The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher, 2. sējums

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499. lappuse - Man is his own star; and the soul that can Render an honest and a perfect man, Commands all light, all influence, all fate; Nothing to him falls early or too late. Our acts our angels are, or good or ill, Our fatal shadows that walk by us still.
48. lappuse - Ten struck battles I sucked these honoured scars from, and all Roman ; Ten years of bitter nights and heavy marches (When many a frozen storm sung through my cuirass, And made it doubtful whether that or I Were the more stubborn metal) have I wrought through, And all to try these Romans.
78. lappuse - Mother, though you forget a parent's love I must preserve the duty of a child. I ran not from my master, nor return To have your stock maintain my idleness. [ Wife. Ungracious child, I warrant him ; hark, how he chops logic with his mother! — Thou hadst best tell her she lies ; do, tell her she lies.
389. lappuse - Given ear-rings we will wear, Bracelets of our lovers' hair, Which they on our arms shall twist, With their names carved, on our wrist; All the money that we owe We in tokens will bestow; And learn to write that, when 'tis sent, Only our loves know what is meant.
93. lappuse - May-day in the morning, and speak upon a conduit, with all his scarfs about him, and his feathers, and his rings, and his knacks. Boy. Why, sir, you do not think of our plot ; what will become of that, then?
493. lappuse - I have wept a trench That shall be great enough to be my grave ; And I will think them too most manly tears, If they do move your pities. It is true, Man should do nothing that he should repent ; But if he have, and say that he is sorry, It is a worse fault if he be not truly.
86. lappuse - Rut the great venture, where full many a knight Hath tried his prowess, and come off with shame; And where I would not have you lose your life, Against no man, but furious fiend of hell. Ralph. Speak on, Sir Knight; tell what he is, and where : For here I vow upon my blazing badge, Never to blaze...
74. lappuse - The story of Queen Eleanor, with the rearing of London Bridge upon woolsacks?

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