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7101. Geological Survey; report

mineral resources; pamphlets. 7102. Geological Survey; reports

gauging of streams and utiliza

tion of water resources. 7103. Report of Geological Survey; ad

ditional copies of certain parts. 7104. Publications of Geological Sur

vey; size of volumes; editions; additional copies; free distribution of bulletins, etc.; reports on gauging of streams and utilization of water resources; additional copies of reports for Li

brary of Congress. 7105. Distribution of publications of

Geological Survey to public li

braries. 7106. Publications of Geological Sur

vey; report of mineral re

sources. 7107. Bimonthly bulletins of Depart

ment of Labor; extra copies. 7108. Supplement to Revised Statutes;

preparation, publication, and distribution; prima facie evi

dence. 7109. Supplement to Revised Statutes;

publication continued. 7110. Printing, distribution, and sale. 7111. Prima facie evidence. 7112. Supplement to Revised Statutes;

publication continued. 7113. Supplement to Revised Statutes;

publication not discontinued. 7114. Delivery of Revised Statutes,

Supplements, etc., to Superin

tendent of Documents. 7115. Pamphlet edition for each ses

sion of Congress. 7116. Distribution and sale of copies of

pamphlet. 7117. Compensation of editor. 7118. Statutes at Large; marginal ref

erences to include number des

ignating bill or resolution. 7119. Index to Statutes at Large;

printing, binding and distribu

tion. 7120. Session Laws and Statutes at

Large for distribution by Department of Justice; increase

in number of copies. 7121. Additional copies of reports of

American Historical Associa

tion. 7122. Daily Consular Reports;

Sec. 7124. Congressional Record for news

paper correspondents. 7125. Congressional Record; daily cop

ies for Library of Congress. 7126. Distribution of copies of Con

gressional Record in exchange for foreign parliamentary rec

ords. 7127. Official Register; report of Comp

troller of the Currency. 7128. Official Register not to contain

names of certain classes of per

sons in Postal Service, etc. 7129. Binding and disposal of specifica

tions and drawings of patents;

repeal. 7130. Statement

ber. 7123. Reports of Director of Mint; in

crease in number of copies.

appropriations; "usual number." 7131. Reprinting public documents of

the Immigration Commission. 7132. Reports of Librarian of Con

gress. 7133. Report of managers and inspec.

tors of National Home for Dis

abled Volunteer Soldiers. 7134. Report of Director of Office of

Experiment Stations. 7135. Bulletins of Public Health Serv.

ice. 7136. Report of Surgeon-General of

Public Health Service. 7137. Report of Bureau of Immigra

tion. 7138. Distribution of public documents

to library of Philippine govern

ment. 7139. Distribution of copies of publi

cations to designated depositories and libraries; increase or diminution of allotment; landgrant colleges constituted as de

positories. 7140. Reprinting public documents of

National Monetary Commis

sion. 7141. Publications of Bureau of Mines;

limitations of editions. 7142. Publications of Bureau of Mines;

additional copies. 7143. Libraries designated as deposi

tories to be continued; new

designations. 7144. Ownership of Government publi

cations furnished officers for official use; free use of publi

cations in depositories. 7145. Documents and reports for for

eign legations. 7146. Coast and Geodetic Survey

charts; sale and distribution.

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Sec. 7147. Hydrographic Office charts, etc.;

publication, distribution and

sale. 7148. Appropriations for publication of

foreign hydrographic surveys. 7149. Geological Survey monographs

and bulletins; publication and

distribution; appropriations. 7150. Geological Survey; monographs,

bulletins, and reports subse

quent to 1894. 7151. Geological Survey monographs

and bulletins; publication for

exchange or sale. 7152. Illustrations and maps in docu

ments and reports; orders for printing to be acted on within

one year. 7153. Classification of publications or

dered printed by Congress, and numbering thereof; designation of publications of Departments, etc.; printing of committee

hearings. 7154. Binding of publications for dis

tribution to libraries. 7155. Binding sets of bills and resolu

tions for Congress. 7156. Committee reports; indexing and

binding. 7157. Binding registered bonds and

written records at Treasury

Department. 7158. No printing and binding unless

authorized; style of binding

for Departments, etc. 7159. Printing, binding,

and blank books for Congress and Depart

ments. 7160, Binding for Senate Library. 7161. Work of Indian Department at

Indian schools. 7162. Printing and binding for Presi.

dent. 7163. Appropriations for printing not

to be exceeded; limitation on number of reports, etc.; Bu

reau reports. 7164. Cost of printing documents,

etc., by order of Congress not chargeable to other api opriation; to be charged to appropriation for printing and bind

ing for Congress. 7165. Additional copies of publications

of Office of Naval Intelligence. 7166. Appropriations to which cost of

printing and binding, etc., for Executive Departments, bureaus, etc., to be charged; estimates of cost of publications re


quired by law, and application

appropriations thereto. 7167. Appropriations for Government

Printing Office; allotments; restriction on use of funds; re

port with annual estimates. 7168. Regulations for printing public

documents, etc., for Congress in two or more editions; requisitions on Public Printer therefor; printing of full number and allotment of full quota not

to be obstructed. 7169. Departments to order documents

required; limit; bills and reso

lutions for Departments. 7170. Departmental distribution of doc

uments. 7171. Distribution of publications to be

done by Public Printer; equipment to be transferred; mailing lists; employés of other departments not to be used; de

partment orders, etc., excepted. 7172. Printing and binding for De

partments, etc. 7173. Restrictions on printing. 7174. Requirements of reports recom

mending printing and binding

for Congress. 7175. Restrictions on use of appropria

tions made for printing and

binding, for illustrations, etc. 7176. Restrictions on printing for Ex

ecutive Departments. 7177. Exchange of documents. 7178. Blanks and letter heads for judg

es and officers of courts. 7179. Libraries of Executive Depart

ments and Military and Naval Academies constituted depositories of Government Publica

tions. 7180. Stationery, blank books, etc., for.

Congress. 7181. Binding for Senators and Rep

resentatives. 7182. Advertisements in Washington,

D. C. 7183. Publication of advertisements in

newspapers abolished. 7184. Publication of proclamations and

treaties; advertisements for contracts in District of Co

lumbia. 7185. Rate of payment for advertise

ments, notices, proposals, etc. 7186. Advertising in District of Co

lumbia; rate of compensation. 7187. No advertisement without authority.

(R. S. $$ 3756-3822. Superseded.) These sections provided for a Joint Committee on Printing, its powers, etc., the appointment of a Congressional Printer, his duties, etc., the management and regulation of the Government Printing Office and the employés thereof, the printing, binding, etc., and distribution of public documents, and the performance of similar work for Congress and the Executive Departments and other branches of the public service. All these sections and many subsequent provisions relating to the same subjects were superseded by the Printing and Binding Act of Jan. 12, 1895, c. 23, which was a general revision of all such provisions, and in its last section repealed “All laws in conflict with the provisions of this act."

Said Printing and Binding Act of 1895, therefore, is substituted here for sections 3756-3822 of the Revised Statutes and other previous prorisions amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto; and provisions subsequent to said act, relating to the subjects thereof, are incorporated in or added to it in this Title.

The nature and general purport of the provisions of such of said sections 3756-3822 of the Revised Statutes as were directly incorporated in the Printing and Binding Act are stated in the notes to the several sections of that act which were so substituted for those provisions, respectively. For two of those sections, R. S. $$ 3819, 3820, which provided that the foremen of printing and binding should make out and deliver to the Congressional Printer monthly statements of the work done in their respective offices, together with monthly pay rolls, and that the Printer should keep a true account of all paper received and used, and report, at the end of the fiscal year, to the Secretary of the Interior, the amount consumed, and the work or publication in which it was used, no direct substitutes were provided in said Printing and Binding Act. But those two sections may also be regarded as superseded by reason of the omission from said act of similar provisions and the enactment therein of inconsistent provisions.

§ 6953. (Act Jan. 12, 1895, c. 23, § 1.) Joint Committee on Print

ing. There shall be a Joint Committee on Printing, consisting of three members of the Senate and three members of the House of Representatives, who shall have the powers hereinafter stated. (28 Stat. 601.)

This was the first section of the Printing and Binding Act of 1895, which was entitled "An act providing for the public printing and binding and the distribution of public documents."

The act contained 100 sections, all of which are set forth or otherwise accounted for in their consecutive order, post, under this Title.

This section superseded R. S. § 3756, which contained a similar provision for a Joint Committee on Public Printing, and prescribed further that the three members of the Senate should be appointed by the President of the Senate, and the three members of the House of Representatives by the Speaker of the House.

The duties of the Joint Committee are to be exercised and performed by the committee then in existence of either house, in case there is no Joint Committee, by Act March 2, 1895, c. 189, § 1, post, $ 6954.

$ 6954. (Act March 2, 1895, c. 189, § 1.) Exercise of power of

Joint Committee on Printing by Committee of either House. At any time when there is no joint committee of the two Houses of Congress the powers and duties under the law devolving upon the Joint Committee on Printing shall be exercised and performed by the Committee then in existence of either House. (28 Stat. 962.)

This was a provision of the sundry civil appropriation act for the fiscal year 1896, cited above.

The appointment of a Joint Committee on Printing was authorized by the Printing and Binding Act of 1895, § 1, ante, $ 6953. Its powers and duties were prescribed by other sections of said act and subsequent provisions, set forth post, $$ 6955–6970, 6975.

§ 6955. (Act Jan. 12, 1895, c. 23, § 2, as amended, Act March 1,

1907, c. 2284, § 1.) (Par. 1.) Joint Committee on Printing to

remedy neglect or delay in public printing. The Joint Committee on Printing shall have power to adopt such measures as may be deemed necessary to remedy any neglect or delay in the execution of the public printing and binding. (28 Stat. 601. 34 Stat. 1012.)

This section, as originally enacted, consisted of one paragraph, which was as follows:

"The Joint Committee on Printing shall have power to adopt such measures as may be deemed necessary to remedy any neglect or delay in the execution of the public printing; and the committee shall have power to order reprinted not exceeding three hundred copies of a public bill pending before either House of Congress, when the supply shall have become exhausted, and the interests of the public service demand immediate action."

It was amended by Act March 1, 1907, c. 2284, § 1, cited above, by changing it to a section divided into 9 paragraphs. Paragraphs 1 and 2, which were substitutes for the original section, are set forth here as sections 6955, 6956. Paragraph 3, requiring resolutions for the printing of more than 1,000 copies of hearings, etc., paragraph 4, relating to the printing of extra copies by resolutions, etc., paragraph 5, defining extra copies, and paragraph 6, relating to the printing of documents not provided for by existing law, are set forth post, 88 7032-7035. Paragraph 7, relating to the manner of charging the cost of printing documents, etc., is set forth post, § 7124. Paragraph 8, relating to stationery, blank books, etc., for Congress, and paragraph 9, relating to binding for Senators and Representatives, are set forth post, $8 7180, 7181.

The original section superseded R. S. $ 3757, which contained the provision of paragraph 1, as set forth here, with the additional provision that no arrangement entered into by the committee should take effect until approved by the House of Congress to which the printing belonged, or by both Houses when the printing related to the business of both, but without the provision for reprinting bills made by said original section 2.

§ 6956. (Act Jan. 12, 1895, c. 23, § 2, as amended, Act March 1, 1907, c. 2284, § 1.) (Par. 2.)

(Par. 2.) Reprinting bills, etc., reports from committees, etc., not exceeding 50 pages; requisition for

printing to cite authority. The Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House of Representatives may order the reprinting in a number not exceeding one thousand copies of any pending bill or resolution, or any public law not exceeding fifty pages, or any report from any committee or Congressional commission on pending legislation not accompanied by testimony or exhibits or other appendices and not exceeding fifty pages, when the supply shall have been exhausted. The Public Printer COMP.St.'13–196


shall require each requisition for reprinting to cite the specific authority of law for its execution. (28 Stat. 601. 34 Stat. 1012.)

See notes to paragraph 1 of this section, as amended by Act March 1, 1907, C. 2284, § 1, ante, $ 6955.

Reports or documents not exceeding 50 pages are not affected by para: graph 6 of this section, as amended by Act March 1, 1907, c. 2284, § 1, pust, $ 7035, by a provision thereof.

$ 6957. (Act Jan. 12, 1895, c. 23, $ 3.) Standards of paper; sam

ples; advertisements for proposals. The Joint Committee on Printing shall fix upon standards of paper for the different descriptions of public printing and binding, and the Public Printer shall, under their direction, advertise in two newspapers, published in each of the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Cincinnati, Saint Louis, Louisville, Omaha, Denver, San Francisco, and Chicago, for sealed proposals to furnish the Government with paper, as specified in the schedule to be furnished to applicants by the Public Printer, setting forth in detail the quality and quantities required for the public printing. And the Public Printer shall furnish samples of the standard of papers fixed upon to applicants therefor who shall desire to bid. (28 Stat. 601.)

This section superseded R. S. § 3767, as amended by Act Jan. 25, 1876, C. 4, 19 Stat. 2, and R. S. § 3769, which contained provisions nearly similar.

§ 6958. (Act Jan. 12, 1895, c. 23, § 4.) Specifications in advertise

ments. The advertisements shall specify the minimum portion of each quality of paper required for either three months, six months, or one year, as the Joint Committee on Printing may determine; but when the minimum portion so specified exceeds, in any case, one thousand reams, it shall state that proposals will be received for one thousand reams or more. (28 Stat. 601.)

This section superseded R. S. § 3768, which contained an exactly similar provision.

§ 6959. (Act Jan. 12, 1895, c. 23, § 5.) Opening bids; accompany

ing bonds. The sealed proposals to furnish paper shall be opened in the presence of the Joint Committee on Printing, and the contracts shall be awarded by them to the lowest and best bidder for the interest of the Government; but they shall not consider any proposal which is not accompanied by a bond approved by a judge or clerk of a court of record in the penalty of five thousand dollars that the bidder or bidders, if his or their proposal is accepted, shall enter into a contract to furnish the articles proposed for and by satisfactory evidence that the person making it is a manufacturer of or dealer in the description of paper which he proposes to furnish. (28 Stat. 602).

This section superseded R. S. $ 3770, which contained a similar provision, without requiring the bond required by this section.

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