Assessment of Space Communications Technology, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Space Science and Applications...91-1, Dec. 16, 17, 18, 19, 1969

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53. lappuse - United states to establish, in conjunction and in cooperation with other countries, as expeditiously as practicable a commercial communications satellite system, as part of an improved global communications network, which will be responsive to public needs and national objectives, which will serve the communication needs of the United States and other countries, and which will contribute to world peace and understanding.
55. lappuse - The authority to authorize a foreign government to construct and operate a radio station at the seat of government vested in the President by subsection...
64. lappuse - Believing that communication by means of satellites should be available to the nations of the world as soon as practicable on a global and non-discriminatory basis, Convinced of the need to prepare the way for the establishment of effective operational satellite communication, 1.
53. lappuse - In order to facilitate this development and to provide for the widest possible participation by private enterprise, United States participation in the global system shall be in the form of a private corporation, subject to appropriate governmental regulation.
42. lappuse - All executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government are authorized and directed to cooperate with the...
52. lappuse - ... of ways and means of improving the administration and utilization of the radio spectrum as a whole; WHEREAS there is an immediate and urgent need for integrated short and long-range planning with respect to national and international telecommunications programs, for continuing supervision over the use of the radio frequency spectrum by the executive branch of the Government and for the development...
42. lappuse - SEC. 8. The Director of Telecommunications Management and the Federal Communications Commission shall assist and give policy advice to the Department of State in the discharge of its functions in the field of international telecommunications policies, positions and negotiations.
52. lappuse - Whereas it is imperative that the United States maintain an efficient and well-planned national and international telecommunications program capable of stimulating and incorporating rapid technological advances being made in the...
55. lappuse - Authorization for the construction and operation of a radio station pursuant to this subsection and the assignment of a frequency for its use shall be made only upon recommendation of the Secretary of State and after consultation with the Attorney General and the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.
17. lappuse - ... the International Telecommunications Union. 4.1 It is understood by DAE and NASA that the space segment responsibilities of NASA under this agreement do not go beyond the provision of experiment time on the satellite for approximately one year; no continuing responsibility is implied. 4.2 The DAE will arrange for the" transmission of instructional TV programs from its earth station at Ahmedabad to the satellite for broadcast to appropriate receivers provided and sited by Indian agencies in villages...

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