An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering

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Springer New York, 2012. gada 19. okt. - 497 lappuses
A lot has changed in the fast-moving area of software engineering since the first edition of this book came out. However, two particularly dominant trends are clearly discernible: focus on software processes and object-orientation. A lot more attention is now given to software processes because process improvement is con sidered one of the basic mechanisms for improving quality and productivity. And the object-oriented approach is considered by many one of the best hopes for solving some of the problems faced by software developers. In this second edition, these two trends are clearly highlighted. Aseparate chapter has been included entited "Software Processes. " In addition to talking about the various development process models, the chapter discusses other processes in soft ware development and other issues related to processes. Object-orientation figures in many chapters. Object-oriented analysis is discussed in the chapter on require ments, while there is a complete chapter entitled "Object-Oriented Design. " Some aspects of object-oriented programming are discussed in the chapter on coding, while specific techniques for testing object-oriented programs are discussed in the chapter on testing. Overall, if one wants to develop software using the paradigm of object -orientation, aB aspects of development that require different handling are discussed. Most of the other chapters have also been enhanced in various ways. In particular, the chapters on requirements specification and testing have been considerably enhanced.

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