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Lonely Planet, 2010. gada 15. sept.
Lonely Planet Taiwan
Take your tastebuds touring around the buzz of food stalls at Taipei's Shilin Night Market
Soak yourself in the steaming, smooth waters of the Taian hot springs
Hike the Walami Trail to the sound of monkeys crashing through the jungle canopy
Emerge from the temples of Penghu straight onto some of East Asia's finest beaches
In This Guide:
Two resident authors, 42 helpings of stinky tofu, 15 swims in waterfall pools, 1 run-in with the police
New coverage of places and activities along the east coast and a fresh chapter on Taiwan's islands
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Par autoru (2010)

Ever since he learned that his dad's airline job meant he could fly for peanuts, Robert has been travelling. His interest in Tibet can probably be traced to early readings of Tintin and, later, to a love of trekking. Robert, a Canadian, lives in Taiwan and speaks Mandarin.

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