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1. Post-offices and postmasters.
2. Carriers, branch offices and receiving bores.
3. Mail matter...,
4. Postage
5. Postage stamps, postal cards, and envelopes.
6. Registered mail..
7. Unclaimed, dead and request letters, and unclaimed printed matter.
8. Contracts for carrying the mails.
9. Carrying the mail.
10. Railway service. ...
11. Foreign mail-service.
12. Post-office inspeotors..
13. The money order system..
13A. Postal savings depositories.
14. Accounts and revenues.

Sec. 7188 7272 7302 7345 7386 7405 7413 7424 7456 7478 7524 7547 7553 7580 7598


Post-Offices and Postmasters Sec.

Sec. 7188. Establishment of post-offices.

7206. Neglect to render accounts; pen7189. Classification of postmasters.

alty. 7190. Appointment and removal of post- 7207. Withholding commissions based masters; tenure of office,

on false returns; affidavit to 7191. Residence of postmaster.

returns; penalty for false re7192. Suits and prosecutions in State

turn. courts.

7208. Money to be safely kept. 7193. Bond of postmaster.

7209. Custody of government money in 7194. Postmasters' accounts; notice to

hands of postmasters. sureties of deficiencies.

7210. Frequent deposits of revenues. 7195. Limit of time of sureties' liabil- 7211. Adjustment of postmasters' claims ity.

for losses by burglary, fire, etc. 7196. Renewing bond of postmaster,

7212. Report of claims adjusted.

7213. Postmasters at Presidential postclerk, carrier, or other person

offices as disbursing officers. in postal service.

7214. Postmasters at money-order offi7197. Sureties on bond; how released. 7198. Post-offices to be kept open.

ces as disbursing officers.

7215. Report of delinquencies. 7199. First and second class post-offices

7216. Postmasters not to be contracnot to be kept open on Sundays.

tors. 7200, Making up the mail.

7217. Adjustment of salaries of post7201. Arrival and departure of the

masters; compensation of first, mail.

second, and third class post7202. Records at post-offices.

masters. 7203. Disposal of useless papers ac- 7218. Compensation of fourth-class postcumulated in post-offices.

masters. 7204. Quarterly accounts of receipts. 7219. Orders relating to salaries. 7205. Quarterly accounts to be sworn 7220. Readjustment of salaries; limi. to.

tation of amount.

Sec. 7221. Salary of postmaster at New York

City. 7222. Salary of postmaster at Wash

ington, D. C. 7223. Salary of postmaster at Chicago. 7224. Salaries of postmasters at Bos

ton, Mass., and Philadelphia,

Pa. 7225. Salary of postmaster at St. Louis,

Mo. 7226. Limit of pay of postmasters. 7227. Compensation of acting postmas

ters. 7228. No employé to receive fees. 7229. Designation of distributing offi

ces; allowance for clerk hire. 7230. Expenses at post-offices. 7231. Officers, clerks, and employés in

post-offices; classification; com

pensation; promotion; roster. 7232. Bonds of assistant postmasters,

cashiers, etc., at first, second,

and third class post-offices. 7233. Salary of assistant postmaster at

Chicago. 7234. Compensation to assistant post

masters at Boston, Mass., and

Philadelphia, Pa. 7235. Appointment and prcmotion of

carriers; substitute carriers. 7236. Clerks in first and second class

post-offices and carriers in city delivery service; grades; promotions; transfers; auxiliary

employés; substitutes. 7237. First grade for clerks and car

riers abolished; appointments

to second grade; promotions. 7238. Eight-hour day for clerks and

carriers; schedules of duty; overtime; compensatory time

for Sunday work. 7239. Compensatory time allowed for

services required on Sundays of supervisory officers, clerks in first and second class offices,

and city letter carriers. 7240. Salaries, etc., of employés at an

nual or monthy rate; rules for division of time and computa

tion of pay. 7241. Leaves of absence to employés in

first and second class post-offices and in mail-bag repair

shops. 7242. Leave of absence to employés of

certain mail-bag and mail-lock

repair shops. 7243. Leaves of absence to carriers;

substitute carriers.

Sec. 7244. Leaves of absence to postal em

ployés exclusive of Sundays and

holidays. 7245. Substitutes for clerks in first or

second class post-offices or in Railway Mail Service, or for carriers in city free delivery service, during absence other

than annual leave. 7246. Substitutes for clerks subpænaed

as witnesses. 7247. Rate of compensation of acting

or substitute carriers and clerks,

and other temporary employés. 7248. Pay of substitutes for carriers

and clerks absent without pay. 7249. Pay of substitutes when perforin

ing work of carriers and clerks on vacation or auxiliary or temporary work; appointments of

substitutes to regular positions. 7250. Post-office clerks; assignment to

duty. 7251. Badges of postal clerks, route

agents, etc. 7252. Civil pension roll, etc., prohibited. 7253. Rewards to employés for inven

tions and improvements in service; release by employés of

claims for future compensation. 7254. Additional compensation to

fourth-class postmasters for separating services and for unusual conditions during portion

of year. 7255. Appropriations for unusual condi

tions at post-offices; expenditures; limitations; annual re

port. 7256. Navy mail clerks and assistant

navy mail clerks; selection from enlisted men of Navy or Marine Corps; authority and duties;

oath and bond; compensation. 7257. Bond of navy mail clerks. 7258. Premises leased for post-offices. 7259. Restrictions on contracts for rent

for third-class post-offices. 7260. Contracts for mail bags, mail

locks, and keys, etc., not limit

ed to one year. 7261. Contracts for supplies for Sup

ply Division may be made for

four years. 7262. Contracts for not exceeding four

years for rental of canceling machines, hire of equipages for city delivery service, collection

service, etc. 7263. Contracts for rental of canceling


machines; maximum rent; ad

vertisement for bids. 7264. Contracts for printing post-route

maps may be made for four

years. 7265. Contracts for furnishing Official

Postal Guide may be made for

7266. Contracts for supplies with per-

sons combining to fix prices, etc.,

forbidden; penalty. 7267. Deductions out of receipts. 7268. Deductions to be audited. 7269. Extra labor at offices. 7270. Discontinuing offices. 7271. Post-offices at county seats to be


four years.

§ 7188. (R. S. § 3829.) Establishment of post-offices.

The Postmaster-General shall establish post-offices at all such places on post-roads established by law as he may deem expedient, and he shall promptly certify such establishment to the Sixth Auditor).

Act June 8, 1872, c. 335, 88 61, 62, 17 Stat. 292.

The words "Sixth Auditor," inclosed in brackets in this section, were superseded by the change in the designation of that officer to “Auditor for the Post-Office Department,” by the Dockery Act of July 31, 1894, c. 174, § 3, ante, & 417.

This section, as originally enacted, contained a further provision imposing a penalty upon every person who, without authority, set up or professed to keep a place of business bearing the sign or name of post-office. It was in corporated in the Criminal Code in section 179 thereof, post, g 10349, and was repealed by section 341 thereof, post, § 10515. Post roads were established by Rev. St. § 3964, post, $ 7456.

(R. S. § 3830. Superseded.) This section provided that postmasters of the fourth and fifth classes should be appointed by the Postmaster-General, and that other postmasters should be appointed by the President for a term of four years, unless sooner removed. It was superseded by the amendment, by Act June 23, 1874, c. 456, 8 11, 18 Stat. 233, of Act June 8, 1872, c. 335, $ 63, 17 Stat. 292, which had been incorporated into this section of the Revised Statutes.

Act June 23, 1874, c. 436, § 11, was expressly repealed by Act July 12, 1876, c. 179, $ 4, 19 Stat. 80, and provisions for the classification, appointment, and tenure of postmasters were made by sections 5 and 6 of that act,

post, $$ 7189, 7190. § 7189. (Act July 12, 1876, c. 179, $ 5.) Classification of postmas

ters. The postmasters shall be divided into four classes, as follows: The first class shall embrace all those whose annual salaries are three thousand dollars or more than three thousand dollars; the second class shall embrace all those whose annual salaries are less than three thousand dollars, but not less than two thousand dollars; the third class shall embrace all those whose annual salaries are less than two thousand dollars, but not less than one thousand dollars; the fourth class shall embrace all postmasters whose annual compensation, exclusive of their commissions on the money-order business of their offices, amounts to less than one thousand dollars. (19 Stat. 80.)

This section and the section next following were part of the postal service appropriation act for the fiscai year 1877, cited above.

These two sections superseded R. S. § 3830, and in part R. S. § 3852.

The compensation of the postmasters of the first, second, and third classes was fixed at an annual salary based on the gross receipts of the office, and the compensation of the postmasters of the fourth class was fixed on the basis of box-rents collected and commissions on other postal revenues, by Act

March 3, 1883, c. 142, 88 1, 2, post, 88 7217, 7218. § 7190. (Act July 12, 1876, c. 179, $ 6.) Appointment and removal

of postmasters; tenure of office. Postmasters of the first, second, and third classes shall be appointed and may be removed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and shall hold their offices for four years unless sooner removed or suspended according to law; and postmasters of the fourth class shall be appointed and may be removed by the Postmaster-General, by whom all appointments and removals' shall be notified to the Auditor for the Post-Office Department. (19 Stat. 80.)

See notes to section 5 of this act, ante, $ 7189.

(R. S. § 3831. Repealed.) This section required every postmaster to reside within the delivery of the office to which he was appointed. It was repealed by Act April 28, 1904,

c. 1759, § 8, post, $ 7191. $ 7191. (Act April 28, 1904, c. 1759, $ 8.) Residence of postmaster.

Every postmaster shall reside within the delivery of the office to which he is appointed or within the town or city where the same is situated, and section thirty-eight hundred and thirty-one of the Revised Statutes of the United States is hereby repealed. (33 Stat. 441.)

This section was part of the postal appropriation act for the fiscal year 1905. cited above.

R. S. § 3831, repealed by this section, required every postmaster to reside within the delivery of the office to which he was appointed.

(R. S. § 3832. Repealed.) This section made every person employed in the postal service subject to all penalties and forfeitures for violation of the laws relating to the service whether he had taken the oath of office or not. It was incorporated in the Criminal Code, in section 230 thereof, post, $ 10400, and was repealed by

section 341 thereof, post, 10515. § 7192. (R. S. § 3833.) Suits and prosecutions in State courts.

All causes of action arising under the postal laws may be sued, and all offenders against the same may be prosecuted, before the justices of the peace, magistrates, or other judicial courts of the several States and Territories having competent jurisdiction by the laws thereof, to the trial of claims and demands of as great value, and of prosecutions where the punishments are of as great extent; and such justices, magistrates, or judiciary shall take cognizance thereof, and proceed to judgment and execution as in other cases.

Act June 8, 1872, c. 335, § 305, 17 Stat. 323.

Provisions defining and punishing postal crimes are contained in the Criminal Code, chapter 8, “Offenses against the Postal Service,” 88 179–231, post, 88 10349–10401.

Proceedings in attachment suits against defaulting postmasters, etc., were

provided for by R. S. 88 924–932, ante, 88 1550-1558. $ 7193. (R. S. § 3834, as amended, Act March 1, 1909, c. 232.)

Bond of postmaster. Every postmaster, before entering upon the duties of his office,

shall give bond, with good and approved security, and in such penalty as the Postmaster-General shall deem sufficient, conditioned for the faithful discharge of all duties and trusts imposed on him either by law or the rules and regulations of the Department. On the death, resignation, or removal of a postmaster, his bond shall be delivered to the (Sixth Auditor.] The bond of any married woman who may be appointed postmaster shall be binding upon her and her sureties, and she shall be liable for misconduct in office as if she were sole.

Act June 8, 1872, c. 335, $ 65, 17 Stat. 293. Act March 1, 1909, c. 232, 35 Stat. 670.

This section, as originally enacted, after the first provision requiring a bond, and ending with the word “Department,” a further provision, as follows:

"And where an office is designated as a money-order office, the bond of the postmaster shall contain an additional condition for the faithful performance of all duties and obligations in connection with the money-order business."

Said words were stricken out by amendment of the section by Act March 1, 1909, c. 232, last cited above.

The words "Sixth Auditor," inclosed in brackets in this section, were superseded by the change in the designation of that officer to “Auditor for the Post-Office Department” by the Dockery Act of July 31, 1894, c. 174, § 3, ante, § 417.

The First Assistant Postmaster-General was empowered to approve postmasters' bonds by Act March 3, 1877, c. 103, 2, and the Fourth Assistant Postmaster-General was so empowered by Act Dec. 21, 1893, c. 6, ante, 88 583, 585.

A postmaster at a money-order office is liable on his official bond for all moneys received by his assistants or clerks in charge of stations under his supervision, by R. S. $ 4029, post, $ 7555.

$ 7194. (R. S. § 3835, as amended, Act Feb. 4, 1879, c. 45.) Post

masters' accounts; notice to sureties of deficiencies. Hereafter, when a deficiency shall be discovered in the accounts of any postmaster, who after the adjustment of his accounts fails, to make good such deficiency, it shall be the duty of the [Sixth Auditor] of the Treasury Department to notify the Postmaster-General of such failure, and upon receiving such notice the Postmaster-General shall forthwith deposit a notice in the post-office at Washington, District of Columbia, addressed to the sureties respectively upon the bonds of said postmaster, at the office where he or they may reside, if known; but a failure to give or mail such notice shall not discharge such surety or sureties upon such bond.

Act June 8, 1872, c. 335, $ 60, 17 Stat. 292. Act Feb. 4, 1879, c. 45, 20 Stat. 281.

This sectio as originally enacted, was as follows:

"Whenever any postmaster is required to execute a new bond, all payments made by him after the execution of such new bond may, if the Postmaster-General or the Sixth Auditor deem it just, be applied first to discharge any balance which may be due from such postmaster under his old bond."

It was amended by Act Feb. 4, 1879, c. 45, last cited above, to read as set. forth here.

The words “Sixth Auditor," inclosed in brackets in this section, were superseded by the change in the designation of that officer to "Auditor for the COMP.Sr.'13–202


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