbs. per ton, if we take into acgreater than they would generally be on any same surface, comprises, however, a more count only the intermediate wagons of a other part of the road taken at random. considerable weight.

train. Now, in all the cases we have to $ 6. Friction of the intermediate Wagons||place only on the first carriage of the train

. always preceded

by the engine. It is; The direct resistance of the air takes calculate, in respect to railways, the train is of the Trains.

Now, the first six experiments made with | therefore, upon that alone that the direct We have already marked in the first six a single wagon give us the resistance of a resistance of the air exerts its influence, experiments the influence of the resistance carriage when it advances the first. De-and that resistance being already taken into of the air in the results. When five wag-i ducting it therefore, in the other experi-account in what is called the friction or reons move together, their resistance to the ments, we shall discover the resistance of|| sistance of the engine, it is clear that all the motion is 9.17 lbs. per ton; and if each of the intermediate wagons of the trains ; that wagons must be considered as intermediate

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