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With copy of Act to regulate commerce as amended to date, the original Act and
amendments, the Elkins act, the Expedition act, the Act in relation to
testimony, etc., the Rules of Practice before the Commission,
Tariff Circulars issued by the Commission, Confer-
ence Rulings, and Rules prescribed by the
Commission, under section 20 of
the Act, relating to Uni-
form System of


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NOV 19 1908


This book has been prepared for the use of traffic men as well as lawyers, and is believed to be of equal value to both. It might properly be called a Traffic-Law book. The Act to regulate commerce applies so extensively to the more important commercial transactions of today that the traffic man should understand the technical features of the Act, and the lawyer the practical features of rate making and conducting transportation.

Every case decided during the period covered by the digest has been used, and every point in each case has been taken, whether necessary or unnecessary to the decision. The material collected will be found arranged 'under apt titles with such division and paragraph headings as are necessary to carry the searcher directly to the subject for which he is seeking. While each point is stated as concisely as possible, I know that many having occasion to use the digest may not have at hand the reported cases. Therefore each paragraph is sufficiently full to make reference to the cases, in most instances, unnecescary. As an aid towards finding what has been decided, commodity headings hare been inserted in alphabetical order, under each of which will be found the decisions of the courts and commission involving that particular commodity. For the same purpose a list of the various localities involved in the decisions has also been included, and will be found alphabetically arranged hinder the title “Localities.” The main titles have been supplemented by numerous cross-reference headings from cognate subjects, and many specific cross references have been inserted which refer directly to the title and paragraphs where the subject is treated. The citations have been arranged so as to show not only the different reports where a case may be found, but also the volume and page number of the several reports containing any review of the (ase, together with the disposition of the same in each court.

That this volume may be available as a book of ready reference, a copy of the original Act to regulate commerce, with amendments, the Act as amended to date, the Elkins act, the Expedition act, the Act in relation to testimony, etc., the rules of practice before the Commission, tariff circulars issued by the Commission, conference rulings, and rules prescribed by the Commission, under Section 20 of the Act, relating to Uniform System of Accounts, have been included, references to which will be found in the table of contents.

Chicago. October 1, 1908.

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