Lapas attēli

is authorized to obtain from such person a release of his interest to the United States.

Act April 28, 1828, c. 41, § 3, 4 Stat. 264. § 6950. (R. S. § 3753.) Releasing property from attachment.

Whenever any property owned or held by the United States, or in which the United States have or claim an interest, shall, in any judicial proceeding under the laws of any State, district, or Territory, be seized, arrested, attached, or held for the security or satisfaction of any claim made against such property, the Secretary of the Treasury, in his discretion, may direct the Solicitor of the Treasury to cause a stipulation to be entered into by the proper district attorney for the discharge of such property from such seizure, arrest, attachment, or proceeding, to the effect that upon such discharge, the person asserting the claim against such property shall become entitled to all the benefits of this and the following section. Nothing herein contained shall, however, be considered as recognizing or conceding any right to enforce by seizure, arrest, attachment, or any judicial process, any claim against any property of the United States, or against any property held, owned, or employed by the United States, or by any Department thereof, for any public use, or as waiving any objection to any proceeding instituted to enforce any such claim.

Act June 11, 1864, c. 117, 13 Stat. 122. § 6951. (R. S. § 3754.) Payment.

In all cases where a stipulation is entered into under the preceding section, and, in consequence thereof, the property is discharged, and final judgment is afterward given in the court of last resort to which the Secretary of the Treasury may deem proper to cause such proceedings to be carried, affirming the claim for the security or satisfaction of which such proceedings have been instituted, and the right of the person asserting the same to enforce it against such property by means of such proceedings, notwithstanding the claims of the United States thereto, such final judgment shall be deemed, to all intents and purposes, a full and final determination of the rights of such person, and shall entitle such person, as against the United States, to such rights as he would have had in case possession of such property had not been changed. Whenever such claim is for the payment of money, and the same is by such judgment found to be due, the presentation of a duly authenticated copy of the record of such judgment and proceedings shall be sufficient evidence to the proper accounting officers for the allowance thereof; and the same shall thereupon be allowed and paid out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. The amount so to be allowed and paid shall not, however, exceed the value of the interest of the United States in the property in question.

Act June 11, 1864, c. 117, 13 Stat. 122. $ 6952. (R. S. § 3755.) Preservation, sale, etc., of abandoned prop

erty. The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to make such contracts and provisions as he may deem for the interest of the Government, for the preservation, sale, or collection of any property, or the proceeds thereof, which may have been wrecked, abandoned, or become derelict, being within the jurisdiction of the United States, and which ought to come to the United States, or of any moneys, dues, and other interests lately in the possession of or due to the so-called Confederate States, or their agents, and now belonging to the United States, which are now withheld or retained by any person, corporation, or municipality whatever, and which ought to have come into the possession and custody of, or been collected or received by, the United States; and in such contracts to allow such compensation to any person giving information thereof, or who shall actually preserve, collect, surrender, or pay over the same, as the Secretary of the Treasury may deem just and reasonable. No costs or claim shall, however, become chargeable to the United States in so obtaining, preserving, collecting, receiving, or making available property, debts, dues, or interests, which shall not be paid from such moneys as shall be realized and received from the property so collected, under each specific agreement.

Res. June 21, 1870, No. 75, 16 Stat. 380.




Sec. 6975. Examining boards. 6976. Sale or exchange of condemned

materials. 6977. Annual report to Congress of

cost of printing, paper, con

tracts, payments, etc. 6978. Congressional record; unbound

copies for Members of Con

gress. 6979. Stereotyping and electrotyping. 6980. Annual estimates for paper. 6981. Annual estimates of expenses. 6982. Annual estimates by Public

Printer. 6983. Public Printer; other officers,

clerks, etc., in Government Printing Office, and estimates

and appropriations therefor. 6984. Advances to Public Printer. 6985. Receipts from sales to be covered

into Treasury; report. 6986. Settlement of accounts. 6987. Consolidation of Department

printing offices; control of and

supervision by Public Printer. 6988. Accountability for and issue of

materials. 6989. Fraud of Public Printer; pen

alty. 6990. Officers and assistants not to be

interested in printing

6953. Joint Committee on Printing.
6954. Exercise of power of Joint Com-

mittee on Printing by Commit.

tee of either House. 6955. Joint Committee on Printing to

remedy neglect or delay in pub

lic printing.
6956. Reprinting bills, etc., reports

from committees, etc., not ex-
ceeding 50 pages; requisition

for printing to cite authority. 6957. Standards of paper; samples; ad

vertisements for proposals. 6958. Specifications in advertisements. 6959. Opening bids; accompanying

bonds. 6960. Approval of contract; time for

performance; bonds. 6961. Comparison of paper with stand

ard. 6962. Determination of quality of pa

per. 6963. Default of contractor; new con

tracts and purchase in open

market during interval. 6964. Liability of defaulting contrac

tor; suit on bond. 6965. Purchase of paper in open mar

ket. 6966. Purchase of other materials in

open market. 6967. Congressional Record; arrange

ment, style, contents, and in

dexes. 6968. Congressional Record; indexes;

preparation and compensation

therefor. 6969. Lithographing and engraving;

contracts; bids. 6970. Schedule of materials required;

advertisements for proposals;

contracts. 6971. Public Printer; appointment;

qualifications; title; salary;

bond. 6972. Duties of Public Printer. 6973. Annual report to Congress OL

documents printed and books

bound. 6974. Deputy Public Printer; appoint

ment; duties.

tracts. 6991. Vacancy in office of Public Print

er, how filled. 6992. Congressional Record; extracts

for Congressman; mailing en

velopes and franks. 6993. Mailing envelopes and franks for

extracts from Congressional

Record. 6994. Franks for Department of Agri

culture for mailing seeds. 6995. Payment of cost of printing ex

tracts from Congressional Record, etc., ordered by Senators, Representatives, etc.; deduction from salary due delin

quent. 6996. Purchase of press supplies. 6997. Supplies for Executive Depart


ments to be furnished by Pub

lic Printer. 6998. Limit of wages to printers and bookbinders; extra pay

for night work. 6999. Pay of pressmen. 7000. Payment of certain employés by

the hour. 7001. Pay of employés; work on Sun

day. 7002. Congressional Record and Direc

tory; sale; disposition of pro

ceeds. 7003. Engraving and lithographing;

execution of contracts; pay

ments. 7004. Sale of extra copies of docu

ments, etc. 7005. Government Printing Office Li

brary; disposal of books. 7006. List of employés for Official Reg

ister. 7007. Chief clerk and foreman of print

ing and binding. 7008. Compensation of foreman of bind

ing. 7009. Employment of skilled workmen, 7010. Holidays. 7011. Night work. 7012. Enforcement of eight-hour law. 7013. Clerks. 7014. Proof-readers, laborers, etc. 7015. Apprentices. 7016. Details of employés to Executive

Departments, etc., restricted to work of public printing and

binding. 7017. Leaves of absence. 7018. Leaves of absence; payment of

employés receiving annual sal

aries. 7019. Form and style of work for De

partments. 7020. Sale of duplicate plates; no

copyright on publications there

from. 7021. Duplicate orders to print. 7022. “Usual number" of documents


reports; distribution of House and Senate documents and reports; style of binding; reports on private bills; number of copies to be printed; disSec. 7047. Distribution of copies of Con

7023. Repeal of part of Act Jan. 12,

1895, c. 23, § 54; printing of
documents and reports to be re-
served, discontinued; special
binding of one copy not affect-

7024. Senate and House documents and


reports for Department of

State. 7025. Bills and resolutions; number

and distribution; "private bills"

defined. 7026. Distribution of documents to Li

brary of Congress. 7027. Additional copies. 7028. Publications printed elsewhere

than at Government Printing

Office. 7029. Public and private laws, postal

conventions, and treaties; number, manner of printing, and

distribution. 7030. Journals of Houses of Congress;

number and distribution. 7031. Department, etc., publications;

distribution. 7032. Printing for Committees of Con

gress; resolutions required for

more than 1,000 copies. 7033. Printing extra copies; resolu

tions; orders within $200. 7034. “Extra copies" defined. 7035. Printing of documents not pro

vided for by existing law; estimates therefor; estimates to be submitted with reports, etc., in response to inquiries from

Congress. 7036. Lapse of authority to print if

whole number of copies is not

ordered within two years. 7037. Senate and House document

rooms; superintendents. 7038. Document room under Secretary

of Senate. 7039. Superintendent of Documents;

sale of documents; disposition

of proceeds. 7040. Superintendent of Documents;

control of office and making of disbursements therefor by Pub

lic Printer. 7041. Index of documents; number and

distribution. 7042. Disposition of documents previ

ously stored at Capitol. 7043. Office of Superintendent of Doc

uments in Interior Department abolished; distribution of re

ports of Eleventh Census. 7044. Assistants, blanks, printing, etc.,

for Súperintendent of Docu

ments. 7045. Delivery of documents in charge

of Departments, etc., to Super

intendent of Documents. 7046. Distribution of documents to

members of Congress.

gressional Record, and of bills, documents, etc., to governor

general of Philippine Islands. 7048. Catalogue of Government publi

cations. 7049. investigation of libraries desig

nated as depositories. 7050. Senate and House folding rooms;

superintendents; distribution of

documents therefrom. 7051. Rights of retiring members of

Congress to documents. 7052. Time for distribution of docu

ments by members of Congress

extended. 7053. (1) Extra copies of documents

and reports; style of binding;

number and allotment. 7054. (2) Report of Secretary of Agri

culture. 7055. (3) Report of Bureau of Animal

Industry. 7056. (4) Report of Weather Bureau. 7057. (5) Ephemeris and Nautical Al

manac; sale. 7058. (6) Observations of Naval Ob

servatory. 7059. (7) Report of Coast and Geodetic

Survey. 7060. (8) Reports on Commercial Rela

tions and Foreign Relations. 7061. (9) Report of Bureau of Ethnol

ogy. 7062. (10) Report of Commissioner of

Fish and Fisheries. 7063. (11) Bulletins of Fish Commis

sion. 7064. (12) Report of Health Officer of

District of Columbia. 7065. (13) Report of Civil Service

Commission. 7066. (14) Report of Commissioner of

Education. 7067. (15) Report of Geological Sur

vey. 7068. (16) Report of Commissioner of

Labor. 7069. (17) Report of Interstate Com

merce Commission. 7070. (18) Revised Statutes and Sup

plements. 7071. (19–22) Pamphlet copies of stat

utes. 7072. (23, 24) Statutes at Large. 7073. (25) Pamphlet copies of statutes

and Statutes at Large as evi

dence; contents. 7074. (26) President's message. 7075. (27) President's message and ac

companying documents, and re


ports of Departments to Con

gress. 7076. (28) Certain Department reports

to Congress not to be printed

unless printing ordered. 7077. (29) Report of National Acad

emy of Sciences. 7078. (30) Memoirs of National Acad

emy of Sciences. 7079. (31) Report of American Histor

ical Association. 7080. (32) Army and Navy Registers. 7081. (33) Report of Smithsonian In

stitution. 7082. (35) Statistical Abstract. 7083. (36) Iron and Steel Tests. 7084. (37–39) Treasury Department Re

ports. 7085. (40) Report of Government Di

rectors of Union Pacific Rail

ways. 7086. (41) Eulogies; engraving. 7087. (42) Senate and House Manuals. 7088. (43) Congressional Directory. 7089. (44) Abridgment of message and

accompanying documents; prep

aration. 7090. (45–60) Congressional Record;

subscriptions. 7091. (62) Report of Public Printer. 7092. (63-68) Official register; prepara

tion; contents.
7093. (69–77) Patent-office printing.

1. Patents issued.
2. Trade-marks and labels.
3. Official Gazette.
4. Report of Commissioner of

5. Specifications and drawings of

Patents. 6. Rules of practice, patent laws,

etc. 7. Decisions of Commissioner

and Courts. 8. Indexes. 7094. (78) Lithographing, etc. 7095. (79) Inserting "compliments” for

bidden. 7096. Report on Field Operations, Di

vision of Soils, Department of

Agriculture; advance sheets. 7097. Reprinting documents required

for sale. 7098. Ephemeris and Nautical Alma

nac; number of copies printed. 7099. Bulletins of Bureau of American

Ethnology. 7100. Report upon improvement and

care of public buildings, etc., in District of Columbia.

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