Greek Historians

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Oxford University Press, 2001. gada 13. dec. - 176 lappuses
This survey of recent work on Herodotus, Thucydides, and Polybius focuses on new developments in the study of Greek historiography and synthesises some of the most important research from the last thirty years. There is a detailed treatment of each writer, with an emphasis on analysis of the historians' sources, their narrative methods, and their use of speeches. Also examined are the structure and themes of each man's work, together with consideration of the way each historian employs characterisation. The book provides a full bibliography of recent work done mainly (but not exclusively) in English, and suggests future directions that the study of these historians may take. It will be of interest to upper-level students and scholars who would like an overview of recent trends in the study both of the historians themselves and of ancient Greek historiography in general.

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