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Although Woman Suffrage has been discussed for many years, interest in the subject has by no means diminished. It is in response to a very lively demand for material and especially for a Debaters' Handbook on the subject that the present volume has been compiled. This book is similar to the other volumes of the series, and contains a bibliography and reprints of the best available material both in favor of and opposed to the extension of the suffrage.

For the sake of convenience, the reprints have been grouped under three main headings: General Discussion, Affirmative, and Negative Discussion. Owing to the vast amount of literature on this subject, a complete bibliography would be an impossibility and has not been attempted. It is believed, however, that this bibliography will be found adequate for the needs of the average reader or debater. While a much larger number of references were examined than appear here, only those have been selected that would be valuable and at the same time easily accessible to the average library or individual.

September, 1910.


So much has been published on Woman Suffrage since the first edition of this book was issued, that it has seemed advisable to make the second edition practically a new work. Nearly all of the articles formerly included have been replaced with later material, and the bibliography has been greatly enlarged and brought up to date. Two entirely new features-a brief and an introductory chapter--have also been included.

August, 1912.

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frage to American Women..


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