Hearings, Reports and Prints of the House Committee on Appropriations, 3-4. daļas

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1971
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16. lappuse - ... in a manner calculated to foster and promote free competitive enterprise and the general welfare, conditions under which there will be afforded useful employment opportunities, including self-employment, for those able, willing, and seeking to work, and to promote maximum employment, production, and purchasing power.
186. lappuse - So much of the personnel, property, records, and unexpended balances of appropriations, allocations, and other funds employed, used, held available, or to be made available in connection with the functions transferred...
369. lappuse - States. (b) The Contractor agrees that there will be delivered under this contract only domestic source end products, except end products: (i) Which are for use outside the United States; (ii) Which the Government determines are not mined, produced, or manufactured in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of a satisfactory quality...
368. lappuse - For the purpose of this clause: (i) "components" means those articles, materials, and supplies, which are directly incorporated in the end products; (ii) "end products" means those articles, materials, and supplies, which are to be acquired under this contract for public use; and (iii) a "domestic source end product...
185. lappuse - Prepared by the President and transmitted to the Senate and the House of Representatives in Congress assembled, April 24, 1958, pursuant to the provisions of the Reorganization Act of 1949, approved June 20, 1949, as amended CIVILIAN MOBILIZATION SECTION 1.
602. lappuse - To facilitate the temporary assignment of personnel between the Federal Government and State and local governments and institutions of higher education.
413. lappuse - Apparel and other textile products 24. Lumber and wood products 25. Furniture and fixtures 26 Paper and allied products 27 Printing and publishing 28.
188. lappuse - Prescribing Responsibilities of the Office of Emergency Planning in the Executive Office of the President", as amended, is further amended by: (1) Deleting subsection 301(4) and renumbering subsection 301(5) as subsection 301(4).
814. lappuse - State and local governments, to improve intergovernmental cooperation in the administration of grant-in-aid programs, to provide grants for improvement of State and local personnel administration, to authorize Federal assistance in training State and local employees, to provide grants to State and local governments for training of their employees, to authorize interstate compacts for personnel and training activities, to facilitate the temporary assignment of personnel between the Federal Government,...
102. lappuse - Mr. Chairman, I shall be pleased to attempt to answer any questions you and other members of the committee may have about the operation of the Executive residence and the 1972 estimates before you.

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